My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 67

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EP16 – 『Drop Pop』 (2)


As I decided to grow the cloud in earnest, I immediately started working with Suyeon. First of all, rather than creating new songs, he records existing songs.

And there was some compromise. In the original way, you would have to work on it while putting souls into it one by one, but that is not possible due to time constraints.

Therefore, I gave up some details. I have to upload 2 songs a week, but if I pay attention to even the smallest details, I won’t be able to keep up with the schedule.

“Then Ha-Jun is now a professional composer too.”

“Well, it’s true that I’m a professional since I signed a contract with the company, but it’s a bit weird to say that I’m a professional composer. “There is no officially released music.”

“Didn’t you say you were going to release 『Rough』 soon?”

“Oh, they said the album containing that song will be released in the second week of January.”

Hwayangyeonhwa’s next album, the 2nd full-length album, will be released in the 2nd week of January. If you think about it, is that supposed to be my debut song? Well, it’s a song I worked on before signing a contract with the company.

Additionally, 『Rough』 is not a song released under my name. It’s just my name that goes up. So, I think it’s not even a debut album.

“Oh, then when you sign a contract with us, you have to sign a contract with the company too?”

“yes. That’s how it should be.

“Anyway, congratulations.”

“thank you.”

I smile and nod my head at Won Seong-min’s greeting. So we record at Howl Studio and put the finishing touches on it at home.

And the first song of the Winter Project (named by Suyeon) is uploaded to the cloud. And immediately there were comments. Check the channel for that alarm.

The person who commented was a foreigner whose name I did not know.

I rub my chin at that sight.

I definitely thought it was Ssssssssm. Now that I think about it, Ssssssm’s comments are a bit sparse these days. Did you leave because you didn’t upload it?

Or did you leave disappointed because of the lack of detail? With that in mind, I was about to check Ssssssm’s previous comments when Suyeon spoke.

“After this winter vacation, there will be more people leaving comments, right?”

“I guess so. “More than that, he doesn’t leave any comments these days.”

I asked Suyeon, wondering if she would know, and Suyeon smiled and said.

“I’ve been so busy these days that I haven’t been able to check it every day. So I left a comment saying I was sorry.”

“Oh yeah?”

Well, then there’s nothing we can do about it. Originally, this life is an important law. Now that the questions have been resolved, I start working with Suyeon again.

I said I gave up on quality, but that doesn’t mean I have any intention of uploading only songs I’ve already made. I plan to work on new songs that can bring out Sooyeon’s charm.

“This time, I want to sing a song that makes me jump!”

“What if I’m jumping around?”

“So, should I say it’s a song that jumps in the air? Feel like jumping through the air? “Why are there some songs that make you feel like walking on clouds?”

What kind of song is that song that makes you feel like walking on clouds?

I frown at Suyeon’s extremely abstract expression.

“For example, what song?”

“A song like Choi Ji-yeon’s How to Be Loved.”


I nod my head at Suyeon’s answer. Is that really what it means to be a song like walking on clouds? Overall, it’s a song that whispers about love while being lightly bouncy.

“Then the instrument is a piano and the pitch is a little higher…”

After thinking about how to make a song, I play the composition program and try to create a melody with a virtual instrument. Suyeon shakes her head after hearing the melody I made up on the spot.

“A little lighter than this. Uh, for example…”

Su-yeon sings a song on the spot.

No lyrics, just humming.

I rub my chin to that song.

“Is that the song you just came up with?”

“huh. “It came to mind right away when I heard your song.”

It definitely has some similarities to the melody I just played. Play the melody as it is with a virtual instrument. Then Suyeon nodded.

“Yep! “This is it!”

So, I finished the song by talking with Suyeon.

“So are you going to keep working on new songs?”

“That’s unreasonable.”

Winter break and spring break. Approximately, you must upload at least 15 songs over a period of 2 months. However, it is difficult to upload all of them as new songs due to time constraints.

No matter how much detail is given up, the minimum quality must be met. However, there are not enough songs to upload the songs that have been worked on in advance.

So, what is the method I prepared?

“I’m going to cover it too.”


“I’m singing existing songs. However, I don’t plan on singing it as is, but I arranged it.”

