My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 74

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EP17 – Genius Producer. (4)


In my previous life, I started my life as a trainee when I was 19 years old, that is, during my senior year of high school. I started out as an idol trainee. But I didn’t want to become an idol.

The singer I pursue is a solo singer, and a singer-songwriter at that. At that time, I didn’t know fractions. I overestimated myself.

Even though I didn’t have that much talent, I thought I could do it. I strongly believed that. And two years later, at 21 years old. Luckily, she was able to make her debut as a solo singer.

Yeah, it was just luck.

But I mistakenly thought it was my skill.

Even though I debuted like that, my skills are lacking, so of course there is no way for me to succeed. But I made excuses like the song wasn’t good, or I was unlucky, or something like that.

I didn’t want to admit it. So, I persuaded the company to release a song I wrote. And that song got the best response ever.

That was the problem. Because I got a good response, I gained confidence. Even after that, I insisted on writing songs that I wrote instead of accepting songs from anyone else.

However, only the first song received a good response. After that, it failed repeatedly. Of course, the company no longer released the songs I wrote.

It’s natural. Because no company is good enough to release an album by a singer who cannot chart well and cannot even recoup the money invested.

But that doesn’t mean they didn’t give me songs. The company gave me one last chance. That was the song 『If you listen to this song』 written by CM.

And now that song is playing from Teacher Ha Hyo-ju’s laptop. I bite my lower lip. To me, CM is a composer of memories.

So, a composer who created songs that were popular in elementary and middle school students. What that means is that the composer has been completely forgotten since.

There are two main reasons. Firstly, this is because a new composer took over the position of CM, who was said to be the center of popular music.

And that is Kang Seong-hoon. However, this is something that cannot be helped. Because it’s a natural flow. Music is influenced by the times, that is, it is influenced by trends.

In particular, this tendency is stronger in popular music. At that time, idols began to show strength, and songs suitable for idols dominated the charts.

And CM wasn’t suited to working with idols, and Kang Sung-hoon could easily be called a genius in that regard. So, in a way, generational change was natural.

Still, it’s okay up to this point. Generational change is a natural trend, and even if the market is an idol market, it is not limited to idols. With CM’s skills, he can achieve good results even if he is off center.

That’s when it happened. An incident that caused the CM’s image to fall into ruin. This is a plagiarism dispute. However, this was also unfair from the CM’s perspective.

The company that signed a contract with CM distributed songs composed by other composers under CM’s name. And one of those songs was involved in a plagiarism dispute.

Naturally, the CM posted a statement claiming that the company had committed fraud, and sued the company representative. The problem is that people could not accept the CM’s statement.

The public criticized CM, asking how any composer in the world could be unaware that a song he did not create was being distributed under his own name.

In a way, it is a natural question. And then, the whole story of the incident was revealed. I’ve said this several times already, but you can’t make a song alone.

Composition, lyrics, arrangement, mastering, mixing.

Each expert works together.

So, among composers, there are people who work as a team rather than working alone. CM was just such a case.

The CEO of the company that CM signed a contract with was also someone who worked on the producer team. And after the company’s representative helped another composer work on a song, he released it under CM’s name.

It cannot be said that the CM is not at fault there. Because he was the representative of the team, and although he created the team under his own name, he failed to take responsibility for it properly.

That’s why I say there are parts of me that feel unfair. Anyway, the court ruled in favor of the CM but the public did not.

Unless you are interested in music, only people have no idea how composing works. In the first place, it’s full of people who don’t even know if the CM is part of a team or if he’s just a single composer.

Of course, CM’s image had already taken a hit, and he ended up leaving the industry.

And it was around that time that I received 『If You Listen to This Song』. Originally, I was not the owner of 『If You Listen to This Song』.

Another singer was going to sing it, but a plagiarism dispute arose, so the company couldn’t announce it and left it in ruins.

However, it was concluded that it was not a case of plagiarism, and since it was a song purchased with a lot of money, the company had to figure out how to use it.

That’s why I received it. So, it was what is commonly referred to as being ignored. But that song got the best response of any song I’ve ever sung, and it became a career high.

Even so, it couldn’t lead the charts. Still, thanks to 『If You Listen to This Song』, I received my first payment and was able to sign a contract with another company.

Moreover, more than anything, it had a huge impact on me. My songwriting skills began to improve significantly when I received 『If You Hear This Song』 and started studying it.

But I couldn’t even say thank you to that person. Because that person had already gone into hiding. But that CM is teacher Ha Hyo-joo?

“Why? “Is the song bad?”

Teacher Ha Hyo-joo asks anxiously at my blank expression. She shakes her head at those words. The person who influenced me in her previous life was teaching me in this life.

“······No, it’s a good song.”

“yes? i think so too.”

I nodded.

§ § §

“Teacher Ha Hyo-ju?”


Seo Chae-rim frowned at my sudden words. She then looked worried for a moment and then spoke cautiously.

“Of course, it would be nice if we could sign a contract with Teacher Ha Hyo-joo, but that wouldn’t be easy, right? Above all, I cannot step forward myself. “A student recommends something to a teacher. That’s the case with anything.”

“Would it be difficult to persuade the CEO?”

“I’m not sure because I’m preoccupied with Kim Han-ol right now.”

Seo Chae-rim, who said that, let out a sigh.

Then, after thinking for a while, he asked me.

“But why teacher Ha Hyo-joo all of a sudden?”

“I just listened to the song the teacher made and thought it would be good to work together.”

Actually, more than that, I want to help Teacher Ha Hyo-joo in some way. Anyway, he is the person who influenced me the most, both in my past life and in this life.

Plus, I got some help.

That’s why I want to change that future.

