My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 97

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EP19 – Two self-respecting geniuses (13)


“How are you ready?”

In response to Yoon Ha-jun’s question, Yoon Soo-yeon exhaled loudly and nodded. Can you really do it well? I have prepared as best as I can for today.

I asked Goyo Han for help, and after thinking about it myself, I came up with my own answer. The problem is whether the answer I gave is correct.

‘I’ll give it a try.’

Yes, this is something you have to try to know.

Sooyeon Yoon entered the recording studio with a stiff expression on her face.

It’s not my first time recording with my brother, but for some reason, I’m particularly nervous today. Why are you like this? Is it because I never got along with you before recording?

No, that happened last time too.

Then, do I interpret my brother’s feelings in my own way?

Okay, maybe this is the right answer. Sooyeon Yoon gave her own answer during her conversation with her Han Go Yo. When she wrote this song, she figured out how her brother was feeling so she told him to write the song.

But in the end, it was just Yoon Soo-yeon thinking about Yoon Ha-jun’s feelings on her own. Unless you ask Ha-jun Yoon, it is impossible to be sure whether Su-yeon Yoon’s thoughts are correct.

That’s why Yoon Soo-yeon is anxious.

What if you are wrong?

So what if my brother is disappointed?

Did you try to change your singing style for no reason?

Yun Soo-yeon, who was thinking about that, shook her head. No, no. Because it’s not wrong yet. And this time, I realized it with the help of Goyo Han.

If we continue like this, we will never be able to defeat Han Goyo. In order to beat Han Goyo, in order to sing my brother’s song more perfectly than anyone else.

Change is essential.

“Let me begin.”

Hajun Yoon’s voice is heard. A friendly voice. Others say that Yoon Ha-jun’s appearance in the recording studio is scary. However, Suyeon Yoon could not understand that sound until she saw Star Kingdom.

For Yoon Soo-yeon, Yoon Ha-jun has always been a kind older brother.

That doesn’t change even if it’s a recording studio for work.

A song flows from the headset you are wearing. Bright melody, slow tempo that doesn’t match. A strange dissonance. But it’s not bad to listen to.

-I have never doubted myself.

Ha-jun Yoon looked at Su-yeon Yoon, who was singing while taking a sip of water. Hmm, the beginning is pretty good. Well, the first time isn’t that difficult.

And for Soo-yeon, this is of course possible. Even as he was thinking that, Hajun Yoon had a grand smile on his face.

Whether she knows it or not, Sooyeon Yoon continues to sing. She slowly lets the emotions of her song fluctuate. From bright to gloomy, the tempo speeds up.

In order not to be eaten by those emotions, Sooyeon Yoon

I sang as hard as I could so as not to fall behind the tempo.

-The people around me are overflowing with talent.

I thought I was very talented.

The lyrics of 『To Live』 were very difficult for Yoon Su-yeon. Why we were born, why we live, why talent exists.

question about that.

The lyrics are confusing and ask that question.

When she first received these lyrics, Suyeon Yoon couldn’t understand them. Why did my brother write these lyrics? From Yoon Soo-yeon’s perspective, Yoon Ha-jun was a genius.

Even when I sing, I stop singing. Even when I started making songs. It was as if my brother was already used to it, because he did them so easily.

However, in the lyrics of this song, he denies his own talent. I just firmly believed that since the kids around me were geniuses, I could do that as well.

-It was just a misunderstanding.

There is nothing.

He says he has nothing. He said he was an ordinary criminal. Realizing this, I am confused. I realized that the talent I had firmly believed in until now was actually nothing.

That’s what I feel in the lyrics.

So when interpreting this, Suyeon Yoon was distressed.

The thought of “what if” kept popping into my head.

I wonder why my brother gave up singing.

I wonder why my brother gave up vocals.

No way, that’s why my brother started making songs.

Is it because you think you have no talent?

I thought it was ridiculous. He desperately denied the idea. But the more she listened to the song, the more confident her thoughts became.

My brother thinks he has no vocal talent. So he stopped singing. That fact was breathtaking for Yoon Soo-yeon just thinking about it.

