My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 91

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EP19 – Two self-respecting geniuses (7)


“So what are your concerns?”

“Compared to Hajun, it’s not that big of a worry.”

Jin So-hyang, who started speaking like that, looked at me with a worried expression for a moment. Can I tell you this, she doesn’t seem to be thinking.

I think it’s about how to speak and organize your thoughts.

Soon after, Jin So-hyang seemed to have finished organizing her thoughts and opened her mouth.

“I’m a little worried about the program.”

“program? “Is it something like entertainment or something?”

“That’s not it. “If you really want to be honest, it’s a concert.”

“concert? “Are you guys finally doing a single?”

Dancon refers to a solo concert. Well, Hwayangyeonhwa’s popularity right now is enough to open a single concert. Plus, the timing is perfect since we’re starting promotions with a follow-up song next week.

As I think about that, Jin So-hyang shakes her head.

“We are not Dankon. There’s talk about that too, but it’s still a long way off. “What I’m talking about is that Hamu concert.”

“Oh, that.”

That’s what Jin So-hyang says. Heart Music Concert, or Hamu Concert for short. It is not a specific concert, but a concert hosted by the Korea Entertainment Production Association and held between June and July every year.

As it is a concert hosted by the Korea Entertainment Producers Association, all popular singers who were active from July of last year to June of this year will appear, and all admission fees and tributes sent by fans will be donated, so it is also called a donation concert.

Well, that donation system causes subtle fan club fights. Thanks to this, donations have increased, and it is one of the few broadcast concerts that gets good reviews, as if it is a good fight or something.

Phew, I sigh and lean against the wall. In a previous life, I participated in a Hamu concert. That doesn’t mean I’m great.

The Hamu Concert is a concert in which any pop singer with a record of activity within one year can participate, so I was able to participate.

And there I got a taste of reality.

Until then, I thought that the owner of the stage was the person on stage. But through the Hamu concert, I realized that wasn’t the case.

I still remember it clearly. The cold gaze of the audience, the loud voices of people doing different things, no one expecting anything, and no one listening properly.

To them, my stage is a supporting role to watch other singers perform, no. He was only an extra, not a supporting role.

There was a very large audience, but that audience was not my audience. And the stage I was standing on wasn’t my stage either.

“are you okay? “Something doesn’t look right.”

Jin So-hyang anxiously asks if she noticed a change in my expression. He nods his head as if he is okay with the question. Then he speaks to Jin So-hyang.

“yes I’m fine. More than that, I decided to go to Hamu’s concert, but what? “That’s nothing special.”

“If it’s the way it is, that’s right. But I accepted the offer.”

“What suggestions? Well, did you get an MC offer at all?”

“If it had been that kind of proposal, I wouldn’t have had to worry about it like this.”

After saying that, Jin So-hyang lets out a light sigh.

“The offer I received was for a solo stage.”

“Single stage?”


indeed. It is quite meaningful for the group to have a solo stage at the Hamu concert. Hamu concerts are basically one singer, one stage.

However, the singers who received the most enthusiastic response during the year are given additional performances. Of course, they are given more time than other singers and are given the opportunity to perform alone.


“Aren’t solo performances usually given to people who have performed solo in that group?”

“No one in our group has ever had a solo career.”

aha. In the first place, the opportunity for that solo stage was a system that arose as the number of idol groups increased. As the number of idol groups increases, and as solo singers from those groups also appear, there is a system to take care of them all.

However, because there were no members of Hwayangyeonhwa who had solo activities, it was Jin Sohyang who received it.

“But why you?”

Jin So-hyang looks at me in response to my question.

As if I was the cause.

No, if you look at it that way, do you feel unfair to me?

What did I do wrong?

“You know, there was a performance that I performed with Mr. Hajun at the Sileum Concert.”


“yes. that. It gets a good response on iTube. And that too ignorantly. “It’s now over 10 million.”

already? Last time I heard about it, I think it was definitely 9 million. Before we knew it, the number had increased by 1 million, right? Well, in the end, it’s because of me.

Jin So-hyang accepted that opportunity because of the stage I produced and directed. Tsk. Satisfy your appetite Still, I feel good because the stage I directed got such a good response.

“It’s not like I’m holding a grudge or anything like that. In the first place, it’s strange that I’m blaming Ha Jun here. He created a stage for me and taught me about the fun of being on stage. “It taught me many other things besides that.”

Jin So-hyang, who said that, glances at me.

An expression that wants to say something but holds it back.

Immediately afterwards, he sighed and continued speaking again.

“And it was definitely a good thing that I got the chance to perform alone at the Hamu concert.”

“Then hasn’t the answer already been found? “You can do that stage again.”

“······That’s true. But I don’t think we should perform on the same stage.”

indeed. That too. Still, it is a concert hosted by the Korea Entertainment Producers Association in name only, but if the actual sound and stage are the same as the concert, people may say that it is insincere.

Well, you might think that you would hear something like that, but places with the word ‘association’ attached to it tend to be narrow-minded.

“So, in the end, we have to prepare a slightly different stage for ‘Rough’ than before?”

“Well, the 『Rough』 stage itself doesn’t need to be different. However, I think it would be good to have some additional directing or something like that before that. A different song, or a remix or something.”


I fully understand what Jin So-hyang is worried about.

But why are you telling me your concerns?

“Can’t we ask that other stage director?”

“······It could be so.”


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Jin So-hyang, who has said so far, hesitates to say anything. Wriggling her fingers, she glanced at me. She repeated it and then said with a slightly blushing expression.

“Just, that. 『Rough』 is a song we prepared together with Ha Jun. Well, something. Should I say that he doesn’t want to prepare with someone else? I know it’s stupid, but Should I just say so? haha. under.”

