My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 64

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EP15 – mm. (3)


‘It’s calm.’

That was the first thought that came to mind when I heard Hajun Yoon play. calm. There is no variety change in the development of the song.

No, not only that, the highlight section doesn’t exist either. Of course, there is no build-up for highlights.

It starts calmly and ends calmly.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t feel anything.

This song is like a drizzle.

Just as I don’t know my clothes are getting wet in a light rain, I fall into sadness without realizing it when I listen to the song. You will fall into the faint sadness hidden in the calm performance.

Ha Hyo-joo made a humming sound.

Really, it’s interesting.

At times, he shows the appearance of a seasoned composer who is not appropriate for his age, and at other times, he shows the appearance of an artist who is trying various things.

And now I look like my age. It brings a smile to the faces of the teachers. You shouldn’t think this way after hearing a song about a student’s concerns, but it really is.


I’m proud of it too.

Ha-Jun Yoon, who finished playing, looks embarrassed at the teachers. No, why are the teachers’ expressions like that?

Did I play wrong? This is a song that, when you listen to it, you fall in love with it and sympathize with its sadness or worries. It was designed that way from the beginning.

But why are the teachers smiling?

At that time, Department Head Lee Sang-gyu spoke in a relaxed tone.

“Shall we listen to the song?”

“Of course. “I’ll play it.”

Ha Hyo-joo quickly played the song submitted by Yoon Ha-jun on her laptop. A song plays from the speakers installed in the exam room.

A melody composed only of the piano, with no other instruments.

At first glance, it seems closer to a performance piece than a pop song.

As the performance progressed, other sounds began to intervene. It’s not the sound of another instrument. These are sounds made from household items that Ha-jun Yoon often used.

The sound of a pencil used in the last 『Address unknown』. I can hear the sound of a pencil scribbling in a notebook. But I can feel the melody in the sound of this pencil.

The sound of paper passing by.

The sound of a pencil crunching.

A knocking sound on the desk, as if he was thinking about something.

The sound of a pencil continues again.

And the sound of erasing it.

They repeat and melt into the piano’s performance.

‘Really. ‘Great.’

Department Head Lee Sang-gyu completely closed his eyes. Evaluation and all, I want to focus on this song right now. Like the sound of rain hitting a window, this song makes people emotional.

Concerns that young people have to worry about. The design on such a subject is very skillful. It’s not just calm. A variation was given using paper, pencil, and the sound of tapping something.

The song ends in about 2 minutes.

At the same time, Lee Sang-gyu spoke to Yoon Ha-jun.

“This song is very calming. If you look at the summary, it’s about feeling anxious and worrying about yourself and trying to get answers from the future. Is there a reason to be so calm? Usually, songs that contain concerns like that have a clear progression. Is it completely deep, or is it deep and then brightens? Something like that. “But I was wondering if there was a reason why the story unfolded calmly from beginning to end.”

Lee Sang-gyu’s question is not about why it was made this way. I’m really curious, so I’m asking why they chose this development.

Hajun Yoon thought about the question for a moment and then said.

“It’s because it’s my song and my concerns. Of course, there are worries that make you feel anxious or that make you feel very anxious just thinking about them. But this worry is not that kind of worry, it is a worry that I live with every day. “It’s something I worry about every day, but it’s a bit difficult when my emotions get that strong, right?”

“That’s right.”

“Actually, I had a lot of concerns about which song to submit. But sometimes, I think it’s okay to worry about these little things and make a song. “It feels like a diary made with songs.”

“If it’s a diary, you have to write it consistently. Do you want to continue making this series?”

“Every day is too much. Once a year? Of course, since this is a diary that is now ending a year, the melody will be different every time. Yes, I’m going to leave it behind.”


Indeed, is it really a ‘Diary’? As was the case last time, there is no part in the songs Hajun Yoon makes without reason. The white noise added in the middle is the same, as is the title.

“Seeing as he worries about these things every day, Hajun seems to have a lot of worries.”

“I can’t help but feel anxious.”

Ha-jun Yoon nodded honestly in response to Jin-gyu Kim’s question. Yes, I can’t help but feel anxious. Anxiety about the future. Because I have already failed once in my life, my anxiety grows even more.

The pressure of not making the same mistake again. Rather, the pressure to create a perfect song. In addition to that, I work on my talents and other things every day.

Department Head Lee Sang-gyu remained silent for a moment.

What answer should I give to that student?

There’s no point in worrying so I’m telling you to stop? Is that even an answer? No, if it were me, I would be very angry to hear that answer.

