My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 72

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EP17 – Genius Producer. (3)



“Ah, it’s been a while. Chae-rim.”

The people at the company smile and welcome Seo Chae-rim as she enters MM Entertainment with a bright smile. Looking at those people, Seo Chae-rim bowed her head again.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but isn’t there too many employees for a company that only has one signed artist? Well, they say they brought in employees from komm.

“Representative, you’re inside, right?”

“No, the CEO went to a meeting today.”

“A meeting?”

“That Kim Han-ol.”


Seo Chae-rim’s brow furrows at the name that comes out of the employee’s mouth. Hanol Kim. The person my uncle, the CEO, is working hard to bring in.

However, Seo Chae-rim did not understand why her uncle was trying to bring him to such an extent. Of course, Seo Chae-rim also acknowledges his singing.

Because the first album he released was shockingly good. But that’s it. It’s been 5 years since Kim Han-ol debuted. So far, he has only released six songs at most.

Moreover, 5 of those songs were included in the first album, so only one song was released during the remaining time. I was wondering if something had happened, so I looked into it personally, and it wasn’t like that, it was just because I was lazy.

And there are some issues with women. It is said that because of this, his former company ‘Zen’ also suffered from headaches. The result is termination of the contract, not renewal.

How can you bring someone like that?

‘They don’t even listen to me.’

Seo Chae-rim desperately tried to stop her uncle because it seemed like he was spending money in vain. However, his uncle said that he should give Seo Chae-rim a chance and that people can change, and eventually signed a contract.

My uncle is a good person. He has a good eye for vision and a clear management philosophy. But even if you like people, the problem is that you like them too much.

Huh, Seo Chae-rim let out a deep sigh. Seeing Seo Chae-rim like that, the employees smiled, thinking that her niece came to work and was complaining because she couldn’t see her uncle.

“Oh, there’s Hajun.”

At that time, one of the employees spoke to Seo Chae-rim. At those words, Seo Chae-rim nodded as if there was nothing he could do. In fact, Seo Chae-rim also knew that Yoon Ha-jun was at MM Entertainment.

The reason Seo Chae-rim came to MM Entertainment in the first place was to see Yoon Ha-jun and Han Go-yo. Hajun Yoon. The first artist to sign a contract with MM Entertainment on the recommendation of Seo Chae-rim.

And Seo Chae-rim has very high expectations for Yoon Ha-jun. Hajun Yoon’s performance is very important for his own future. In addition, all of the people that Seo Chae-rim is currently working with are related to Yoon Ha-jun.

Goyo Han, and Suyeon Yoon.

It’s a pity that we lost Kim Tae-young, but it can’t be helped.

“When will the representative arrive?”

“A little after 4 o’clock?”

“Then I’ll have a chat with Hajun for the first time in a while.”


The employee nodded, and Seo Chae-rim headed to the recording studio where Yoon Ha-jun was. It was very easy to find the recording studio where Hajun Yoon was working.

Because the only artist who signed a contract in the first place was Hajun Youn. Soon after, Seo Chae-rim visited the recording studio and carefully knocked on the door before going inside.

And Seo Chae-rim couldn’t say anything. Normally, I should say hello like it’s been a while or how have you been, but I can’t open my mouth.

This was because the atmosphere in the recording studio was frighteningly quiet. There is Han Go-yo in the booth, and Ha-jun Yoon, sitting in front of the desk, is coordinating something.

Then he opens his mouth carefully.

“They say time is the cure, all I have left is evil. This part is a little more depressing. And let’s go as if muttering. Well, you know it’s called ASMR, right? “Like whispering.”

Goyo Han nods at Hajun Yoon’s words.

Soon the song starts and Hangoyo sings.

-They say time is short.

All I have left is evil.

“Wow,” Seo Chae-rim exclaimed inwardly. I heard that they were trying a different singing style, so I knew, but I never thought it would change this much.

In addition, the melody I worked with people called Blue Akara was so depressing that it couldn’t be said. I haven’t even heard it from the start, but just hearing it is so depressing that I feel out of breath.

“for a moment.”

While Seo Chae-rim is admiring, Ha-jun Yoon stops singing. Then, after thinking about something for a while, he listens to the song again and speaks to Han Go-yo.

“All I have left is evil, so let’s go a little faster on this part.”

-Then I think it will be faster than the pitch.

