My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 71

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EP17 – Genius Producer. (2)


The photo shoot went smoothly.

Since I already had several experiences in my previous life, I was still able to take pictures quite skillfully. In addition, thanks to the excellent skills of the photographer who took the pictures, the results were quite good.

“That photographer is a very famous person. “You often do photo shoots for celebrities, and you win a lot of awards.”

Ha-jun Yoon nodded at manager Jae-ho Jeong’s words. I had a rough idea of ​​the size of the studio, but he turned out to be a bigger person than I thought.

I was also able to see the financial power of MM Entertainment, which signed an exclusive contract with this place. I’m the only artist who has a contract right now, but I can’t believe I’ve already signed a contract with a place like this.

Are there any artists other than me that will be signing soon? For the next shoot, I cross my legs and think about what I know about mm entertainment.

mm entertainment.

If I remember correctly, mm Entertainment was originally established two years later. And after about five years, it starts to get on track, and eventually becomes a company that you can easily recognize just by hearing its name.

However, it is not the top 3 in Korea.

Should I say that it is a company that is recognized for its size?

The representative singers of MM Entertainment are, of course, singers ‘Jin Soo-hyuk’ and ‘Jinhu.’ Jin Soo-hyuk is a singer with tremendous singing ability, so much so that he is called one of the top five vocalists in Korea, and as of now, he is a veteran who debuted more than 10 years ago.

However, compared to her outstanding singing ability, her popularity is poor. Jin Soo-hyuk began to gain popularity in earnest after signing a contract with MM Entertainment.

And Jinhu. MM Entertainment’s child, or Seonggol. She is a singer who debuted after working as a trainee at MM Entertainment and is an all-rounder who has topped the charts since her debut.

If it’s singing, it’s singing, if it’s acting, it’s acting, and on top of that, it’s got outstanding songwriting skills. Truly the Munchkin of Munchkin. I had only met him once in my previous life, and I remember him as being a year younger than me.

Oh, by the way, didn’t you say that he also graduated from Seolwon Arts High School?

I don’t know exactly about that.

Anyway, 2 years. No, the year has passed, so it’s now been a year. MM Entertainment, which would have been established only a year later, has already been established.

And he made a contract with me.

“What are you thinking like that?”

I was thinking about mm entertainment when Jaeho Jeong spoke to me. He ponders the voice for a moment and then answers carefully.

“MM Entertainment doesn’t have any trainees yet, right?” “Yes. We plan to start recruiting next month. “That’s why I decided to do a promotional photo shoot.”

For some reason, they asked me to promote it even though the proper album wasn’t even out yet. Was this a build-up to recruit trainees?

“And I’m the only one who signed the contract.”


For some reason, Jeong Jae-ho trails off. Then he moves his lips with a worried expression, and it seems like he is worried about whether he should tell me this or not.


Is something happening?

How much time has passed? Jeong Jae-ho, who had been thinking for a while, carefully opened his mouth in a low voice.

“Mr. Hajun, you already signed a contract, so it’s okay to tell you. This time he signed a contract with a singer.”

“Is it okay if I ask who you are? If you have trouble answering, you don’t have to.

“Do you know me as Kim Han-ol?”

“······I know.”

Jeong Jae-ho looks surprised at the unexpected name that comes out of his mouth. Hanol Kim. A lazy genius who is said to have the talent of the devil.

Although his skills are certain, he is a singer who has disappeared because he is ignored by the public because of too many controversies. She started with her affair with a married woman, entertainment, and gambling. What else was there?

Still, there were no controversies such as drunk driving or violence that hurt others, but he ruined himself, which left his fans disappointed, and eventually he was caught using drugs and was completely kicked out of the entertainment industry.

“So you signed a contract with Kim Han-ol?”

“Yes, for now, yes.”

I frown. From what I remember, Kim Han-ol has never worked at MM Entertainment. Does that mean he just signed a contract, played for the duration of the contract, and then got kicked out?

It’s definitely possible with Kim Han-all. It’s been 5 years since Kim Han-ol debuted, and he’s only released one album in that time. And he hasn’t released a full-length album in 10 years, and has only released three digital singles.