-Why do you live with such a topic?

Should I ask someone?

Sooyeon Yoon asked her brother to make a song she wanted to make herself. And the result is this song.

I couldn’t tell anyone.

That only my brother kept,

Secrets in the heart.

Suyeon Yoon’s hand, which was singing, was tightly squeezed. What was her brother thinking while making this song?

I don’t want to know, but I don’t think I should know.

You will find out if you look at the lyrics.

The worries my brother had, the pain I felt because of them. Suyeon Yoon didn’t know that. She had no idea that her brother had suffered this much.

But now I know.

Yes, I figured it out.

The reason why my brother changed, the reason why my brother treated me coldly, the reason why my brother was so absorbed in singing.

I found out everything.

My brother understood that he lacked talent, but he could not admit it. But he ended up admitting it.

And in the end, he came back as a kind person.

At first, she thought it was her delusion, but when she thought about the time when her brother became affectionate with her and the time when she made songs instead of singing, they coincided exactly.


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Suyeon Yoon wanted to ask. Why did she worry so much alone? Why did she suffer so much alone?

What kind of kindness can my brother receive after suffering and suffering like this?

I probably wouldn’t have wanted it from the beginning.


Suyeon Yoon gritted his teeth. She becomes disillusioned with herself for acting like a fool to her brother without knowing anything.

What was your brother thinking while making the song? As he watched the person singing, what did he think as he watched the person singing his song on stage?

Did he just like singing his own song?

No, absolutely not.

Suyeon Yoon can say for sure.

Because I ended up watching it. Next to my brother. When someone went on stage, I ended up hearing my brother humming.

Move your fingers to your knees.

With your mouth, small, very small.

Small enough to shake the air.

Because I ended up seeing my brother singing.

My brother still has a passion for singing. I gave up, but I didn’t give up. Sooyeon Yoon raised her voice even more powerfully.


I will sing my share of songs. I will sing the song that my brother gave up on instead. I will continue to sing not only for myself, but also for my brother, and let people hear it.

The song my brother made, the song he was trying to sing.

I will sing for you.

Sooyeon Yoon is immersed in the song. She had a somewhat distorted expression. She continues to sing. Hajun Yoon, who was looking at that scene, felt goosebumps rising on his skin.

‘What happened?’

What on earth happened that made our Suyeon change like that? Of course, I knew that Sooyeon was growing quickly, but wasn’t this too fast?

In the image of Soo-yeon singing in the booth, the images of Sil-eum and Han Go-yo singing on the concert stage overlap.

However, that doesn’t mean that their singing styles are similar.

That’s how outstanding his skills are.

Tap your fingers on the table. Has it already grown like that? I somehow feel like I can see Su-yeon’s hand reaching out towards the hem of Han Go-yo’s clothes.

Actually, I gave up on winning Singer Star to some extent. Not yet. There is still a huge barrier to Yoon Soo-yeon called Han Go-yo.

But it wasn’t. I thought I was the person who knew Yoon Soo-yeon best. I guess she wasn’t like that.

Su-yeon was a much greater person than I thought. Really, she is such an outstanding younger sister compared to her inferior older brother.

If you have that kind of skill, it’s worth a try with Hangoyo.

It’s seriously worth aiming for Singer Star to win.

-It’s still raining.

Now I’ll look forward to tomorrow.

Ha-jun Yoon looked at Su-yeon Yoon, who was singing in the booth. Yoon Soo-yeon was also looking at Yoon Ha-jun.

Their eyes met.

Somehow, it seems like Yoon Su-yeon’s eyes have gained depth. Ha-Jun Yoon smiled brightly while looking at Su-Yeon Yoon.

But Yoon Soo-yeon couldn’t laugh.

I’m still immersed in the song. So far, Yoon Soo-yeon has been lacking compared to Han Go-yo. Appeal and emotion. Han Go-yo’s appeal and emotional lines originated from Han Go-yo’s life.

The loneliness that comes from not being able to trust anyone. Because singing was my only escape, I immersed myself in singing more than anyone else.