“It’s okay, give it a try.”

Goyo Han nods and continues recording again.

Seo Chae-rim stood still and looked at the situation.

‘I felt it last time, but it’s really tricky.’

As I felt when recording 『Main』, Hajun Yoon has a strong tendency to be a perfectionist. If he doesn’t like something, he repeats it as many times as he wants.

Well, thanks to that, that kind of result is coming out. How many times did they ask for re-recording? When Seo Chae-rim’s legs were slowly starting to hurt, Ha-jun Yoon nodded as if he had finally achieved a satisfactory result.

“good. “Let’s take a short break and then come back.”

Goyo Han nods and takes off the headset he was wearing. And the moment he moved to get out of the booth and Ha-Jun Yoon also stretched out to relax his stiff body from work, Chae-Rim Seo spoke carefully.

“It looks like the work is going well.”

“Damn! “It’s a mate.”

And Yoon Ha-jun must have been surprised by Seo Chae-rim’s voice, so he stretched and screamed. The sight was quite funny, so Seo Chae-rim laughed without even realizing it.

“Why are you so surprised? “Have you seen a ghost?”

“······I was surprised to suddenly hear a voice behind me when I thought no one was there. “More than that, when did you come here?”

Hajun Yoon exhaled loudly, probably because he was really surprised. When he was working earlier, he looked very serious, professional, and sexy, but now he looks like a child again.

“I came in earlier, but I thought you were working so I didn’t talk to you.”

“Are you allowed to come into the studio at will?”

“I told you to come to the studio right away when Ji comes.”

Seo Chae-rim responds to Yoon Ha-jun’s complaint as if he were dumbfounded. In response to that, Hajun Yoon also said, “Oh, that’s right.” He nodded, thinking about it.

“But if you come, you should talk to me like this.”

“I’m sorry if it bothers you while you’re working.”

But that too…


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Hajun Yoon gently sticks out his lower lip.

You must have been quite surprised, huh?

“Ugh, Hajun. Are you very surprised? “Were you scared?”

Seeing this, Seo Chae-rim sighs and speaks in a tone that soothes the child. Then Hajun Yoon waved his hand. I think he didn’t like the idea of ​​him being treated like a child.

At that time, Goyo Han, who came out of the booth, spotted the figure and frowned. Then, after thinking for a moment, he approached Ha-jun Yoon, stood behind him, and looked at Chae-rim Seo.

“Hello, Goyo.”


Behind Hajun Yoon, Goyo Han nods his head. Seo Chae-rim smiled at the wary cat-like appearance. Isn’t that kind of scratching you?

With that in mind, Seo Chae-rim spoke to Han Go-yo in a friendly manner.

“long time no see.”

“Iknow, right.”

“How about the company studio?”

“······It’s good.”

Actually, I don’t think much of it, but I still reply that it is the company that Ha-jun Yoon signed a contract with. From Han Goyo’s perspective, it doesn’t matter where he works as long as he works with Ha-Jun Yoon.

Whether it’s here, at school, or at Howl Studio.


However, Seo Chae-rim, who did not know that, nodded as if she was satisfied with Han Go-yo’s answer. Yeah, like this. All you have to do is let it seep in slowly.


Seeing Seo Chae-rim like that, Yoon Ha-jun sighed. This is because it was obvious to Yoon Ha-jun what Seo Chae-rim was going to do.

Well, it’s still not a bad thing. It’s not because he signed a contract, but MM Entertainment is a very good company. Seo Chae-rim is also a very good person.

And more than anything, Hajun Yoon does not want Han Goyo to disappear. Even now, knowing Han Goyo’s family history, I still don’t understand why she disappears.

Of course, her family life is unfortunate, but her talent is too great to be lost because of that.

‘Is something else going on?’

The timing for Han Goyo to disappear is before the graduation ceremony. So Han Go-yo doesn’t even participate in Seolwon Arts High School’s graduation ceremony and just disappears.

Just like a mirage.

Hajun Yoon looks at Goyo Han. Her expression is not as indifferent as before. She used to look like a doll that would break just by looking at her, but now she still looks like a person.


Han Go-yo asks Yoon Ha-jun’s gaze looking at her.

To that question, Hajun Yoon smiled and said.

“Let’s work again.”


Goyo Han didn’t say anything.

Just quietly stick out your lower lip.

