My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 76

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EP17 – Genius Producer. (7)


Jin Il-man produced a total of three music programs, including this one.

That’s why I’ve worked with so many singers, so I know a lot about them. The fact is that there are many different types of singers.

There were people who went beyond just delicacy or sensitivity and could not understand it at all – the so-called fourth dimension – and there were also many people who were normally kind but became idiots when they started working.

They say it’s because they’re perfectionists, but in Jinilman’s opinion, he’s nothing more or less than a simple person with a broken personality.

And when I look at Hajun Yoon’s work now, I feel the same way as them. Oh, that doesn’t mean Ha-Jun Yoon is a person with a broken personality.

It’s just a feeling.

A unique feeling that people who call themselves perfectionists have.

That’s what I feel in Hajun Yoon.

There is no way to record anything in vain. If you don’t like it, infinite retakes. And he clearly asks for what he wants and doesn’t give up until he gets it.

Because of this, sub-vocalist Kang Min-seok is suffering greatly. He even glares at Ha-Jun Yoon because of how much he suffered.

But Hajun Yoon didn’t care.

He would be scared if someone 10 years older than him was staring at him, but instead, he confidently made a request to Kang Min-seok.

“That’s it. that. Please put that into the song. “With the feeling of being angry and criticizing everything without giving in to resentment, anger, or absurdity.”

When the person in charge of instilling resentment, resentment, and absurdity into Kang Min-seok in real time said that, Kang Min-seok also burst out laughing.

-Whatever you want.

I won’t kneel!

The sound of an animal howling with anger. Meanwhile, the voice rises clearly. Hearing that voice, Hajun Yoon nodded with a satisfied expression.

“Look. “I said you could do it.”

“It wouldn’t be obnoxious if you couldn’t at least say something.”

Choi Min-seok, who was watching from behind, muttered at Ha-jun Yoon’s words. The other members nodded as if they sympathized with that voice.

“How long have we been in a band?”

“Has it been 7 years now?”

“Has it happened already? by the way. “I think he’s the strangest person I’ve ever met.”

“It’s too harsh for someone who’s only 18 years old. “I guarantee you, that bastard, if you do that, you’ll get hit by the singer later.”

“He’ll still smile as long as he sings well, right?”

“I guess so. Or, “Sing a song with these emotions in mind.” “Wouldn’t you say it like this?”

The members giggle at Ahn Ha-in’s words, which believably imitates Yoon Ha-jun. Jin Il-man smiled at the sight of the members like that.

Filming is becoming more and more fun.

It’s not just because the members made fun of Ha-jun Yoon.

What was disappointing about Ha-jun Yoon, that is, the character that was lacking, began to be filled. The most important thing in music programs, especially competition programs, is drama.

And in dramas, there is a main character. A shining presence among numerous contestants. It could be a person with overwhelming talent, or it could be a person who lacks skills but is gradually growing.

In that respect, Ha-Jun Yoon is good enough to be the main character. Overwhelming talent at a young age. An unidentified producer brought in by a world-known band.

From what I heard, he signed a contract with the company as a professional producer, not as a trainee, but he has only produced one proper work so far.

In other words, the position of an unknown and talented person whose name is not yet known. This is a position that the public who are passionate about underdogs will be excited about.

“First of all, please capture Ha Jun’s entire appearance.”

Jin Il-man asked one of the VJs holding the camera that request and then looked at Yoon Ha-jun. I feel something.

That’s the feeling of hitting the jackpot.

§ § §

“So you’re still working in front of the camera?”


I answer like that and drink coffee. The bitter taste of coffee makes me feel better. At first I didn’t like it because it tasted like burnt beans, but after eating it, I became addicted to it.

“Sounds good~”

Suyeon rolled around on the sofa, muttering as if she was jealous.

As a result, he lifted Sooyeon’s hair that had fallen down and said.

“Hold on a little.”

“Just a little bit, how much?”

“For now, August.”

“The second semester begins in August. “Why are you there then?”

I nod my head at those words.

“I’ll try to find an agency around then.”

“Ah, shouldn’t I just go to the agency where my brother is? “They said they need a singer there.”

“It is possible. But wouldn’t it be better for them to come to you and say they want to make a contract with you rather than signing a contract because you’re my younger brother? “There are probably some things we can ask for.”

“That too.”

Suyeon nods her head. Then she made a snorting noise and rubbed her face against the sofa. You look very drowsy.

“I’m sleepy?”

“That’s not it. “I have to go to the academy a little later, but I’m too lazy to go.”

“Learn hard.”

“That’s right.”

“Oh, and I heard there is an audition program in September. What do you want to do?”

“Audition program?”

Su-yeon half-raised her body from where she was lying down.

And then he speaks to me with sparkling eyes.

“Can I go out there?”

“The program hasn’t been finalized yet, so I don’t know what will happen. “If you want to go out, go out.”

“What do you think, brother?”

“I want you to go out. “There’s a lot you can gain by going out there.”


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“Then I want to go out. “I want to go out.”

Suyeon bounces her feet on the sofa as if she’s excited. In the past, she would have asked if it would be okay for me to go out.

Sooyeon has definitely changed a lot.

Should I say that I have become more honest about my feelings than before?

I think it’s a good thing.

“Then let’s make the first goal the audition program in September.”

“huh! Oh, but am I going out there alone?”

