My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 77

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EP17 – Genius Producer. (8)


Right before Star Kingdom’s rehearsal.

Jin Il-man was having serious concerns about Yoon Ha-jun. The content of my concern is none other than my reaction during rehearsal. In Jin Ilman’s opinion, Yoon Ha-jun is good enough to be the main character.

I’m actually thinking of editing it in that direction.

However, there are not enough decisive scenes to do that.

‘a little bit. I wish the picture was just a little prettier.’

I’m not asking for something that big.

Just watching the rehearsal or the actual performance, telling them what they are lacking and cheering them on when they see them doing well.

A scene where Blue Aka, who is on stage, and Ha-jun Yoon, who is below the stage, communicate.

I think it would be a really good picture if that were all there was to it.

‘Should I just ask a favor?’

But if you do that, the naturalness may die.

The life of reaction is natural.

If Jin Il-man asks Ha-jun Yoon for a favor, Ha-jun Yoon will be conscious of Jin Il-man every time he reacts. That is not what Jin Ilman wants.

Because there are so many cameras installed, Hajun Yoon is stiffer than usual. However, if you are conscious of Jinilman in that state, there is a high possibility that very awkward reactions will come out.

Then, of course, the emotion viewers get will be halved, and the picture will be ruined.

‘Otherwise, how can you trust Hajun Yoon?’

If Ha-Jun Yoon is what we have seen so far, there is a high possibility that he will react naturally even if he is not asked to do so. Do you trust Hajun Yoon and wait for a natural painting, or do you intentionally create a painting?

You have to make a judgment.

How much did you worry about it?

Jin Ilman made a decision.

By believing in Hajun Yoon.

The Yoon Ha-jun we’ve seen so far will give you the reaction you want even without you asking for it. Jin Ilman believed so and started filming.

And Ha-jun Yoon repaid Jin Il-man’s trust.

“A little further to the side.”

“Yes, there. “The line reaches there, right?”

“that’s right. There!”

Underneath the stage, Hajun Yoon sets the position of Blue Aka. And when Blue Aka started playing on stage, Hajun Yoon looked at the stage and nodded.

Although it is weaker than Jin Il-man expected, I am still satisfied with it. However, there is something unfair about this from Yoon Ha-jun’s perspective.

Blue Aka is a band. As a result, it is impossible to move on stage. Since I have to keep playing the instrument, special productions are impossible.

And above all, the playing skills of Blue Aka’s members are so outstanding compared to Ha-jun Yoon’s. As a result, the areas in which Hajun Yoon can interfere are limited.

Still, from Jin Il-man’s perspective, it’s enough.

Jin Il-man smiled as he watched Yoon Ha-jun.

I think the result will be much more satisfying than when we first planned Star Kingdom.

§ § §

“Is this your first time at a broadcasting station?”

After finishing the rehearsal, before the actual filming (i.e. the competition). As I was wandering around the broadcasting station, Kang Min-seok asked me.

After thinking about those words for a moment, I nod.

I’ve experienced this a few times in my past life, but this is my first time in this life.

“Hajun is a student.”

“Oh, I did. shit. When you’re with him, you often forget that he’s a student. “What kind of student is that skilled?”

I smile at Kang Min-seok’s grumbling words.

Although there are swear words in it, it is ultimately a compliment.

I don’t feel bad.

“But once Ha-Jun is exposed on broadcast, he will be called here and there.”

“I have no particular desire to be exposed on broadcast.”

If I were a singer, I would have actively appeared on TV, but now I am a producer, not a singer. If it’s publicity, it will be done by MM Entertainment, with whom we have a contract, or by singers we have worked with.

Why, even me?

That’s what I’m thinking.

I’d rather work at that time.

“It’s a shame. “I think Ha-Jun, unlike us, is a good fit for broadcasting.”

Those words make me smile bitterly. Blue Aka didn’t appear on the show because she didn’t want to appear on the show. She appeared several times, but the results were not always good.

Just like me in my past life.

“I’m going to go to the store for a moment.”

“Yes, please come back.”

There is still time left until the contest, so I get up and head to the concession stand. I’m kind of bored so I’m thinking of buying some snacks.

Of course, there are snacks prepared by the Star Kingdom production team in the waiting room as well. Things like sandwiches, chocolate, or candy.

But none of those are to my taste. I like savory foods more than sweet ones, and I prefer soup over sandwiches.

To fill one’s stomach, one must eat a hearty meal.

What kind of bread is it?

“Please give me some potato chips and a coke.”

Arrive at the concession stand, purchase your favorite snacks and drinks, and sit down. Since it is not polite to eat alone in the waiting room while smelling, I plan to eat here.

I eat potato chips sprinkled with salty seasoning and cola while looking at my phone. Hmm, I don’t like sweets, but why does cola taste delicious?


