My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 85

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EP19 – Two self-respecting geniuses (1)


“How can I sing better?”

Ji-yeon Lee looked at Su-yeon Yoon in response to Su-yeon Yoon’s somewhat unexpected question. What kind of question is that? How can I sing better?

“······Wouldn’t it be okay if Suyeon just kept practicing like she’s doing now?”

It may be hard to say this with her own mouth, but Jiyeon Lee says she is a pretty good teacher. In fact, she was so successful that several entertainment companies tried to recruit her as a vocal trainer, to the point where they even asked her to accept them as her students.

However, Jiyeon Lee did not accept anyone as her disciple. We only accepted children with certain skills, that is, children whom we felt good to raise.

And Sooyeon Yoon has one of the most talented children among those chosen. She is so talented that she wants to take her into her entertainment and raise her as her favorite student.

‘In terms of talent, he is one of the most talented among the students I have taught.’

Although I didn’t teach that many students.

Simply comparing talent, Yoon Soo-yeon is not inferior to Han Go-yo.

And that silence is by far the most overwhelming score among the students taught by Jiyeon Lee. In fact, she even considered accepting Hangoyo as her favorite student and turning him into her finished product.

Even when compared to Han Go-yo, Yoon Soo-yeon has a talent that is unrivaled. Although she has been teaching him for less than a year, her growth rate is 3 to 4 times that of others.

Of course, I haven’t mastered the basics at all and I practice very hard, but even taking that into account, my growth rate is incredible. That’s why Ji-yoon Lee didn’t understand Soo-yeon Yoon’s question.

It’s still growing fast enough.

Are you not satisfied?

“why? Do you want to sing better?”


And this is the first time that Yoon Soo-yeon says something like that so blatantly. Sooyeon Yoon doesn’t often say what she wants.

Every time Han Goyo’s name comes up, the look in his eyes changes. Although he was clearly aware of it, he did not say it directly.


“There is someone I really want to beat.”


Could it be that Ha-jun Yoon told me what I asked for? Ji-yoon Lee looks at Su-yeon Yoon at the meaningful words that came out of her mouth.

Hmm, looking at Suyeon Yoon’s expression, I guess that’s not the case.


‘Is it Hangoyo?’

Then it makes sense.

Because Yoon Su-yeon is strangely conscious of Han Go-yo.

Jiyoon Lee looked at Suyeon Yoon for a moment and closed her mouth.

Can Yoon Soo-yeon defeat Han Go-yo?

Talent appears to be similar. However, the time spent running after seeing the song and the determination to approach the song are different.

Lee Ji-yoon has seen many singers so far, but she has never seen anyone who risked their life for singing like Han Go-yo. Comparing these things, it is not easy for Yoon Soo-yeon to beat Han Go-yo.

However, Yoon Soo-yeon has a helper who is not Han Go-yo.

Hajun Yoon.

For Suyeon Yoon, she is the strongest helper.

Hajun Yoon said. He said that he will continue to make songs for Yun Soo-yeon in the future. Songs that best showcase Yoon Soo-yeon’s talent.


What if Yoon Soo-yeon saves the song written by Ha-jun Yoon?

So what if synergy occurs?

In Lee Ji-yoon’s opinion, the synergy between Yoon Ha-jun and Yoon Soo-yeon has not yet fully developed. When you work as a singer, you see people like that.

Obviously, singers who sing with other people don’t do anything special, but when they work with a certain composer, they sing amazing songs.

Usually, such singers become the composer’s persona and sing. However, Yoon Soo-yeon and Yoon Ha-jun have never shown anything like that until now.

That doesn’t mean that their songs are bad.

It’s just that they’re the same as the other kids Ha-Jun Yoon has worked with.

And there is one reason.

Ha-jun Yoon just adjusts to Soo-yeon Yoon.

This is because Yoon Soo-yeon has no intention of matching Yoon Ha-jun.



“What do you think about when you sing?”

What if Yoon Soo-yeon sings along with Yoon Ha-jun and saves that song? What is commonly referred to as synergy between singer, composer, and persona?

