My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 78

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EP18 – That older brother’s younger brother (1)


Filming for Star Kingdom has been completed.

Idol group ‘Closer’ took first place with 87 votes, and Blue Aka took second place with 84 votes. However, although they lost first place by only 3 votes, the members of Blue AKA did not seem particularly disappointed.

That’s right, it was the same as the first place was decided to be ‘Closer’ from the beginning. Compared to other contestants, they have an overwhelming number of fans, and they were the ones who received the best response during live performances.

The fact that there was only a 3-vote difference from the closer was a very good thing.

“Good work.”

After the rankings were announced, Won Seong-min spoke to the members of Blue AKA with a satisfied expression. At those words, the members of Blue Aka also spoke with expressions similar to Won Seong-min’s.

“Wow, it’s been a while since I had fun.”

“Of course live performances are fun.”

“I can do it all night long if it’s live.”

“Please record something every day.”

After saying that, they laugh among themselves. It might seem childish to others, but the Blue Aka members didn’t really care.

In the first place, Blue Aka was a band created to have fun.

“So what did our producer think?”

While they were talking among themselves, Won Seong-min looked at Yoon Ha-jun and asked. At that question, the other members also look at Yoon Ha-jun.

I laughed at the sight of them looking at me with expectant eyes, as if they were expecting praise.

‘Really. ‘I don’t know who is the adult.’

Considering his physical age, how can he be so innocent even though he is 10 years older than he is now? I don’t really have any negative thoughts about it, like it’s childish or why it’s like that.

I’m just jealous.

Because I wasn’t that pure when I was that age. I couldn’t even enjoy singing, which I wanted to do so much, and I spent every day complaining.

“Why wasn’t it good?”

Won Seong-min asked with a worried expression, seeing Ha-jun Yoon not answering for a long time. Then Hajun Yoon answers while shaking his head.

“No, it was the best.”

“Our producer has a listening ear.”

After hearing Ha-jun Yoon’s words, Kang Min-seok said that and approached Ha-jun Yoon. After that, he cleared his throat and gently patted Hajun Yoon on the shoulder.

“You had a hard time.”

Kang Min-seok is not the only one. Starting with Kang Min-seok, all the other members patted Yoon Ha-jun on the shoulder and said something.

And Jin Il-man did not miss their appearance and captured them all on camera.

The drama is over now.

That’s also people’s favorite ending.

§ § §

After Star Kingdom ends, we return to everyday life.

The daily life referred to here refers to a life in which cameras do not follow us wherever we go. Hey, take it easy. How much attention was paid to that damn camera.

I’m back to my daily routine, but that doesn’t mean I can rest. I plan to use the remaining spring break to work on the final work of 『Drop pop』.

“Is this the end of 『Drop pop』?”

“huh. “It’s over.”

I nod my head at Suyeon’s words.

I plan to finish uploading to the cloud with this song.

“it’s a shame. “It was fun to receive comments.”

“Well, I can’t help it.”

Now, the goal should be to release music rather than upload to the cloud. And it’s not just Suyeon who feels regretful, it’s the same for me.

I tried to grow the cloud during my vacation, but in the end I couldn’t achieve what I wanted. With 『Rough』, the number of views increased, and the number of views itself was satisfactory.

But what I wanted was word of mouth or a ripple effect from uploaded songs rather than views. If you think about that, growing a cloud is tantamount to failure.

“So you’re going to record it right now?”


After nodding, I head to Howl Studio. Now that Soo-yeon has gotten used to Howl Studio, she doesn’t find Won Seong-min that difficult.

While Soo-yeon prepares to record, she talks to Won Seong-min.

“When does it start airing?”

“In two weeks.”

“So it’s mid-March. And it’s a three-week program, right?”


I know it’s a pilot program, but it’s too short. And we continued filming for almost two weeks, so how could it only be 3 hours long?

Moreover, considering my role as Blue Aca’s assistant, my role would be almost non-existent.

Wow, I’m sad.

I can’t help it, though.

After finishing the story so briefly, I begin recording with Suyeon in earnest. The song Sooyeon and I are working on right now is called 『I AM BAD』 by Catch.

This song is currently ranked #1 on the Billboard charts, and Catch, who sang that song, is the same age as me. Moreover, rather than having someone compose it for him, he even composed it himself.

Of course, the production was done by a professional producer (and a very famous person at that), but seeing that he ranked first on the Billboard charts with a song he made at the age of only 18 shows that he is extremely talented.

However, just as geniuses are usually very unpredictable people, Catch is also an unpredictable person. He caused various accidents and ended up in prison four years later.

However, it is truly ridiculous to see that they do not collapse and dominate the Billboard charts every time they release a music source.

Anyway, what kind of song is 『I AM BAD』 sung by Catch? It is a very hip song. Although it is basically hip-hop, it refuses to be an ordinary song, starting from the development of the song and the lyrics to the music video.

The melody changes from gloomy to bright, and yet provocative. In addition, the lyrics are very confident, and if I put my mind to it, I can seduce your father, mother, younger brother, or even your lover.

However, while the lyrics are like that, Catch’s singing voice has no power. How weak he is, when listening to Catch’s songs, most people ask why his voice is so weak.

A clear voice, a unique timbre. A very hip melody, while overflowing with confidence. Their mixture, 『I AM BAD』, captivated the world.


“Don’t bother calling me out.”

“Is it still okay? If you listen to the original song, it seems like I woke up and sang it.”


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I smile bitterly at Suyeon’s words.

Well, Catch’s voice does have that feeling.

Should I say that his voice was quiet, as if he had just woken up from sleep?

“But it’s okay. And the singing style is that voice in the first place, so it shows off its strengths. “If you call it that in your own voice, it will only ruin it.”

