My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 7

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EP2 – Snowfield High School (3)



As soon as I finished sketching, the first thing I did was apologize. Oh my god, what have I done? How can you go crazy with a song and cause such a nuisance?

I glance at my cell phone. The current time is 12:40. The important thing is that it is night, not day. They came without any prior contact and just played for 3 hours.

“It’s okay. It seems like I suddenly felt inspired, but that’s possible.”

I understand. Seongmin Won says: He smiles wryly at those words. After all, this person is a genius after all. It’s inspiration. I’ve composed countless songs so far, but I’ve felt inspiration only twice.

I couldn’t even finish the song I wrote after feeling that inspiration. That’s why I don’t believe in inspiration. Instead, I make songs my way.

Create countless melodies from beginning to end. And then connect those melodies. Cut out the strange parts. That’s my way.

I don’t know how to create an overall melody from scratch or a core melody. It’s like that right now.

The reason I played the song for these three hours was because I created so many melodies. Indeed, it is unknown how many of those melodies will be unused and discarded.

“If you’re so sorry, please let me hear the song you composed today later.”


Nod your head.

That’s what I wanted.

“I’m so sorry and thank you!”

After saying hello to Won Seong-min once again, I leave Howl Studio. It had already become completely dark outside.

Cold, dry air. I inhale it and take out my phone. Her cell phone was buzzing with messages from her mother.

Six phone calls and about 10 texts. I think he’s worried because his son doesn’t come home even after 12 o’clock.

First, after sending a reply, I run home. And then I think of the melodies I just made. Although we recorded a huge number of melodies, the core melody was decided.

Think of melodies to connect with that melody. How about this, how about that. If it is made this way, how will Suyeon digest it?

As I was thinking about that, I arrived home before I knew it.

Of course, I got scolded by my mom a lot.

§ § §

It is more appropriate to describe the way Yoon Ha-jun creates songs as cutting them down rather than making them. The lump of melody, which is made up of countless melodies, is cut and cut and cut again to leave only the core.

Of course, a lot of time passes. Therefore, Ha-jun Yoon invested all his time in creating the song, excluding Soo-yeon Yoon’s singing lessons, guitar lessons, and studio recording time.

As a result, the outline of the song began to emerge to some extent. And when Won Seong-min heard the outline, he expressed admiration in a very pure sense.

“It’s amazing. I never thought music like this would come out of that bunch of melodies.”

When I first heard Hajun Yoon’s song, I was shocked. Oh my god, can this be described as a song?

No, this is not a song. If we were to find a suitable expression, the closest would be that it is a bundle of melodies made by forcibly combining mismatched melodies.

I had no idea where to start giving feedback. However, as time passed, an outline emerged, and today it has reached a level where it can be recognized as a ‘song’.

“are you okay?”

“It might take a bit more organizing, but I think it’s very good.”

These are not empty words.

Although there are still parts that are cumbersome, it is still listenable. If we continue to refine the song like this, a very good song will come out.

“But are you preparing this for a test?”

“Uh, how did you know?”

“We also had quite a few students who were preparing for major exams even before admission.”

Come to think of it, Won Seong-min was also a graduate of Seolwon Arts High School.

For a moment, I forgot.

Seongmin Won says while looking at Hajun Yoon who nods his head.

“Have you decided on a title?”


“You can’t write something roughly. The title is very important in the composition major exam. Do you know how the composition exam is conducted?”

“Can’t I just play it during the exam period?”

Seongmin Won nods his head.

“The test format is roughly correct. However, it is not enough to simply play. First, you must select a major instrument and perform one of your own compositions. At this time, if the length of the song is less than 2 minutes, points will be deducted. And a summary of the composition work. “You have to submit it.”

“A summary of the work?”

“Yes. You have to write down things like what feeling you had in composing the song and why you made the highlight the way it did. At this time, the title is very important. If you write a rough title, you will get points deducted.”


