My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 66

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EP16 – 『Drop Pop』 (1)


Let’s go back a little bit to the end of October.

After the festival at Seolwon Arts High School and before the Winter Festival. in between. Suyeon Yoon looked at Seolwon Arts High School with a nervous expression.

I also felt it during the festival, but the school itself is very big. She can’t even compare it to the middle school she attends. Huh, Suyeon Yoon let out a deep sigh.

The reason Yoon Soo-yeon is now at Seolwon Arts High School is not to see her older brother, Yoon Ha-jun. She’s here to take the entrance exam.

Suyeon Yoon applied to Seolwon Arts High School as a vocal major. She and she and now she is taking the practical exam. She is confident about her grades and vitality, but is a little anxious about the practical exam.

It’s only been about six months since Sooyeon Yoon started singing in earnest. She even started receiving professional vocal training about two months ago.

‘Can I pass?’

I want to pass. I want to pass and attend Seolwon Arts High School with my brother. So I want to sing more songs in the future.

Suyeon Yoon clenched her fists as she waited for her turn. The practical exam for the vocal major at Seolwon Arts High School is simple. You go in, sing two songs, do an interview, and that’s it.

Students wearing various school uniforms wait for their turn. The door to the practical exam room opens and one person enters, and eventually comes out.

The students’ facial expressions are varied. Some students were smiling, some had their expressions distorted as if they had failed, and some were crying.

‘are you okay.’

Looking at those scenes, Suyeon Yoon desperately suppressed her anxiety. Her brother did that. I sing well. He said he would continue to sing with me.

If I feel like it, I want to contact my brother and receive support. But Ha-jun Yoon is out of his mind right now. As soon as the festival is over, he is preparing for the Winter Festival and major exams.

Knowing that, Sooyeon Yoon did not bother to tell Hajun Yoon that she was taking the practical exam. Instead, she prepared for her practical exam with her teacher, Jiyoon Lee.

‘If it’s our Suyeon, we’ll be able to pass.’

Remembering Lee Ji-yoon’s words, Yoon Soo-yeon took out the candy in her pocket and put it in her mouth. However, this does not mean that Ha-jun Yoon did not pay attention at all.

Hajun Yoon is always paying attention to himself.

They cheered me on and even looked at me when I asked if there was an entrance exam coming soon. And she told me that, among other things, she was preparing a song for herself.

If so, that is enough.

I wish she would pay more attention to me, but Su-yeon Yoon knows very well that it is impossible for her brother to only care about her.

“Student Sooyeon Yoon.”

While I was thinking that, it was Suyeon Yoon’s turn. Suyeon Yoon got up from her seat with a trembling expression and entered the practical exam room.

“hello! “My name is Suyeon Yoon!”

There were several people in the practical exam room. From the department chair to experienced teachers. I have to sing in front of those people.


I guess your brother did the same, right? Hajun Yoon originally majored in vocals. Sooyeon Yoon’s favorite song is the song sung by Hajun Yoon. When he was having a hard time, he used his songs to comfort him.

For some reason, I don’t sing these days.

“Then let’s sing a song.”

“You have to sing a total of two songs. Which song did you prepare?”

“Well, I’ve prepared my own song!”

“Is this your own song?”

“No, it’s a self-composed song that my brother wrote for me.”

“Brother. Are you a student at our school?”


“okay. “Then let’s listen first.”


Sooyeon Yoon nodded vigorously, submitted the MR she had prepared in advance, and then took a seat in front of the microphone. Soon after, the teachers played the MR submitted by Suyeon Yoon.

The first song sung by Sooyeon Yoon was 『Runaway』. She is not Yoon Soo-yeon’s favorite song, but she is Yoon Soo-yeon’s favorite song.

At the same time, his first song sung with Ha-Jun Yoon. Suyeon Yoon slowly opens her mouth. That dawn-like voice fills the practical exam room.

And the teachers widened their eyes in surprise at the sound of that voice. The moist voice caresses the ears of teachers who are tired after listening to countless songs.


When the first song ended, the teachers were smiling happily. Then they started talking to each other about something.

“How are you?”

“It’s very nice. “The basics are in place.”

“Your pronunciation is very good. “I can hear all the lyrics even though I don’t have a lyric book.”

