My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 96

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EP19 – Two self-respecting geniuses (12)



The hallways of Seolwon Arts High School have become gorgeous.

It was not planned because of an event in the Silgeum Department, but because of the mid-term evaluation taking place in the Drawing Department. For the mid-term evaluation of paintings, the paintings are displayed in the hallway, and then the paintings that received the best evaluation are displayed separately.

Of course, grades are measured separately by teachers.

Although it is only for exhibition purposes.

Anyway, the hallway was full of paintings drawn by students in the painting department. And Sooyeon Yoon, who was walking down the hallway, suddenly stopped in front of a painting and looked at it blankly.

“what’s the matter?”

Seeing this, Lim Yeon-ji, who was moving with Yun Su-yeon, asked Yun Su-yeon. In response to that question, Sooyeon Yoon points to the picture she is looking at.

“Doesn’t this picture somehow resemble my brother?”

“Your brother?”



At those words, Lim Yeon-ji stared at the picture. In as much detail as possible. So, in Soo-yeon’s opinion, this person resembles her older brother?

“······Where on earth are you going?”

Does this guy’s eye hurt somewhere? No, regardless of whether they look alike or not, they have no face to begin with. Yes, there is no face in the picture that Suyeon Yoon is looking at.

Instead, a black circle that appears to be smiling takes its place. I get goosebumps when I see something.

Should I say I feel madness?

“This smiling or standing pose. “He’s just like my brother.”

“I don’t know. Well, if you are, that’s probably it.”

At least you know better than me. But what is important now is not this picture. It’s almost lunch time. Lim Yeon-ji grabbed Yoon Su-yeon’s wrist and said.

“Let’s look at that later and eat first.”

“Oh, yes. okay.”

At those words, Sooyeon Yoon nodded and started moving her feet again. Meanwhile, Suyeon Yun occasionally turned her head and looked at the picture.

To be more precise, it is attached below the picture,


A name tag that says.

§ § §

Dismissal time when all classes are over.

Suyeon Yoon sat in the practice room and looked at Goyo Han. That day, after Yoon Soo-yeon received a request from Han Go-yo, the two started private lessons after school.

Well, to be precise, it’s closer to a 1:1 concert than a private lesson. So, when Hangoyo sings a song, Sooyeon Yoon listens to it and has time to think about it for herself.


As soon as she arrived, Soo-yeon Yoon lightly relaxed her neck and scratched her thumb nail with her index finger nail while looking at Han Go-yo singing.

This is what I felt when I first heard 『Blame』, but he is truly an absurd person. Of course, singing ability is also singing ability. Rather than that, the appeal and delivery of emotions that shake those emotions are ridiculous.

Since receiving that song, she hasn’t even talked to her brother. How can you sing that song so perfectly?

Suyeon Yoon gently bit her lower lip. He thought he could catch up in just a little while. He thought there wasn’t much left.

But it’s still that far away.

As soon as I received it, I had no idea how to sing it, so I was lost for a while, but Han Go-yo finished interpreting how to sing it in just an hour.

Soon after, Han Go-yo finished singing and looked at Yun Su-yeon. Their gazes become intertwined. Han Go-yo smiled and said as he saw Yun Soo-yeon looking at her eyes without avoiding them.

“Do you still not understand?”

“······Please ask me a few more times.”

“okay. If you’re having a hard time, tell me. “I’ll tell you what to call it.”

“are you okay.”

Suyeon Yoon resolutely rejected Goyo Han’s offer. I don’t want to get that much help from my rival. And if you get that help now, it will be difficult to grow in the future.

‘I can’t do that.’

I have no intention of kicking away the opportunity to grow on my own just to be comfortable right now. Han Go-yo said with a light smile at Yun Soo-yeon’s stiff expression that showed stubbornness, stubbornness, and many other things.

“Then, try calling me this time.”

Yun Su-yeon nodded at Han Go-yo’s words and stood up. After that, she starts singing. As she listened to Yun Soo-yeon’s song, she hummed and made her nasal sound.

