My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 69

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EP16 – 『Drop Pop』 (4)


“Say hello. Here are our band members. And here is Mr. Hajun. “I am the producer of this project’s album.”

With that said, Won Seong-min introduced the members of Blue AKA. Blue AKA has a total of 4 members. Choi Min-seok on drums, Ahn Ha-in on bass, and Kang Min-seok on keyboard. and Won Seong-min, who composed the music, played guitar, and performed vocals.

However, in the case of vocals, it is more common for Won Seong-min to hire a guest vocalist rather than sing it himself. Looking at them, Hajun Yoon slightly lowered his head.


“Um, is this him?”

“hi. You look cute. “How old did you say you were?”

“I’m 18 now.”

“Kya, I can’t believe you already have that kind of skill at that age. “Isn’t Seongmin better at singing than you?”

“Things like that happen, too.”

“He wrote that song?”

The members of Blue AKA whisper with surprised faces at Ha-Jun Yoon’s greeting. I knew he was a high school student because I heard him, but when I saw him in person, he looked very young.

“What does age matter? The song is important. My name is Choi Min-seok. Please take care of me.”

“Ah, this is Hajun Yoon.”

Hajun Yoon lightly grabbed Choi Minseok’s outstretched hand. Then he looked surprised. Even though I only held it lightly, I felt a strong grip.

Drummers say power is life.

Although it looks delicate, it is very strong.

“That’s right. The song you made is very interesting. “Isn’t emo hip-hop popular these days?”

“The basic gist is emo hip-hop.”

“Hmm, maybe it’s because I’m young? “It’s very trendy.”

“What does age have to do with it?”

In response to Kang Min-seok’s mumbling, Won Seong-min blurts out. Then, he clapped lightly with his large hands to get his attention and then spoke.

“So, have you all listened to the song I sent you?”

Instead of responding to Won Seong-min’s words, the band members went to their seats and sat down with their instruments. Then they looked at each other, nodded, and started playing.

Suddenly, Ha-jun Yoon looked surprised as the performance started. I thought you would start by talking about this and that about the song, but you start by playing it here?

The main melody is the keyboard. The bass adds to the sound. And the drums add power, and the gorgeous guitar playing embraces the notes.

Hajun Yoon opened his mouth blankly at that sight. Indeed, Blue Aka. I’ve never played a proper ensemble before, but it works well together.

It’s not just about adding up. The melodies are vivid and alive. Ha-Jun Yoon frowned carefully while listening to the performance.

Taeyoung Kim also felt this, but virtual instruments can never follow the sound of the instrument played by the musician. The limits are clear.

‘When I release an album, I’ll have to ask the performers.’

Until now, I only composed music using virtual instruments due to lack of money and time, but now it is different. money? That is provided by the company. Hire a performer? The company does that too.

The company will provide not only the performers, but also all engineering and lyrics. After all, the company is the best. Good job signing the contract.

While Ha-Jun Yoon was thinking that, the members of Blue AKA looked at Ha-Jun Yoon after they finished playing. The producer of this project album is Hajun Yoon.

Even if they like their performance, if producer Ha-jun Yoon doesn’t like it, they have to do it again.

“how is it?”

In response to Won Seong-min’s question, Ha-jun Yoon thought for a moment and then said.

“The performance is good, but I think the development of the song is a bit lacking. Obviously, the genre of this song is emo hip-hop, but it also has strong rock tendencies. In addition, jazz is now added. So, I think we need to supplement the development of the song a little more. And in the case of performance, existing instruments are now musical instruments, but in addition to these instruments, we need to add sounds of other instruments and household items.”

“It might need some arrangement.”

“yes. “I think we need to make up for the missing parts.”

Won Seong-min and Yoon Ha-jun are talking, and Kang Min-seok joins in.

“If it’s a different instrument, which instrument are you talking about?”

“We will also use synthesizer sounds. “I also want to add some trumpet.”

“Where is the trumpet?”

“There are places where you can only play bass and guitar. The previous part. So, this is the part that will be the hook.”

“Hmm. That’s fine. Are you going to use it with a synthesizer?”


