My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 8

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EP2 – Snowfield High School (4)


The entrance ceremony for Seolwon Arts High School has begun. It’s been a long time since I graduated, so it’s a new feeling to come back to school 10 years after graduation. Take a look around the auditorium where the entrance ceremony is held.

“It’s really big.”

I feel it again, but it’s really huge. Is this high school or college? Yeo Ho-soo, the chairman of Seolwon, the foundation of Seolwon Arts High School, is the chairman of Sesi Group, one of Korea’s leading conglomerates. In other words, schools have a ton of money. To that extent, the facilities at Seolwon Arts High School are jaw-dropping.

The school has a practice room, a recording studio, and even a performance room and screening room. In addition, it is equipped with expensive musical instruments, including a grand piano.

And if you are a student at Seolwon Arts High School, you can use those facilities for free. It’s not for nothing that Seolwon Arts High School’s competition rate is top class among arts high schools.

But that’s not what’s important now. I take a sip of the water I brought with me and look around. Among the many students, I see some familiar faces.

People who will make their name known as singers, entertainers, or artists in the future. These are people I need to become friends with in advance for the future of Suyeon and me.

Recalling the names I checked in advance, I scratch my thumb nail with my index finger nail. Can you do it well? Although it is my second time at school, I am not confident.

In this life, I have to live as a genius. A genius among geniuses. To get a scholarship, you have to postpone it. Phew, I sigh.

Seolwon Arts High School offers many various minor scholarships. However, there are only two scholarships that waive full tuition.

Academic excellence scholarship.

And the Student Success Scholarship.

Scholarships for academic excellence are given to two students from each department. This scholarship is given to students who have excellent written and practical scores.

So what is the Student Success Scholarship? This is a scholarship that can be received by receiving the Outstanding Student Scholarship, which is a scholarship awarded to one student in each department who has shown overwhelming performance in practical tests, more than twice.

So, I have to receive a scholarship for excelling in all exams. While I was thinking that, the entrance ceremony had already started.

“Soon after, the new student representative will take the admission oath.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a student came up on stage.

The surroundings suddenly become noisy.

“He’s such a genius?”

“They said I got perfect scores on both the written and practical exams.”

I ignore the buzzing voices and look at the stage. One female student was looking straight ahead with her back straight.

Neatly cut hair, slender body, white skin, big eyes. Overall, it’s a pretty face. However, the atmosphere felt about her was extremely strange.

Cold, sharp. It’s not like that. You must not approach. Something is at stake. I have that feeling. A piece of glass that looks like it might break at any moment.


She has a quiet aura as her name suggests, and she is a genius in name and reality. She is a student of the Department of Silenced Music, and she is the only person who has not missed a single scholarship for excellent academic performance since the opening of Seolwon Arts High School.

It’s not just about good grades. The song is also amazing. Han Go-yo’s talent is not greatly inferior to Su-yeon’s.

Well, it’s still not as good as our Suyeon’s.

Anyway, she is very talented and has a pretty face. Plus, my grades are good. Naturally, her industry was not in a hurry to take her away. However, Goyo Han, who graduated from Seolwon Arts High School, suddenly disappeared.

At that time, it wasn’t even a fuss. No one knows why Hangoyo disappeared. Because she wasn’t friendly with anyone. She looks at Han Goyo, who is reading the admission oath with indifferent eyes. Then she looks away. She is from a different world from me anyway.

He is not a person who will be helpful in the future and is a person with whom there is no need to become involved. What’s important now is the future class assignment and today’s class.

That’s why I stopped paying attention to Goyo Han.

§ § §

There are a total of six departments at Seolwon Arts High School.

Department of Art

Department of Korean traditional music

Department of Entertainment Arts

Department of Practical Dance

Department of Applied Music

Classics Department

There are classes for each department, and the maximum number of students per class is 40. There is one class each in the Art Department and the Korean Traditional Music Department, two classes each in the Entertainment Department, Practical Arts Department, and Practical Music Department, and three classes in the Classics Department.

Classes are divided by grade. If your grades are good on both written and practical exams, you will be in an odd-numbered class, and if your grades are poor, you will be in an even-numbered class. And the class I belong to is an even-numbered class.

