My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 73

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EP17 – Genius Producer. (4)


The title of the new song was set as 『crack』.

Of course, it is not the name I chose, but the name Won Seong-min chose. And Won Seong-min wrote the English lyrics for 『crack』 and plans to release the music in an English version as well.

Are you really planning to use it overseas? It’s not nonsense. Blue Aka is a band that is more famous overseas than in Korea.

If that happens, will I also be able to expand overseas? When I think of that, I seriously want to support Blue Aka.

Anyway, as soon as I finished working on 『crack』, winter vacation ended. That means it’s time to go back to school.

“Ah, I don’t want to go to school~”

“All you have to do is attend the graduation ceremony.”

“Yes, but I still hate it! “Send me straight to Seolwon Art High School!”

Suyeon struggles on the bed and mutters. She laughs at that sight. Su-yeon wants to enter Seolwon Arts High School as soon as possible.

“Aren’t you going to work on music over spring break?”

“No, I have to do that.”

Suyeon answered in a firm voice. Well, there is filming for a program called Star Kingdom during spring break, but my role is to help only to the extent possible.

I have enough time to work with Sooyeon.

“Cloud work lasts until spring break, right?”

“I guess so.”

Nod your head. When school starts, there is no time to work on the cloud. I have to make my own songs to maintain my scholarship, but more than that, I have to work for Suyeon.

From the new student concert in June, to the Silumgwa concert in late July, to the Winter Festival in November and the school festival in December.

Since I have to prepare them all, I never have enough time. So, growing the cloud will last until spring break. That’s how I decided.

Still, the cloud itself has grown to a satisfactory degree. Use your cell phone to access the cloud channel. The last upload, 『Pop, Pop』, had 50,000 views.

Of course, there are songs that have tens of millions of views worldwide. However, all the songs we uploaded are sung with Korean lyrics.

Of course, compared to songs sung in English, the number of views is bound to be insufficient. In that case, if it gets 50,000 views, it’s really good.


“That’s the next song, right?”


We still have one cheat key left. When comparing the number of views of songs uploaded to the cloud so far, 『Rough』 has the highest number of views.

After that, 『Winter Wind』, 『Summer Rain』, 『Pop, Pop』, and 『I Hope You Are Like Me』 have the highest number of views in that order. And, with the exception of 『Pop, Pop』, the remaining songs have something in common: they are not songs I created, but rather arranged and covered covers of existing songs.

So we are preparing a cover song as our next song. However, it is not a cover of a Korean song like before, but a foreign song. We also plan to cover the song that is currently number one on the Billboard charts.

Shouldn’t you suck honey when you can?

§ § §

The school I came to after a long time was the same as before. Well, how long will it be if you have work between vacations? As I sat down and leaned against the desk, someone tapped my shoulder.


I answer angrily because I can tell who it is even without seeing their face. Then, as expected, a familiar voice returned.

“Well, it’s been a while. “Isn’t that too mean?”

At the sound of a grumbling voice, I wake up, scratching my head. Then Taeyoung Kim took a deep breath and raised both hands.

“Oh my god, who is this? “I cut my hair!”

“······It was the freshest reaction I’ve ever seen from people.”

“I’m also practicing performing arts these days.”

Taeyoung Kim answered with a friendly smile. Currently, Taeyoung Kim is doing her trainee life. Just like in her previous life, she worked at a company called 『ONE』.


An entertainment company called one of the top three entertainment companies in Korea. However, that is a story of the future. Now, 『ONE』 is just an entertainment company.

It is thanks to Kim Tae-young that 『ONE』 becomes one of the top three entertainment companies. Thanks to Taeyoung Kim, who is loved not only in Korea but around the world, 『ONE』 will join the ranks of the top three entertainment agencies.

Of course, that didn’t happen with Kim Tae-young alone. Still, it is Taeyoung Kim who laid the foundation. He may be new to me, but he is such an amazing guy.

“When is your debut?”

“I don’t know. Maybe we’ll do it sometime next year? “There aren’t many trainees at our company, and the level of trainees isn’t that high.”

