My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 94

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EP19 – Two self-respecting geniuses (10)


“How is practice going?”


Break time after class. Su-yeon Yoon, who was preparing for the next class, took out his textbook in response to Yeon-ji Lim’s somewhat unexpected question, and then looked at Yeon-ji Lim.


“Preparing for that freshman concert. “That’s where we will compare ourselves with Jeong Jin-hoo.”

“What is superiority and inferiority?”

Suyeon Yoon responded as if she was dumbfounded. And Lim Yeon-ji blinks at that answer. Oh, are you really planning on just moving on?

Or are you trying to act nice? It’s not. There’s no way Sooyeon would do that. I’m definitely not the type of person to ignore someone swearing at my brother.

Lim Yeon-ji is thinking that, and Yoon Soo-yeon adds.

“I am much better at singing, so how can I determine who is superior? “I’m just telling you the reality.”

At those words, Lim Yeon-ji mutters, “As expected,” and nods. Yes, there is no way Sooyeon would just overlook that.

Because she is more serious than anyone else when it comes to her singing skills and her brother.

“So, is the practice of teaching reality going well?”

“Well, in my own way.”

“What about the song? “Your brother makes it for you, right?”

“of course.”


Lim Yeon-ji responds with a satisfied expression to Yoon Soo-yeon’s answer. And in response, Suyeon Yoon frowned slightly and looked at Yeonji Lim.

“What is good?”

“No, because you are doing well. “I want to support my friend because he got into an argument.”

Lim Yeon-ji hurriedly responded to Yun Su-yeon, who was looking at her suspiciously. And then he swallowed his saliva. You probably didn’t get caught when you bet on tteokbokki with your friend, right?

“So what song is it this time?”

In fear of the fact being discovered, Lim Yeon-ji changed the topic. But I’m not just trying to change the topic. I’m actually curious.

Lim Yeon-ji has listened to all the songs Yoon Soo-yeon has sung so far. And every time, she continued to exclaim in admiration. The speed of Yoon Soo-yeon’s growth was surprising, but even more so were the songs written by Yoon Ha-jun.

The quality is so outstanding that it’s hard to believe that this song was written by a high school student. So, I was looking forward to how I would be able to receive a song in the future under the pretext of being my brother’s friend.

‘That doesn’t seem possible.’

It seems that Ha-Jun Yoon is planning to make a song only for Su-Yeon Yoon. He even signed a contract as a professional producer and made his debut.

Thinking about it made me feel a bit bitter. Tsk. no. By any chance, you don’t know? Will you do a duet with Sooyeon in the future? The company that Lim Yeonji belongs to as a trainee is 『CR (Crops)』.

A company known as one of the two major entertainment companies in Korea along with 『SS (Stars)』. And the biggest characteristic of CR is its very free atmosphere.

As such, wouldn’t it be possible to do a duet with Soo-yeon in the future and receive Yoon Ha-jun’s song? While Lim Yeon-ji was thinking that, Yoon Soo-yeon scratched the back of her neck.

Then, after thinking for a moment, he answered honestly.

“I don’t know either.”


“I still don’t know what song my brother has prepared.”

Lim Yeon-ji blinks at Yoon Su-yeon’s answer.

You still don’t know?

“There are only three weeks left until the freshman concert.”

“Well, I can’t help it. My brother is busy. But if you look at what he’s working on now, he’ll be out soon.”

And no matter what song her brother prepared, Sooyeon Yoon was confident that she could sing it perfectly. Yes, up until this point, Suyeon Yoon seriously thought so.

§ § §

“how is it?”

While asking that question, Hajun Yoon yawns loudly. What should Yoon Soo-yeon say when she saw that? She pondered and finally closed her mouth.

When I returned from school, my older brother, who looked very sleepy, called me. He then said the song was finished and he played it right away.

So, now Ha-Jun Yoon is asking how the song he made is like. The fact that my brother asks such a question is not a very new question.

When I finished a song to work with, my brother was always the first to let me listen to it. But this is the first time I have nothing to say.

“So is this the song I’m going to sing?”