Maybe he can beat Han Go-yo.

“Well, just. How do I sing this song? How should the stage be held? What was the route like? “Do you think like this?”

“So, when I sing in the future, how can I bring this song to life more perfectly? lets think.”

“I always think about that…”

“Don’t be conscious of others. “You have to think about how you can sing this song more perfectly.”

Soo-yeon Yoon, who was speaking, closes her mouth at Ji-yoon Lee’s next words.

Don’t be conscious of other people?

Before singing, Suyeon Yoon always thought of someone.

That’s right, Han Goyo.

How would that person sing this song? He pictured it in his head and then digested it in his own way.

That’s one of the reasons Han Go-yo told Yoon Ha-jun that she didn’t like Soo-yeon. But that doesn’t mean I’m imitating Han Goyo.

In any case, he is at the stage of establishing his originality through Hangoyo. But Lee Ji-yoon says that should not be the case anymore.

Without going through anyone, without being conscious of it anymore. Now you have to perfect your own weapon, your own originality.

Suyeon Yoon began to think seriously about it for the first time.

§ § §



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I came to MM Entertainment for work and frowned as I looked at the monitor screen.

“There are 41 people in total.”

“yes. That’s right.”

“really······. “It may be a lot.”

Saying that, I drink coffee.

I heard there were quite a few Seo Chae-rim, so I expected about 20 people, but I never thought there would be more than twice that number. Of course, most people have never heard of them, but you can also see the names of some well-known singers.

“Chae-rim said she only works with one person.”

“yes. “I have a lot to do because of my school life.”

“Well, then there’s nothing I can do about it.”

To tell the truth, it’s more about being a singer star than school life.

I have no intention of telling that to Seo-Hoon.

“If you’re worried about not knowing who to work with, may I make a recommendation?”

“Um, yes. “I’ll listen first.”

“There are three people I recommend. The first is Jeong Yu-ni. He is the leader of the idol group ‘Yuji’ who debuted last year and is quite popular. And the second is Seonghyeon, a ballad singer. If it’s Seonghyeon, have you heard his name?”


Yuji or Seonghyun.

Both are familiar names.

“And the last one is Kim Han-ol. Did you say hello last time? “We’re in the same company, and she sings really well.”

Seohoon quietly whispers.

I smile a little at that sight.

I knew it. As Seo Chae-rim said, Seo Hoon seems to want me to work with Kim Han-ol. Although I recommended three people, I can feel that they are pushing Kim Han-ol from the tone of their voices.

After crossing your arms, tap your forearm.

how will we do it?

“I’ll think about it for a moment.”


I look at the monitor and check the names once again. I’m looking for a gem that may be unknown now, but will become very famous in the future.

But unfortunately, no matter how much I searched, I couldn’t find that name.


I can’t help it.

Then, I have no choice but to work with one of the people recommended by Seo Hoon. Yuni Jeong, Hyeon Seong, and Hanol Kim. Each and every lineup is formidable.

First of all, Yuni Jeong. Yuji’s leader.

The group called Yuji is a very ambiguous group.

They are quite well known and their songs are famous, but the members, except for Jung Yu-ni, are not that famous. In the first place, when you say Yuji, ah~ A group with Jung Yuni? So much so that I think so.

That’s how outstanding Yuni Jeong’s talent is.

The problem is Jeong Yu-ni’s skills.

Yuni Jeong is really bad at singing. She sings really terribly. Among the girl groups I know, they are worse at singing than a handful.

Then what is the talent of Yuni Jeong, whom I said was outstanding?

It’s a face.

One face is pretty. But only one face is pretty. Whenever I pursue a solo career, my agency keeps giving me good songs, but I can’t digest them.

Because of that, every time we perform live, our evaluations hit rock bottom. But that doesn’t mean you’re good at other things. About a year later, I tried my hand at acting, but I was laughed at for my terrible acting.

So in the end, I only do commercials and modeling.

Well, because you have a pretty face.