“And then you play the chord score of the song you composed one more time on the piano. The evaluation is divided into three stages, and the scores are evenly distributed for all three, so you can’t miss anything.”

oh my god. Wasn’t it enough to simply play? Hearing Won Seong-min’s words, Yoon Ha-jun made a serious expression.

The exam for vocal major was simple.

Sing in front of people and cameras.

Then he selects one specialty and shows it.

That’s it.

So I thought the composition test would be like that, but I never thought it would be so different. In particular, I never imagined it would be a work summary.

“thank you.”

If I didn’t know this, I would have been very confused.

“Do you know how to play the piano?”

“It’s not better than a guitar.”


Won Seong-min groaned as if he was confused. Hajun Yoon’s guitar skills are average. Of course, the average mentioned here is based on students attending Seolwon Arts High School.

In addition, I reached that level thanks to taking lessons from Won Seong-min. Before that, it was below average. But it’s not enough.

At that level, it will be difficult to get good results.

“Would you like me to give you piano lessons?”

“······Shameless, but I would like to ask you a favor, senior.”

“It’s okay. It’s fun to take lessons with Hajun.”


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Won Seong-min smiled brightly, perhaps because he liked being called senior. It’s a smile that doesn’t go well with a bushy beard. He’s a really unique person.

“Oh, you know how to write chord scores, right?”

“Yes, you know that.”

“Then, let’s increase the lessons to twice a week until school starts. Guitar on Tuesdays and piano on Thursdays. How about that?”

“I am grateful.”

“And once you enroll, you will have classes on the weekend.”

Hajun Yoon nodded.

And after thinking for a moment, he spoke carefully.

“Hey, senior.”


“Is it okay if I bring my younger brother to the weekend class?”

“My younger brother.”


Younger brother, younger brother. Yoon Ha-jun’s younger brother. Now that I think about it, Ha-Jun Yoon said it before. He said the reason he is not a singer is because of his younger brother.

In Won Seong-min’s opinion, Yoon Ha-jun’s singing ability is not bad. He is quite good even among the vocal majors at Seolwon Arts High School. So much so that I look forward to the future.

Hajun Yoon gave up being a singer.

Because of that younger brother.

Seongmin Won felt intense curiosity.


§ § §

As I was working on the song, the entrance ceremony was quickly approaching. Actually, even though it’s an entrance ceremony, I’m not that worried. I’ve already attended the school once, so what’s there to worry about?

But Mom and Suyeon didn’t think that was the case.

They take care of various things for me even more than I do.

“Are you sure it’s okay if I go alone? Should my mom go with me?”

“It’s okay. Mom, you have to go to work too. And we start class as soon as the entrance ceremony is over.”

“Are you really okay?”


No, I understand that Mom is worried, but why is Suyeon like that? Anyone who sees me will think I’m his younger brother. Even though I haven’t even graduated from middle school yet.

“Don’t worry about me, just study hard.”

“I study better than my brother.”

Hearing Suyeon’s low mumbling words, he was a little surprised and opened his eyes wide. I never thought Sooyeon would say something like that. I think I became a lot more comfortable while taking music classes.

In the past, I had a certain sense of distance from myself. Well, in the past, I couldn’t pay attention to Suyeon like this.

At that time, you receive training, go to academy, and study. For one reason or another, I couldn’t have a conversation with Sooyeon. Despite this, Sooyeon continued to take care of me.

They are truly a good younger brother and an ugly older brother.


At that time, Sooyeon held out something to me. A beautifully packaged small box. Take it and open it. Inside was a wallet.

“It’s a gift for my brother when he enters school. Use it sparingly.”

“······thank you.”

“Then this is a gift from mom.”

This time it was mom’s turn. Suyeon: A much bigger shopping bag than this one. When I opened it, there was an expensive brand of earphones inside.

“Congratulations on your admission, son.”


My whole family is so nice.


For some reason, a runny nose came out.

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