My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 79

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EP18 – That older brother and that younger brother (2)


Yoon Ha-jun frowned at the name Jeong Jin-hoo that came out of Lee Ji-yoon’s mouth.

It’s a very familiar name.

Where have I heard that name?

“After progress, after progress…”

“Oh, I don’t know if you just tell me the name. “This is my nephew who is entering Seolwon Arts High School.”

“Are you my nephew?”


So now you’re asking me to beat your nephew? Ha-jun Yoon couldn’t understand it even more, so he saw Ji-yoon Lee for the first time.

Are you not on good terms with your nephew? Because of personal grudges? But Ji-yoon Lee’s expression was very dark to say that.

Should I say that it is tinged with guilt? Also, I kept hesitating before bringing up the story. Maybe there’s something going on.

“Can I hear why?”

“Uh, yes. okay. Where should I start? First of all, do you know that Sooyeon was admitted on second place?”

“Yes, I know that.”

Su-yeon said it as if she was proud, but from Ha-jun Yoon’s perspective, it didn’t make sense. Soo-yeon is not the chief, but the deputy?

Are the teachers taking the test suddenly blind? I’ve thought about that, but it’s probably not true. These are teachers from Seolwon Arts High School, not any other school.

There is no way that the so-called elite in this industry could not have recognized Sooyeon’s talent. That means there is a child with more talent than Suyeon.

“By any chance, is Jeong Jin-hoo the first to enter the school?”

Jiyoon Lee nods at Hajun Yoon’s words. Seeing that, Hajun Yoon nods his head as expected. Yes, Jiyoon Lee couldn’t have said that for nothing.

Hmm, it’s all right. They say that if you can beat Suyeon and enter the school at the top of your class, you must be incredibly talented. Are there any kids like that among these first graders?

I rack my brain and think about it, but no name in particular comes to mind. Hajun Yoon is not the only student who attends Seolwon Arts High School.

Furthermore, there is no way they would remember their grades or anything like that.

I know some of the famous people who graduated from Seolwon Arts High School.

And if there is a famous person among the freshmen this year.


Hajun Yoon mutters. Wait, is it really Jinhu Jeong? Jinhu. MM Entertainment’s child, pureblood, and holy bone.

A core member of MM Entertainment along with Jin Soo-hyuk. If Jeong Jin-hoo is Jin-hu, then it is understandable that Soo-yeon is the runner-up.

“Jinhu has liked singing since he was young, perhaps because he resembles me. She even watched all my performances. Then, when she was 6 years old, she started receiving training from a vocal trainer on my recommendation. But she said she was very talented. She has a good voice and a good voice. Above all, the ability to sing is amazing. “I’m not saying this because she’s my niece, but because she’s a real genius?”

Lee Ji-yoon excitedly boasts about her nephew, as if she had never thought about it before. And Hajun Yoon nodded his head while listening to the story.

I think that Jeong Jin-hoo is Jin-hoo. In fact, Jinhu went on to say that she learned to sing professionally from a very young age.

Hmm, Jinhu’s last name was Jeong. This is a fact I didn’t know. Since I use the name Jinhu, I thought it was a foreign name in addition to my last name Jin.

While thinking about this, Ha-jun Yoon nodded roughly to Ji-yoon Lee’s story. Jiyoon Lee was excited and kept bragging about her nephew.

Oh my gosh, I’m completely out of luck.

I shouldn’t do that.

“Plus, I was pretty good-looking, so I started getting offers to become a trainee when I was 9 years old. But her older sister said she couldn’t do that, so she couldn’t go in. Well, anyway, my talent wasn’t going anywhere, and I continued to receive training from a professional vocal trainer, so my skills improved a lot.”

“That might be the problem.”

“that’s right.”

Lee Ji-yoon sighed, as if asking when she had boasted about her nephew. Ha-jun Yoon looked at Ji-yoon Lee while drinking her coffee.

I think I roughly understand why Lee Ji-yoon made such a request. Jeong Jin-hoo must be very arrogant right now. An aunt from a popular girl group, professional training from a young age, and outstanding talent?

This is an environment where it is not strange to become arrogant, believing you are the best. In addition, Jinhu’s personality is a bit arrogant and he has a keen sense of sniping.

Although I only met her in person once, I heard several times that she sniped at Kim Tae-young or talked behind her back in interviews and other places.

But that doesn’t mean that Jeong Jin-hoo’s personality is particularly terrible. I think it’s just average talent. In fact, if you look at the students attending Seolwon Arts High School, there are more than a few people like that.


“Teacher, you want me to break Jinhu’s head.”

“The head?”

“I want you to know that the idea that you are the best is wrong.”

Jiyoon Lee nods his head at my words.

And then he spoke with a shy smile.

