My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 82

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EP18 – That older brother and that younger brother (5)


[What on earth is Hajun Yoon doing? Aren’t you pushing it too much?]

It’s worth pushing.

ㄴIf you’re a high school student and you’re a producer, that’s amazing.

ㄴEven so, I think episode 2 was a bit excessive ㅠ We should have watched Rogers.

ㄴStill, in terms of volume, Roger has the most.

[Yoon Ha-jun, if he listens to that song once and then starts working on it right away, that’s editing, right?]

ㄴOf course it’s editing lol.

ㄴThey say it’s a song that has already been worked on in advance, so I’ll bet you 10 million won.

ㄴPD was too greedy; Why are you criticizing me for editing it like that?? I can tell that his skills are good just by listening to the mid-check song, but I feel like editing it in that way makes him look like a genius, so I feel antipathy towards him.

ㄴㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ inferiority complex Jirinuㅋㅋ

Is this a real story about high school students having an inferiority complex????

[Do you think Hajun is being raised by Blue Aka? Or do you think it’s really just a skill?]

ㄴI think it’s a skill. She is already famous in the industry for her rough arrangement of Jin So-hyang.

ㄴJin So-hyang rough? That solo?

ㄴㅇㅇ iTube, that one. I heard he did everything from arranging to directing.

How do you know that? lol

ㄴBecause I’m an ROC employee hahaha. The boss heard that and asked me to take the money and work on it haha. This is a famous story in the company. A song I worked with a current high school student is included in the new album.

ㄴThen, the rough work included in Hwayangyeonhwa’s new album was also done by him?


ㄴ ㅁㅊ What a talent.

“Hajun has a lot of stories.”

The writer, who was looking through related community posts to see Stick Kingdom’s reaction, said to Jin Il-man: And at those words, Jin Ilman nodded her head with a happy expression.

“Because that’s what I was aiming for in the first place.”

Then I looked at my phone. There were articles written by reporters after seeing this episode of Star Kingdom. Although there aren’t that many articles, this is still a better response than expected.

And most of the articles were about Ha-jun Yoon. Now a second year in high school. The sight of a guy who just turned 18 coordinating a band and making songs seems like pretty good fodder for reporters.

“How are the viewership ratings?”

“It came out much better than last week. “1.1 percent.”

“Oh, you’ve surpassed 1%?”


The viewership rating for the last episode was 0.7%, which is a whopping 0.4% increase. But I’m still not satisfied with this. The viewership rating that Jin Ilman expects is 1.5%.

And for that, we put a lot of effort into episode 2.

“What’s the reaction?”

“There is some talk from Blue Aka fans and Closer fans that they are pushing Yoon Ha-jun too much, but other than that, he is pretty good. The number of views on iTube is exceeding 50,000 for each clip uploaded. Oh, and the clip in which Hajun first appeared exceeded 120,000.”

“Okay, then tell the iTube editor to focus on Ha-jun again this time.”

“Will you keep pushing me?”

“Viewers are constantly watching, and reporters are writing articles on their own, so there’s no reason to give up such a hot potato. And more than anything, the main character in episode 3 is Ha-jun Yoon.”

Jin Il-man, who said so, saw the third episode that had been edited. In episode 3, Star Kingdom’s drama is completed. Ha-jun Yoon joins Blue Aca, which was in disarray in episode 1.

And episode 2 shows improvement compared to episode 1. But it’s only gotten better. It hasn’t become perfect.

In fact, Blue Aca’s intermediate inspection rank is 5th.

A total of 7 teams participated, so the rankings are by no means high.

So, Blue Aka’s current position is an underdog. What is an underdog? This is the position that the public is most excited about.

Recognized and famous abroad, but unknown in Korea. Leader Won Seong-min does the work alone while the other members are busy having fun.

There is no such ragtag group.

In addition, Won Seong-min seems to be in a slump, unable to continue his work, and makes mistakes. Even their popularity is low, so viewers naturally sympathize with them.

And that sympathy leads to support.

I hope you do a little better.

I hope we can show a better stage and receive good reviews.

At that time, the person who will lead the team joins and the team grows at a rapid pace. Mistakes are reduced and advantages are maximized. Growth is visible.

They have expectations as the teams they support grow. But that expectation is betrayed. Due to a mistake I made during the mid-term inspection, I ended up in 5th place.

At that time, Hajun Yoon comforted them.

We come up with ideas to create a better stage than that.

Even if you write a script for a drama or movie, it won’t be written this cleanly. In addition, the ending was perfect as they took second place on the main stage by 3 votes.

“Wow, really. “If anyone saw it, they would think it was a script.”

Since I drew all the pictures in the previous two episodes,

Now all that’s left is finishing.

And Jin Il-man gave everything he had to achieve that perfect finish.

§ § §

“What do you think, CEO?”