I chuckle at Kim Tae-young’s harsh evaluation. Among the trainees who are not at that high level, there is also the leader of an idol group who will receive a lot of love in the future.

Originally, Taeyoung Kim signed a contract with 『ONE』 and lived as a trainee only after graduation. She then made her debut after working as a trainee for a period of one year.

However, this time, Taeyoung Kim signed a contract at the age of 17 and began her life as a trainee. Although he is in the same company as in his previous life, time has moved forward.

The future I knew is changing. It’s also because of me. Surely, Kim Tae-young’s future won’t change because of this, right?

“So what did you do during vacation? There’s no way you’re playing around.”

“I kept working. “I work with Blue Aka, and I also work with my younger brother.”

“Brother? Oh, that’s right. I heard you were accepted to our school? “Well, are you trying to help with events or something like that?”

Nod your head.

Then, Taeyoung Kim sighed as if she felt sorry.

“Then you won’t be able to receive the song. “Miss, I want to receive a song too.”

“Did you at least leave me a song? Why do you keep asking me for your song? “Now that I have a company, I ask them to give it to me.”

“What should I do if your song is better than the company’s composer? I mean. “I’m the person who thinks the best song in the world is ‘Da Capo.’”

Should I say thank you for loving my song, or should I respond by calling you crazy? I would say thank you if you just liked my songs, but that’s why Kim Taeyoung is asking for my songs.

After thinking about it for a while, he snorted and said.

“If you want to receive my song that much, make an official request, dude.”


“I went to work.”

“That’s it…”

Taeyoung Kim, who has already heard of me and knows that I signed a contract with the company, nods. And then, as if he realized what I had said, he responded with an exclamation, “Ah!”

“Yes, there is a way. okay. “As soon as my debut is decided, I start receiving requests.”

“Can you decide that on your own?”

“Well, I guess I’ll have to ask the company. And if the company says no, shouldn’t I sign the contract myself? “I have a lot of money.”


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This is why they are gold diggers…!

I wonder if the company will listen to such unreasonable demands, but since it is Kim Tae-young, I think it will be possible. In fact, Kim Tae-young was famous for ignoring the company’s objections and carrying out his duties as he pleased.

It is a famous anecdote that changing the composer of the debut album and conducting a collaboration album with a foreign artist were all arbitrary actions of Kim Tae-young.

Of course, Kim Tae-young’s arbitrary actions led to dire consequences. The replacement of the composer was considered a godsend (plagiarism disputes arose for songs composed by the composer before the replacement), and the collaboration album with foreign artists became the cornerstone of overseas expansion.

It is said that after that incident, no one from the company touched Kim Tae-young. So, I will probably be in charge of Taeyoung Kim’s debut album.

“······You know I’m a producer, right? “If you work with me, you have to listen to me from beginning to end.”

“Well, as long as there are good songs, that’s about it.”

Taeyoung Kim nods as if she is in a good mood. Hmm, I never thought she would be in charge of Taeyoung Kim’s debut album. While I was wondering if this was really okay, Taeyoung Kim changed the topic.

“More than that, have you heard any news about Jin So-hyang?”

“huh? what?”

“It was a huge hit. They say it’s not a joke. “It’s still number one.”

“Is it number one for two weeks in a row this week?”

“huh. The album is definitely good. If this continues, won’t Jin So-hyang become a top star?”

“It will work.”

Turn on your phone and go to the music streaming site. The first place is the title song of Hwayangyeonhwa, and the third place is one of the included songs. And if you go a little lower, around 50th place, 『Rough』, which I worked on, is also included.

I look at it as if it were fascinating. In my previous life, I never entered the charts. But this time, it was ranked 50th at once.

However, I’m not that happy. I wonder if this is the power of Hwayangyeonhwa. Or maybe it’s because I like the song I worked on. That’s because I don’t know.

Even though it’s not a song I worked on, most of the songs on Hwayangyeonhwa’s album are ranked on the charts.

“Oh, I don’t know.”

Lie down on the desk again.