That’s why it gained such tremendous appeal and emotion. But Yoon Soo-yeon does not have such a past. To begin with, Sooyeon Yoon lived a life that was far from the word ‘tragedy’.

Even though my father was divorced and no longer available, I was loved so much by my mother that I undeservedly received it. Although her brother was distant from her at one time, he was always kind and now cares for her more than anyone else.

Suyeon Yoon’s life is happiness. For her, her songs are not an escape. Another way to radiate her own happiness. That’s why she couldn’t have the appeal and emotion that Han Goyo had.

But Suyeon Yoon achieved it in a different way. Although, she did not get it through herself, but through her brother.

But what does that matter?

This song is our song.

The song ended soon after. Then, Sooyeon Yoon saw Hajun Yoon. Hajun Yoon was still smiling.

Seeing that, Yoon Su-yeon also smiled softly.

§ § §

“how was it?”

Those were Sooyeon’s first words from the booth. How was it? I was wondering what answer I should give, but instead I just stroked Suyeon’s head.

“good job.”

It’s not an exaggeration or a forced compliment. Suyeon did really well. If things continue like this, they will be able to put on a great performance at the event.

It’s Han Go-yo and Tae-young, and everyone is going to be shocked and freaked out.

I smile happily imagining that scene.

I think even I would be shocked and freaked out right now. Sooyeon’s singing was so great right now. And at the same time, I started to look forward to it.

What would it be like to see this song on stage? The song 『To Live』 that I made is a song that is better optimized for the stage than the music source. How good would it be to listen to it through speakers installed on stage?

Isn’t this perhaps the way to overcome ‘blame’? It’s a bit hard to say it with my own mouth, but 『Blame』 is evaluated as one of the legendary stages of the freshman concert.

To the extent that the reason why Hangoyo and my name are famous among last year’s second graders, and currently third graders, is because of ‘Tat’. But now there is a song prepared that may break that evaluation.

Well, both 『Blame』 and 『Living』 are songs I wrote.

Still, the stage is Suyeon’s stage.

“How long until the event?”

“About 10 days.”

“There really isn’t much left.”


Suyeon nods her head. Looking at that scene, I took out the notebook I had brought with me and handed it to Suyeon.

“what’s this?”

Suyeon, who received the notebook, asks with a surprised expression.

At that question, I chuckled and said,

“Because staging requires directing. I put the stage direction I had in mind there. I wrote the name above, so make sure to check it. “I would like to watch it if possible, but the class times are different.”

“Oh, yes.”

“Can you do it alone? “If you don’t know, ask.”


After answering that, Suyeon quickly opened the notebook and looked at it. He turns to Soo-yeon and says, scratching the back of her neck.

“Do I have to return it later? “It contains all the stage concepts we have been planning so far.”

“Oh, yes.”

Suyeon looks surprised at my words. She makes a noise at the sight. Suyeon’s own stage is not depicted there.

Starting with the concepts for the other stages I have performed so far, the concepts for the stages I am thinking about in the future, and all the ideas are written down.

If it wasn’t for Sooyeon, I would never have given that notebook. Suyeon, who had been looking at her notebook for a while, looks serious as if she has discovered her stage.

And when he saw it, he sounded a little puzzled.


“Yes, door.”

The prop I prepared for Suyeon’s stage is a door. The directing style is similar to 『Main』 that I used at the Winter Festival.

Although there are differences such as using doors instead of partitions and singing alone instead of three people. Oh, and there’s one more prop.

“The lights written there. You have to tell the lighting crew. “If you don’t listen, I’ll sell my name.”

“Sell your name?”

“The staff likes me. “Then you will be good to me.”


Suyeon nodded. I looked at Suyeon like that and lightly patted her on the shoulder.

“Don’t worry too much. “If you do it like you did today, you can do well.”


“Then let’s record again. “There was a bit of an awkward moment earlier.”

As soon as I finish speaking, Suyeon’s expression turns serious. I laughed as I watched the change in his expression. This definitely resembles me.

So Suyeon and I started recording again.

And after 10 days,

Finally, the day came when the long-awaited event, the freshman concert, was held.

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