My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 68

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EP16 – 『Drop Pop』 (3)


While I was working with Suyeon, it had already been two weeks since January began. I didn’t even realize it was January 1st because I was working, but it’s already been two weeks.

In one month, it will be a year since my regression, oh my.

“Time flies by.”

“I know. I’m already in high school, I feel old. “I’m old.”

Suyeon, who was next to me, heard my story and made a dying sound. He looks dumbfounded at that sound.

How old is a 17-year-old now?

So am I, who was 29 years old before my regression, an old man?

“So, have you finished working on the new song?”

“Yeah, it’s almost done.”

He mutters that and nods his head. After Jin So-hyang introduced our channel on her SNS, the 『Drop Pop』 channel literally took off.

The number of views for 『Rough』, recommended by Jin So-hyang, has exceeded 40,000, and the number of views for other songs is also reaching new highs every day.

The average number of views, which used to be around a thousand, has now surpassed 10,000.

A truly catastrophic growth rate exceeding 1,000%!

Really, this is all thanks to Sohyang. Thanks to Sohyang, 『Rough』 was introduced on Cloud’s main page, and the number of people who saw it is steadily flowing in.

I really should buy Sohyang something to eat later.

“I hope the song is uploaded quickly.”

“Do you like the song?”


Suyeon nods her head vigorously. The new song to be uploaded this time, 『Pop, Pop』, is a song that perfectly meets Suyeon’s needs.

So, it’s a song that makes you feel like you’re plump and jumping around on clouds. It is an attractive song with an exciting melody and popping lyrics.

This is a song that Sooyeon was very happy about while working on it.

“I want to see the reaction to 『Pop, Pop』 quickly.”


“It’s a song I wrote together with my brother.”

Ah, now that I think about it. 『Pop, Pop』 is a song that Suyeon and I really worked on together. The way Suyeon and I have worked so far is that I compose the song and Suyeon sings it.

At least we worked together on 『Come Home』, which we sang at the festival, but that was only a part of it. However, on this 『Pop, Pop』, I worked with Sooyeon from beginning to end.

“I want to continue working like this with my brother in the future.”

“I guess so.”


I nod my head in response to Suyeon’s question.

Well, really.


Suyeon seems to be satisfied with my answer and laughs like a bingu. It’s so cute that I smile too. And then continue working again.

『Pop, Pop』 is a very important song. Because this is the first song uploaded since the channel started. So whether this growth trend will continue or decline will all depend on 『Pop, Pop』.

That’s why I pay a little more attention to it than to the songs I’ve uploaded to the cloud so far. Should I say that I paid attention to details that I had given up on?

And when I finished working on 『Pop, Pop』, the day to work with Blue Aka arrived. Oh my, has it already been this day?

-What time shall we meet tomorrow?

I whetted my appetite after seeing the message I received from senior Won Seong-min. It’s a little disappointing. Now that I am in the mood, I want to continue working with Sooyeon.

Of course, I plan to work with Suyeon while working with Blue Aka. Well, since we made a promise in advance, there is nothing we can do.

And working with Blue Akka isn’t a bad thing. Although it’s minor, I’m working with a rock band that plays around the world.

Additionally, Won Seong-min composes all of Blue Aka’s songs. He will definitely learn something from working with someone like that.

While I was uploading 『Pop, Pop』 to the cloud channel and deciding tomorrow’s schedule with senior Won Seong-min, Su-yeon said to me:

“So, you’re going to be working at Howl Studio starting tomorrow?”



Suyeon trails off for a moment.

Then he thought about something and asked me carefully.

“By any chance, can I go there too?”

“huh? you?”

“Oh, it’s nothing special. “I just wanted to look around.”

Hmm, there is stillness, but I wonder if it will be okay. After thinking for a while, she sends a message to senior Won Seong-min and Goyo. Su-yeon contacted me tomorrow asking if it would be okay for her to visit.

A reply arrived soon after.

-I’m fine.

This is senior Won Seong-min’s answer.


-doesn’t care.

This is silence’s answer.

“Both of you are fine. “Then let’s go together tomorrow.”


Okay, Suyeon muttered and nodded.

§ § §

“long time no see.”

“I came to record last week too, well.”

Ha-jun Yoon smiles and nods at Won Seong-min’s greeting. And Sooyeon Yoon carefully looked into Howl Studio from behind Hajun Yoon.

