My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 9

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EP3 – Among Geniuses (1)


The facilities at Seolwon Arts High School’s practice room are among the best in the country. Not just among the predictions. It is one of the few practice rooms that Ha-jun Yoon has used throughout his life.

‘It’s still the same.’

Feeling longing, Hajun Yoon looked around the practice room. In his past life, Hajun Yoon was a deadbeat in this practice room. For three whole years, he was always stuck in this practice room, except on days when school was off.

“Well, the facilities are nice.”

On the other hand, Taeyoung Kim just had that kind of expression. Well, this is Kim Tae-young, who received gifted education from a young age and spent time in a foreign facility known as the worst. It is understandable if you are not satisfied with this level.

“There’s a piano too.”

At that time, Taeyoung Kim found the piano lying in the practice room and approached it. Then she touched the piano with a look of longing.

To be honest, it’s not that good of a piano. It’s not even in the best condition. But it still maintains a pretty good level. Taeyoung Kim carefully presses the keys.

‘Coordination is also good.’

Taeyoung Kim thought for a moment and then started pressing the keys. His fingers move brilliantly. At the same time, the keyboard notes continued to form one melody and began to fill the practice room.

Hajun Yoon, who was watching the practice room, suddenly stopped as he heard the performance. Taeyoung Kim has been recognized not only in Korea but also around the world. His piano was so good that I couldn’t understand why he quit playing the piano and became a singer.

Did you say that it heals people’s hearts? It’s definitely a piano that has that feeling. Just listening to it makes me feel at ease. At that time, Taeyoung Kim suddenly stopped playing.

A one minute performance, maybe shorter.

Hajun Yoon felt disappointed by the short performance.

“It’s been a while since I tried to do something, but it’s not going well. Hahaha.”

Taeyoung Kim smiles shyly and scratches her head. Then, after clearing her throat briefly, she smiled playfully at Ha-Jun Yoon and said,

“Since you listened to my piano, please tell me something too.”


“It’s unfair if you only listen to my playing.”

No, playing in front of someone who played like that? That can’t be possible. No matter how much Ha-Jun Yoon took piano lessons from Seong-Min Won, compared to Tae-Young Kim, he is just playing house.

“Better kill me.”

I’m not kidding, I’m going to die of shame.

“Then it doesn’t have to be the piano, just play something.”

For some reason, Taeyoung Kim was persistent in biting. No. Did I ask you to play? While he was playing as he pleased. Muttering a little, Hajun Yoon looked around.

I soon found the instrument I wanted and listened to it. What Hajun Yoon chose was an acoustic guitar. This is the instrument that Hajun Yoon is most confident in at the moment.

Of course, compared to kids majoring in guitar, I am lacking a lot, but thanks to consistent lessons from Won Seong-min, I have risen to an above-average level.

Kim Tae-young looks at Ha-jun Yoon with interest while holding a guitar. Whether he knew it or not, Hajun Yoon was absorbed in setting up his guitar.

Soon after finishing the setup, Hajun Yoon started playing.


This is the song that received the best reviews among the songs made by Ha-Jun Youn, and the first song Ha-Jun Yoon made in this life. At the same time, it is the song I practiced the most.

Kim Tae-young stared at Yoon Ha-jun. Pretty decent posture, fingers moving busily. The melody that comes next. Taeyoung Kim suddenly closed her eyes at that melody.

And I started to savor the melody. A calm acoustic performance, but the melody was not calm at all. As I listen to Ha-Jun Yoon’s performance, my emotions fluctuate.

The song SWIPE is the song that most strongly expresses Yoon Ha-jun’s inferiority complex. Other people’s songs are special to someone, but why is your own song overlooked? And in the end, it’s a song that tells you that you will pass over this too lightly.

That’s why the title is SWIPE (swiping a finger across a touch screen).

‘What is this?’

Taeyoung Kim, who was listening to the song, could not bear it anymore and opened her eyes. No, is this a high school student like me? It’s almost difficult to hear how a high school student’s emotions are so heavy and heavy.

Should I tell him to stop now? The moment Taeyoung Kim was worried, her performance suddenly changed. To be more precise, the atmosphere has changed.

The atmosphere, which had been heavy and soggy just a moment ago, has become infinitely more confident. It becomes much easier to listen to and I feel a certain overflow of confidence.

‘what is this.’