In addition, Ha-Jun Yoon asked the members for various things. The members chuckled at that sight. When Won Seong-min asked me to work with him, I had a vague idea, but this guy is quite the guy.

He is quite talented as a composer, but what is even better is his talent as a producer. Just 18 years old. But he clearly knows what is good in music.

It’s not just about trying something new. We are quickly identifying trends and making attempts that will be accepted by the public. Additionally, he is not intimidated by members who are 10 years older than him and look scary.

A producer is the general manager.

We must take responsibility for making all music.

In that respect, Hajun Yoon knows his role as a producer very well. He may be asked for his opinion, but he is not swayed by it.

“Do you like it.”

Choi Min-seok muttered that and looked at Won Seong-min.

Won Seong-min said while looking at that gaze.

“No complaints?”


§ § §

“Would you like me to write some lyrics?”

Goyo Han looked embarrassed at Hajun Yoon’s request. He said he had something to ask of him, so I asked him what was going on, and he said, “No way, try writing some lyrics.”

“Because you have to sing this song. “I think you should write the lyrics.”

“I’ve never written lyrics properly.”

“are you okay. “I will help you too.”

Goyo Han nods his head slowly. I don’t feel like doing it, but it’s necessary for music. Goyo Han, who received the note from Hajun Yoon, looked worried for a moment and then asked.

“So what kind of content should I write about?”

“Just tell your story.”

“my story?”


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“huh. your story. So, this is what I usually want to say. The words I had been holding back. “I put it all into the lyrics.”

“······Then it will get very dark.”

“are you okay. You know it just by hearing the melody. “The first half of this is really depressing.”

What Hajun Yoon said is correct. The beginning of the music I’m currently working on is very depressing. And as it unfolds, it changes from melancholy to screaming.

I liked that. The shock I felt when I first heard Ha-Jun Youn’s song can be felt in this song as well. This is music that makes you confident that this song is mine.

“So don’t worry and use it to your heart’s content. Because other people won’t know what you’re saying anyway. Let out everything you’ve been holding back. “You were frustrated too.”

I know what Hajun Yoon is talking about. Because Hajun Yoon knows everything about his situation. Goyo Han carefully nodded at Hajun Yoon’s words.

Then I sat down and looked at my notes. What lyrics should I write? It’s your own story. There is a lot I want to say. There are so many.

But can I do it? Is it really okay to say this? Such thoughts pass through my head. Han Goyo’s hand pauses for a moment.

But in the end, I couldn’t write anything down.

I just stare at my notes all day.

“Mr. Calm.”

At that time, Won Seong-min approached Han Go-yo. Hearing Won Seong-min’s words, Han Goyo looks at Won Seong-min. Then Won Seong-min said with a bitter smile.

“Because of contract issues. As you know, the music I’m working on this time will be officially released. But since Mr. Koyo is a minor, we need to get permission from his parents.”


At those words, Hangoyo makes a sound in a daze. She has no parents. No, it exists. However, I just don’t know where it is. Instead, there is an aunt who is the guardian.

“Can you show this to your parents?”


Han Goyo accepted the contract presented by Won Seong-min. I need to show this to her aunt and get permission. When she thought about it, she suddenly felt like her breathing was tight and congested.

My aunt’s child went astray because of her and because of her song. But is it okay to show something like this? frustrated. I can’t breathe. I feel like I’m going to throw up. I want to run away.

Goyo Han tried hard to suppress those emotions. And when practice was over, he went home. Goyo Han placed the contract on the table.

Soon after, my aunt, who came out of the room, found it and started reading it. There was no conversation between the two. Her aunt, who would normally have greeted her, said nothing.

Instead, he just takes a ballpoint pen, writes something down on the contract, and then goes back to his room. Seeing that, Goyo Han slowly stood up and looked at the contract.

There were no words written there. It’s just that the guardian’s consent is stamped with their name. After confirming this, Goyo Han let out a deep sigh.

The house, which already felt stuffy and like a prison, feels even more stuffy than usual. Goyo Han took the contract and went into his room.