I’ve worked here several times, but I can’t get used to it at all. Is it because of a person named Won Seong-min? I know he’s a good person, but his face looks too scary for a girl who just turned 17 to accept.

Still, Sooyeon Yoon worked hard to muster her courage and lowered her head.


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“Ah yes. “Hello to you too, Suyeon.”

After saying hello, Sooyeon Yoon walked over to the chair and sat down. Seeing this, Won Seong-min smiled bitterly and said to Yoon Ha-jun.

“I think Su-yeon is afraid of me.”

“Isn’t it more about being shy than that? “Suyeon is a bit shy because she looks like me.”

“······Hajun, are you shy?”

At Won Seong-min’s words, Yoon Ha-jun smiled bitterly and nodded. Now that I’ve made a comeback, I’m less shy. Originally, Hajun Yoon had a very shy personality.

To be more precise, I should say that I have a personality that is more wary of others than of others. Anyway, he was the kind of person who kept his distance from people.

“I think there are people who are shy.”


“Well, the person who will be working today.”


Is Goyo a shy person?

Rather than being shy, I think it’s just that I’m not interested in others.

“Have you met Han Goyo?”

“I’ve never met him, but I’ve heard a lot about Taeyoung. And she also heard songs at the festival. That’s why she accepted Ha Jun’s offer. “If it’s him, I think he’ll do a good job.”

“Oh, thank you.”

It was Yoon Ha-jun’s idea to hire Goyo as a vocalist. Of course, the producer of the song that Blue AKA is working with is Hajun Yoon, but it is wrong to decide on his own without consulting him.

However, Won Seong-min happily accepted Yoon Ha-jun’s proposal. Thinking of that time, Hajun Yoon smiled. Really, he’s a good person.

“But aren’t the other members coming today?”

“yes. Today we only have a composition meeting. They aren’t very motivated to compose music. I’ve always composed music myself. Then, if I don’t like it, I stop playing, and if I think of a good idea, it comes to me. “They are very fucking bastards.”

Yoon Ha-jun looks surprised at the harsh words that came out of Won Seong-min’s mouth. This person can say things like that too. I thought he was a saint. Well, even if it were me, I don’t think anything good would come out in a situation like that.

With that in mind, Ha-jun Yoon talked with Seong-min Won for a while. And most of the stories were about Ha-jun Yoon.

What activities will you do in the future and what songs will you make? Questions like that. While we were talking like that, the door to Howl Studio opened and Goyo Han came in.

Seeing Han Go-yo coming in a little hesitantly, Yoon Ha-jun approaches her.

“long time no see.”

“Oh, yes.”

Goyo Han let out a sigh of relief, perhaps relieved to see a familiar person in an unfamiliar place. Then she approached Won Seong-min with Yoon Ha-jun.

“My name is Won Seong-min and I will be working with you today.”

“It’s called Hangoyo.”

After briefly saying hello, Han Goyo takes a look at Howl Studio. When I only saw the exterior, it looked dirty and scary, but the inside was much neater than I thought.

I think the facilities are pretty good.


At that time, someone spoke to Han Goyo. Hearing that voice, Goyo Han looked at the source of the voice. Suyeon Yoon was there.

With a grinning, smiling expression.

Sooyeon Yoon looks at Goyo Han.

“It’s my first time seeing you. “My name is Yoon Soo-yeon, Ha-jun’s younger brother.”

Soo-yeon Yoon and Go-yo Han are meeting each other for the first time, not the first time. The two knew each other’s faces, but had never spoken directly like this. In the first place, it was the first time seeing each other so close.

“······Call it Hangoyo.”

Goyo Han didn’t say anything like being happy to meet you or anything like that. Because she was actually unwelcome. Even though Ha-Jun Yoon asked for it and said it was okay, meeting Soo-Yeon Yoon was not a very pleasant experience.

Of course, Hajun Yoon said it was okay. There is no reason to think that way about Soo-yeon. He told me he needed my voice for his song though.

Still, it was a reluctance.

§ § §

“Do you have a song or concept in mind?”

Now that Hangoyo has arrived, the real meeting begins. In response to Won Seong-min’s question, I took out a USB stick containing the songs I had sketched out in advance and connected it to my laptop.

