My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 81

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EP18 – That older brother and that younger brother (4)


[oh my god! oh my god!! What is the broadcast!! It’s so cool!!]

The text message making all this fuss was sent by Jin So-hyang.


This concise and clean text is from Goyo,

[As expected, my eyes were not wrong. Please continue to prove your worth in the future.]

This slightly cringe-inducing text is from Seo Chae-rim,

[Oh, I’m jealous ㅅㅂ]

This honest text was sent by Taeyoung Kim.


And lastly, this unidentified text is from Kang Seong-hoon. How did he know my number? Did I tell you? It seems like that.

In addition, people who heard about me or heard from Suyeon that I was appearing on the show and saw me in person sent me text messages with various contents.

Looking at that text, I laugh and say, “Heh heh.” This is true. How often has it been since people watched a show I appeared on and congratulated me?

In the past, I always worried about you.

Anyway, it’s not a bad feeling.

Of course, if you look at the length, it is only 2-3 minutes and the viewer rating is only 0.7. Still, it is true that my appearance had the strongest impact throughout the program.


Is this okay?

No, of course, it would be nice if you treated me like this. I think it’s because of me that Blue AKA has become a bit of an exaggeration and has become that idiot band that can’t even make a song without high school students.

Even though Blue Aka has few fans in Korea, they are not a band whose skills can be criticized like this. In particular, there is a lot to see and learn from Won Seong-min’s composition and producing.

After thinking about it for a while, I call Won Seong-min. It’s quite late, but considering I’m practicing, I probably won’t be sleeping yet.

[Yes, junior.]

A short call connection tone is heard, and then Won Seong-min answers the phone. But his voice is strange. Should I say it is a little higher tone than usual?

Also, the name they call me is strange.

Originally, Won Seong-min called me ‘Mr. Ha Jun.’

Do not call me junior.

That means…

“Oh, were you drinking?”

[Yes, I was gathering with the members and drinking while watching the broadcast.]

For some reason, his voice sounded a little excited.

[Did you enjoy the broadcast, junior? -What is it, Hajun? – He told me to come too! -Okay, Hajun, let’s have a drink!]

I can hear the members’ voices next to me. Everyone must have drank a lot, so their voices were delicious. Hmm, things don’t look that bad though.

“Yes, I watched the broadcast too.”

[Great, congratulations. It came out really cool, right?]

“I think so too. “Are you okay?”


“No, I think Blue Aka came out weird for no reason because of me.”

As soon as I finished speaking, Won Seong-min burst out laughing. When I heard Won Seong-min’s laughter for the first time, I was startled and dropped my cell phone.

[It’s okay, well, it’s not like I manipulated it on broadcast, and it’s true that I had a hard time every time I actually composed it, and it’s also become easier this time thanks to my junior. And we accepted that edit in the first place.]


[What was the PD’s name? -Jin Ilman, dude. Oh yeah. Jin Ilman contacted me. I’m planning to edit it in this way. Is it okay? Well, I think I’m asking in advance because there was some controversy in the last broadcast. We actually welcome the increase in volume. If it weren’t for you in the first place, we wouldn’t have been able to do it.]

As soon as Won Seong-min finished speaking, he said from behind: That’s right, that’s right. We got edited out a lot. Stories like this are added. I nod my head while listening to that sound.

Well, as long as Blue Aka has no complaints.

“all right. Then I’ll hang up. “Drink in moderation.”

[Yes, good work.]

I hang up the phone and look at my phone.

Well, shall we wait for next week’s broadcast for now?

§ § §

“Hey, look at this.”

Monday lunch time. Today too, while I was eating a meal prepared with the naming sense of middle ear disease, Taeyoung Kim suddenly held out her cell phone to me.


“Your video has been uploaded to iTube.”


After hearing Taeyoung’s words, I looked at my phone, and sure enough, there was my video there. However, it is not a new video, but a broadcast that was uploaded on Saturday.

“The title is: A Genius High School Producer Appears.” Another video features Dudu, the savior of Blue Aka. Wow, genius producer. Oh, my savior.”

“Wow, this really makes me cringe.”

“I’m trying to draw a little more aggro. “It certainly got quite a good number of views.”

“How many came out?”