It was a somewhat unexpected story, but Seohoon didn’t ask what it meant. Instead, I just looked at the TV and furrowed my brows.

“It’s not a company, it’s a home, so don’t call me CEO.”

“Don’t change your mind, CEO.”


Seo-hoon sighed loudly at the voice of his lovely nephew, who steadfastly called him CEO. Wow, did you take on the position of CEO for no reason?

In the past, they called him uncle and uncle, but as soon as he took over as CEO, the title became firmly established as CEO. Seohoon stretched out his hand and drank the poured whiskey.

It seemed as if the taste of the terribly bitter whiskey spoke to his feelings.

“It sure looks good on the screen.”


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Seo Chae-rim smiled, as if she was satisfied with Seo Hoon’s answer. Then she turned her attention to the TV. The two are currently watching Episode 3, the final story of Star Kingdom.

Blue Aka made a mistake and ended up in 5th place.

However, Hajun Yoon does not give up and thinks about the stage.

I ask the PD about this and that, jump in and complete the stage. And I participate in all practices to perfect the songs I will sing on stage.

Of course, the reason I participated in all those exercises was because of Jin Il-man’s request, but the truth is not shown on TV. All that appears is an image edited by PD Jin Il-man.

And the stage started.

Blue Aka’s order is 5th.

And the sequence immediately preceding Blue Aka is the stage of Closer, a strong contender for the championship. Before Closer’s stage begins, Closer’s story is shown and the performance begins in earnest.

Seo Chae-rim nodded while looking at the closer’s stage.

“Your skills are good.”

“Because that company would have gritted their teeth too.”

Closer is a group 3 idol. He is not popular enough to be considered 1st or 2nd group, and his music rankings are quite good for 4th group.

He is an idol in a truly ambiguous position. That’s why Closer did its best for this program. We entrusted the song to the best choreographer and best composer and did our best for one performance.

And the result is the current stage.

Perfectly choreographed dance without a single error. They wear uniforms, dance in synchronized dance, and sing songs. Additionally, the song sung there is a song of a style optimized for competition.

Of course, it got the best response out of all the performances I’ve done so far. And then there’s Blue Aka’s stage. Originally, in programs like this, it was a national rule to show related videos before performing on stage, and this was the same for Star Kingdom.

Before the actual performance, a related video of Blue Aka was shown. But something is strange about the editing. The video that is said to be related to Blue Aka is a video that only edits the mistakes made so far.

In addition, the BGM added depressing music, creating an image of ‘failure’ or ‘defeat’. Seo Hoon, who was looking at it, made a humming sound and asked Seo Chae-rim.

“What rank did you say Blue Aka is?”

“Second place.”

“indeed. “The PD is smart.”

“Iknow, right.”

In essence, there needs to be a twist to double the emotion. After the video showing Blue Aka making mistakes and Hajun Yoon suffering because of them, Blue Aka goes on stage.

And the conversation they had is inserted in between.

-I believe in the song you wrote and I completed. Come and sing with excitement

-If there is a bad response, it will be Ha-jun’s fault.

-Yes, I will take responsibility.

Hajun Yoon is seen smiling while saying that on the screen. And the members of Blue AKA continue to smile and nod their heads.

-So, have fun and come.

Hajun Yoon appeared once again. Instead of his usual drowsy eyes, he had a kind and dependable expression on his face, as if he trusted them.

“Oh, you have a nice face?”

“Because he’s handsome in the main story.”

Seo Hoon spoke calmly, but Seo Chae-rim did not. Even though I know they achieved good results, I am rooting for them without realizing it.

Plus, that smiling face looks kind of cool. Wow, is this how a mother looks at her baby?

The members of Blue AKA are shown in slow motion as they go on stage, tapping Ha-jun Yoon on the shoulder. And with Won Seong-min’s final touch, the screen switches.

The members of Blue Aka came on stage.

They look at each other, nod, and the performance begins.

And as the stage began in earnest, Seo Chae-rim expressed admiration. They performed on stage with Kim Tae-young at the festival, so I knew roughly how talented they were, but seeing them on TV made them even more amazing.

As if they never made a mistake, the members of Blue Aka are showing off their best performance. And then the guitar solo follows. The technique of Won Seong-min, famous as a guitar prodigy, was revealed.

It’s enough to captivate people. No, it’s not at the level of being possessed. It was a stage that was enough to give an overwhelming impression to those who were watching Blue Akka without even realizing it.

Then, the screen switches again.

On stage, off stage.

The image of Hajun Yoon looking at Blue Aka there appeared on the screen. Hajun Yoon was clenching his fists and smiling in satisfaction.

The screen switches once again.

Under the stage, on the stage.

Slowly, very slowly.

The sound gradually becomes quieter, with the effect of moving away for a moment.