And more than anything, I want to work on 『If You Listen to This Song』. That doesn’t mean I’ll sing it, it just means I’ll produce it.

“Well, I guess I’ll just keep talking to the CEO first. It’s going to be hard to do anything right now. First of all, since Teacher Ha Hyo-joo is a teacher, she cannot sign a contract. “If she signs a contract, it will probably be after she’s done with her job as a teacher.”

“I guess that’s right.”

I nodded. Anyway, there’s nothing you can do right now. Phew, I sigh and put it aside to do later.

At that time, Seo Chae-rim said to me.

“More than that, you said you were going to Star Kingdom?”

“Yes, how did you know?”

“Jeong Jae-ho told me. “So does he still plan to go on those shows?”

“If it’s a program like that, it’s a music program?”


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“Yeah, audition or something like that.”

I shake my head.

“That’s a bit difficult. Because I’m not the one who sings. “I can’t even sing, so what do I do on an audition program?”

“I guess that’s true too. Sorry, it’s a shame.”


“I heard they are making some kind of audition program in the second half of this year. “They gathered people who haven’t debuted yet, held a group audition, and for those who performed well, they made a debut album and filmed a music video?”


What kind of program is it that you are making starting from the second half of this year? There should be at least one or two singing audition programs. Starting at the end of this year and next year, there will be a craze for singing audition programs in Korea.

From individual singer audition programs, idol audition programs, hip-hop audition programs, and even rock audition programs.

No matter what channel you listen to, there is an audition program going on.

“As you know, our company is not just an entertainment company, but we also have a music streaming company. I received a call from that direction. Are you willing to cooperate? So, we plan to cooperate and promote it, and we also plan to send out some singers and trainees from our entertainment company.”

“The only people who signed a contract with the company are me and Kim Han-ol.”

“yes. That’s why it’s disappointing. How come you don’t plan on becoming a singer?”

“Don’t even dream.”

When I blocked Seo Chae-rim’s subtle suggestion, Seo Chae-rim clicked her tongue. She frowns as she looks at it.

Wait, the second half of this year?

“If it’s the second half, when does it start?”

“Filming starts in September. I heard you will receive support until the end of August? The conditions are that they are either trainees who have not debuted yet, or ordinary people who have not signed a contract with the company. Well, doesn’t that mean everything is okay as long as I don’t debut?”

“It’s the end of August.”

Late August, late August. Sileum and the concert are at the end of July, so if you raise the price as much as possible and sign a contract then… Isn’t the timing roughly right?

“Why are you leaving?”

Seo Chae-rim asks with a surprised expression.

I shake my head at those words.

“Not me.”

“Oh, then your little brother?”

Nod your head. If it’s an audition program, it’s a good pocket for Sooyeon to be active. In addition, the audition program that was held in the beginning was a clean program without any controversies.

Above all, it is a solid promotion. If I remember correctly, all of the audition programs that have been conducted over the past year or two have had solid viewership ratings.

“If your younger brother goes out there, how will you be exposed too?”

“I’m planning on making Suyeon’s song, right?”

“Hmm, then your younger brother is coming to our company too, right? “Because you took my recommendation?”

Seo Chae-rim’s eyes shine greedily.

I sigh at that sight and clear my throat.

“I saw you doing that.”

“Hey, is that what happens between us? Aren’t we already in the same boat?”

He chuckles and smiles at Seo Chae-rim’s words.

“Well, just wait until the end of July.”

“A concert with Sileum at the end of July?”

I smiled instead of answering.

The outline of the future is beginning to be drawn.

§ § §

After the graduation ceremony, spring break began again. It’s a short vacation of about two weeks that can’t even be called a vacation. But there is so much for me to do during that short vacation.

First, as promised with Won Seong-min, we head to Howl Studio. Howl Studio was crowded with people unlike usual.

And most of those people were broadcasters.

Cameras are installed throughout the studio, and Won Seong-min and other members of Blue AKA are talking in front of the cameras with awkward smiles.

It looks like filming for Star Kingdom is in full swing. As I went inside, carefully asking for understanding from the people around me, Won Seong-min found me and nodded slightly.

Soon after the interview was over, Won Seong-min approached me.

“I’m completely out of my mind.”

I smile wryly at the sight of Won Seong-min sighing and saying that. I guess I’m not used to the broadcasting station cameras.

Well, Blue Akka has no connection with the broadcasting station.

“Did the song go well?”

“It’s going pretty well.”

“Can I hear it?”

“·····Hey, is this person by any chance?”

While talking with Won Seong-min, people who appear to be broadcasting station staff join the conversation. And at the same time, the camera came towards me with a whimper.

I get nervous for no reason because of the camera, and my body stiffens.

I said that Blue Aca has no connection with the broadcasting station, but that goes for me as well. Of course, I really wanted to go to a broadcasting station, but the broadcasting station didn’t find me.

“Ah, he’s a producer who will help us.”


“yes. To be more precise, he is a producer and composer. “You are going to help me from now on.”

“Do you still look like a high school student?”

Several cameras capture me at the same time. Hmm, the camera was a familiar presence on stage, but this feels a bit different from the stage.

Cameras film me as a whole. Right now, I’m wearing my school uniform because I rushed over as soon as school ended. It seems like the scene was captured on camera.

Uhm, did I run like this for no reason? Should I have changed my clothes at home? While I was thinking that, Won Seong-min placed his large hand on my shoulder and said,

“He’s still young, but he’s a great producer. Don’t you think the PD will be surprised when he sees what he’s working on?”

Oh my, I thought it was a staff member, but was it a PD?

He looked so weak that I thought he was an assistant director.

“is that so?”

Hearing Won Seong-min’s words, the PD looked at me with interest.

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