My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 65

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EP15 – mm. (4)


MM Entertainment occupies an entire four-story building in Gangnam.

Overall, it feels neat rather than flashy, but the feature is that there are a lot of pictures. If you came here without knowing that it was an entertainment company, you would mistake it for an exhibition hall.

“How is the company?”

After briefly saying hello to the person who introduced himself as company representative Seo Hoon, we moved to the conference room and Seo Hoon asked. I said that with a smile.

“It’s very neat.”

“The studio and practice room are also very clean. “There are no affiliated artists yet.”

Seo-hoon, who said that, smiles and says, “Haha.”

Uh, is that a gag?

I thought about how I should react, but then I just laughed it off.

If Taeyoung had made a joke like that, I would have said something right away, but since I’m the CEO, I can’t do that. She hasn’t even signed a contract yet, but she already has to have a social life.

“Oh, and there are a lot of pictures.”

For some reason, I felt like if I didn’t change the subject, they would keep making similar jokes, so I quickly changed the subject. Then Seohoon smiled and nodded his head.

“One of my nephews draws.”

“If it’s my nephew…”

By any chance, Seo Chae-rim?

When I trailed off with that meaning in mind, Seohoon shook his head.

“There is one more person besides Chae-rim.”

“Oh, I see.”

I don’t know if he is Seo Chae-rim’s brother or another brother’s child, but he nods to indicate that he roughly understands. Because I don’t need to know other people’s family history.

“I heard the story about student Ha-jun from Chae-rim. “You said you’re a producer, not a composer?”

“Ah yes. “That is what we are pursuing.”

“I enjoyed listening to the songs you uploaded to the cloud. “The songs were really good.”

“Ah, thank you for listening well.”

“I heard it well because it was a good song.”

Haha, Seohoon says with a smile. I definitely feel like Seo Chae-rim and family in a place like this. After that, she still talks about music.

“Among the songs uploaded to the cloud, the one I liked best was ‘Actually.’ It was a really good song. As soon as I heard it, I felt greedy. 『Come Home』 was also a very great song. Above all, it was a song that suited the vocalist’s mood very well. By any chance, was this song written with that vocal in mind?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Wow. I knew it. I see. As soon as I heard it, I thought it was a perfect combination, like seasoned chicken. It’s like a song created to be sung by vocalists. “I’m sorry, but may I know who the vocalist is?”

“This is my younger brother. younger sister.”

“If you are Hajun’s younger brother, are you a middle school student?”


“I can’t believe I had that kind of talent in middle school. Incredible. Then, is Hajun’s goal to debut as siblings with his younger brother?”


I shake my head. It’s not that I’ve never thought about debuting with Suyeon. So, it’s a duo where I make Suyeon’s song and she sings it.

But I gave up that thought. Compared to Suyeon’s talent, my talent is minimal. I don’t really want to be a burden to Suyeon. Even her past life was enough to break Suyeon’s spine.

Although I plan to make Suyeon’s song, I have no intention of limiting her to being a duo.

“Ah, that’s a shame. “I thought that if they debuted as a brother and sister duo, they would be a great duo.”

“I plan to work together when I debut. I just don’t think there’s a need to limit each other as a duo.”


Hmm, Seohoon nods his head.

It seems that Seo-hoon is also greedy for Su-yeon.

That’s a good thing, but not yet. I don’t want Suyeon to sign a 1+1 contract with me. I want Sooyeon to be recognized and receive a contract as an independent entity.

I’m thinking of growing the cloud for that purpose.

“First of all, I understand.”

Look at that. Seo Hoon stops his words there. If Su-yeon had been greedy, Seo-hoon wouldn’t have stopped there. He might ask for more or say he wants to meet Sooyeon separately.

“Before we talk about the contract, can we please listen to some other songs? Chae-rim said that she has made more songs.”


After nodding, I take out my laptop from my bag. Then, I operate the laptop and play the songs I prepared in advance.

There are a total of 5 songs I brought.

『Blame』, 『Da Capo』, 『Address unknown』, 『Main』, and 『Diary』. Seohoon listens to the songs I made with a serious expression.