Then he sat down in front of the desk and took out the note he had received from Ha-jun Yoon. It was frustrating. Hajun Yoon’s words come to mind. Yes, he was frustrated. Every moment of my life is frustrating.

Except when I sing, except when I’m at school for it. I was so frustrated all that time that I felt like I was suffocating to death.

Goyo Han’s hand holding the ballpoint pen moves. Several thoughts pop into his head. What did I do wrong and why should I live like a sinner?

The speed of your hands gradually increases. Write down everything you’ve been holding in in a notebook. You know it yourself. These aren’t lyrics or anything. It’s just his own anger. But once the anger starts to pour out, I can’t stop it.

Over and over again.

Goyo Han wrote something in his notebook.


§ § §


Saying that, Goyo Han handed me a note. Take it and look at Han Goyo. He looks very tired, probably because he’s been worrying all night.

“Is it okay if I take a break for a while?”

“yes I’m fine. “I will fix the rest myself.”

“thank you.”

Han Go-yo nods and goes back to the corner and sits down. Then he leaned against the wall and closed his eyes. He feels sorry for that sight.

My request may be a cruel request.

But it is necessary work.

After opening the note, slowly look at the contents written there. Just by looking at the notes, you can see how much worry Han Go-yo put into it.

Write it, then erase it. Write again.

There are even torn pages.

What has been completed in that way is something that cannot be called lyrics. He didn’t even try to hit the minimum pitch. But it’s okay.

I can fix this much.

“Are these lyrics?”


While I was writing lyrics based on what I wrote in my notebook, Won Seong-min approached me. Then he glanced at the lyrics and spoke with a heavy expression.

“The lyrics are very heavy.”

“The overall atmosphere is heavy anyway.”

“Yes, of course.”

Won Seong-min nodded. As I write down the lyrics, I ask Seongmin Won.

“Oh, by the way, when are you releasing this song?”

“First of all, once this work is finished, we plan to release it as a digital song right away. “This is the last part of the project.”

“Part 1?”

“We decided to release the project album in two parts. There are many people who are more talented than I thought. So now, in Part 1, we have compiled the music of six people, including Taeyoung and Goyo, into one album.”

“Hmm. So do you shoot music videos or something like that?”

“I plan to film it, but I think it will be a music video for the album rather than a music video for the song. So, we put all six songs in one music video.”

I’m not sure what this means. Putting 6 songs into one music video? So, are you planning to make it 18 minutes and 20 minutes long, like an old 2000s music video?

“And you plan to sing it at the concert at the end of the year, right?”

“For now, yes.”

Blue Aka doesn’t do much broadcasting. Rather, perform more. In particular, we perform more overseas than in Korea.

So there is almost no chance of this song being sung on stage.

Goyo and I are students anyway.

It’s impossible to go abroad for a performance.

“More than that, there is something I want to say to Mr. Hajun.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“By any chance, do you have time for about two weeks in February?”

“In the month of February… It’s okay, though. why?”

Because it was spring break then. Won Seong-min let out a sigh of relief, as if he was glad for my answer. Then he spoke to me carefully.

“If so, can you help me?”


“yes. “This may be exposed on broadcast.”

I blink at Won Seong-min’s somewhat unexpected words. Broadcast exposure? No, whatever. I thought about appearing on a TV show someday.

“If it’s broadcast exposure, is it an appearance?”

“Well, it’s not a great show. It’s a music program on cable. “We ended up appearing there.”

“Oh, congratulations.”

“thank you. Anyway, that’s not the important thing, we have to sing there now. But there is very little time for this. “I have to make a song in two weeks.”


I knew that the schedule for such music programs, especially audition programs, was hell, but I couldn’t believe that I had to make a song in two weeks.

“It’s too much.”

“It can’t be helped. But our members are not interested in composing or producing. It’s hard to do it alone. So I need someone to help me.”

So are you asking me to help you now?

“I thought it would be good if Hajun could help me. Of course, appearance fees and work expenses will be paid. “If he does, he will sign a contract with the company and appear.”

Seongmin Won looks at me and asks.

“So what do you want to do?”

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