As if he had stepped off the stage for a moment.

And the members of Blue AKA on stage and Ha-jun Yoon below the stage came into one scene. Then, Hajun Yoon nodded slowly.

Like telling Blue Aka she’s doing well.

As if reciprocating, the members of Blue Aka also nodded slowly.


Seo Chae-rim, who was looking at that scene, let out an exclamation without realizing it. Seo Chae-rim is not the only one. Seohoon also opened his eyes wide as if he was surprised.

This scene felt like a scene from a movie, not a variety show. The producers and band members, who had been working hard to achieve one stage all along, were of the same mind.

Their bond was shown on screen.

My heart is pounding just by looking at the screen.

As if he were a member of a band.

Like I’ve been watching that band since the beginning.

It makes me overly immersed without even realizing it.

The distant sound returns and the final performance ends. A successful stage. He performed the song written by Ha-jun Yoon perfectly without a single mistake.

The stage ended with the members of Blue Aka holding out their hands towards each other with smiling expressions and giving high fives, and then the screen changed and the other teams evaluated Blue Aka’s performance.

“Can I do this?”

Seo Chae-rim, who had been watching with rapt attention without realizing it, let out a breath she had been holding and muttered. Then she took out her cell phone and accessed the Star Kingdom-related community.

Indeed, as Seo Chae-rim expected, Star Kingdom’s related communities were in an uproar.

[Yoon Ha-jun Punch! Hajun Yoon Punch!]

[This is Blue Akago and this is a band haha]

[I’m crazy, really hahahaha]

[You must have put a lot of effort into editing ㅠㅠㅠ I cried while watching ㅠㅠ]

[Youn Ha-jun, you can have me! You can have me!]

The text is pushed out with tremendous firepower, as if someone is plastering it all over the bulletin board. And most of them were praise for Ha-Jun Yoon.

That’s how amazing what Hajun Yoon and Blue Aka showed just now. Add to that the editing that pushed those two as if they were the main characters in a movie called Star Kingdom, and my heart just feels so magnificent.

Soon after, the results of the remaining two teams’ performances will be announced. The sequence comes with tense BGM. Viewers watching Star Kingdom pray for Blue Aca to come in first place.

But the result was 2nd place.

At most, there is a difference of 3 votes from the closer who is in first place.


Seo Chae-rim, who was watching, sighed. what a waste. Even though it is a waste, it is too much of a waste. No, why is that stage in second place? Isn’t this the #1 stage in anyone’s eyes?

With that in mind, I check the related community once again. Indeed, as Seo Chae-rim expected, the related community was on fire.

Are the people who voted sane or deaf? This is a popular vote. Most of the stories are like this. And this is why PD Jin Il-man said that the second place ranking was perfect.

If Blue Aka had won first place, the story would end neatly. The ending itself couldn’t be more perfect. But then people will be satisfied with that and be done with it.

But what if you come in second place?

And that by only 3 votes?

People will be sad, and some will be angry. And in doing so, Blue Aka’s song will remain in their memories for a longer and longer time.

Some people will continue to talk about it even after that. Considering this, Blue Aka’s second place is now more valuable than first place.

Episode 3 of Star Kingdom ended with the members of Blue AKA and Ha-jun Yoon looking at each other with smiling faces on the screen, talking, shaking hands, and touching each other’s shoulders.

“So what do you think? CEO?”

Seo Chae-rim, who had gathered her emotions while looking at it, asked Seo Hoon once again. At that question, Seohoon let out a sigh. I turned my back on him earlier, but now I can’t talk back anymore.

“So what you’re saying is that we should promote Ha-jun Yoon in Singer Star?”

“yes. We also received an offer from Singer Star, and above all, there is no one in our company who can support us other than Hajun, right?”

“There is Kim Han-ol.”

“Do you think that person will appear on Singer Star?”

Seohoon couldn’t answer.

Considering his personality, he would never go out.

“But Hajun Yoon is a producer. What is the producer going to do with Singer Star? I have to sing too. Hajun sings at least?”

“That’s not it. Well, I can’t tell you yet, but it is confirmed that Hajun will become a singer star.”

Seo Chae-rim smiled while saying that. She heard about Yoon Soo-yeon being on Singer Star and that she signed a contract with MM Entertainment before that, all of which she heard from Yoon Ha-jun.

And if Yoon Soo-yeon appears on Singer Star, Yoon Ha-jun will definitely appear as well. So now, Seo Chae-rim told Seo Hoon to give some support to Ha-jun Yoon if he goes on Singer Star.

KOMM, a subsidiary of MM Entertainment, invested in Singer Star and decided to receive promotions for his music. And in the process, I gained some stake in Singer Star.

Of course, if MM Entertainment supports the cast, that much is possible.

“Just think about it.”

Seohoon said that while taking a swig of whiskey.

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