“The delivery is also excellent. The tone is nice too.”

“It goes well with the song. I can’t believe you made a song that suits me like that. “My brother has good skills.”

Overall, it was well received.

And then the second song.

The second song prepared by Sooyeon Yoon was none other than “Come Home.” If 『Runaway』, which she sang for the first time, is Su-yeon Yoon’s favorite song, then 『Come Home』, which she sings now, is Su-yeon Yoon’s favorite song.

A song that puts your mind at ease. A song that reminds me of her own room, where Sooyeon Yoon can be most at ease. And above all, she is the song that Sooyeon Yoon sang in front of many people for the first time.

-A boring and lazy afternoon.

The moment Sooyeon Yoon spits out the first verse, the teachers’ expressions change. A familiar melody. This is a song I’ve already heard once. This is none other than the song I heard at the festival.

‘Then is this Yoon Ha-jun’s younger brother?’


『Come Home』 is not a song with a strong impact.

However, it is the song that remains most strongly in people’s memories.

In fact, after the festival ended, the song most mentioned in people’s mouths was 『Come Home』. And it was the same for teachers.

-Let’s play at my house.

Turn off your cell phone for a moment.

Yoon Soo-yeon’s expression, which had been stiff until just a moment ago, relaxes. She sings her song as if she is having fun and lightly shows off the gestures she made at her festival.

Seeing Sooyeon Yoon like that, the teachers also smiled and hummed a song. She also heard this idea at festivals, but it’s really addictive.

Soon, Suyeon Yoon’s song ended. Suyeon Yoon sweated with a flushed expression. She tried not to be nervous, but it seemed like she was a lot nervous, whether she knew it or not.

“It’s a good song.”

“It’s a very attractive tone.”


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Teachers who heard Suyeon Yoon’s song speak lightly. I feel like I want to give a proper compliment, but I shouldn’t.

After a brief interview, Sooyeon Yoon left the practical test site. And the moment Soo-yeon Yoon left the practical exam room, the teachers began to let out the praise they had been holding back.

“Isn’t the song really good?”

“Iknow, right. It suits you really well.”

“Student Ha Jun changed from a vocal major to a composition major for his younger brother. There is a reason why.”

“Are you saying that the reason student Hajun changed his major was because of his younger brother?”

“yes? “Didn’t you know?”

“Uh huh. I didn’t know that. So, is student Ha-jun trying to support student Su-yeon?”

“I guess so, I guess?”

“Student Hajun is truly amazing, even changing his major for his younger brother.”

“But isn’t it worth it?”

Everyone nodded at what someone said. Yes, it’s worth it. If there was a voice like that in the family, they would have tried to keep that voice alive.

“I’m looking forward to next year.”


Suyeon Yoon passed Seolwon Arts High School.

Also as a second chair.

§ § §

Winter vacation has begun.

A short vacation of about a month. Still, spring break comes a few days after winter break ends, so if you add it all together, isn’t it really that short?

Anyway, vacation started and at the same time I signed a contract with MM Entertainment. He became the first artist of MM Entertainment.


“A manager in charge will be assigned, but it is only for care purposes. Of course, he may appear on a broadcast later, but other than that, Ha-jun is usually working, right?”


“So now, you can make requests to your manager to register music or cast singers that are necessary when working. “If you need anything else, please feel free to ask.”

“My name is Jeong Jae-ho, who became Ha Jun’s manager. i look forward to.”

We have a manager.

They say I’m a manager, but since I’m not a celebrity, I don’t stay with them all the time. And this is all the changes that occurred after signing a contract with MM Entertainment.

No, really.

Basically, MM Entertainment is a very free company. If you’re working, you can do it. If not, you can just rest. Of course, if you don’t work for a long time, the company will ask you to work, but that’s not happening right now.

Oh, there’s one more.

I have my own studio.

Since it is my own studio just for me, I can bring Suyeon to work there. But I really don’t plan on doing that.

The most comfortable space for me to work is not a studio, but the living room at home, in front of the sofa. So I plan to continue working from home during the winter break.

For recording, I plan to use Howl Studio. If you wish, you can also use the company’s recording studio, but I have no intention of working in the company’s recording studio on personal work that is not intended for music release.

