My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 89

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EP19 – Two self-respecting geniuses (5)


“how is it?”

Hajun Yoon asks Hanol Kim.

The appearance is no different from usual.

Drowsy eyes, frowning eyebrows as if contemplating something. Meanwhile, a very faint smile appeared on his lips.

Seeing Ha-Jun Yoon like that, Han-Ol Kim opens and closes his mouth. How do you feel? Are you asking because you don’t know that now? Instead of answering, Kim Han-ol repeated the song that Ha-jun Yoon had just played.

The basic outline itself is no different from the sketch version I played before. At best, it’s just a matter of modifying a few details and adding flesh to them.

But why has it changed so much?

The first sketch that Ha-Jun Yoon showed was just okay. There are no particularly bad aspects, but there are also no particularly good aspects.

To be honest, it was a little disappointing.

Of course, considering his age, it’s great. However, the song does not indicate the age of the composer or producer.

What the public wants is not an ordinary song from a new producer who can make good songs in the future, but a song that is good to listen to right now.

Also, I had high expectations because CEO Seo Hoon proudly said that he was a genius producer. Still, he said it was okay because it was good for the public to hear and the structure itself was solid.

So what about the song you just played? There is a strong sense of speed in the song, and it is very exciting. I feel like I need to get in the car right now and have fun.

‘Is it possible to transform that song this much?’

I am amazed. And at the same time, I want it. I feel like I want to start working on a song right now. Kim Han-ol gulped, swallowed once, and spoke to Yoon Ha-jun.

“It’s good.”

And at Kim Han-ol’s words, Yoon Ha-jun chuckled and nodded.

“I’m glad it’s not at a decent level.”

“So you can start working right away?”

“No, that’s not it. There are a few more things to fix. “There’s something about it that I don’t like.”

There is a part that needs to be corrected in that song.

“Are you going to make changes now?”

“Yes, I plan to do so.”

“Is it okay if I look at you for a moment?”

“It doesn’t really matter.”

At Ha-jun Yoon’s permission, Han-ol Kim nodded and sat down on the sofa in the studio. And for work, Ha-Jun Yoon operated the computer and played the latest drama he was watching these days.

‘······Do you want to do something else before starting work?’

Well, it’s a common thing for people who work on computers. Before I start working in earnest, I surf the web, watch social media, and watch iTube.

In fact, Kim Han-ol himself tends to do something else before starting work. The problem is that he spends a lot of time doing other things.

‘You have good concentration.’

Hajun Yoon looks at the monitor as if it were his enemy. However, the image on the monitor is a bit strange. The same scene keeps repeating itself.

A scene of exciting driving in a car.

A scene where a woman drinks alcohol.

And a scene where a loud accident occurs.

Yoon Ha-jun, who had been watching the scenes for a while, nodded as if it was enough and ended the drama. Then he played the composition program and started working.

Hajun Yoon’s eyes become sharp and his hands move quickly. And each time, modifications are made to the music. Kim Han-ol noticed something and opened his eyes wide as if he was surprised.

‘Could it be that I’m making a song after watching that scene?’

It’s not a ridiculous story. In fact, I watch a scene in a movie or something and make a song that goes well with it and use it as background music.

But now Hajun Yoon is not just making BGM, he is making songs. Kim Han-ol swallowed his saliva.

Now I think I know why CEO Seo Hoon praised Ha-jun Yoon as a genius.

§ § §

“I’m tired.”

When I returned home, I muttered that and threw myself on the living room sofa. I knew it. I heard this place is the most comfortable. Should I say that something wraps around my body like this?

I think this sofa is more comfortable than the bed in my room.

“Is your brother here?”

At that time, Suyeon must have heard the sound and opened the door of her room and came out into the living room. What, weren’t you sleeping? I take out my phone and check the time.

1:30 in the morning.

It’s time to go to sleep because I have to go to school tomorrow.

“Why didn’t you sleep?”

“huh? “Oh, I practiced singing for a moment.”

“So I couldn’t hear anything.”

“Image training rather than simply singing? That’s it. “Isn’t it too late than that?”

“are you okay. “Because I’m used to it.”

While saying that, he stretches out loud. Yes, I’m used to going to bed late and waking up early. For a non-genius to remain a genius, he has to work twice as hard as others.

“Go ahead and sleep. “You’re tired.”

“Ugh, let me talk to you for a moment.”

“What story?”

“It’s not that big of a deal. Just chatting? “We’ve been busy these days so we haven’t even been able to talk to each other.”

Sooyeon, who said that, went to sit under the sofa and leaned against it. This is the seat where I usually sit. Suyeon, who was leaning comfortably, stretched her body and asked me.

“Is the song going well?”

“Almost done. Now all we have to do is put the finishing touches on it and record it.”


“And you? “Are you practicing well?”

There is now only about a month left until the event. Ah, I have to make a song for the event soon. I guess I’ll be busy again now.

But that doesn’t mean I’ve had a leisurely time so far.

“huh. You’re doing great. The teacher says you are doing well too. You can look forward to it too. “Aren’t you going to be surprised when you work on this project?”


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Su-yeon says that and laughs.

You seem quite confident.

“I’m looking forward to it.”



While looking at that scene, he calls Suyeon. Suyeon looks at my call. Should that look say it or not? After thinking about it, he shook his head and said as if it was nothing.

“Don’t push yourself too hard.”

“It’s my brother.”

Let’s tell you later that Goyo will be appearing in the audition program that will be aired in August. Now is the time to pay more attention to Jeong Jin-hu than to Han Go-yo.

§ § §

“This is more fun than I thought.”