“It may seem strange to ask this, but please ask. Jinhu’s condition isn’t very good right now. They say it’s okay to ignore me as an aunt, but they say singers on TV are poor and that if they debut with sincerity, they can win them all. Idols are inferior, if you see people say things like that, wow. “I think I need to know the reality before I get into big trouble like this.”

Ha-jun Yoon takes a deep breath as he reads Ji-yoon Lee’s story. Of course, Yoon Ha-jun also acknowledges that Jin-hoo is talented.

However, that is absolutely not true if Jinhu’s talent is Seolwon Art and the best talent. There is also Han Go-yo, and he is even more behind Kim Tae-young.

“Wouldn’t it be okay if you didn’t have to ask me? “Anyway, when I go to school, I think I’ll figure out my subjects by watching Goyo and other kids’ performances.”

Lee Ji-yoon’s expression distorts for a moment when she hears the name Goyo coming out of Yoon Ha-jun’s mouth. It was because she remembered what happened with Goyo in the past.

But Lee Ji-yoon quickly erased that thought and shook his head.

“If it’s the Jinhu I know, that’s not enough. I’m sure he’ll make all sorts of excuses to run away. “Because he’s in his second year, he’s older than me, so he’s going to make excuses like that for losing.”

“Then it’s the same even if I win.”

“That’s exactly what I’m asking you to do. You said that. “I plan to continue helping Suyeon once she enters school.”


“So, can you help Soo-yeon and beat Jin-hoo without being noticed?”

It’s not a particularly difficult request. In the first place, Ha-jun Yoon had no intention of helping Soo-yeon Yoon by just showing off. Then her Soo-yeon might get the stigma of getting help from her brother to maintain her good grades.

That can’t be possible. So, Ha-Jun Yoon will not help Su-Yeon at school. He plans to do all the singing and practicing when school is over and no other students are watching.

“It’s not difficult.”

“Then let me ask you a favor.”

“But will you be okay?”

Lee Ji-yoon looked at Yoon Ha-jun at his somewhat unexpected words. What are you talking about? Seeing Lee Ji-yoon’s gaze, Yoon Ha-jun smiled and said.

“And then I thought that the nephew might be feeling hopeless.”

“Uh, um.”


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I tried to say it was nonsense, but the words didn’t come out. Of course, the nephew he knew was not someone who would fall apart after being defeated once.

But I’m not one to change either. I don’t even expect his arrogant personality to change in the first place. He just wants to receive the reality that there are people better than him.

And to be honest, Ji-yoon Lee does not think that her niece is less talented than Soo-yeon Yoon. But that doesn’t mean she’s outstanding.

As someone who has taught both, I think they are similar. But for Yoon Soo-yeon, Yoon Ha-jun exists. Ha-jun Yoon can amplify Soo-yeon Yoon’s talent by 10 or 20 times.

Knowing that, I asked Ha-jun Yoon for a favor.

Jiyoon Lee looked at Hajun Yoon.

Hajun Yoon was the same as usual. His eyes are as drowsy as usual. The messy hair that used to be frustrating to look at was cut short to give it a neat look.

But for some reason, something makes me uneasy.

Jiyoon Lee thought for a moment and spoke carefully.

“I’ll ask you to be gentle.”

“I will try.”

Hajun Yoon laughed.

§ § §

Spring break is over and March has arrived.

In other words, a new semester begins now.

Meanwhile, Hajun Yoon was very busy. He uploaded the last song, 『I AM BAD』, to the 『Drop pop』 channel, and worked on the songs that Suyeon would sing at the event.

And we are currently having a meeting with MM Entertainment about something. Anyway, the second year arrived, and Hajun Yoon was in class 8 again, that is, an even-numbered class.

“Why are you in even-numbered classes when you receive a successful student scholarship?”

“Are you asking because you don’t know?”

To be honest, Ha-jun Yoon also had expectations that he might be in an odd-numbered class this time. But there is no way. For that to happen, his written test score was too miserable.

“And you? “I heard you also received a scholarship.”

“Are you asking because you don’t know?”


In the end, it’s doggingagin. Hajun Yoon licked his lips and looked around. Some kids have changed, but there hasn’t been that big of a change.

However, the children’s expressions were very dark. It was a natural reaction since I was dropped from an honors class to a inferiors class. The most noticeable thing among them is, of course, the empty seat.

You may be wondering what kind of bully has been late since the new semester, but that empty seat belongs to Jin So-hyang. Jin So-hyang is currently the idol with the highest stock price.

That’s why you can confidently participate from the first day of school.

“Now that I think about it, your younger brother is having an entrance ceremony.”

“Why do you care about Suyeon? “Do you really like it?”

“What are you saying, you crazy person? Like I said last time, I’m an older woman, right?”