I look at Seo-hoon, who even closes his eyes and listens intently. I feel somewhat nervous. Indeed, how would he evaluate the song I made?

Will they like it? Should I ask to sign a contract? What if I say I don’t like it? Negative thoughts come to mind. I’m shocked, I’m scared.

Memories from a past life. Memories of the songs I worked so hard to write being rejected haunt me. I clenched my fist and tried to erase that thought.

No, let’s believe in the songs I made.

Teacher Ha Hyo-joo also said it.

Please love the songs I made.

I looked at Seohoon while listening to the songs filling the conference room.



Seo-hoon hums while listening to the song written by Ha-jun Yoon. this this. Really. Seohoon suppressed the twitching corners of his mouth.

But that doesn’t work. The more I listen to the song, the more the corners of my mouth rise. How should I express this?

I bought a lottery ticket after being recommended by a friend. Should I say that I feel like I won? Do you feel like you’re the only one who recognizes a gemstone that others haven’t discovered?

If it didn’t work out, I was going to sign a contract for a song, but I changed my mind. Signing a contract only for songs is a foolish act. Why would you buy only gold when the goose that lays gold is right in front of you?

“Did you make all of these songs yourself?”


“What about producing?”


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“I did that too.”

“Hmm, mixing and mastering too?”

“yes. I did that too. However, mixing and mastering are not enough, so if I were to debut, I would like to leave it to a professional engineer.”

“What about the lyrics?”

“······I did that too, but I thought the lyrics were a bit lacking. So, when I debut, I want to leave that to a professional writer.”

So, the 5 songs you are listening to now, plus the 4 songs uploaded to the cloud, were all created by yourself. Now, it’s not just the corners of the mouth that are raised, but even a half-hearted smile comes out.

This is not a gemstone that others have not discovered.

It is a refined diamond that others have not discovered.

The mood and development of the song. The vocals and lyrics that match the atmosphere are all excellent. Even the genres are diverse. The songs created by Ha-Jun Youn are of more than one genre.

Ha-Jun Youn creates songs of many different genres. Additionally, he knows exactly what he is lacking.

Seo Hoon seems to know why Seo Chae-rim said that Yoon Ha-jun was a producer. What Seo Chae-rim said is correct. Hajun Yoon is not just a composer.

If I were to be specific, I’d say it’s closer to a ‘producer’.

A producer who oversees and creates the entire song.

A producer like that is also good at composing music.

“Have you heard anything from Chae-rim about MM Entertainment?”

“I only heard that MM Entertainment’s parent company is komm.”

“you’re right. And mm Entertainment continues the spirit of komm. The spirit of komm. Do you know what that is?”

“I’m not sure about that.”

“The most important thing at komm is to be yourself.”

“Your own…”

“You can’t just sing well. Even if their singing skills are a little lacking, singers who have something unique to them. mm entertainment and komm are looking for such people. In fact, komm regularly plans to produce and promote albums by such people.”

Is that what the indie singer on the komm site pop-up is talking about? Hajun Yoon frowned slightly.

Your own. So, it probably refers to the color that only singers have. It could be the tone, or it could be the song the singer makes.

If you really think about it, MM Entertainment has produced a lot of unique singers.

“And student Hajun, no. Mr. Hajun is that kind of person. “He may not be a singer, but he holds his own as a songwriter and producer.”

Hajun Yoon smiled slightly at those words.

I have something of my own.

This is what I really wanted to hear when I was a singer in my past life. But now she is hearing what she has longed to hear.

“The first thing mm Entertainment thinks about is artists. In fact, I think the terms and conditions are very good for the industry.”


“And if we sign a contract with Ha-jun, we will provide maximum support for him. We will contact Ha-jun with singers who want to work with him and help him focus on his life as a producer.”

Ha-jun Yoon nodded at Seo-hoon’s words. I know what Seohoon is talking about now. Seo Hoon is proposing a contract. That also means an exclusive contract as a producer.

“Of course, we could make an offer to Ha-jun. But that is a proposal based on equal relationships. Of course, you can refuse at any time.”

“If I were to release a song, could I release it under my name?”

“Sure. It’s not like there aren’t producers or composers who release albums. Anything is possible. Additionally, since our parent company is komm, you don’t have to worry about promotion at komm.”

