My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 70

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EP17 – Genius Producer. (One)


-You mean appearing on a broadcast?

“Yeah, whatever. “I don’t know the amount or anything, but considering the exposure level, I don’t think it will be that much.”

After saying that I would think about Won Seong-min’s suggestion, I called my manager, Jeong Jae-ho. This is because he cannot make his own decisions as he has signed a contract with the company.

-Do you happen to know what the name of the program is?

“They say it’s ‘Star Kingdom’ that airs on cable.”

-First, we will look into it and contact you.

“yes. “Please.”

After saying that, I hang up the phone. Then Suyeon, who was watching the reactions to 『Pop, Pop』 on her laptop next to me, asked in an interesting voice.

“Oppa, are you going on TV?”

“Well, even if I leave, wouldn’t it be for at most one minute? “I think it’s not just a one-shot standard, it’s just showing the face.”

Honestly, I don’t have high expectations. It is very difficult for a music program like this to take up space, and above all, I have never heard of a program called Star Kingdom.

I know every popular music program by heart, but if I’ve never heard of it, it’s a really insignificant program.

“Still, I’m jealous. “I want to go on TV too~”

“You can go out once you debut.”

“Debut, debut. “When will this be possible?”

Suyeon rolls around on the sofa and mutters. Well, when will it be? Use your cell phone to access the cloud. Check the 『Drop pop』 channel.

It’s slowing down due to a delay in uploading while working with Blue Akka, but it’s growing steadily. In addition, the response to 『Pop, Pop』 posted this time is also very good.

It achieved the highest number of views ever, and the song was once again featured on Cloud’s main channel. The growth is much faster than initially targeted.

And at this point, word of mouth began to spread throughout the industry. Of course, you have to cast right away! Not to this extent. He’s just okay, shall we keep an eye on him? To what extent?

How do I know this?

[When are you going to introduce me to your younger brother?]

It’s thanks to Seo Chae-rim.

Seo Chae-rim has been consistently contacting me even after I signed a contract with the company. He seems to be trying to maintain good relationships with the people he introduces.

Anyway, Seo Chae-rim is constantly listening to music uploaded to 『Drop pop』. At the same time, she is greedy for Soo-yeon.

Of course, I have no intention of introducing it right away.

“Hold on a little.”

“Until graduation?”


That’s too far.

Now that I’m enrolled, when should I wait for graduation?

“Until first year summer vacation.”

“What do you have then?”

“Then there is.”

Soo-yeon was accepted to Seolwon Arts High School as a finalist. In other words, she, like Goyo Han, goes on to the Sileum and Concert as a first-year representative. That’s exactly what I’m aiming for.

Everyone from Star Entertainment participates in Sileum and the concert. There, Suyeon will present an overwhelming performance as the first-year representative and maximize her value.

“I want to stand in front of the camera quickly~”

“It will happen soon.”

I answered with a confident voice.

Then Sooyeon smiled and said.

“huh. “I will believe it.”

§ § §

“I think filming the music video will probably be possible by the end of February.”

“Then I guess I’ll just have to work on it until then.”

While working on the arrangement, I talk to Won Seong-min.

Won Seong-min nodded at those words.

“First of all, I plan to finish the work by early February. Oh, by the way, when does school start?”

“It’s February 5th. And spring break starts on the 12th. After that, school starts on March 2nd.”

“······I will try to avoid that time as much as possible.”

I answered Won Seong-min’s words with a smile.

“There is no need to do that. You can work after school. More than that, when is [Star Kingdom] being filmed?”

“It starts on February 8th, and filming will take about two weeks.”

“You can’t make a song in advance, right?”

“I heard they filmed the song theme and told it to me.”

From February 8th. If we were to film together, would it be okay to help out starting on the 12th? With that thought in mind, I look at the practice room with the door closed. There is Hangoyo in that practice room.

In order to learn how to sing melodic rap, which is my first attempt, I am practicing while listening to the songs I recommended in the practice room.

“That’s too bad.”


“The performance is only possible at the end of the year.”

Tsk, my appetite hurts. Of course, releasing music and filming music videos are great things, but performing on stage is still not enough. And more than anything, I want to see how Hangoyo will perform this song on stage.

“It can’t be helped. First of all, you two are students.”

I was about to reply to Won Seong-min’s words when my cell phone rang. Who is it? Is it Seo Chae-rim? He looks at his phone while thinking about that.

Oh, it’s Jin So-hyang.

-The album is finally coming out tomorrow!!!


Is it tomorrow already? This album is called the master key of girl groups and puts Hwayangyeonhwa in the first tier. And above all, the album containing my first official work will be released tomorrow.

-I’m going to perform on stage the day after tomorrow, and I’m going to die of nervousness. I think the song is good, but what if the response isn’t good?


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I responded to the message with a small sighing emoticon and said it would be okay. And I also sigh a little.

I’m worried too.

Hwayangyeonhwa’s album was a huge success both in terms of popularity and artistry. There’s no need to worry about that. What I’m worried about now is the reaction to my work, 『Rough』.

First official sound source. What if the reaction is bad? The miserable evaluations I received in my previous life automatically come to mind.

Ah, I feel bad. I tried so hard to forget about it, but once I remembered it, it bothered me. At that time, the cell phone rang again. I check my phone, wondering if it’s Jin So-hyang this time.

But this time it wasn’t Jin So-hyang.

The person who sent the message was none other than manager Jaeho Jeong.

-I contacted Star Kingdom about the Hwayangyeonhwa song that will be released tomorrow. By any chance, can you come to the office tomorrow?