Hajun Yoon nodded and yawned once again. What should I say about this? If you ask about the quality of the song, it is of course good.

Who wrote this song?

It’s natural to be good.

But the problem is that you have to sing it yourself. Usually, whenever her brother sang a song, she could imagine it in her head. That’s what I call it, that’s what it looks like.

But right now, I can’t imagine what this song looks like. What on earth should I call this? I can’t feel it.

Suyeon Yoon lightly clenched her fist.

It’s surprising, but Yoon Soo-yeon realized how much she had been fooling Yoon Ha-jun until now. Until now, Ha-Jun Yoon has always made songs for Su-Yeon Yoon and tailored to her.

So this time, I told my brother to make the song he wanted to make. Because I am the one who can sing my brother’s songs best.

Of course, I believed that I could do whatever song my brother wanted to write. And for that, I practiced with Lee Ji-yoon and achieved some results.

That’s why I was confident.

Yes, I was confident.

Even until I heard this song.

“If there is a part that is difficult or difficult to sing, please tell me. “I will correct it.”

“Uh, ah, no. are you okay. you can do it.”


Yoon Ha-jun smiles at Yoon Soo-yeon’s answer.

There is no doubt on his face.

Yes, that face. The expression on Yoon Ha-jun’s face when he looks at Yoon Soo-yeon. An expression that leaves no doubt that Yoon Soo-yeon is a genius. Suyeon Yoon nods her head at that expression.

“you can do it.”


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That’s why Sooyeon Yoon answered repeatedly.

In response, Hajun Yoon nods his head and continues.

“Practice is held at school. “If you have any difficulties, please ask me at any time.”

“yea, I got it.”

“Let’s do the recording a week before the freshman concert.”


Then, I’ll go in first and sleep. After saying that, Ha-Jun Yoon entered the room, touching Su-Yeon Yoon’s head.

Looking at Yoon Ha-jun’s door that was tightly closed, Yoon Soo-yeon clenched her fists. Sooyeon Yoon says she will never ask her brother for help.

Because up until now, I’ve always been a jerk to my brother.

This time, we have to show trustworthiness.


“Is this the song you will sing at this freshman concert?”


Lee Ji-yoon expressed disapproval at the song brought by Yoon Soo-yeon. This song was created by Hajun Yoon to be used in the freshman concert. So, this is a song he made to crush his nephew.

‘No, of course I asked him to thoroughly break his head.’

Still, isn’t this too harsh?

No, prepare a song like this for some student event.

Lee Ji-yoon, who was wondering if she had asked for a useless favor, shook her head. No, yes. If you’re going to do it, it’s better to do it right.

“That’s amazing.”

And Lee Ji-yoon spoke very honestly. Yeah, it’s really great. I wondered if there was a genre that Hajun Yoon couldn’t do.

It is safe to say that the song prepared by Hajun Yoon was truly created for the contest. The length of the song is exactly 1 minute and 58 minutes. It was exactly the 2-minute time limit for singing at an event.

“So what should I call this?”


“I’ve been thinking about how I can sing this more perfectly like the teacher said, but I just can’t imagine it.”


Indeed, from Soo-yeon’s perspective, it’s understandable that it doesn’t make sense. In the first place, this is my first time singing this genre, and unlike before, this is not a song where consideration was given to Suyeon so that she could sing it well.

No, maybe Sooyeon isn’t able to digest it properly.

“First, let’s call it. “I’ll call you and tell you if there’s anything I’m missing.”


Su-yeon Yoon nodded at Ji-yoon Lee’s words.

Then, practice begins in earnest.

The song prepared by Hajun Yoon takes you through an emotional roller coaster. The first part is very bright. Then, towards the middle, it becomes endlessly depressing, but at the end, it becomes bright again.

The tempo is also opposite to that theme. When it’s bright, the tempo is very slow, but during the gloomy parts, the tempo is incredibly fast.

At first glance, it may sound exciting.

But the lyrics are far from exciting.

Should I call it philosophical lyrics? Should I do something? What is talent? Why we were born I’m singing those things.

Hence the title.

‘Is it 『To live』?’