Just like Yoon Ha-jun from before.

§ § §

After chatting with Seo Chae-rim for a while, we resume work. As I felt last time, MM Entertainment’s recording studio facilities are very good.

And it’s the same as paying for all the facilities. In fact, the studio I work in now is my own studio. When I think of that, I feel excited.

Should I say it feels like playing with a lot of toys? I get to try out features I’ve never used before, and I’m impressed by the excellent sound quality.

And seeing me like this, Seo Chae-rim nodded as if she was satisfied. Wow, there’s something about that gaze that I don’t like.

Just like you mentioned earlier, don’t you really think of me as a child? Of course, I am a year younger, but if you count the years I have lived, I have lived more than 10 years longer!

After working for a while again, I take a break again. Before we knew it, it was dinner time. After working without eating lunch, he was very hungry and he looked very tired.

“If you’re tired, you can say you want to rest. “It would be a big problem if I overexerted myself and my condition was ruined.”

Goyo Han nods his head at my words. And while I was thinking about what to have for dinner, Seo Chae-rim made a suspicious laugh and took something out of her pocket.

“You can order whatever you want to eat.”

What Seo Chae-rim took out was none other than a corporate card.

No, why is that in that hand?

“You’re not even your employee.”

“are you okay. “Because I’m the CEO’s nephew.”

“Isn’t that illegal?”

“Well, it’s illegal if I use it alone, but it’s okay if I use it with you. And this card isn’t mine, it’s Jaeho Jeong’s card. “I gave it to you so I could eat with you.”

Well, if you think about it, I am also an employee, so it is okay for me to use Beopka. In fact, when I work with a manager, the manager buys me all the food with Beopka.

“So, what do you want to eat?”

“But is it okay if I order and eat here?”

“It doesn’t matter as long as you clean up well. In fact, the employees also order whatever they want.”

It’s really free in that way. After thinking about it for a while, I order a hamburger from a nearby handmade burger restaurant. And while we were chatting about various things while waiting for the food to arrive, someone knocked on the door of the studio.

What, has it already been delivered? With that in mind, I open the door to my studio. However, the person outside the studio was not a delivery person.

The person there was Seo Hoon, the CEO of MM Entertainment, a man wearing a luxurious suit. And next to him was a man wearing casual clothes.

“You didn’t disturb me while I was working, right?”

“no. “She was resting for a while.”

“Thank goodness. Hehe, it’s none other than the fact that we have a new member in our company, so I’d like to say hello. Now, this is Hajun Yoon, our company’s first artist and producer. “And this person is Kim Han-ol, who has become a new family member.”

Seohoon introduced me to the man next to him in an excited voice. I gently lower my head at that sight. You really signed a contract with Kim Han-ol.


“Ah yes. hello.”

Kim Han-ol bows his head in a voice that is too neat for a man. And when I finished greeting, Kim Han-ol looked at me and gently frowned.

“Sophomore year of high school?”


“······Hmm, that’s amazing. “We will be a family from now on. Let’s get along well.”

It’s the way he says he doesn’t like something.

Is it true that you really want to get along?

For now, he nods his head perfunctorily. Soon after, Seo Hoon and Kim Han-ol moved to another place, saying they had to say hello to other people as well.

After carefully closing the studio door and returning to the chair to sit down, Seo Chae-rim spoke in a dissatisfied voice.

“I finally signed a contract.”

“I guess you don’t like it?”

“huh. I don’t like it. The rumors about that person are not very good either. “Especially women’s issues.”

That’s probably not a rumor but the truth. I hold back what I want to say like that. Kim Han-ol’s problems with women are famous for being complicated.

Maybe his relationships with women might be more famous than the songs he sang? It’s not just that there are a lot of women. The reason his relationships with women are famous is because of them.

From dating rumors to gossip. This is because all of the women rumored to be having affairs with him are either married or divorced.

In fact, there was a court case filed because of the affair.

In a way, it’s a very consistent taste.

“Instead of meeting someone like that, try meeting the person I recommended.”

“Did you recommend someone else besides me?”

“Oh, I’m not a student. “One of the teachers.”


“huh. It’s probably someone you know. “That’s Teacher Ha Hyo-joo.”

I blink at the somewhat unexpected name that came out of Seo Chae-rim’s mouth.

Why is teacher Ha Hyo-joo there?

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