The reason I raise Cloud is to promote Sooyeon rather than to promote myself. And there’s nothing better than a cover of an existing song to grow your cloud.

In fact, there are quite a few people who only listen to covers. There are quite a few people who post covers aiming for that. I think it’s an expedient method, but it’s not a bad thing.

“Do you have a song in mind?”

“No, I’m going to work on the songs you want to sing.”

“really? Then I want to sing 『Rough』!”

I furrow my brows slightly at the word 『Rough』 that comes out of Suyeon’s mouth. Come to think of it, Sooyeon was a big fan of Hwayangyeonhwa.

I remember that everyone was shaking at the festival.


If Suyeon wants to do it, she should do it. After that, Sooyeon continued to say the songs she wanted to sing. She nodded and wrote down her list.

And then I continue working with Suyeon again.


Except when Suyeon went to academy, Suyeon and I continued to work. And each time a task was completed, the song was uploaded to the cloud.


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The channel was growing slowly but steadily. The average number of views, which was only about 500, has now increased to 1,000.

The number of comments increases. Every time that happened, Sooyeon read the comments to me as if she was happy. Most people are praising Suyeon’s voice.

The results are not that satisfactory yet, but the response is good. This level of response is something to be expected. Because there is still a lot of time left.

And after two weeks of work, I uploaded 『Rough』, which I worked with Suyeon, to the channel.

§ § §

For Jin So-hyang, the youngest member of Hwayangyeonhwa, every day has been hell these days. In preparation for her first full-length album, she choreographs daily for her comeback activities.

I feel like I’m going to die from this alone, but Jin So-hyang’s screen time in this title song is even larger than usual. This is thanks to Kwon Soo-young, who discovered Jin So-hyang’s new charm in 『Rough』, which was performed at Silumgwa’s concert, and prepared a separate part just for Jin So-hyang.

“I feel like I’m going to die from exhaustion.”

Mumbling that, Jin So-hyang threw herself onto the bed in her dorm. Activities are fun, but at the same time, they are always difficult. I couldn’t sleep well and just kept moving because I was stuck in the car.

The stage is fun, but the preparation for it is terribly painful. Moreover, this Hwayangyeonhwa album is a life-or-death album for ROC Entertainment.

Of course, preparations are bound to be more intense than usual. In fact, among the members, there was even a member who shed tears because it was so difficult.

Jin So-hyang let out a deep sigh and forced her motionless body to relax. If she doesn’t relax now, she will go through hell tomorrow.

After relaxing like that, Jin So-hyang picked up her cell phone. Now that he has fully recovered, he plans to have some healing time of his own.

What Jin So-hyang accessed on her cell phone was a cloud site. One of Jin So-hyang’s few hobbies. She hasn’t made her debut yet, but she listens to songs from singers whose skills are outstanding.

I have to say that every time I find a song like that, I feel happy, as if I found a gem. Go to the channels of the singers you’ve discovered so far and check to see if they’ve uploaded any new songs.

Then, these days, I discovered that a new song was uploaded on my favorite channel.

『Drop Pop』

The singer who stole Jin So-hyang’s heart. The unique tone of 『Drop Pop』 captivates people’s hearts. Jin Sohyang played her new song 『Drop Pop』 with her joyful heart.

“good night.”

Jin So-hyang smiled as the sound of the song tickled her ears. How can there be a voice like this? The song is good, the tone is good, everything is just good.

It’s the best, Drop Pop!

Soon after, Jin So-hyang, who listened to the entire song, quickly left a comment. For some reason, 『Drop Pop』 is steadily uploading songs.

I’m really happy about that fact. However, the number of views is not that high. That’s so unfortunate. More people need to listen to this song.

Is there any way I can help?

While I was thinking about it, an alarm rang on my phone.

Jin So-hyang checked her cell phone at the alarm.

The place where the notification came was none other than the cloud channel. That’s also the 『Drop Pop』 channel. Jin So-hyang smiled and refreshed the notification that a new song had been uploaded.

What day is today? You can listen to 2 new songs from 『Drop Pop』 in one day. Of course, the song I heard earlier was uploaded about 3 days ago, and Jin So-hyang was busy so I couldn’t listen to it.