Of course, all the released songs are treated as masterpieces, but the amount of work is still ridiculously small. It’s not for nothing that Kim Han-ol is called the devil’s talent or a lazy genius.

Now I’m starting to understand. MM Entertainment was not founded a year later. The establishment itself was already planned, but one year was wasted because of Kim Han-ol.

If things were as they were, Kim Han-ol, not me, would be the first artist to sign. Of course, I expect there are other reasons besides that.


Something feels strong.

§ § §

Even though I went to work early in the morning, I ended up finishing my schedule at night because I was busy doing various things. I contacted them to see if they had finished the work, and fortunately, they said that Howl Studio was still working on it.

“Oh, sorry I’m late. “It’s later than I thought.”

I go to Howl Studio as quickly as possible, open the door, and bow my head. Of course, he said he would arrive a little late today, but he arrived much later than I expected.

“are you okay······.”

“uh! brother! “What’s wrong with your head?!”

Won Seong-min was about to answer something, but Su-yeon suddenly made a fuss and shouted loudly. Then he came up to me, looked at me, and immediately said he liked me.

“You finally got your hair cut! Did you cut your hair because you were going to appear on TV? good! good! It’s like this. How nice it looks because it’s so clean. “I felt like I was going to die of frustration every time I looked at my hair!”

Are you my mom?

I laughed, dumbfounded, at the sight of Suyeon repeatedly nodding her head and saying that. Was my head that stuffy? why? I thought long hair was okay too.

Of course, it was wrong to not polish it. Still, if you have long hair, you look like an artist. In fact, in my past life, there was a time when I had my hair tied up to my waist.

“Your hair suits you well.”

“Oh, thank you.”

In response to Soo-yeon’s words, Won Seong-min also compliments her hair. However, is it really necessary to give this kind of praise? Looking at the expression on his face, it seems like he doesn’t really care.

Well, Won Seong-min’s hair style is much worse than mine before he cut his hair. At that time, the door to the practice room opened and a quiet sound came out cautiously.

Then, when he saw me, his eyes widened in surprise and he approached me cautiously.

“You cut your hair?”

“huh. “Why is it strange?”

It’s been a while since I had short hair, so it feels a bit awkward. I put my hand to the back of my neck, but I couldn’t feel my hair. As I was thinking that, Han Goyo continued.

“not bad.”

“Then that’s a relief. “Is your practice going better than that?”

“Well, I guess it’s not bad. “Can you please listen to it?”


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“of course.”

After nodding, I enter the practice room with Goyo Han. Then Won Seong-min and Su-yeon followed us into the practice room.

After entering the practice room, take a seat.

Then Han Goyo spoke carefully.

“Because it’s not perfect yet. “Please listen and tell me if there is anything missing.”

“of course.”

Soon after, Hangoyoga plays the song file. This is not the song that Won Seong-min and I were making. Since the song is not yet complete, it is not suitable for practice.

Instead, Hangoyo practiced songs of similar genres. First of all, what is important is the singing style of melodic rap. How are you going to practice just that singing style?

Hangoyo nods her head to the flowing melody, and then slowly begins to sing. Brief exclamations of exclamation came out from those around him at that sight.

Is it pretty? I’ve only practiced for a few days, but I have a certain level of singing ability. As expected, Hango. After admiring this, I look at Suyeon carefully.

Suyeon was watching Han Goyo with more concentration than anyone else. Cross her arms, tap her forearms with her fingers and ride her rhythm.

Soon, Goyo Han and Suyeon’s eyes met. Han Goyo’s eyes were not as indifferent as usual. Goyo Han narrows his eyes.

On the other hand, Su-yeon was looking at Han Go-yo with her eyes wide open. What, you don’t like me right now, do you? This atmosphere makes you feel like you’re asking.

The atmosphere of walking on thin ice. It’s breathtaking. Maybe something will happen? That’s what I thought, but fortunately it didn’t happen.

They just stare at each other. After that, Hangoyo sang about two more songs, and today’s work was completed.

And on the way back home.

“I didn’t lose.”

Suyeon muttered.

What about that voice? When asked again, Sooyeon answered by sticking out her lower lip.

“I didn’t lose.”

