My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 86

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EP19 – Two self-respecting geniuses (2)



Hajun Yoon took a sip of water and sighed briefly. Then he checked the time on his phone and frowned.

‘There are still about 20 minutes left until the appointment time.’

Surely you won’t be late or anything like that from the first day? The person Ha-jun Yoon is currently waiting for is none other than Han-ol Kim.

As the work with Han-all Kim was decided through CEO Seo Hoon, Ha-jun Yoon suggested to Han-ol Kim that they should have a meal before starting the work.

Working with Kim Han-ol is not about giving Kim Han-ol a song written by Ha-jun Yoon, but rather making a song from scratch tailored to Kim Han-ol.

That’s why you should listen to Kim Han-ol’s story. Hmm, it’s nice to meet at a restaurant, but you probably won’t drink alcohol while eating with a minor, right?

While Ha-jun Yoon was thinking that, the door to the restaurant opened and Han-ol Kim came into the room. Seeing this, Hajun Yoon stands up and bows slightly to him.


“Ah yes. hello.”

Kim Han-ol was taken aback for a moment when he saw Ha-jun Yoon standing up and bowing his head politely, and then he also bowed his head.

Then he began to look at Hajun Yoon with a nervous expression.

I remember the stories CEO Seo Hoon told me before coming here. Starting from the conditions that Ha-Jun Yoon presented, to the story that he should never be ignored just because he is a high school student.

In fact, no matter how great it is, I still think that I’m still a high school student at most, but I try to hide that thought.

Anyway, this is my first job at my new company. Besides, since this is a position created by the CEO, there is nothing good about looking hateful.

“Why don’t you take a seat first?”


When Kim Han-ol sat down after hearing Ha-jun Yoon’s words, Ha-jun Yoon poured water into Han-ol Kim’s cup. When Kim Han-ol takes it and drinks it, Yoon Ha-jun speaks.

“What do you want to eat meat with? Oh, don’t worry about money. “I received advice from my manager.”

“Then I’ll eat it as flower rib meat.”

When Ha-jun Yoon told him not to worry about money, Han-ol Kim ordered the most expensive menu item without hesitation. And Ha-jun Yoon, who received that order, also nodded with a satisfied expression.

Yes, it’s not my money anyway, it’s the company’s money, so I should eat delicious food anyway. Hajun Yoon calls a waiter and orders meat.

“What did you want to see me for?”

And as soon as Hajun Yoon finishes ordering, Hanol Kim asks. Ha-jun Yoon responds, feeling surprised by Kim Han-ol’s quite polite tone.

“In order to make a song, you have to know what kind of person the person singing the song is. And I also listen to Mr. Hanol’s opinion.”

“ah. Is that so?”

Han-ol Kim nods at Ha-jun Yoon’s words.

Well, if that’s the case, it’s okay to talk about it comfortably, right?

“If it’s my opinion, what about the song?”

“Yeah, whatever. Yes.”

“Hmm, Hajun, what kind of songs do you usually make? “The only song I’ve ever heard is the one I did with Blue Aka.”

“I’m not particularly limited by genre. “That kind of work isn’t fun.”

“It’s fun…”

Kim Han-ol chuckled. Are you trying to appeal that you are amazing even though you are young? What kind of fun is needed to make a song?

Let me just be honest and say that I can handle many genres. However, contrary to Kim Han-ol’s thoughts, Yoon Ha-jun was sincere.

Whether you enjoy your work or not is an important issue. The person who made the song didn’t find it fun, but would he be able to love the song?

I think it will be difficult. Well, it was thanks to Ha Hyo-joo’s help that Yoon Ha-jun came to think like that. anyway.

“So, don’t worry about the genre, let’s talk about what kind of song Kim Han-ol wants to sing.”

What is important now is not Ha-jun Yoon’s story, but Han-ol Kim’s story. Han-ol Kim nods at Ha-jun Yoon’s words.

Meanwhile, the ordered meat arrived, and Hajun Yoon put it on the grill.

“Try to talk comfortably.”

Chiik, the meat goes on the heated grill and cooks.

Looking at that scene, Kim Han-ol slowly opened his mouth.