“For now, yes. But don’t worry too much. “I will make the song for you.”


I nod and turn my attention to my laptop. The final song to be uploaded to the cloud is almost finished.

It was rewarding to work in my spare time while working at Hayul Studio.

“Okay, then I guess I’ll tell the teacher. iced coffee. that’s right! I thought of it because I was a teacher. “My teacher asked me when I was going to come.”

Su-yeon seemed to have remembered something at the mention of teacher and spoke in a fuss. Oh yeah. Now that I think about it, Jiyoon Lee asked me to look at her face.

I said I would see you before winter break, but I keep forgetting. It’s not that I don’t want to go, it’s that I was too busy with work.

“Then I’ll leave as soon as I finish filming this.”

“When does filming end?”

“In four days.”

“Then you can come with me this weekend.”

Nod your head. Spring break will soon end. Ugh, no matter how I think about it, spring break is too short. While I was thinking about that, Suyeon groaned and laid down on the sofa again.

“Next week is the entrance ceremony.”


“No, I’m looking forward to it.”

Soo-yeon said that and laughed.

§ § §

“The competition stage is much bigger than I thought.”

He looks surprised as he looks at the contest stage. There are 3 days left until the contest. Blue Aka and I are looking at the stage to prepare for the contest.

“Can we only rehearse once?”


“Hmm, how do you plan on directing the stage?”

“We are worried about that too. Since we are a band, there are limits to our stage production. “At most, we can use the screen?”

“Any other props or anything? “Can’t I use it?”

“It is possible to use it, but there is not enough time.”

That too. There are only 3 days left now. And any props needed on stage must be submitted to the broadcasting station by tomorrow.

In other words, we have to finish planning the stage in one day.

“Time is running out, but it’s too late.”

“We originally had about a week to do this, but we spent a lot more time making the song than we thought.”

“Oh my, I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry.”

It’s all my fault that the recording took so long. I had to make some compromises, but it didn’t work out. Should I say that the switch turns on as soon as recording begins?

“First, I’ll take a look at the stage.”


In response to Won Seong-min’s answer, he stands up and goes down the stage. And then slowly look at the stage. The size of the stage is the largest I have ever stood on.

But Blue Aka can’t use all of that big stage. Blue Aka’s vocals. So, Kang Min-seok and Won Seong-min must not only sing, but also play the keyboard and guitar, respectively.

As a result, movement is limited.

“Is it a screen in the end?”

Directing using a screen. For example, typo graphics. In fact, this is a method that bands use very often live.

“The screen is also very big.”

Not only is there a screen behind the stage, but there is also a screen on the stage. Hmm, on stage. Wait, on stage? I take my phone out of my pocket and access iTube.

After that, search for a live video of the band. Soon I was able to find the video I was looking for. A live video from about 5 years ago.

A rock festival stage that is treated as a legend among bands.

Hmm, can I use this?



Won Seong-min answered my voice loudly and ran towards me.

“What good idea did you come up with?”

“Well, it’s not such a grand idea. “This looks good.”

After saying that, I hand over the cell phone. Won Seong-min took a look at the video playing on his cell phone and let out an exclamation.

“This is a good method. In fact, it is treated like a legendary stage.”

“Well, there won’t be any controversy about plagiarism or anything like that, right?”

“It will be okay. In the first place, this is not the first time this band has used this type of typographic design. This is just treated like a legend. This kind of production has happened before. And above all, falling like this is one of the techniques often used in modern art.”

“Then it’ll be okay.”

Nod your head. Okay, now that the stage direction has been decided, write down the necessary things. And that’s all I can help you with.

Other people might be able to help during rehearsals, but Blue Aka has nothing to help with during rehearsals. After all, all Blue Aka does on stage is play instruments.

And when it comes to playing instruments, they know better than me about techniques and notable production.

“Are you going to come watch practice or rehearsal?”


But that doesn’t mean I’m getting off here.

But since I started it, I have to watch it till the end.

§ § §

During the remaining period until the competition, Blue Aka continued to practice. Practice, practice, and practice some more. Perhaps because we are a band that has been working together for a long time, we get along very well.

And I watched it.

And so on.

Of course, I said I watch Blue Aka’s practice, but that doesn’t mean I have to watch every practice like this.

Honestly, they know more about band practice than I do.

So why am I watching this?

This is because of a request from Jin Il-man, the main producer of Star Kingdom. Jin Il-man, who had never asked for anything before, asked me for two things for the first time.

One is to ask you to participate in all practices and watch, and the other is to ask you to watch from underneath the stage rather than from the audience during rehearsals or the main stage.

“Why did you ask that?”

Practice break time.

I carefully ask Won Seong-min.

I don’t understand why Jin Il-man made such a request. In response to my question, Won Seong-min took a sip of water and said,

“Isn’t PD Jin Il-man trying to make the public realize that Mr. Ha Joon is a producer?”


“If you look at competition programs like this, there are producers who help with the stage.”


“And those producers usually look at the stage from below. Well, you just admire it. “Good job, say something like this and applaud.”


“I think that’s what PD Jin Alman wants.”

So, you are asking us to show the image of the producer that the public knows about. Well, it’s not a very difficult request, and it’s something we actually do a lot.

“That’s not difficult.”

I don’t know what the meaning is there.

If you ask me to do it, I have to do it.

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