I’m not just talking about the content of a makjang drama. Of course, it’s true that makjang dramas are very fun, but what I’m talking about now is the work of watching a scene and turning it into a song.

After listening to teacher Ha Hyo-joo’s advice and recalling the memory of feeling inspired by a painting, I gave it a try and it was more fun than I thought. Hmm, if possible, I would like to try working on a drama or movie OST in the future.

I think that would be really fun too. With that in mind, I complete the song in the studio. Now, the MR work is finished.

All that remains is recording, mixing, and mastering. I, the producer, decided to do the recording work, and I decided to introduce engineer Won Seong-min for the mixing and mastering.

Phew, I sigh and scratch my head.

You can record well, right?

Well, if it doesn’t work out, I’ll file a pato, but the best thing is that Kim Han-ol faithfully fulfills the conditions I laid out and records it.

Coordinate schedules for recording schedules. Recording takes a long time, so I’m thinking of skipping school. In order to do so, a field study plan must be submitted, so this is an adjustment for that purpose.

While I was chatting with my manager, Jeong Jae-ho, through KakaoTalk, an alarm rang on my phone. When I checked the screen after seeing the reply sent to Jeong Jae-ho, I saw that the sender was not Jeong Jae-ho but Won Seong-min.

[The music video has been released.]


I expressed my exclamation at Won Seong-min’s short KakaoTalk message and quickly checked the link Won Seong-min sent. It’s a music video. I’m a little excited.

I have never worked on a music video before. Of course, I had a few experiences in my past life, but that was just an appearance. I didn’t give an opinion or anything.

I didn’t even pay much attention to the music video to begin with. But that can’t be done anymore. Since I became a producer, I have to pay attention to things like that during the album planning stage.

Play a music video that is about 6 minutes long. The first screen shows Blue Aka in black and white. Then, the camera is sucked into the room next to it, and Kim Tae-young appears.

Hmm, I saw it last time, but the visuals were really good. It was also very sophisticated. It is said that Won Seong-min provides almost all opinions on Blue AKA’s music video.

Although there is a separate director for filming, there is no doubt that he is a truly amazing person. He is a person with a lot to learn in the future.

With that in mind, I continue to watch the music video. The first five minutes are not much different from the edited version I saw last time. At most, the previously messy screen has become a bit cleaner?

And the last minute.

Finally, it was my and Goyo’s turn.

A dark and messy room. There is a broken chair in the center. And silence is sitting on it, and I am sitting on the torn sofa opposite.

Soon Goyo begins to sing. Even though it is the first melodic rap song, it goes very well with Goyo. And what follows is a cry.

The silence vents resentment, resentment, and frustration that cannot be determined whether it is directed at someone, with a distorted expression. Even though I’m just watching it as a music video, there’s something about it that’s overwhelming.


It’s a new, yet unbelievable talent.

And unlike in previous lives, this talent does not disappear. He signed a contract with mm Entertainment and will announce his talent to the world through Singer Star.

Stroke your chin.

Goyo and Suyeon, too, are kids who never left behind a song, let alone debuted, in their past lives. Kids who had outstanding talent but failed to debut.

What happens when those kids debut?

There will definitely be trouble in this industry.

I’m looking forward to what Goyo and Suyeon will show in the future. Meanwhile, the music video was rushing towards the end. The song of silence stops.

No, the action stops. As if someone had pressed pause. And then I get up from the couch. Hold the remote control in your hand.

The blue light turns red and I move. The sound of my walking becomes louder, and the sound of Blue Aca playing becomes quieter.

Then I leave the room, approach Blue Aca, and press the remote control again. Then Blue Aka stopped moving, and after checking it, I turned my head and showed the front view.

And press the remote control once.

The screen turns off.

“I really pushed this too far.”

I mutter while looking at the music video. In terms of length, I am the shortest, but the impact is the strongest. It was as if I was controlling all of this.

It’s an expression of my role as a producer, but it’s still a bit harsh for me to finish it. Well, according to Won Seong-min, the ending was done this way to enjoy the trickle-down effect of Star Kingdom.

Well, I don’t know. What kind of influence does a 1% program have at most? No, no. The influence itself is there.

Because of that, Sooyeon and Jinhoo started fighting. Jinhu, Jeongjinhu. Stroke your chin. I said that Jeong Jin-hoo is Kim Tae-young’s lower compatibility, but that doesn’t mean I’m ignoring him.

First of all, Taeyoung Kim is a singer loved around the world. In all of Korea, there is no singer who has entered the United States more successfully than Kim Tae-young.

That’s why it’s great that he is Kim Tae-young’s backward compatibility. Well, Jinhu has a complex about that and struggles to escape somehow.

Everything fails.

He boasts unrivaled popularity as a Korean male solo singer, but fails to advance into the world. Because his songs are popular in Korea, but not around the world.

I furrow my brows slightly. I don’t think Suyeon’s talent is lacking compared to Jeong Jinhoo. But right now it’s a little bit pushed back.

That can’t be helped. Su-yeon learned singing for at most one year, and Jeong Jin-hoo learned singing from a very young age.

The gap is not something that can be easily narrowed.

And it is my role to narrow that gap.

We need to create an overwhelming song that can showcase Suyeon’s talent and make others admire her.

“It won’t be easy.”

There is a song that was already made for Suyeon’s event, but this one won’t work. To beat Jeong Jin-hoo, you have to be much more overwhelming than this.

After turning on the composition program, I started to move my hands randomly. Now that the work on the song to work with Kim Han-ol is finished, it is now time to create a song for Su-yeon to win over Jeong Jin-hoo.

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