“First of all, I prepared about three songs.”

“Oh, what genre?”

“One is typical rock, the other is ballad rock. And the other one…”

“What about the other one?”

“Listen for yourself.”

After saying that, play the song. first. Typical rock. It is a song that is strong and moves at a fast tempo.

Of course, since it is only a sketch, there are many shortcomings, but it can give you a feeling. And secondly, ballad rock. A song that starts off mournfully and develops in a screaming manner.

Both are typical style songs. Songs that have already been released tens of thousands of times. There is no way there is anything special about the development itself.

So, should I say that these are songs where you can roughly predict the plot just by listening to the first part? I carefully look at the expressions of Han Go-yo and Won Seong-min.

There was no change in the expressions of the two.

I smile bitterly at that sight.

I expected that kind of reaction, but it hurts my heart because it was so unexpected. But it’s okay. Because the first two songs are just a build-up for the last song.

“And this is the last song.”

Play the last song slowly. Won Seong-min and Han Goyo listen intently to the song playing from their laptop. And as the song unfolds, their expressions subtly change.

I grinned at that sight.

“······this song.”

Soon after the song ended, Won Seong-min opened his mouth.

However, he immediately closed his mouth, thought about something, and asked carefully.

“Is this emo rap?”

“that’s right.”

Emo rap is a type of rap hip hop with melancholy melodies. It is a genre that was established about two years ago, and is currently quite popular in the United States.

But this song is not just emo rap. To bring out the rock elements, the electric guitar and bass parts were interspersed.

Additionally, trap elements were brought to life using drums and jazz was added using a synthesizer.


“The song will be performed with melodic rap.”

“Melodic rap?”

“It’s easy to think of it as R&B. “In Korea, they call it singing rap?”

Won Seong-min kindly answered Han Go-yo’s question.

Melodic rap, or singing rap. Unlike emo hip-hop, this is not the latest trend. This is a method that has been used in Korea since the early 2000s.

However, it is classic melodic rap. There is a bit of a difference from modern melodic rap. Of course, melodic rap itself is an extremely ambiguous singing style, so people who don’t know it can’t tell the difference.

Melodic rap has a very strong melody to be called rap. That’s why some people treat it as R&B rather than rap.

However, it is not a singing style that can be ignored. Anyway, this song is rock, trap, and emo hip-hop with melodic rap. Plus, trap and jazz are added.

You may be wondering what kind of Jjambbong this is, but this genre is actually very popular in the United States right now. Slowly, there are people trying this genre in Korea as well.

“I think it’s the hottest genre right now and a good genre to try out.”

“Yes. “I was thinking about this genre too.”

“It’s worth it.”

This genre goes very well with Blue Aca. Blue Aka is a band that tries many things, and sometimes uses unique instruments.

“It’s still a sketch, so there are a lot of shortcomings, but if we add various instruments to it…”

“The melody will be richer. The problem is that if you do it wrong, the melody can feel very messy.”

“That part needs to be coordinated, well.”

This is my first genre, that is, a genre that crosses over several genres. You may think it is similar to 『Main』, but 『Main』 is divided into parts and a different genre.

However, this song is not divided into parts. It’s just all mixed together. Genres naturally mix and move on. It’s such a difficult task that I wouldn’t even dare to do it alone at the moment.

But now I’m not working alone. There is a blue aka by my side. My thoughts are, how could it not be possible with them?

“How are you?”

I look at Won Seong-min and ask carefully. Won Seong-min thought about my question for a moment and then nodded.

“I think it will be a very difficult task, but I think it is well worth the effort.”

“Whew, that’s a relief.”

I sigh at Won Seong-min’s answer. thank god. If it weren’t for Blue Aka’s help, the project would have had to be postponed with no time limit on when the work would be done.

“So what about you? “Are you okay?”

Won Seong-min gave OK, but Goyo had not yet given OK. It’s me and Blue Aka who make this song, but it’s Goyo who sings it.

I have to sing using a singing style called melodic rap, which I’ve never done before, and of course it can’t be easy. If silence is too much, I will leave immediately.

I looked at Goyo nervously, and Goyo carefully nodded.

“······I think it’s worth a try. However, since this is my first singing style, I need to practice a bit. “Are there any songs you can recommend?”

“of course.”

That’s how the song was decided.

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