While I was worrying about such useless things, I heard a startled voice coming from somewhere. Immediately afterwards, the sound of running in high-heeled shoes followed by “tto-gak-tto-gak.”

And the sound gets faster and closer.



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When I turned my head at the sound, I saw Jin So-hyang, wearing shoes with extremely high heels, running towards me at high speed.

I wonder why she’s there, but more than that, I wonder if those heels are high enough to run in.

“long time no see!”

Soon after, Jin So-hyang arrived in front of me and spoke to me with a bright smile on her face. It’s definitely been a while. She nods her head at the voice.

“I know. “Is this the first time since vacation?”

Jin So-hyang couldn’t go to school even after winter vacation ended. She can’t help it. Right now, Hwayangyeonhwa is doing very well, even if it is doing well.

Has it already been #1 on the charts for 5 weeks in a row? The number of fans increases at an exponential rate, and they appear at various events and entertainment shows.

In addition, Jin So-hyang said that there will be a concert at the end of this year.

“By the way, Mr. Hajun, what are you doing here?”

“Oh, I’m appearing on a broadcast.”

“broadcast? Oh, that Star Kingdom you mentioned last time?”

“huh. “Do you have a schedule?”

“yes. “I came here after filming a variety show.”

Let’s take a look at Jin So-hyang who says that. Hmm, filming a variety show wearing clothes that you would probably wear on stage. It must be difficult.

“Is the schedule finished?”

“No, not that. We are moving from the studio to the outdoors. “So we’re running out of time.”

I nod my head as I see Jin So-hyang speaking with regret.

“School starts soon anyway.”

“Oh, that’s it. “I don’t think I can go to school for a while.”

“Are you that busy?”

“yes. There are also overseas filming, so that’s why. Of course, I will participate in exams and events, but other than that, I think I will miss all other classes.”

“I can’t help it.”

As I was chatting with Jin So-hyang, a camera approached me. By any chance, is it Jin So-hyang’s side? I looked at it and saw a familiar figure of a person holding a camera, so it seemed like it was from Star Kingdom.

“Is the camera okay?”

Looking at the camera, I ask Jin So-hyang.

If Jin So-hyang is in trouble, I am going to request editing.

Jin So-hyang thought about my words for a moment and then nodded.

“are you okay. He was both a classmate and our producer. “If the relationship is clear, you won’t hear strange things like that.”

If it sounds strange, is it a scandal?

Well, if Jin So-hyang is like that, it must be like that.

“Then, since it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, please at least give me a word of encouragement.”

“why? “Are you nervous?”

Jin So-hyang smiled playfully and asked.

And I honestly nodded to those words.

“Should I say I’m nervous? Should I say I’m nervous? “I’m not used to being in front of a camera.”

I’m not even on stage myself, I just helped prepare for the stage, but I’m very tired. I’m not sure if it’s the camera’s fault or my personality as a homebody.

And more than anything, I am glad to see Jin So-hyang. There’s something about being around people you’re not close to, but when you finally meet someone you’re close to, you feel happier than usual.

“You’re having a hard time.”

Jin So-hyang looked at me as if she felt sorry for what I said.

Then he muttered cheers, cheers, and eventually smiled and looked at the camera.

“Producer Hajun Yoon, Blue Aka Band! Go for it! “I’m looking forward to a good performance.”

Jin So-hyang looks at me with a gaze that asks, “Is this enough?” I nodded at that gaze.

“thank you.”

“It’s nothing special, really. Ah, I guess I’ll have to go now. See you later!”

After taking a look at her cell phone, Jin So-hyang said that and quickly disappeared. I feel somewhat disoriented, but I feel like I have healed a bit.

“I guess you’re close with Sohyang?”

At that time, the VJ holding the camera asked me.

After thinking about those words for a moment, I nod.

“We are also classmates, and we also worked on songs included in Hwayangyeonhwa’s new album.”

“Aha, I see.”

“But why is VJ here? “Isn’t filming only done in the waiting room?”

“Ah, the director told me to film Ha-jun.”


I blink at the completely incomprehensible words.

§ § §

After talking with Jin So-hyang, Ha-jun Yoon returned to the waiting room and sat down. He then chatted lightly with the Blue Aca members and then looked at the TV.

The contest begins soon. Fortunately, you can watch other people’s performances on the TV installed in the waiting room.

I think I’m planning to use the reactions I have while looking at those stages.

“Our turn is fifth, right?”


Hmm, in response to Won Seong-min’s answer, Ha-jun Yoon looked at the order table on the table. The first one is a rapper, the second one is a dance singer, the third one is a ballad, and the fourth one is an idol.

And after Blue Aka’s stage, there are two more teams’ stages behind them. Hajun Yoon confirms this and nods his head. The stage order is not bad.

Soon after, the contest began. Hajun Yoon looked at the rapper’s stage announcing his first start and made a humming noise.