I look at Jin So-hyang who says that with a sheepish laugh.

I never thought Jin Sohyang would think of me like that.

I’m kind of impressed.

“So you want me to help you with Hamu’s concert?”

“Yeah, whatever. Wouldn’t you be grateful if you did that? That’s the idea. And the boss said he would feel reassured if Ha Jun took charge of it.”

“Hmm, when is Hamu’s concert?”

“It’s July 21st.”

Just a moment, I said to Jin So-hyang and checked my schedule on my cell phone. The event in June, and the Sileumwa concert on July 14th.

However, during events, I cannot help Suyeon at school. So, how do you prepare the stage at this time, hand it over to Jin So-hyang, have her practice, and join her after the actual performance and the concert are over?

How is that possible?


After saying that, I look at Jin So-hyang.

“So how much will you give me this time?”

Surely you’re not planning on asking for free help this time?

Jin So-hyang smiled at my words.

Then he carefully showed me his cell phone screen.

There were several numbers written on it.

“This time, I am outsourcing from the company’s perspective, not from my personal perspective. “The pay is higher than last time.”

“I’ll do my best.”

For this amount of money, I am prepared to grind not only my soul but also my bones. I nodded with that determination.

§ § §

Kim Han-ol, who came to the recording studio to begin recording in earnest, looked at Yoon Ha-jun while sitting on the sofa provided in the recording studio.

‘Did you say that it would be very scary if there was a recording?’

I remember what CEO Seo Hoon said before starting the recording. And then a smile appeared on his lips.

Looking at the song he made, it seems like he’s quite talented, but he’s only a high school student. High school students are the only ones that are scary.

The video (edited version of Star Kingdom’s recording studio work) that CEO Seo Hoon sent while saying that is quite harsh, but that’s what it shows in the program.

Probably, the producer or writer wrote the script or asked Ha-Jun Yoon to act. The program will be successful only if it shows a provocative side like that.

While Kim Han-ol was thinking about that, Yoon Ha-jun finished setting up for recording. Then he looked at Kim Han-ol and said.

“Then let’s get to work right away.”

“is it so.”

After saying that, Kim Han-ol got up and entered the recording studio booth. After seeing him wearing the headset, Hajun Yoon immediately played the MR.

Still, I think the recording will go better than I was worried about. Even though it was the first day, I wasn’t late and I didn’t drink.

While I was thinking about that, it was time for the MR to end and the song to begin. At that timing, Kim Han-ol starts singing.


Ha-jun Yoon frowns while listening to Kim Han-ol’s song. I already knew that this person had outstanding talent, but when we recorded together, this was amazing.

A sound that is neither exclamation nor sighing nor anything else comes out of my mouth. Of all the people I’ve worked with so far, the work is the easiest. Even Hangoyo’s work wasn’t this easy.

After all, experience cannot be ignored?

-Leave everything alone.

Sometimes like this.

It may be new, but I think I understand why people called Kim Han-ol the devil’s talent. And at the same time, I feel sad.

I have such excellent singing skills, but I can’t use it in any other way. If you’re going to do that, give it to me.

Why would you give such a talent to such a person? Yoon Ha-jun clicked his tongue and suppressed the feeling of inferiority that had been rising for the first time in a long time.

Then he let out a deep sigh and continued listening to Kim Han-ol’s song. From beginning to end. Kim Han-ol smiled while singing as he watched Ha-jun Yoon continue recording without even requesting a retake.

As expected, look at that.

It’s all done through a program, right?

Of course, I definitely sing well, but I haven’t asked for a single retake. Doesn’t this end up being recorded in one take?

With that in mind, Kim Han-ol continued to sing, and soon the song ended. He then takes off the headset he was wearing on his ears and looks at Ha-jun Yoon.

Indeed, what will Hajun Yoon say?

Will I finish the work while being impressed by my skills?

Ah, if that’s the case, I’m a little disappointed. I came with some preparation. Still, the sooner it ends, the better.

Still, it ended too quickly. There’s still a lot of time left until our date tonight, so let’s go to the bar right away.

At a time when Kim Han-ol was adjusting the schedule in his head, Yoon Ha-jun finally opened his mouth.

“Would you like to go back from the beginning?”


Kim Han-ol’s brow furrowed at Yoon Ha-jun’s words.

What now?

-You’re going back from the beginning?


-why? Didn’t you say OK all at once?

This time, Yoon Ha-jun’s expression distorts at the words of Kim Han-ol, who is full of confidence. What on earth is that person saying now? Didn’t you say OK all at once?

“What do you mean? “It’s a mess from the beginning.”

-What is that…

“I was very emotional from the beginning. I need to kill some. Of course, this song is an exciting song that cries out for love, but it doesn’t have those feelings from beginning to end. “In fact, the beginning and the end feel more empty.”

Kim Han-ol closes his mouth at Yoon Ha-jun’s words.

I guess I don’t understand.

Instead of answering, Ha-jun Yoon played the song that Han-ol Kim had just sung. Hanol Kim frowns as he hears his own song coming from the headset he wears in his ears.

It definitely seems like the song got boring because it started off so fast, didn’t it?

“Because the melody and the song were played separately, the device and development I had set up all fell apart. So, I’ll start recording again right away.”

After saying that, Hajun Yoon prepared to record again.

Kim Han-ol ignored Yoon Ha-jun because he was young. However, in his previous life, Ha-jun Yoon was much older than Han-ol Kim, and although he lacked talent, he never lacked experience in recording.

Therefore, Ha-Jun Yoon was aware of the fact that Han-Ol Kim was looking down on him. And Yoon Ha-jun is not a good enough person to overlook that fact.

“What are you doing, not recording?”

Hajun Yoon said to Hanol Kim with a smiling face.

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