“I want to tell a story about love.”

“Is it love?”

“yes. “It’s love.”

It’s not surprising. Most of the songs Kim Han-ol sings are about love, and love songs are a very common theme. Hajun Yoon asked as he placed the cooked meat on a plate of Kim Hanol.

“If it is love, what kind of love is it? lover? human?”

“no. Hmm, if you really want to talk about it, the world? Or pleasure? “I want to sing about that kind of love.”

“Give me a specific example?”

“There are many things to enjoy in the world. Alcohol, cigarettes, or games. Or a lover. When I enjoy those things, I feel strong love. “I want to sing that.”

Hajun Yoon nods his head roughly.

“So it’s love for anything that makes me happy.”

“Yes, when I enjoy them, I feel complete. So, I really want to sing about that kind of love.”

“Would you like to be specific?”

As soon as Ha-jun Yoon finished speaking, Han-ol Kim started talking excitedly. How good he feels when he drinks, and what kind of alcohol he likes.

In addition, he continues to tell various stories.

And at Kim Han-ol’s words, Yoon Ha-jun nodded.

The way he talks makes me want to order a drink right away, but it seems like he’s holding back because he’s with a minor. After that, Kim Han-ol continued to talk about various topics.

Among them, there were comments criticizing idols, and there were also curses against people who are in the industry despite not having any skills.

To Kim Han-ol’s story, which was so honest that it was uncomfortable to listen to, Ha-jun Yoon nodded in agreement. Meanwhile, three hours had already passed.

“It’s a shame Hajun is a minor. “If he were an adult, he would have asked me to go to a bar I frequent for a second time.”

“Iknow, right.”

It wasn’t particularly disappointing, but Hajun Yoon smiled and nodded. Well, with this, I was able to know roughly what kind of person Kim Han-ol was.

He is exactly what I expected.

“Then I’ll send you the song when it’s finished. Please listen and give feedback.”


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“Ah yes.”

“Did you hear the conditions I laid out for CEO Seo Hoon? “Once you start recording, you must adhere to those conditions.”

“of course.”

Kim Han-ol nodded with a confident expression, as if asking to be trusted. Well, that’s fine. When I think about what I heard today, I don’t believe it at all.

Kim Han-ol is a person who is faithful to his instincts.

There is no sense of responsibility, and playing is more important.

A person for whom momentary pleasure is more important than the future.

In addition, it seems like he hid his usual personality in some way, probably because he heard the story from CEO Seo Hoon. An arrogance that cannot be hidden comes out between the stories.

Should I say that it was amazing that he hid his arrogance during their first meeting? In that respect, it is better than Jeong Jin-hoo. That doesn’t mean I want to be friends.

“Then I’ll go first.”

“Yes, please go.”

After leaving the restaurant, Ha-jun Yoon said that and headed home first, and Han-ol Kim, who was watching him, let out a deep sigh.

“Aww, I feel like I’m dying to show respect to a high school student.”

CEO Seo Hoon said something, so I continued to use respectful language and was careful, but this is not right at all. Hanol Kim took a cigarette out of his pocket, put it in his mouth, and walked towards the bar he frequented.

Then, I remembered the conditions CEO Seo Hoon had mentioned in my head. When I thought of that, I somehow burst into laughter.

At best, it’s high school.

I don’t know where I saw it, but he just does a believable producer cosplay. Smiling and nodding. Yes, yes, all you have to do is agree.

Thinking like that, Kim Han-ol snorted.

§ § §

Now that I have a meeting with Kim Han-ol, I have to start making songs in earnest, but I can’t. Because there is work to be done before that.

What happens is,

“Have you ever filmed a music video?”

This is Blue Aka’s music video shoot.

While I was going to school and meeting with Kim Han-ol, Blue Aka continued to film music videos with other people, and as a result, only me and Han Go-yo’s parts remained.

“I’ve been on a field trip before.”

He says that and smiles. Well, to be more precise, I actually took pictures instead of taking a field trip. Because that’s a story from a past life.

Won Seong-min nodded at my words and showed Goyo and me the music videos he had shot so far. And looking at it, he briefly exclaims in admiration.