“So Soo-yeon is not that good right now?!”

“No, is this really crazy?”

Kim Tae-young looked bewildered at the sight of Yoon Ha-jun yelling. And Yoon Ha-jun giggled at Kim Tae-young’s appearance like that.

I’ve thought about this for a while, but this kid is fun to tease.

“I heard Suyeon is in an odd numbered class. “After all, he is my younger brother.”

“If it’s your younger brother, shouldn’t he be in an even-numbered class?”

“No. “Suyeon is better off than me.”

“Oh, yes. “I guess so.”

Taeyoung Kim sighed and nodded. He is frighteningly thorough when making songs or preparing for the stage, but becomes an idiot whenever he talks about his younger brother.

There is no fool like that, not even my younger brother.

“Silence is still an odd number. Well, nothing has changed.”

“yes. Plus, the classes don’t change that much, so it’s the most convenient.”

“What, you speak as if you have experienced it?”

Because I actually experienced it.

But I can’t say it honestly.

“I heard it from senior Seo Chae-rim.”

“Ah, to that older sister?”

“huh? Do you know Seo Chae-rim?”

“know. He asked me to go to a cafe, so I followed him with excitement, and he asked me if I had any strange entertainment ideas. Damn it, you should have asked me if I knew the Tao. “Can you play with people’s hearts?”

······This is truly an episode worthy of Seo Chae-rim.

Thinking like that, Hajun Yoon looked out the window.

Is Suyeon doing well at the entrance ceremony now?

While Ha-jun Yoon was thinking about that, Su-yeon Yoon was looking at the auditorium where the entrance ceremony was taking place.


I’ve always heard stories from my brother, and I’ve even been here to practice for the festival, but this thought occurred to me again.

Is this really high school?

I think it would be 2-3 times the size of the middle school I went to.

‘Practice room, studio recording room, performance room. ‘Did you say there are things like this?’

And I am very excited to hear that students can receive specialized classes on these things and even practice independently if they wish.

“Is the school really big?”

Yeonji, a friend who passed Seolwon Arts High School like her, speaks to Suyeon. Suyeon nods her head at that voice. Her friend Lim Yeon-ji takes a look at it.

Lim Yeon-ji is currently working as an idol trainee at a well-known entertainment company. And in Lim Yeon-ji’s opinion, Su-yeon was truly a great friend.

When we go to karaoke together, and when Suyeon hums alone. I am amazed by the overwhelming voice that only Suyeon has.

And more than anything, I really like the songs that my brother made.

“You said he was a second year student, right?”

Lim Yeon-ji asks carefully. Su-yeon Yoon is usually a very cute and kind friend, but the only time she gets scared is when it involves her own brother.

To be more precise, should I say it’s about my brother’s song? In the past, Lim Yeon-ji jokingly said, “When I debut, I should ask your brother to make a song for me,” and Soo-yeon responded with a rare straight face and asked, “Why you?”

‘I was scared back then.’

From then on, Lim Yeon-ji was very careful when talking about her brother. At Lee Yoon-ji’s words, Yoon Soo-yeon nodded her head.

“huh. Was it 2nd grade, class 8? “Maybe so.”

“You’re in an even number class.”

“It seems like they really don’t care about our school. How is my brother in class 8? “I heard he also gets a scholarship.”


Lim Yeon-ji smiled bitterly at Yoon Soo-yeon’s slightly rough voice. I guess I said it for no reason. Don’t ask. Then, just as Sooyeon Yoon was about to express her dissatisfaction, her actual entrance ceremony began.

At the voice announcing the start of the entrance ceremony, Soo-yeon Yoon kept her mouth shut, and Yeon-ji Lim sighed as if she was relieved.

As with all entrance ceremonies, Seolwon Arts High School’s entrance ceremony was extremely boring. How great our school is, and to be proud as a student of such a prestigious school.

Such useless words.

And soon it was the turn of the new student representative to take the admission oath.

“There will be an oath of admission from the new student representative soon after.”

At the sound of a voice coming from the podium, one student stands up and heads to the podium. Suyeon Yoon looked at the male student.

Not a bad face. I just heard the name and found out about it. Jeong Jin-hoo. The one who beat her and entered as the valedictorian. Su-yeon Yoon caught the sight of the male student holding her head upright and arrogantly with her back straight.

‘I don’t like it.’

The person who beat him and took away the position of chief. I don’t like it. If it were Han Go-yo, would he have lost his position as chief to that person?

No, that will never happen.

Suyeon Yoon was sure.

Su-yeon Yoon is planning to somehow take away that chief’s position.

I have no intention of being content to quietly sit in second place.

If you can’t even take first place among freshmen, you won’t be able to show off your presence among singers with outstanding talent.

Suyeon Yoon clenched her fists.

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