But I’m eliminated. They say you can just manipulate the music with a machine or cover it with autotune, but I don’t want to give the song to a singer who can’t even perform live properly.

And the second person recommended was Seonghyeon.

It’s ambiguous.

The downside of Seonghyun is that the genre is limited. Seonghyun’s greatest strength and weakness are his emotions. Expressing emotions to a degree that feels excessive.

In fact, he is famous as a singer who cries while singing. I can’t control my emotions. So I only sing ballads.

Well, it’s not a bad thing since you can use it to your advantage.

It’s definitely not the style I want to work with.

Then, the last Kim Han-ol.

Write it.

Ah, you bastard. really. My head is complicated. In fact, when it comes to pure singing ability, it is rude to compare Kim Han-ol with other people.

It’s not for nothing that Kim Han-ol is called the devil’s talent and Seo-hoon hangs himself. One song is really sung amazingly. The problem is his personality and personal life.

His personality is lazy and arrogant, and he loves drinking, gambling, and women. Well, it doesn’t really matter right now since I’m about 7 years from now when I commit gambling.

Kim Han-ol, Kim Han-ol.

Seo Chae-rim asked me not to work with her, and I thought she would be tired if I did. For some reason, I’m attracted to Kim Han-ol.

I think he could make a good song with his singing skills. After that, he thought for a while and reached out his hand to pick up the coffee cup and drink it.

No matter how long I thought about it, the hot coffee got cold. After drinking that coffee and gathering my thoughts, I look at Seohoon.

“Have you finished worrying about who to work with?”

“Yeah, whatever. “I was able to figure it out roughly.”

“So who will you be working with?”

I put down the coffee cup I was holding.

With a clatter, the teacup and table collide.

“First of all, I want to work with senior Kim Han-ol.”

“Oh, that’s great. “I think Han-ol will get along well with Ha-jun.”

Seohoon’s voice noticeably brightens at my words.

How much does this person like Kim Han-ol?

However, I have no intention of working purely with Kim Han-ol.

“Instead, there is a condition.”

“Is it a condition?”

“I will take full responsibility for the production.”

In other words, I have the initiative to do the work.

“No matter what Senior Hanol says, I have no intention of just moving on if I don’t like it. And if senior Hanol interferes while I’m working, the work is over.”

If that person gets drunk and falls into recording, ignores me while recording, or interferes with my work, I plan to just make a complaint right away.

Although the song I worked on is a waste, it is better than being dragged around by that person. So, I plan to shake up Kim Han-ol thoroughly.

Seohoon’s brow furrowed at my words.

“What exactly does it mean to interfere?”

“Well, they ignore me because I’m young. Or arbitrarily finishing the recording today. Like bringing a woman to the recording studio. Being late after drinking. “It is like that.”

Thinking about the rumors that have been circulating about Kim Han-ol, I am trying to block such unfortunate events in advance. Well, even though I said this, if they bring me back, I just have to pay pato.

“······That’s natural. I knew. “I will speak thoroughly to prevent such a thing from happening.”

“As I said before, if something like that happens, I will immediately file a complaint. “It’s no joke.”

Seo-Hoon, by any chance, would I do that? I say this strongly so as not to have complacent thoughts. Seohoon must have realized that what I said was not a joke, and nodded with a serious expression.

He then stood up, holding his cell phone, saying he would talk to Kim Han-ol. I looked at the back of Seo Hoon leaving the conference room and crossed my legs.

This is just my guess, but the reason MM Entertainment was delayed by a year is because of Kim Han-ol. However, in July of this year, Sooyeon joins MM Entertainment.

So something like that shouldn’t happen.

Well, there is quite a difference in age, but if you count my age in my previous life, I am older. Also, I am greedy for Kim Han-ol’s talent.

Even after this, if Kim Han-ol is not corrected, there is nothing we can do.

I have no choice but to exclude myself from being around me.

Soon after, Seo Hoon came into the conference room, seemingly finishing the call.

“Han-ol says he does it too.”


That’s how the work of me and Kim Han-ol was decided.

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