“To Goyo?”


What on earth do you mean you didn’t lose?

I blinked because I didn’t understand at all.

§ § §

I return home, wash up, and lie down on the bed. Then, I pick up my cell phone and check the accumulated contacts. First of all, Seo Chae-rim. I am sending a reply to the call from Seo Chae-rim.

And next is Jin So-hyang. Jin So-hyang, who usually sends very frequent messages, sent as many as eight messages today as well.

[I’m entering the showcase!]

[I’m so nervous…ㅠ]

[Do you remember what Hajun said during the Sileumwa concert?]

[This is a deleted message,]

[This message has been deleted.]

[This message has been deleted.]

[It was sent by mistake. Never look at it.]

[Emoji of a rabbit making an X shape with its arms.]

What message were you sending? I scratch my head looking at the three deleted messages. Looking at the fact that the kid who normally used spacing didn’t even bother writing, he must have been in quite a hurry.

I was worried about what to reply, but I just did well. I reply. Then, she picked up her phone and accessed her song streaming site.


Let out a short exclamation. This is because 『Windfall』, the title song of Hwayangyeonhwa’s current album, is ranked 11th on the charts.

Is it a good start to be ranked 11th from the first day? Well, it is a natural result since it is a song that has been at number one for a very long time. We will start promoting it on music programs tomorrow, so our rankings will rise quickly.

Play all the songs on that album. I also felt this when I listened to it before, but the level of completion of the album is really no joke.

The quality of each song included in the album is excellent, but the order in which the songs are included, their titles, and even the content of the songs are all connected.

And the song I worked on, 『Rough』, was included at the end of the album. While listening to it, I carefully look at the comments on the song.

Fortunately, there were no particularly malicious comments. I saw it on iTube and am glad to hear it in audio. Most of the comments are about wanting to see that performance on TV and whether they will perform it at the concert, as well as compliments about how good the song is.

Although it is an arrangement at best, the song I worked on is still being recognized by the public. My heart was touched by that fact.

§ § §

“Then let’s try recording the instrument like this.”


After all the arrangement work was completed, recording of instruments began. However, when it comes to recording instruments, Won Seong-min knows better than me, so I asked him to do it.

But that doesn’t mean I was just playing around. I learned from watching the things Seongmin Won cares about next to me. For example, I thought it was okay, but Won Seong-min asked for a retake.

Until now, I have used virtual instruments, but in the future I plan to record instruments and use them, so I need to watch and learn about these things.

“Where are you going to record the vocals?”

“Ah, I’m thinking of doing it at MM Entertainment.”

It’s not my idea, it’s Seo Chae-rim’s idea. I heard that I was working with Han Goyo, so I asked him to work at the company. It seems that Seo Chae-rim is planning to recruit Han Go-yo in earnest.

Wait, so Seo Chae-rim is also bringing Jin-hoo?

“Well, there are a lot of shortcomings in recording vocals in this studio.”

“It’s not like that.”

“are you okay. We also record instruments here, but record vocals in another studio.”

Saying that, Won Seong-min laughs, “Haha.” Actually, there is no such thing. Perhaps due to the nature of the band Blue Akara, the instrument recording facilities here are very good, but the vocal recording facilities are a bit lacking.

It’s not for nothing that I used the school recording studio.

“Then when do you think the music will be released?”

“First of all, I’ve been thinking about it since it went on air. Anyway, if it appears on TV, it will get publicity.”

“Can I know when it is scheduled to air?”

“They said it would air in the last week of March. “It’s for two weeks.”

Considering that it lasts for two weeks, is it a pilot program and not a regular program? Well, since it’s a program I’ve never heard of, it must have ended as a pilot program.

“First of all, I will send it to you as soon as I finish recording.”

“Yes, are you going to do the mixing and mastering yourself?”

“no. “I’m going to leave that to a professional engineer.”

“That’s a good idea. “Do you know anyone?”

I shake my head. Then Won Seong-min thought for a moment and then said.

“There is an engineer who works with us on a regular basis. Would you like me to introduce you to him?”

“That would be great.”

Winter vacation is not far away.

A new semester begins soon.

I continued to work, thinking about what would happen in the future.

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