I’m not sure about something. I’ve come to like the songs I’ve written, but I’m not sure that the public likes them.

Since I decided to work as a genius producer, I shouldn’t show myself like this. Ugh. I let out a short sigh.

§ § §

Although school has started, that doesn’t mean classes are being held. During class, everyone talks as they please, and the teachers don’t say much.

Since there is nothing to teach in the first place, they just tell you to prepare for second year. In the first place, the only thing to do after going to school during this period is the graduation ceremony and class assignment that will occur shortly thereafter.

This is good news for me, who used to sleep at school.

Because it’s okay to sleep as much as you want without worrying about what’s going on.

But that doesn’t mean I always noticed.

So I slept in class, and it was the last major class of my first year. Participate in teacher Ha Hyo-joo’s class. Among her teachers, Ha Hyo-joo, the only one who likes me, smiled and said that she was happy to see me after a long time.

“How was your vacation?”

“Yes, teacher?”

“I’ve been fine. So you signed a contract with the company?”

“yes. “It just so happened that it happened that way.”

While saying that, he scratches the back of his head.

Then Teacher Ha Hyo-joo spoke proudly.

“I can’t believe I already signed a contract with a company at the age of 18. “That’s amazing.”

“I haven’t done anything yet, well.”

“It’s a big deal for a songwriter to get a contract at that age. But you are a producer, not a composer. So it’s even greater. I can’t believe there was a student like this among the students I taught. “I’m really proud.”

I don’t know what to say, so I just smile awkwardly.

I don’t know what to do when people praise me like that.

“Do you have any other company than that?”

So let’s change the topic.

I remember what Seo Chae-rim said to me a while ago. She said she wanted to somehow bring teacher Ha Hyo-joo to MM Entertainment, right?

So, I am currently persuading CEO Seo Hoon. Teacher Ha Hyo-joo responded to my words with a slight frown.

“Not now. While I was taking a short break, I was offered a position as a teacher. “I haven’t signed a contract with the company yet.”

“Hmm, I guess so.”


Teacher Ha Hyo-ju, who spoke up to that point, laughs.

“I think I’ll probably sign a contract with the company again next year or the year after.”

“Oh yeah?”

“huh. Instead, I would have to quit my job as a teacher.”

He looks a bit embarrassed by Teacher Ha Hyo-joo’s somewhat unexpected words.

“Teacher, are you going to quit?”

“huh. I don’t have the confidence to teach while working as a composer. “There is more to prepare for this class than I thought.”

The teacher who said that thought for a moment and then said that this was a secret. she added, straightening her index finger and putting it to her lips.

I nod my head at that sight.

Then, will Teacher Ha Hyo-joo also come to MM Entertainment?

While thinking about that, I frown for a moment. I have never heard of a composer named Ha Hyo-joo. If you think about it, it’s strange. Even though he is a teacher at Seolwon Arts High School, which is said to be the best, no one knows the name Ha Hyo-ju.

Even when I search in the search bar, nothing comes up. Is he really a composer who doesn’t have any songs to work on? I thought about it, but there is no way Seolwon Arts High School could bring in someone like that.

If that’s the case, then you’re hiding your identity.

Who on earth is this?

“Can I hear what song you worked on?”

“I’m sorry about that.”

Teacher Ha Hyo-ju laughs and rejects my words. When asked last time if there was a separate work name, the answer was “secret,” so it is clear that it is being hidden.


Then, the teacher opens his mouth again.

“Do you want to listen to the song I’m working on right now?”

“Yes, I like it.”

Nod your head. Maybe it’s a song I know. Then, teacher Ha Hyo-ju operated her laptop and played one of her songs.

A song plays from the laptop. A tropical house genre song that makes you excited just by listening to it. A very familiar melody. It’s a melody that you can’t forget once you hear it and that makes you hum without even realizing it.

At the same time, it is a very familiar song to me.

Uh, this?


Why this song?

I look at Teacher Ha Hyo-joo with a slightly embarrassed expression. this song. Know. A song you can never forget. One of the songs I worked on as a singer in my past life.

This is a song by composer CM.

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