My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 93

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EP19 – Two self-respecting geniuses (9)



What Seo Chae-rim showed was a picture.

To be more precise, a photograph of a painting.

There is a black background, red dots, and a man in the center. A conductor wielding a baton.

His posture is upright, but for some reason he feels arrogant. Meanwhile, her face is painted black, but for some reason, only the corner of her mouth is pure white, making it look as if she is smiling.

Hmm, I snort while looking at that picture.

There is something strangely powerful and maddening about the painting.

And the picture somehow looks familiar?

I’m not talking about painting style or drawing style.

As I said before, I am virtually ignorant when it comes to drawing. It is impossible to infer whose painting this is by just looking at the painting style.

So, when I say that the picture is familiar, I mean the person depicted in the picture. Obviously, I can’t even see the face properly.

It seems like someone I’ve seen somewhere before.

“Who painted this picture?”

“My sister drew it.”


Seo Chae-rim had an older sister. And I remember hearing her arguing with her older sister while on the phone some time ago.

“So is this what you want to show me?”



Are you looking for a review or something? Or are you bragging about how good your sister is at drawing? Even though I don’t know anything about drawing, it certainly looks like a well-drawn painting.

But would Seo Chae-rim talk to me simply to brag about her sister? No, Seo Chae-rim is not that type of personality. Seo Chae-rim says he doesn’t say anything unnecessary unless it benefits the company or is necessary for his own plans.

In fact, most of the contacts I receive from Seo Chae-rim are to talk about future activities.

Seo Chae-rim sighs at my words.

Then he scratched his head and said:

“Isn’t this picture familiar?”

“Yeah, something. “You get used to the person being drawn.”

“This is you.”


“That model is you.”

For a moment, I don’t understand Seo Chae-rim’s words, so I blink.

Is this person drawn here me?

Take the cell phone that Seo Chae-rim is holding and enlarge the picture. Hmm, I’m not sure if it’s me though. To begin with, there was no facial expression in this picture.

All that is left is a smile as if the corners of the mouth are torn.

So I have no idea who this is.

Should I say that what I felt familiar with was the shape.

That’s it.

But I never thought the model would be me.

“Why did you draw me?”

“You don’t know that. “No one can know what my sister is thinking.”

Seo Chae-rim lets out a shallow sigh. It seems like that person is too much for Seo Chae-rim. However, it doesn’t seem like the two are on bad terms.

“If you listen to the story, it seems like you were inspired to draw it while watching Star Kingdom. “I heard that this is what it felt like to see you directing off stage?”

Indeed, is this what a conductor looks like?

“First of all, he tried drawing it, but he said he would have to get permission from the model, so he asked me to get permission.”

“Well, do you need permission for something? “It’s not like I messed it up strangely.”

“Then I’m glad. “Can’t I do something with the copyright later?”

“are you okay.”

I, too, have written a song after being inspired by a painting. I don’t think so. Seo Chae-rim nods at my answer and takes her cell phone back.

I look at Seo Chae-rim like that and ask.

“Did she also draw the picture in the MM Entertainment building?”

“huh. Our CEO took the pictures my sister drew and decorated them as he pleased. “I have to show off the lovely picture my nephew drew?”

CEO Seo Hoon has such an idiotic side to his nephew? Somehow I feel a sense of familiarity. While thinking about that, she asks Seo Chae-rim.

“Ah, but can you ask her why she drew her smiling like this? “She doesn’t make me laugh like this.”

“What are you talking about?”

Seo Chae-rim responds to my words as if it were absurd.

“You smile like that.”

And then he said so.

Do you think I smile like that? That’s a bit shocking. Well, it’s hard for me to know how to smile. Even when I watched Star Kingdom, I cringed and did something else in between.

“You didn’t even know that? So when I was working with you, I thought you liked teasing people because you were so funny.”

“What are you talking about? “I don’t have that kind of hobby.”

“······Hmm, I’ll trust you. “Anyway, since you said it was okay, I guess I’ll just go.”

After Seo Chae-rim said that, she started preparing to return home. Did you really wait for me to show you that and ask for permission?

That’s the life of a younger brother who is influenced by his older sister.

As I look at that scene, something comes to mind and I ask Seo Chae-rim.

“That person, what is her name?”


After Seo Chae-rim answered, she boarded the elevator.


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What, why don’t you tell me your name?

§ § §

After a very short break, the work started again.

Before Kim Han-ol entered the booth, he looked at Ha-jun Yoon and asked.

“So, what about what we recorded earlier? Was it okay?”

After hearing the song sung by Ha-jun Yoon, Han-ol Kim realized what style Ha-jun Yoon was requesting. And he sang the song as similar to Yoon Ha-jun’s style as possible, and as a result, he finally received the OK sign for the first time.

But still, something feels uneasy. I’ve never felt anything like this while recording a song before. At best she can’t believe she feels this way while working with an 18 year old.

And instead of answering Kim Han-ol’s question, Ha-jun Yoon played the recording he had just worked on. A song sung in an empty, vain, and helpless voice that seems as if it will disappear at any moment.

Kim Han-ol listened to it with a cautious expression.

“This is something I just recorded.”

Ha-Jun Yoon said that while looking at the scene, and then played the recording of Han-Ol Kim singing before he demonstrated.

Then Kim Han-ol’s brow furrowed mercilessly. Even if Hajun Yoon doesn’t say anything, he seems to know what he’s talking about. After listening to what I just sung and what I sung before, the difference in level is clear.

Hajun Yoon smiles and says at that sight.

“Do you understand why I asked for a retake like that?”