“Seniors. “I may be a little late tomorrow, is that okay?”

When asked that question in response to Jeong Jae-ho’s text message, Won Seong-min nodded, saying, “Of course it’s okay.” I am sending a reply to Jaeho Jeong.

[What time shall we go?]

-How about around 2 o’clock?

[yes I’m okay. Then I’ll see you tomorrow at 2 o’clock.]

After replying like that, I put down my phone. And the next day. When I went to the office, the manager, Jaeho Jeong, welcomed me and took me to the conference room.

And then he suddenly told me.

“Let’s film.”


I frown. What do you mean filming? Well, are you planning on creating new content on your own? While I was thinking about that, Jaeho Jeong took a sip of coffee and spoke.

“A photo shoot. First of all, since I am MM Entertainment’s first artist, I have to promote it as well. Above all, we plan to publish some articles.”

“You mean a promotional article?”

“yes. I worked on a song for Hwayangyeonhwa’s album, and if I appear on Star Kingdom, that’s enough to promote it. And for such publicity, official photos are essential.”

That is correct. And that publicity is also the biggest reason why I signed a contract with entertainment. Jeong Jae-ho continued speaking with a serious expression.

“And we plan to conduct aggressive marketing through Hajun. 17 years old, no. You’re 18 now. Anyway, there are many singers who debuted in high school, but songwriters are not that common. Moreover, he is not just a composer but a producer, so his differentiation is clear.”

“That’s right.”

Ah, I’ve never thought about something like that. That’s what I heard the story. There aren’t that many people who sign a producer contract at the age of 18.

“Of course, we will not force or force exposure to the media. However, since we are a company, if we release an album or work with other singers, we have to promote it.”


It costs a lot of money to make an album. Also, the company is not doing any kind of charity work, so it has to earn as much money as it invests.

It’s a natural thing.

This is what I was prepared for when I signed the contract in the first place.

“I knew. Then when will we film?”

“There’s no need to waste time, so let’s do it today. “There are studios that have signed a contract with us, so we can film there.”


Well, taking pictures is not difficult.

I nodded and was about to get up when Jeong Jae-ho spoke.

“But before that.”


“Let’s go to the shop first.”

§ § §

The place where Jeong Jae-ho took Yoon Ha-jun was a very high-end Jin hair shop in Cheongdam. Jae-ho Jeong speaks to Ha-jun Yoon, who is embarrassed by the luxurious hair salon he is visiting for the first time.

“First of all, let’s cut your hair cleanly. That head. “It’s so frustrating just looking at it.”

“······Ah yes.”

Ha-jun Yoon nods his head at Jae-ho Jeong’s words. Well, even if he thinks about it, he’s really in over his head right now. Since his regression he hasn’t been to the salon, so he hasn’t had a trim in a year.

Suyeon and her mother nagged her to cut her hair, but it wasn’t easy to go to the hair salon and she was busy with work, so she kept putting it off.

“Dyeing is difficult, so I’m thinking of just adding some color with color spray. I’m also planning on doing makeup. and······. What would you like to do with the costume? Do you have a concept in mind or something like that?”

“By concept, are you talking about the shooting concept?”

“It also refers to the external image.”

External image. Simply put, it means how it will be perceived by the public. In the past, external image was very important.

There were people who did not speak to their seniors or colleagues in order to maintain mysticism, arrogance, and such concepts. But I don’t have to go that far now.

Nevertheless, external image is important. Because your external image is your first impression. And the public judges and consumes people based on their first impressions.

“First of all, the concept we came up with is obvious, but it’s genius. Well, something like that.”

He’s a genius. I chuckle at that sound. It is a word that is far from my confidence. Hajun Yoon thinks he is neither a gifted nor a genius.

If I had to really ask, it’s ‘career’ and ‘early maturity’. And that precocity is something I gained through time that other people don’t have.


‘You can’t say that.’

And people won’t even understand. Genius, genius. Hajun Yoon mutters quietly. What is the most important thing in the entertainment industry these days?

Aggro. Celebrities ultimately make a living from the public’s attention. And aggro attracts the public’s attention.

It’s not for nothing that idols come up with strange superpower concepts or throw out unreasonable numbers in entertainment shows. It’s all about attracting aggro and getting a little more attention.

In that respect, the concept of genius is not a bad thing.

Plus, if you think about it, you’re an aggro right now.

Majored in composition at Seolwon Arts High School, where he received a scholarship. He worked on music with idols and signed a contract with an entertainment company as a producer at the age of 18.

It’s enough to appeal to a genius. And even if you’re a producer, being famous isn’t a bad thing. As you become more famous, there will be people who want to work with you.

More than anything, I can help Suyeon when she debuts.


Hajun Yoon took a short deep breath. Once a public image is established, it cannot be changed. Genius cosplay. That was possible at Seolwon Arts High School.

Even though it was a high school full of talented kids, they were at best high school students. However, the place Ha-Jun Yoon is stepping into now is not high school, but the entertainment industry.

A world where only true geniuses can succeed.

How long can he remain a genius there?

“yes. “I don’t think it’s bad.”


With Hajun Yoon’s answer, the setting began in earnest. The hair that I worked so hard to grow over the past year is cut off and falls to the floor.

Looking at that, Hajun Yoon lightly clenched his fist. It was because it felt like the past was somehow holding on to those hairs.

In his previous life, he entered the entertainment industry as a singer and failed.

However, as a producer, I took on the challenge again.

So it won’t fail this time.

Hajun Yoon clenched his lightly clenched fist tightly. I plan to take back everything that happened to me.

Suyeon’s dream that he took away.

mother’s happiness,


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