The program Star Kingdom is ultimately a competition program. When the stage unfolds, the audience casts their votes. And the team that receives the most votes wins.

As teams representing each genre come out and compete, there is also a subtle battle of pride. Blue AKA members stare intently at other people’s stages.

The quality of the stage is excellent, as they have recruited people who may not be famous, but whose skills are certain. However, the audience’s reaction is quite subtle.

The audience was filled by inviting people who liked the genre. As a result, you are bound to get a cold reaction to genres you are not interested in, and since the people performing are not famous people, there is also a lack of interest.

‘There’s a reason it disappeared.’

The program planning itself is not bad, but the filming day is too short. If it had been aired for about 10 weeks, people who became fans would have supported it.

Well, I guess it ended up being a pilot program.

After the first stage, the second stage. After that stage, the third stage and the fourth stage began. The fourth to stand on stage was a male idol group called ‘Closer’, which received the loudest cheers and the most enthusiastic response so far.

“Uhm, back there.”

Looking at the stage, Ha-Jun Yoon ate his appetite. After all, it’s behind the stage. I thought it was a good order, but I guess it wasn’t.

“I can’t help it.”

“It would have been nice if we had a good-looking guy too.”

“Ugh, ugly bastards.”

The members of Blue Aka stood up, talking nonsense. Now it is their turn. Seeing them like that, Hajun Yoon also stood up and left the waiting room with them.

Soon we arrived at the foot of the stage.

Now Blue AKA goes up on stage, and Ha-Jun Yoon has to watch their performance from below. Ha-jun Yoon was about to say hello to them, telling them to do well, when Seong-min Won said.

“Mr. Hajun.”


“As a producer, please give me a word of support.”

Won Seong-min, who said that, smiled. Hajun Yoon also burst into laughter at those words. A word of support as a producer.

How should I say it? After thinking about it, I look at the members of Blue Aka and open my mouth.

“I believe in the song you wrote and I completed. “Please come and sing with excitement.”

“What are you making me complete, dude?”

“Uh-huh, you may have performed the music, but the producer is the one who puts the song together and completes it.”

“That is correct.”

Seongmin Won nods his head.

Yes, it was the producer who completed it.


“If there’s a bad reaction, it’s Hajun’s fault.”

“Yes, I will take responsibility.”

Producer Ha-jun Yoon takes full responsibility.

“So, have fun and come.”

“Yes, I will come back.”

After Won Seong-min says that, he goes on stage. And other members also came on stage, tapping Yoon Ha-jun on the shoulder or saying that they would return like Won Seong-min.

After confirming this, Hajun Yoon moved to a position where he could look at the stage. The members of Blue Aka on stage look at each other and nod.

And then the actual performance begins. It all started with drummer Choi Min-seok. He dazzles people’s ears by playing powerfully with his muscular arms.

Following Choi Min-seok, bassist Ahn Ha-in’s fingers move brilliantly. A calm and slow performance, not the usual funky performance.

Just looking at the combination of the two, the performance may feel dissonant. However, when Kang Min-seok’s keyboard and Won Seong-min’s guitar are added, a great performance is completed.

As Blue Aka’s performance began in earnest, people looked at them with admiration. And the same goes for Hajun Yoon.

After all, the band is live.

No matter how good the speakers are or how carefully they are made with the sound source.

It’s nothing compared to live.

Soon after, Won Seong-min’s vocals announce the beginning of the song. Won Seong-min’s vocals are very clean. He sings incredibly well, it’s not like that, but he doesn’t feel pressured to listen to.

And Kang Min-seok’s vocals. Unlike Won Seong-min, Kang Min-seok’s vocals have a rich tone. The combination of these two voices makes the song richer.

Soon after the song ended, Won Seong-min’s solo guitar. Won Seong-min, who has been known as a guitar prodigy since he was young, has fire-breathing fingers.

The guitar emits splendid notes as the fingers move with splendid technique. At that sight, the members of Blue Aka looked at each other.

Of course, I knew it would be like this.

Won Seong-min usually has a calm personality, but when he goes on stage, he turns into a wild horse. He always goes out drinking alone. And the members of Blue AKA always assisted Won Seong-min.

As if they were not going to lose to Won Seong-min, the other members of Blue AKA enthusiastically praised the performance. Seeing them like that, Hajun Yoon smiled in satisfaction.

I told them to enjoy it and they were really enjoying it.

Okay, that’s it.

Hajun Yoon nods like a teacher watching his student grow. And as if they saw Ha-Jun Yoon like that, the members of Blue AKA also looked at Ha-Jun Yoon and nodded.

Was it a coincidence, or did he really see it and nod?

It is unknown.

But that doesn’t matter.

Jin Il-man, who was watching this, clenched his fists tightly.


The image he wanted so badly was now captured on camera.

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