Still, the thought of hearing two new songs in one day makes me feel good. Is this Mr. Joe or something?


Jin So-hyang looked forward to the new song uploaded by 『Drop Pop』, and a dumbfounded sound came out of her mouth. For some reason, the title is very familiar.


Is this really our song?

No, it’s just a different song with the same name.

I tried to suppress my anticipation and clicked on the song. As the song begins at the same time, a smile grows on Jin So-hyang’s face. 『Rough』 uploaded by 『Drop Pop』 was really 『Rough』 sung by Hwayangyeonhwa.

However, that does not mean that it is the same as the original song.

『Rough』 was arranged to maximize the charm of 『Drop Pop』. Her favorite singer covered her song!

“This really isn’t a dream, right?”

Jin So-hyang blinks. Even if my body was fine right now, I would be happy enough to jump around on the bed. As Jin Sohyang listened to 『Drop Pop』’s new interpretation of 『Rough』, a good idea suddenly appeared in her head.

This is a very natural way to promote 『Drop Pop』. Jin So-hyang quickly downloaded the link to 『Rough』 and accessed her SNS.

Jin So-hyang usually communicated actively with fans through SNS. Thanks to that, I have quite a lot of followers. A little over 3 million followers.

Of course, compared to top idols, they have fewer followers. Still, this is enough. With that in mind, Jin So-hyang quickly wrote a new post on social media.

You shouldn’t praise too much. Then it could actually be poisonous. It’s okay for haters to be attracted to the 『Drop Pop』 channel because of him.

An appropriate compliment. I don’t want my ID known, so it’s like I’ve heard it for the first time. After writing the post, I checked it one last time to make sure there were no strange places and uploaded it.

“Maybe this will help you?”

I hope this helps.


“Oppa, look at this!!”

I was resting after uploading a song to the cloud when Suyeon came to my room holding her cell phone. Seeing Suyeon like that, he gets up from the bed and asks.

“why? Is something wrong?”

“this this! “Look at the number of views on the song I uploaded this time!”

After saying that, Soo-yeon holds out her cell phone to me. 『Rough』, which I had just uploaded, was displayed there.


But the number of views is strange. Blink your eyes. What is this? Am I seeing something wrong? I blink several times, but the numbers on the screen do not change.


So, the number of views has now exceeded 2,100. It hasn’t been long since I uploaded it. Considering that the average number of views for the songs uploaded so far barely exceeded 1k, the number of views is more than twice that.

Is this the effect of the cover? No, anyway, isn’t the rate of increase in views too fast? How long has it been since you uploaded it and it already has this many views?

Did I catch a bug?

“There were a ton of comments!”

Kyaaa, Suyeon jumps around screaming happily. It’s a good thing, but what on earth is happening? With that in mind, I turn on my phone, go to the channel, and check the comments.

-There’s a reason Sohyang said she liked it.

-I came here because it was recommended, and the song is really great!!

Sohyang? suggestion? What does this mean?

If you say Sohyang, then Jin Sohyang?

While I was wondering that question, Su-yeon said excitedly.

“Sohyang promoted our channel on her Instagram!”


“So, Sohyang promoted our song ‘Rough’.”


“I guess people come and listen because of the publicity. Wow, awesome. Not only 『Rough』, but the number of views for all previously uploaded songs is also increasing significantly. If we keep doing this, won’t we only get more views?”

I nod my head while listening to Suyeon. I don’t know how Sohyang happened to recommend our song, but if it was Jin Sohyang’s recommendation, the number of views alone is not impossible.

“I guess I’ll have to thank you for this later.”

Wait, so does Jin So-hyang also know that the real identity of 『Drop Pop』 is me and Soo-yeon? Did Seo Chae-rim tell you? She thinks about it and then shakes her head.

That’s not what’s important now.

What’s important now is the growth of 『Drop Pop』.

“Brother, let’s get to work right away! “I want to sing right away.”

I nodded at Suyeon’s excited words and stood up. You should row when the water comes in, and you should speed up now.

And since the response is so good, I also enjoy working on it.

“Okay, let’s do it.”

The next song to be uploaded is a new song. A song like walking on clouds that Suyeon said she wanted to sing.

I took out my laptop and started putting the finishing touches on the song.

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