90,000. This is several times the number of views of the song uploaded to 『Drop pop』. It certainly came out well that way.

“The response is also very good. “Would you like me to read the comments?”

“Except it doesn’t make you cringe too much.”

“Are you good at it? It seems he is a genius. For those who don’t know, Blue Aka is a very famous band overseas. It’s really good to experiment and try different things. Wow, blue aca~! “You know.”

“Why are you reading strange things when a crazy person tells you to read comments about me?”

“This is fun. Well, anyway, the reactions themselves are all similar. Was there a student who was said to be a genius or talented? There are also stories like this. Of course, there is quite a bit of aggro as well. “Something like uploading in a program.”

“You’re not wrong.”

I nod as I drink the yogurt that came as dessert during my fast.


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The editing definitely inflated me a lot.

It’s scary that if this happens, the bubbles will become so thick that they will be attracted to aggro and the bubbles will burst. But that’s not a bad thing.

I’m sorry and thankful to Blue Aka, but this program will help me a lot in the future. My external concept, which I decided upon after talking with the company, is genius.

An all-time high school student with great talent.

There is nothing better than a program like this to do that kind of cosplay.

In fact, after this, MM Entertainment is publishing articles. Articles about him being the greatest genius producer of all time and that he already has a lot of experience at that age.

I’m not looking for it and reading it because I feel like my hands and feet are shaking just looking at it.

“Well, isn’t this how you become a star? Write, you shouldn’t do that. “I have to leave first.”

“It’s so damn true. “What kind of star is this with a viewership rating of 0.7?”

Even if it’s a cable, it’s the same. It’s bad that a program aired during prime time on the weekend doesn’t even get a 1% viewership rating.

“Anyway, let’s not get excited for no reason.”

I’m excited, but if nothing happens, I feel embarrassed.

Taeyoung Kim nodded at my words.

“That’s right.”

So I eat lunch and go back to class. Well, even though I said I looked great, the reactions of those around me don’t change or anything like that.

As I said before, this is a program that boasts a viewership rating of 0.7 at best. If it weren’t for people around me, I wouldn’t even know that a program called Star Kingdom exists.

As a result, there is no way that other people’s evaluation of me will change.

In other words, my daily life is the same as usual.

Take class as usual, and after class, go to the practice room and work. And today’s practice room members were the same as usual, Han Go-yo and I.

Kim Tae-young, who was previously a regular member, was left as a sophomore. It was because he had to work as a singer trainee. The practice room with just the two of us left.

While working on a song for Sooyeon to sing at an event, Goyo says:

“I saw the broadcast.”

“Ah, thank you.”

I was going to give a rough answer and get back to work.

Goyo asked in a muttering voice.

“······So, will you continue to appear in such programs in the future?”


I ponder with a ballpoint pen in my mouth.

I keep appearing in those programs.

Honestly, I don’t want to continue appearing in programs like that. I have to film for 10 hours a day, for weeks or even months, but I am too exhausted to do that.

And I have other work to do.

However, there are times when you have no choice but to appear.

For example,

“I think there will be one in August or September.”

Singer Star in which Suyeon will appear.

I have to help Soo-yeon, so I have to appear on the program even if I don’t like it.

“Is that a contest program too?”

“No, that’s not it, it’s an audition program.”


Goyo Han nods his head.

And after thinking for a while, he asked me.

“If it’s an audition program, you have to sing to get tickets, right?”


“Are there any restrictions on appearances like that?”

“Specifically? “If you apply for the program audition and pass, you will be able to appear on the program.”

“······Then, is it possible for me too?”

My eyes widen at the words of silence.

By any chance, is he planning on appearing on the audition program now?

“Do you want to go on an audition program?”

“······It’s not like that. I’m still thinking about it. After I went to the company you signed with last time, Chae-rim kept talking to me. “What does she want to do next?”

Is this really Seo Chae-rim’s trick?


Think about it for a moment. What would happen if Hangoyo appeared on an audition program? The answer came easily. Korea will be turned upside down.

Even now, Hangoyo is a property that entertainment companies are excited to sign because they want to sign a contract. If a kid like that were to show his talent on an audition program, there would be quite an uproar.