I can see something.

“Something doesn’t feel real.”

Even though I made my debut, in the end, it’s the same as usual. I scratch my head and look at the schedule. The schedule is simple.

Nothing until mid-January. I left it blank on purpose. This winter vacation, I decided to work on cloud computing with Suyeon.

And starting from mid-January, I will be working with Blue Aka and Han Goyo.

“It’s vacation!”

Su-yeon, who came back from school, says that in an excited voice. I smiled at that voice. From October to December, I was extremely busy, but that didn’t mean Suyeon was free.

Suyeon was just as busy as me.

Because I had to take the entrance exam for Seolwon Arts High School.

Because of the overlap, Sooyeon and I couldn’t even talk properly.

“Have you been there?”

“Yep! Ah, I’m really out of my mind.”

“It’s going to get busier starting next year.”

Suyeon’s expression changed to a tearful expression at my words. Suyeon passed Seolwon Arts High School. And that too with the result of being second place. Of course she also gets a scholarship.

When I think about it, something feels strange. Some people put their soul into it to receive a scholarship, but they receive it in the first place.

Well, it’s still a good thing because it relieves the burden on mom.

“When was the school registration period?”


“Congratulations again.”

Even when it was announced that I passed, they congratulated me. However, we were so busy preparing for the Winter Festival that we couldn’t celebrate properly.

So, to celebrate properly today, I even prepared a cake. I take out the cake I prepared in advance and hand it to Suyeon. Then Suyeon smiled and said.

“What is this?”

“A gift to congratulate you on passing Seolwon Arts High School.”


“Yes, I was supposed to give it to you then, but I’m sorry for giving it to you late.”

“no! “You were busy too.”

They don’t even pay attention to entrance exams and are disrespectful. Tsk. However, starting next year, we can begin to pay more attention to it in earnest.

I sit at the table and eat cake with Suyeon and talk.

“How does it feel to be accepted to Seolwon Arts High School?”

“Hmm, am I still confused about something? “It doesn’t even feel real.”

“It will feel real once you start going to school.”

“So, are you going to school with your brother now?”


Nod your head. okay. I will finally be going to school with Suyeon starting next year. And I made a lot of preparations for that.

First of all, I prepared a song for the freshman concert in June, and I plan to plan the stage as well. What, my stage? That’s it. it will work out somehow.

Anyway, the first event of the second year is in August. Just before vacation. There is some time until then. Plus, starting next year, I will also start working as a professional producer.

“that’s right. “I have something to tell you.”


“Oppa, I signed a contract.”


I nod my head at Suyeon’s words.

And after taking a bite of the cake, he continued speaking.

“I signed a contract with the company as a composer.”

“So you’re a professional composer now?”

“Well, that’s right. Of course, there’s still a long way to go before we can release the music.”

You also need to think about what your debut music should be. I could rehash the songs I’ve made so far and release the music, but I don’t want to do that.

This is my debut song as a composer, not a singer. My feeling is that I want to prepare something completely new. And more than anything, we have to find a singer to sing that song.

I could work with Taeyoung, Goyo, or Suyeon like before. Oh, no. Taeyoung can’t do that. Taeyoung is now a trainee at the company, so it’s impossible right now.

However, it is possible for Goyo or Suyeon.

Jin So-hyang is also possible.

However, I have no intention of releasing my debut song with them. Suyeon still needs to grow up a little more, and Goyo… I’m not sure.

Does Goyo have any intention of becoming a singer?

I’ll have to ask him later when I work with Blue Aka.

“So now you’re making other people’s songs?”

Suyeon asks.

In a somewhat gloomy voice.

He nods and says to that voice.

“Until you debut.”


“Until you debut, I plan to build some recognition by working with various people.”

Pick up the strawberry on the cake and bring it to your mouth.

He then speaks to Soo-yeon, who looks surprised.

“And when you debut, I will work with you in earnest.”


“of course.”

At least I want to produce Suyeon’s debut album myself. Su-yeon thought for a moment about her honest words, then nodded and said, “Hmm.”

“Okay, then I’ll give in until then.”


“But if I debut, will you have to work with me?”

“of course.”

I nodded because that was my intention from the beginning.

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