Suyeon Yoon’s singing is great. But compared to Han Go Yo, who just sang, she falls short in many ways. In particular, it lacks a lot of appeal.

The thing is, I still can’t interpret the song properly.

‘This is okay.’

When Han Go-yo first felt that something was being taken away from her, she was very anxious that Yoon Soo-yeon would take her place.

I am afraid that I will no longer have a place like at home. At that time, I was really psychologically anxious and anxious. So for the first time, I ended up getting irritated with someone else, Ha-Jun Yoon.

But now that I look at it, it seems like it was all for naught. Of course, compared to the first festival I saw, there was tremendous growth.

Because Yoon Soo-yeon is not the only one who has grown.

“Do you know the difference between me and you?”

In response to Han Go-yo’s question, Yoon Soo-yeon remained silent for a moment. The most crucial difference between that person and me. The answer came very easily.


“that’s right. “You have no clue what this song is.”

“What kind of song is it?”

“What was Hajun thinking when he made this song? I won’t tell you to think about that. “That’s something you can never know unless you talk to Hajun directly.”


“So you have to interpret it.”

I have to interpret it.

It’s not about conforming to your older brother unconditionally.


“But shouldn’t we know the mind and feelings of the person who made it?”


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“Of course it would be good if the interpretation could be done perfectly. But that’s virtually impossible unless you hear the story directly.”

“That’s it, whatever. Yes.”

“And the one who sings is ultimately a singer. “Even if you interpret how the composer felt when he sang it, if you can’t perfectly capture that emotion, I think it’s better for the singer to sing it in the way he knows best.”

“······Did you do that too when you sang ‘Blame’?”

Goyo Han nodded instead of answering. Was it like that? Soo-yeon Yoon recalled what Ji-yoon Lee said. He asked him to think about how he could sing more perfectly.

Was it not to ask me to think about how my brother was writing the song, but to think about how I could sing this song perfectly?

Suyeon Yoon closed her eyes for a moment and thought about how she could sing this song more perfectly. And then she slowly opened her eyes.

“I think I know roughly what you mean.”

What did Goyo Han mean, and what did Jiyun Lee mean? I think I know roughly.


“It might be a little difficult.”

As Han Goyo said, I have no intention of singing. Because Han Go-yo’s words are not always correct. And above all, Su-yeon Yoon decided not to sing anymore, conscious of Han Goyo.

If you sing according to Hangoyo’s advice now, you will become conscious of Hangoyo again. Rivalries only exist in real life.

When I sing, I have to sing my own song and not anyone else’s. So Soo-yeon Yoon plans to use all of Ji-yoon Lee and Go-yo Han’s advice.

To be more precise, I thought about how my brother was writing this song. He will sing while thinking about how he can convey those emotions perfectly.

Of course, it’s not easy. If the composer had been someone else, he would have definitely thought it was a ridiculous idea. But now the composer of this song is her older brother.

‘So it’s possible.’

It might be impossible for Hangoyo, but it is possible for me. Han Go-yo and Yoon Ha-jun are strangers, but Yoon Ha-jun and Yoon Su-yeon are siblings.

And if this is possible,

Sooyeon Yoon will gain her own advantage.

§ § §

“Have you heard the arranged version?”

-Yes, I’ve heard of it.

“how is it?”

-Of course it’s good! And this isn’t just my answer, it’s the boss and my sisters’ answers. He said he liked it so much that he would practice like this.

“That’s a good thing.”

I’m glad you liked the arrangement. Who am I next to, who am I? She said to Jin So-hyang while kicking Kim Tae-young’s thigh, who was bothering her by asking.

“I’ll ask the choreography teacher for the stage choreography. “I’m not confident about that.”

-yes. Oh, you can do that by taking off those clothes, right?

“huh. “That’s good.”

It’s a bit like that since idols say they take their clothes off. Anyway, in my personal opinion, there is no production that has as much impact as that scene where the clothes are taken off.

It may give you a feeling of escape.

“Then, if you do stage practice or something like that, film it and send it to me.”


“Yes, good work.”

-Yes, Hajun, good work too!