1st grade, class 8.

After entering your assigned class, take a quick look around. These are all familiar faces. Well, it goes without saying that even if you change your major, your classes will not change.

As I looked around at my classmates, I found a very familiar face.

Jin So-hyang.

She is a popular female idol these days and the youngest member of the group Hwayangyeonhwa, which will soon reach the top. She had never even talked to me in her previous life. It was because she was busy with idol activities and didn’t attend school often.

So this time, I plan to become a little closer. Still, there are benefits to becoming friends with top-class idols.

Aside from Jin So-hyang, there are other faces that will become quite famous in the future. Students in even-numbered classes have lower grades, but that doesn’t mean their talent is lower.

No matter how talented you are, if you fail the written exam, you will get an even grade. And the representative person is Kim Tae-young, who is sitting next to me.

A piano prodigy, he is a true genius who even won an international competition at a young age. Everyone expected that she would be admitted early to a very famous music school, but Kim Tae-young actually entered Seolwon Arts High School.

Moreover, the department he entered was not the classical department, but the actual music department. And not as a composition major, but as a vocal major. Because of that, he was talked about a lot even in the Classics Department. No matter how genius he is, he is still very arrogant. It’s like throwing away three years. He will experience failure and come back to the piano.

People expected that. However, Kim Tae-young showed overwhelming talent in her speaking skills, as if mocking such expectations. And after she graduates, she becomes a world-famous artist.

Really, this guy is ridiculous.


Oops, did I look too closely? At that moment, our eyes met with Kim Tae-young, and Kim Tae-young waved at me with a friendly smile. He smiles awkwardly at that and nods his head.


“It’s a bit awkward because everyone doesn’t know my face. It’s Taeyoung Kim.”

“Hajun Yoon.”

“What are you majoring in? I’m majoring in vocals, but this is my first time, so it’s a bit awkward. I’m kind of nervous and excited.”

“I’m a composer.”

“Oh, composing. Oh, that’s great. Then we can work together later, right?”

“I know.”

Taeyoung Kim was very talkative.

They constantly say things that weren’t even asked.

“Actually, I majored in piano, but I was bored so I came to the music department. Ah, but it’s a bit scary. If I fail here, I’ll be really cursed.”

Even as he says that, he smiles without a wrinkle. As if she didn’t even think she would fail. This is why they are geniuses. Even though he mumbles, he agrees.


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“I want to try composing music in the future too, can you help me?”

“Well, it’s not that difficult. I can do that much.”

“Thank you. Then, give me your number.”

As I was exchanging numbers with Taeyoung Kim, the classroom door opened and a man in his 30s wearing a suit entered the classroom. This is the appearance of Park Jong-seo, the homeroom teacher of Class 8.

When the homeroom teacher appeared, all the kids who were talking loudly here and there fell silent. This is the beginning of a full-fledged art school life.

§ § §

Even though it is an arts high school, it is not much different from a regular high school except that there are major classes. First of all, you must take all the basic classes.

National Sutra, Korean History, Satam, Gwatam, Physical Education, Goyang, and even a second foreign language. And of course those classes are extremely boring. Hmm, I yawn and look at the textbook.

Ah, it doesn’t read very well. I feel like I’m going to die of boredom. And it seems it’s not just me. Taeyoung, who was sitting next to me, yawned and whispered to me.

“It’s really boring.”

“I know.”

Answer roughly and write down what is written on the board in your notebook. No matter how much you give up on the written test, you must secure the minimum score.

The problem is that even when I die, it doesn’t enter my head.

I never thought I’d have to study this horrible thing again.

“That’s right, Hajun. What do you want to do during lunch time?”

“No, not really.”

“Then do you want to go to the practice room or look around with me?”

“Practice room?”


“I want to go too, but have you applied?”

To use the practice room, you must apply. The only students who can use the practice room without applying are those who receive scholarships.

At my words, Taeyoung Kim raised her thumb and said, as if there was no need to worry.

“Don’t worry about that. I signed up for it earlier during break time.”

It was the most nutritious thing I heard from Taeyoung Kim today.

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