But then I have to fight with Su-yeon. It’s a head-to-head battle between Han Go-yo and Su-yeon. If you think about it, we’re aware of each other, but we’ve never really fought.

A stage worthy of a proper fight was prepared at the festival, but at that time, Hangoyo collapsed on its own. It’s a head-to-head battle between Goyo and Suyeon.

To be honest, I am no match for him at this point. It’s not that Suyeon lacks talent compared to Goyo.

It’s just that the accumulated time is different.

Plus, the determination to sing.

Suyeon sings because the song is fun, because she is happy, and because she wants to sing. But Goyo sings not because he wants to sing, but because he wants to live.

Of course, there is a big difference in earnestness. And the gap is not something that can be easily narrowed. No matter how much I help, it is difficult to predict the outcome.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Which one?”

“······I will sign a contract with the company you signed with, or I will appear on that audition program. Things like that.”

To be honest, I wish I could.

Although a very strong rival has been born for Suyeon, it can also be a very good stimulus for Suyeon.

Besides, I don’t want the silence to disappear.

A talent like that is too precious to disappear.

“What do you want to do?”

But that means I shouldn’t decide. I know that Hangoyo depends on me. The fact that I am somewhat obsessed with the songs I made.

But that can’t happen forever.

Goyo and Suyeon said I would lead them, but they have to make their own choices.

“I don’t know.”

Goyo shook his head with a confused expression. After looking at that scene, he gets up from his seat and approaches Goyo. After that, she spoke to silence.

“Think about what you want to do.”

Goyo nodded at my words.

I smiled at that sight.

“That’s nice.”

“······What is he saying now.”

Goyo muttered as if complaining.

§ § §

Time passed quickly and Saturday came again. So, the day when the second week of Star Kingdom airs has arrived.

In the first week, it was only 5 minutes long at most, but what about today? At home, Suyeon and her mom sit together and watch TV.

“Today, you will start practicing right away.”

“I know.”

As Sooyeon said, today she showed off her practice from the beginning of the program. And this time too. I was at the center of Blue Aca.

The focus was on showing me coordinating everything, and interspersed with past videos – that is, footage of Blue Aka not making a song properly – they emphasized whether I was there or not.

Now that they’ve painted my face with gold like that, I’m starting to feel embarrassed. And as the story progressed, the mid-term inspection stage finally began.

They say it’s an intermediate inspection stage, but it’s not that big of a deal. We don’t even practice on the stage where we performed the final performance, we just gather together in the practice room and do mid-term evaluations.

“Oooh, oppa, you’re so cool!”

And in the interim evaluation, PD Jin Il-man’s editing shone. And the light that radiates covers me. On the screen, I was showing myself evaluating the performances of other singers.

-For that stage, directing would be the most important. I think the audience’s reaction will vary depending on how it is directed.

He evaluates other people’s performances in a cocky tone that can be considered a bit arrogant. And I speak my mind without mercy.

oh my god.

Are you sending it all out like that?

No, of course not. Actually, this is what I said to the Blue Aka members in the practice room. I didn’t know they would let it all out like that.

It’s hot and my face is flushed.

At the time, I said these words to help Blue Aka win, to understand and analyze his strength, but now that I look at it, I feel very embarrassed because I feel like I was evaluating others as if I had something to do with it.

I’m not a judge!

In addition, there are enlarged images of Blue Aka members asking for something and nodding their heads while looking at it.

There’s even a subtitle that says, ‘A producer who pays attention to every detail for the best performance.’ No, that’s what Jin Il-man ordered!

Originally, I had no intention of participating in the mid-stage or final stage, but Jin Il-man asked me to participate in the mid-stage or final stage, so I just modified the stage a little.

But when I express it like that, it seems like I’m a craftsman putting my soul into the stage.

It doesn’t end there, and it even includes images of me consulting with Blue Aca for stage direction, and they even included grand background music to make it look like I was doing something great.

I looked at my phone, nodded with Won Seong-min, and consulted with the PD. I take a sketch in my notebook and look at the stage.

And episode 2 ended with the preview for next week.


I think this has become bigger than I expected. Apparently, that PD is Jin Il-man. I think they chose me as the main character of this program.

And that too with the position of a genius producer.

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