Suyeon’s voice is as mysterious as a cloudy dawn drenched in rainwater. It is moist rather than submerged and makes people emotional.

If you don’t whisper that kind of voice and sing it with a relaxed tone like Catch, people will not feel excited but depressed.

Knowing that, I arranged it in a slightly higher key than the original song. And the tempo itself was made a little faster than the original song.

However, because it is a song of such high perfection, it required the most difficult work among the songs arranged so far.

“Anyway, don’t relax and just whisper a little.”

“Like Han Go-yo did in 『crack』?”

Suyeon asks, her eyes sparkling.

I nodded at those words.

“If you really think about it, it’s similar. But you can’t do it exactly the same way. “What Goyo sings is melodic rap, and what I’m asking you to do is closer to whisper rap.”

Actually, if you look at it, it’s not even rap.

It is true that the beat itself is a hip-hop beat, but it is not rap.

Songs that are popular these days and songs that will be popular in the future have one thing in common. What that means is that I don’t limit myself to just one genre when developing songs.

It starts out as hip-hop and then suddenly changes to rock or a ballad. Or, while developing metal rock, a song of an unexpected genre suddenly pops up.

Nowadays, we live in an era where it is difficult to succeed by pursuing only one genre. Knowing that, I am trying out various genres.

Anyway, that’s how I start working with Suyeon. Then he lets out a brief exclamation. What I felt while working with Suyeon throughout the winter vacation was that her growth rate was truly incredible.

Now, unlike before, fragments of Han Goyo are no longer visible in Suyeon’s song. She succeeded in imitating the strengths of Hangoyo, which had been easy to follow, in her own format.

If this happens, the songs I prepared will need to be modified. I have more work to do for no reason, but somehow I don’t hate it. I grin and laugh while working on a song.

I am confident.

Su-yeon will turn the school upside down when she enters school.

The teachers who gave Suyeon second place admission will regret it. I can’t believe I gave a second place grade to a kid like that.

In fact, for that purpose, I have been preparing steadily for a while.

It is I, not anyone else, who completes Suyeon.

§ § §

The last weekend after spring break and before the new semester begins. I headed to the academy with Suyeon. This is to ask Lee Ji-yoon to come to the academy even before winter vacation.


“long time no see.”

As we greeted each other lightly as we entered the academy, Jiyoon Lee sighed.

I go into an empty room with Lee Ji-yoon and get coffee.

“When did you ask me to come? “Have you been that busy?”

“Well, I was a little busy. “I’m sorry about that.”

“no. Because I was the one who asked you to come. “If you’re busy, I’ll have to wait.”

Jiyoon Lee said that and took a sip of coffee.

I drink coffee with Jiyoon Lee and take a look at Jiyoon Lee.

Somehow, Lee Ji-yoon looks skinnier than I’ve seen before. Of course, she was from a girl group and was someone who constantly maintained her skin, so she was naturally thin compared to other people, but I still think she was very skinny even among celebrities.

“Are you worried about something?”

But that weight doesn’t look like it was lost in a healthy way.

That’s because it doesn’t feel healthy at all.

Jiyoon Lee sighs again at my words.

“Yes, there is one.”

“By any chance, is this related to Suyeon?”


Jiyoon Lee nods.

I frown at that sight.

Is there something wrong with Suyeon? Maybe you have a sore throat? That said, I was very energetic throughout the work I did yesterday.

If Suyeon’s neck hurts or there is a problem somewhere, there is no way I would miss it.

“What’s the problem?”

Or is it something else?

Could it be that Sooyeon is being bullied?

It’s not ridiculous. Normally, if there is someone who is overwhelmingly superior in this area, that person is bound to be rejected. In fact, aren’t Hangoyo also ostracized?

Of course, as an older brother, I have no intention of forgiving people like that.

What kind of guys are they?

I’ll remember everything and, if all goes well, expose it.

Jiyoon Lee twitched her lips at my urgent question.

Then, as if he was thinking about something, he frowned and then opened his mouth.

“I said it was related to Suyeon, but it doesn’t mean anything bad happened to her. “Don’t worry so much.”

“Oh yeah?”

Answer calmly.

Well, it’s not a bad thing for Suyeon.

“Then what happened?”

“Hmm, should I say I want to ask Suyeon a favor?”

“Then you don’t have to ask me to come, you can just ask Suyeon?”


Jiyoon Lee sighs once again.

If this continues, won’t the ground disappear?

What on earth were you worrying about that made you sigh like that? After that, Jiyoon Lee hesitated and thought for a while before speaking cautiously.

“Please don’t misunderstand and listen. This is absolutely not about ignoring Suyeon or anything like that. Suyeon is one of the most talented students I’ve ever taught. “It’s almost like silence.”


Why do you insist on stating the obvious?

“But the request I am making right now is not enough for Sooyeon. Um, so Su-yeon is speaking alone. So, I’d like you to help me too.”

“Sooyeon isn’t good enough?”

“huh. It’s definitely not that I lack talent or anything like that. As you know, it hasn’t been long since Suyeon started singing in earnest, right?”


“That’s the problem.”

You’re just saying things that I can’t understand.

So what is your request?

“So what is your request?”

Jiyoon Lee spoke in a very low voice and cautiously in response to my words.

“You know there’s an event at your school. “Giving grades while practicing for that stage.”

“Yes, there is.”

“I hope Sooyeon can beat one person there.”


What secret quest is this?

I frown at Lee Ji-yoon’s unexpected words that are somewhat difficult to understand.

“Who is that?”

“Jeong Jin-hu.”

Jiyoon Lee closed her eyes tightly, as if she had committed it.

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