The music video created by Blue Aka is very sensuous and sophisticated at the same time. Divide one space into several rooms. In the center of the space, members of Blue Aka play in black and white.

And it shows the room where the vocalists are in to match the song. Additionally, each vocalist’s song genre is different, so each room has a different concept.

Each song lasts about 40 seconds, and each time the song changes, the Blue Aca in the center is shown once and the room changes.

The structure reminds me of a music rhythm game.

“And this is the studio where Goyo and Hajun will be filming.”

The studio where Goyo and I are filming is very messy. So literally, various objects are broken and tilted.

There isn’t a single thing that’s right.

“You heard about the concept, right? Mr. Koyo can sit on this chair and sing. Hajun, you can sit on the sofa and look at Goyo. The length is about 40 seconds. “The filming will probably take about 4 to 5 hours.”


I answer and Goyo nods.

And then filming began in earnest.

They say it’s a music video shoot, but there’s nothing for me to do. All you have to do is sit blankly on the sofa and watch the silence sing.

As a result, the filming went very smoothly. However, because we were filming from various angles, the filming itself took a long time even though no retakes were done.

“Are you tired?”

After finishing filming, I offered a drink to Goyo, who was looking tired.

“thank you.”

Goyo took the drink I offered him, took a sip of the drink, and sighed.

You must be really tired.

“Aren’t you tired?”

“Because I was sitting on the sofa the whole time.”

Additionally, the amount of filming is very small compared to Goyo. Well, the last scene we filmed was a bit difficult, but I still got the OK after 4 attempts.

“Are you still worrying?”


“The concerns you told me about last time.”


Goyo lets out a brief exclamation. It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t worried about what choice Goyo would make. The level of difficulty will definitely vary depending on whether Goyo appears on Singer Star or not.

Goyo ponders my words for a moment and then asks carefully.

“If I appear on Singer Star…”


“Don’t you hate it?”

“why me?”

I don’t understand Goyo’s words, so I ask again.

Why would I hate Goyo appearing on Singer Star?

In response to my question, Goyo made an expression as if it were okay for me to say this. After thinking about it for a while, he hesitated and answered.

“······It’s disturbing your younger brother.”


Are you paying attention to that?

“Well, if you appear on Singer Star, Sooyeon’s chances of winning will be lower. “Do you think I would hate that?”


Goyo answers firmly. Write, what kind of image is my image so that I get an answer right away like that? I said after drinking Goyo’s leftover drink.

“no it’s not? Of course, it would be nice if Soo-yeon won, but I never thought that I would hate it if you showed up because of that. “I actually thought it would be fun if you came out.”

Saying that, he looks at Goyo. But there’s something strange about Goyo’s expression. Her face is redder than usual and she looks more embarrassed.

Was what I said strange?

“what’s the matter?”

“huh? Oh, no. huh.”

What, why is he like this? Of course, it’s always strange, but somehow the silence is even stranger than usual. Moreover, my eyes are fixed on the drink I am holding.

Oh, did you mean to drink more of this?

“Oh sorry. I drank all of this. Should I get you a new one?”

“no. are you okay. “That’s enough.”

In response to silence, I return the drink I was holding.

Then he stands up and says:

“Anyway, don’t think too seriously about what other people think. “Because what you think is more important than what other people think.”


After Yoon Ha-jun left, Han Go-yo, left alone, began to carefully smell himself. Surely you didn’t smell me?

I got wet with sweat while filming, so I was concerned about the smell, and I was also concerned about whether my mouth had a sweet smell. And I’m also worried about the drink container I’m holding.

Soon after confirming that there was no smell, Han Goyo let out a small sigh. Really. I heard it gets weird when it’s just Jae-rang.

Should I say that I am becoming more cautious?

Should I say that I don’t feel like my usual self?

‘My thoughts are more important than other people’s thoughts.’

While thinking about that, I remember what Hajun Yoon said. What do I want to do? You can see the back of Hajun Yoon walking towards Blue Aca just ahead.

Goyo Han, who was looking at this, stood up from his seat.

And then he started walking, following Hajun Yoon.

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