Promotion is important. You may think it’s commercial, but singers are singers because there are people who listen to their songs. And publicity plays a role in maximizing the number of such people.

Additionally, there is a practical reason.


Singers are people too. You can’t make a living just by singing. You need money to live. In reality, Ha-Jun Yoon did not make money in his previous life, and he was unable to make a proper living as a singer.

After that, Seo Hoon continued to do PR for MM Entertainment. And the more I heard about the PR, the more satisfying it was.

After all, should it be called MM Entertainment?

For no reason, this is not the place I had in mind.

“If you join MM Entertainment, I will show you that it is a choice you will not regret.”

Seo-hoon, who had said that far, kept his mouth shut and looked at Ha-jun Yoon. He did everything he could. Now the choice is up to Hajun Yoon.

Seo Hoon was feeling anxious, just like Ha Joon Yoon before. I don’t want to miss it. I can’t believe I have that kind of talent and I’m only 17 years old. If you miss a kid like that, you’ll kick the ground and regret it.

How long has it been like that?

Finally, Hajun Yoon opened his mouth.

“Is it possible for me to take a look at your studio or practice room?”

“Oh, that’s important. of course.”

Seohoon nodded. He then stood up and looked around the company with Hajun Yoon and introduced them. Office, waiting room, and most importantly, work room and practice room.

“If Hajun signs the contract, he can use this studio and all the equipment in it. Of course, we can get the equipment that Ha-jun needs, or he can bring it personally.”

MM Entertainment’s studio was quite nice.

Even compared to ROC Entertainment, it doesn’t fall far behind.

Soon after finishing introducing the company, Seo-hoon asked Ha-jun Yoon again.

“What do you want to do?”

Hajun Yoon laughs at the tone of voice that conveys some sorrow.

And then he said with a smile.

“I’ll ask my mom.”

Hajun Yoon is still a minor.

§ § §

“You mean a contract with the company? “Like last time?”

“no. Last time, we only signed a contract for one song. “This time, it’s a contract between the company and me.”

“So, a trainee contract?”

“I’m not a trainee. As the composer…”

Hajun Yoon trails off. Ha-Jun Youn has not yet told his mother that he switched from vocals to composition. Therefore, he knows that the 『Rough』 contract he signed last time is also a special case.

But now I’m trying to sign a contract with the company as a songwriter and producer. You can’t fake it anymore. Hajun Yoon finally thought about it for a while and spoke honestly.

“I changed my major. From vocals to songwriting. Of course the vocals are fun, but what can I say? Given my aptitude, I think composing is better suited than vocals. Should I say that I want to help Suyeon when she debuts as a singer?”

Hajun Yoon says with a shy smile. However, Hajun Yoon’s mind was not at ease. He said he wanted to become a singer until now, but his mother believed in him and helped him.

However, in front of my mother, I told her that I wanted to quit being a singer and become a composer. How will her mother accept that fact?

While I was thinking about it, my mom smiled and said.

“I know.”


“I knew my son had changed his major to composition.”

“Since when?”

“Why was it when I received my son’s report card that he received a scholarship? “It said I majored in composition.”


“Then, I called the school and found out.”

“······But why haven’t you said anything until now?”

“Because it is the path my son chose. I believed it. And you even received a scholarship, right? “Although it’s a shame he gave up being a singer, he’s still making music, and most of all, his son looks happy.”

“Did you?”

“huh. “There used to be a time when I was suffering, but these days, I seem happy.”

And above all.

“Because I believe in my son and support him.”

I believe in you and support you.

This is something I have known since my past life.

But when I heard it in person, something felt strange. Hajun Yoon had a hard time holding back something that made him cry. And he felt fortunate at the same time.

I am truly fortunate to have been born as my mother’s son.

I am so fortunate to have been born as my mother’s son and not someone else’s son, and to be able to live as my mother’s son once again rather than going through reincarnation or a past life and being born as the child of different parents.



“I will really succeed.”

Being successful is not the only way to be filial. Hajun Yoon also knows this well. However, Ha-jun Yoon wanted to return the youth to his mother, who continued to suffer in two lives, past and present.

“I will really succeed.”

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