After saying that, I hang up the phone.

And at the same time, Taeyoung Kim ran towards me.

“So who is it? Who will you be working with next? Or some girl?”

“What crazy talk. “It’s Jin So-hyang.”


Kim Tae-young looks like his interest has cooled at my words. No, dear. Isn’t Sohyang being treated a little too much? Currently, there is no idol as hot as Jin So-hyang in Korea.

“So, is Jin So-hyang the person you’ll be working with next?”

“Well, for now, that’s right. But it’s not like I’m working on it for that long. “I decided to just watch the Hamu concert stage.”

“Ah, Hamu concert. That’s right, there was that.”

Still, since he is a trainee, Kim Taeyoung also seems to have some knowledge about the Hamu concert. Soon after, Taeyoung Kim said to me after taking a sip of her mouth.

“But is the time okay? “Isn’t there an event coming soon?”

“Preparations for the event are over. There’s almost nothing for me to do anymore. “The rest is Suyeon’s responsibility.”

“Oh, then what about that singer star?”

“We are preparing that now.”

Preparations for Singer Star are continuing. Because she’s making songs in her spare time. Just yesterday, after working on a song to give to Sohyang Jin, she continued making that song.

“I guess I’ll work hard to prepare?”

“Because the cast is the cast.”

Kim Tae-young nods as if he agrees with my words.

Then he looked at me and said with a grin.

“Well, I’m leaving too. “Is it going to be difficult?”


“I’m going out too.”

Blink your eyes. Then he looks at Taeyoung Kim. Taeyoung Kim was looking at me with her shameless expression. As if asking why you look at me like that.

“Why are you going out there?”

“I told you. The company said there was an offer. “At first, I was worried about what to do, but when I heard that Goyo and your younger brother were appearing, I thought it would be fun, so I said I would go.”

Ah, what a headache. Now that I think about it, I had forgotten that Kim Tae-young also has the personality of an idiot. He was the guy who got so excited after seeing Goyo Han’s performance that he went around shouting, “If you’re a rival, you should do that.”

“Aren’t other trainees at the company saying anything?”

“After being criticized for his skills, he only cursed at me. Tsk.”


Why doesn’t it always go as I think?

Every time I do something like this, like the last festival, the level of difficulty increases from what I knew. This is what the mouth says.

I shouldn’t have told Taeyoung.

Ugh, this is all my fault.

“are you okay. are you okay. “I’ll be gentle with you because I’m your younger brother.”

Perhaps to appease me, I snort at Taeyoung Kim’s nonsense. what? Are you gentle? “Tsk,” I say to Taeyoung after she clicks her tongue.

“Worry about yourself, you bastard. “Don’t be embarrassed by losing to my younger brother.”

“Are you confident?”

“Of course I’m confident.”

The composer is me, but the singer is Suyeon. If I didn’t make incredibly lame songs, Sooyeon wouldn’t be eliminated so easily.

“Good. “There’s an event coming up soon, so I’ll have to check out your brother’s skills then.”

“Why do you keep being conscious of my younger brother?”

“It has to be that way. If your younger brother sings well, you won’t make a song just for him. “Because you are my future composer.”

“He’s doing shit.”

When Taeyoung Kim said something disgusting, I ended up kicking her without even realizing it. Seriously, who would say such bullshit?

Wow, look how creepy I am.

“Miss, stop hitting me!”

“Don’t say anything, you crazy person.”

“What did I do! Of course, I’m just kidding because I’m a future composer. It’s true that you are conscious of your brother. Anyway, he’s the opponent I’ll be competing against on Singer Star.”

There are so many opponents for that guy to face. In addition to the existing participants, it’s Kim Tae-young. He stopped kicking and sat down.

“Yes, yes. “Look at it to your heart’s content.”

While saying that, I look at my phone. Will Sooyeon be able to sing the song I wrote well? Now I have to record it this weekend, but I’m worried that Suyeon isn’t saying anything.

I believe they are doing well, but I am worried because I haven’t heard anything.

It’ll be okay, right?

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