I definitely think it’s a very fitting title. In particular, Jiyoon Lee liked the last part. The lyrics, which sing a human hymn as it darkens and then brightens, really touched me.

Sooyeon Yoon sings in the practice room. Jiyoon Lee looked at her with a serious expression. She asked Hajun too much.

And Hajun did his best to fulfill that request.

So now you have to take action yourself.

‘After the freshman concert, I have to repay Hajun.’

With that in mind, Ji-yoon Lee did her best to help Soo-yeon Yoon and for her nephew.

I analyze the song and call Hajun Yoon to ask him what he was thinking when he wrote this song, wrote these lyrics, and created this part.

And while doing so, I do my best to sing 『To Live』 more perfectly. But that wasn’t enough.

Until now, when Suyeon Yoon sang, she sang with confidence. If you sing this song, if you sing it in front of people, people will be amazed.

I approached the song with such confidence, and that’s why I wanted to perform quickly. And she actually got the response that Sooyeon Yoon thought when she performed on stage.

But for some reason, I’m not sure about this song. Is it okay if I call you like this now? Really, will people like this?

Those thoughts keep coming back to me.

Feeling anxious and uncertain for the first time, Suyeon Yoon continued to worry. She felt like asking her brother. But that can’t be possible.

Because I decided not to rely on my brother this time.

So Sooyeon Yoon thought about it for a while and then made a decision.


Suyeon Yoon sighed and raised her head. The number 2 on the classroom door is unfamiliar. Still, the number 7 behind it is not unfamiliar.

“What’s going on first grade?”

As Soo-yeon Yoon hesitates in front of the number 7, class 2, a student approaches her and asks. I think she saw the color of the name tag attached to her school uniform that she was wearing.

Because the color of the name tag is different for each grade.

“Oh, me.”

“Uh, you’re Hajun’s younger brother, right?”

Su-yeon Yoon looks surprised at the words of the male student who recognizes her. She said with a complex expression on her face that the male student could not describe.

“I know Hajun. And I saw you and Sileum at a concert.”

When I checked the name tag, the name ‘Kang Seong-hoon’ was written on it. Hmm, somehow I feel like I remember seeing it? I don’t remember exactly, though.

Anyway, I’m glad I met someone who knows me.

Because you can get help.

“Oh, hello.”

“So what’s going on with Hajun’s younger brother?”

“Uh, that.”

Suyeon Yoon opens her mouth and then closes it. For some reason, words don’t come out easily. This is not the time to show off your pride. I know this well, but it is not easy.

Soo-yeon Yoon, who opened and closed her mouth several times, finally spoke as if she was vomiting.

“Could you please call Goyo-unni? “I have something to tell you.”



Kang Seong-hoon frowned at Yoon Soo-yeon’s words. Hajun Yoon’s younger brother is visiting Goyo Han. Indeed, what is happening? While thinking about that, Kang Seong-Hoon nodded his head.


It is a good thing to be indebted to Ha-Jun Yoon’s family. Maybe it can help you later. And it’s not a difficult request.

After answering like that, Kang Seong-hoon entered the class and approached Han Go-yo.



And when Han Go-yo was called, Han Go-yo looked at Kang Seong-hoon with her usual indifferent expression. Even though it’s been a year since we were in the same class, it’s still like this.

Feeling bitter at that fact, Kang Seong-Hoon sighed and said.

“There is someone looking for you.”

“me? who?”

“Yoon Ha-jun’s younger brother.”

Han Go-yo’s expression changes when she hears the identity of the customer that came out of Kang Seong-hoon’s mouth. I knew it. Is Yoon Ha-jun the only one who can change Han Go-yo’s expression?

While Kang Seong-hoon was thinking about this, Han Go-yo turned her head and looked at the classroom door. Surely, there was a familiar face there, Suyeon Yoon.

Why did he come to see me?

The moment Han Go-yo looks a bit surprised, her gaze meets Yoon Soo-yeon. Then Yun Soo-yeon lightly bows her head.

With a very confused face.

With that look on his face, Han Goyo slowly stood up.

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