Taeyoung Kim made an embarrassed expression. I didn’t understand. What kind of person can change so quickly in one song? Or has the song changed? No, that’s not it. Hajun Yoon is currently playing one song.

Whether Taeyoung Kim did it or not, Hajun Yoon focused on playing. The part I am playing now is the arranged part of SWIPE. Since he hadn’t arranged the whole thing yet, he mixed it up and played it appropriately.

Hajun Yoon gave up his dream of becoming a singer. He decided to live this life for his genius brother. At the same time, he changed all of his songs.

For my younger brother who has overwhelming talent.

As a result, SWIPE went from being a song with an inferiority complex, saying, “You will pass over this song,” to a song full of confidence, saying, “You will pass over all other songs after learning this song.”

Soon after, Hajun Yoon’s performance ended. After Hajun Yoon put down his guitar, he looked at Taeyoung Kim and said.

“how was it?”

“······Is this a song you made?”

“Yes. Although it is still unfinished.”

Saying that, Hajun Yoon laughed lightly. However, Taeyoung Kim could not laugh lightly. At first, she was just a guy who approached me out of interest.

I just liked the way the guy who happened to sit next to me didn’t seem very interested in me. In the first place, Kim Tae-young did not have any expectations from Seolwon High School.

Even if it was a preview of outstanding talent, Kim Tae-young, who hung out with geniuses, was at that level. But now my thoughts have changed.

I never thought there was a guy like this in the same grade.


Taeyoung Kim clenched her fists.

His left hand trembled slightly.

§ § §

The first day’s classes are all over. In my previous life, nothing happened during the first class, but today quite a few things happened.

First of all, I changed my major. From vocals to songwriting. I can’t afford it anymore. Of course, I have no intention of biting it.

And secondly, a relationship with Kim Tae-young arose. This was a bit unexpected. In her past life, she had no connection with Kim Tae-young except that they were in the same class.

But this time, we talked a lot from the first day. Kim Tae-young kept talking to me with a face full of interest.

“Good is good.”

Kim Tae-young later became a world-famous singer. There’s nothing wrong with being friends with a guy like that, he said. However, I’m just a little tired because there’s so much talking.

“I’m home.”

“I’m here?”

When I open the door of the house and enter, Sooyeon welcomes me. She must have been sleeping for a while so her hair is scattered. She laughs at that and speaks to Suyeon.

“Were you sleeping?”


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“Yeah, I’m a little tired.”

Soo-yeon rubs her eyes while saying that.

Then he said as if he was curious.

“How was school?”

“so so.”

“Have you made any friends?”

“What kind of mother are you?”

I ask because I am dumbfounded. Then, go back to your room, take off your school uniform, and change into comfortable clothes. Then Suyeon, who was on the sofa, grumbled.

“I’m afraid you’re going to go alone again, right? You didn’t have any friends in middle school.”

“That’s it…”

Close your mouth while talking. This is because, at that moment, dark history came to mind. When I was in middle school. I thought I was special. I firmly believed that I was a genius.

So, I believed that I was different from ordinary people and kept my distance from them. So, it was what is commonly called middle ear disease itself.

“That’s because I was busy singing back then. Now I have friends.”

What kind of excuse am I making at this age? Somehow I feel sorry for myself. Anyway, Suyeon looked very happy when I told her that I had a friend.

“What kind of person are you?”

“A kid who played the piano.”

It’s not a lie. It’s true that I play the piano a bit. However, the word ‘in the world’ is included in front of it.

“What about you?”

“I’m the same.”

After saying that, Sooyeon immediately started chattering. She doesn’t like her partner, it’s a shame her best friend went to another class, but she made new friends. Stories like that.

“Oh, and there was a kid in the same class who was preparing to go to Seolwon Arts High School! He was short and looked really cute, so I guess he was preparing to become an idol.”


“Yeah, yeah. So, when I told you about my brother, he got curious.”

I nodded roughly. After that, Suyeon talked about many things for a long time. It’s all trivial. Very trivial everyday stories.

Still, I liked it.

“I hope Saturday comes soon.”

Suyeon muttered in a voice full of anticipation. this Saturday. Here is Suyeon’s first recording. I sing to the melody I created.

“Your brother too.”

Indeed, how will Suyeon sing the song I wrote?

I was so curious about it that I couldn’t bear it.

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