Kim Han-ol nodded honestly. Yes, I think I now understand why Ha-jun Yoon cried out in vain and emptiness and demanded infinite retakes.

The feeling the song gives is completely different. And at the same time, I started to look forward to it. I’ve only recorded two bars now. There is a lot of material that needs to be recorded in the future.

What if we record this song as Ha-jun Yoon requests? So what if you complete it? A really good song will be born.

“Then we continue working right away.”


Ha-jun Yoon let out a snort as he watched Kim Han-ol enter the booth, obediently answering his words. Did you feel something after listening to my song?

‘It’s rewarding to sing.’

With that in mind, Hajun Yoon put a cookie in his mouth and started recording in earnest again. After that, the recording went fairly smoothly.

Kim Han-ol seems to have got the right idea and sings the song just as Yoon Ha-jun wanted. After all, it’s not called the devil’s talent for nothing.

“Wait. Now that part. “Let’s sing it a little more leisurely.”


“yes. That scene is before it gets really exciting. “I think it would be okay to sing it a little more leisurely.”


Moreover, Kim Han-ol no longer criticizes Yoon Ha-jun’s words. Seeing Kim Han-ol calmly following his words, Ha-jun Yoon let out a sigh.

Something feels wrong.

Why are you so obedient?

Of course, it is convenient to obediently follow your own words. If things continue like this, I could probably finish all the work within this week.

Engineers will do the mixing and mastering anyway. But something makes me uneasy. While Ha-Jun Yoon was thinking such things, Han-ol Kim, who was inside the booth, looked at Ha-Jun Yoon and scratched his fingernails.

It is true that a change occurred in Kim Han-ol after hearing the song sung by Ha-jun Yoon himself. But that doesn’t mean that Kim Han-ol has changed or anything like that.

I’m not going to suddenly start making songs hard or give up the entertainment I used to enjoy. But for this moment, Kim Han-ol plans to follow Yoon Ha-jun’s words.

Because he was defeated.

I thought I had recorded quite a bit so far, but this is the first time I have felt this sense of defeat. Kim Han-ol has always taken the lead in the recordings he has made so far.

And he had the talent to do so.

Not just his talent as a singer, but his talent as a singer-songwriter. Therefore, Kim Han-ol always interpreted and sang songs in his own way.

But now it has been denied. No, it’s not just unfair, it’s completely wrong. Hajun Yoon’s words fit the song better than Kim Hanol’s interpretation.

Therefore, as far as this recording is concerned, Kim Han-ol followed Yoon Ha-jun’s words.

But it won’t be like this every time.

If there is a next recording, I will never follow Yoon Ha-jun’s words so obediently. I won’t be led by him.

So until then, let’s just follow him obediently.

Kim Han-ol thought about that while recording.

§ § §

“Ugh, it’s over.”

Contrary to my anxiety, the recording with Kim Han-ol ended successfully in its own way. Now all that’s left is up to the engineers.

All you have to do is listen to the mixing and mastering they did and ask for changes. It was a really long, long task. Thinking about that, I relax my frown.

It wasn’t physically hard, but mentally it was very tiring. In my heart of hearts, I want to go on a trip, even if it’s just for 2 days and 1 night.

But I don’t have time for that. Now I have to make a song for the real Suyeon. Plus, I have to arrange Sohyang’s song.

After that, we also work on a song to sing at the festival.

When that’s over.

You have to prepare the songs you will sing on Singer Star in advance. So, even if I want to rest, I can’t, at least until Singer Star ends.

“I almost won’t be able to go to school in the second semester.”

Tsk, I lick my lips and scratch the back of my neck. Still, I went to school except a few times during my first year, but as I entered my second year, I started going to school less often.

I missed 3 days at a time during the Star Kingdom recording and during this recording as well. Still, once Singer Star is over, you can go traveling and go to school, right?

Of course, Suyeon will be busy as she has to continue her activities.

Because I am a composer.

I turn off the company computer I was working on and take out the personal laptop I carry with me. Afterwards, call out the song you are working on.

The music Sooyeon requested from me was ‘the song I can make best.’ This is a truly difficult order.

But the worries about how to make a song in detail are over. This is because I got a hint from the story I had with Sohyang.

A song I can make best. That would definitely be the song I want to sing the most. This time, when I was singing at the booth to demonstrate to Kim Han-ol, I realized something.

After all, I like to sing.

Composing and producing are fun, but they cannot be compared to the feeling of singing. Ultimately, the owner of a song is the singer who sings it.

brings back memories

Songs I made in a previous life but gave up on.

Most of the songs I made in my past life were songs with a depressing sensibility. And the reason is repeated failure. I didn’t just create depressing songs from the beginning.

However, it just happened because we made a compromise.

At that time, I had to sing the song I made.

So we made a lot of compromises on this and that. I left it out because it was in a vocal range I couldn’t handle, and it was less attractive when I sang it with my own voice, so I left it out, and so on.

Of course, I did not compromise in this life and put everything I liked into the song. However, it was not a song I would sing, but a song that others would sing, so I worked on it that way.

In this life, there is only one song that I have created without compromise that I will sing. The only thing that was announced during the major exam was 『Addresser Unknown』.

So now, like 『Unknown Address』, I plan to make a song that doesn’t think of anyone else and thinks of it as a song I will sing, without compromising.

I sigh once and start working. While working, can Suyeon sing this? The thought occurred to me, but I ignored it.

I don’t know, just make it and see. what. If Su-yeon can’t digest it like this, you can just fix it then. Fingers move quickly.

I think working for the first time in a long time is very enjoyable. Of course, work is usually fun, but it has been stressful without knowing it.

But now I don’t even feel that stress.

So I worked on the song for a while.

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