I can’t believe you say something like that to someone else’s concerns. However, I don’t want to talk about something that will be heard in one ear and turned away in the other.

I would like to say something helpful to that student with brilliant talent. While Lee Sang-gyu was wondering what to say, Ha Hyo-joo said.

“Please limit your worries and anxieties to reality.”


Yoon Ha-jun asks Ha Hyo-joo’s somewhat unexpected words.

Ha Hyo-joo smiled lightly and said to that question.

“I’m telling you not to be anxious and worry about your own singing. If the original author doesn’t believe in and love the song, who will love the song? So, only worry about such things in real life.”


In response to Ha Hyo-joo, Ha-jun Yoon opened his mouth as if he realized something. In his past life, Ha-Jun Yoon always sang about melancholy. He put all of his failures into a song, and the song was eventually ignored by people.

Every time that happened, Hajun Yoon resented it. Why didn’t he listen to his song? He blames someone else, blames his own lack of talent, and hates the songs he created, making only those kinds of songs again.

Repetition of a vicious cycle.

And Ha Hyo-joo is telling her not to make that mistake now.

“It’s okay to make any song. And a song created that way may not be loved. But still, try to love your song at least as much as you do. Of course, it may have been a needless meddling, but I saw juniors like that often, so I did it for no reason.”

Ha Hyo-joo said that with a bitter smile. To Ha Hyo-joo’s words, Yoon Ha-jun blankly replied, “Yes.” He said, don’t deny the song you made, but love it.


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Somehow, those words stick in my head. Knock knock, Hajun Yoon tapped his thigh with his fingertips. Goosebumps began to run down his spine.

“Then let’s listen to the chord score one last time.”

“That’s too bad. “It’s already the last time.”

“Uh, I think we’ve had this conversation before.”

Ahaha, the teachers laugh. Hajun Yoon went to the piano and played the familiar chord score. Afterwards, he left the exam room after chatting a few words with the teachers.

The exam room where Hajun Yoon appeared.

Department chairs and teachers share stories about Ha-Jun Yoon.

“As expected, this time it’s great.”

“When I first heard it, I was shocked because the song was completely different from what I expected, but the more I listened to it, the more I liked it.”

“It’s the kind of song that comforts tired ears.”

“But wasn’t there something strange about Ha-jun’s last words?”

In response to Kim Jin-gyu’s question, the teachers and department chair recalled Ha-jun Yoon’s appearance just before leaving the exam room. He feels like he’s thinking about something else.

“I played well, but I was lost somewhere, right?”

“Are you thinking about something?”

“It could be that you are worrying about your worries. “Well, I guess I said something unnecessary.”

Hearing Ha Hyo-joo’s muttering, Lee Sang-gyu sighed. As it was, he should have said what Ha Hyo-joo wanted to say.

“Well, I guess it’ll be okay.”

Lee Sang-gyu responded by sticking out his lower lip.

§ § §

“Did you do well on the test? How do you think you’ll get a scholarship this time?”

When I finished the exam and left the exam room, Taeyoung Kim, who was waiting for me, asked. I nod my head to that question. Then Taeyoung Kim tries to say something again.

He puts his palm in front of it and stops.

“wait for a sec.”

Just shut up, please. My head itches. Something keeps lingering in my head. What Ha Hyo-joo said to me. Love her own song.

At those words, I unconsciously ask myself a question. Have I loved the songs I’ve made so far? What did you think?

At first, I hated it terribly. She was unloved and she hated making those songs again. But when she arranged and worked on those songs, she had more fun than she thought.

I liked it purely for my younger brother, who has talent that I don’t have. But that pure fondness turned into nervousness.

I always lived anxious and anxious because of the talented people around me. I lived so intensely that CEO Kwon Soo-young told me not to work like that.

Did I love the songs I made while I was so busy working? The answer is no. Apart from being in love, I had no feelings whatsoever.

Because I always worked as if I was being chased, and when I finished work, I created a new song. The melodies of the songs I’ve made so far are stuck in my head.

Love your song.

The melodies floating around in my head are erased. The melodies of the songs I created are erased. And instead, a new melody floats in my head.

“Is the practice room open now?”

“I’m still trying to open it.”


After nodding, I head straight to the practice room. Taeyoung Kim follows me. No, it’s not just Kim Tae-young. He jumped out of nowhere and joined in, following me.

Ignoring those two, I went into the practice room and sat in front of the piano. Lightly loosen your fingers. Her friend said that inspiration is an unknown thing.

Inspiration is something you feel in unexpected and unexpected places. I think I kind of know what that means now. I understand that you felt inspired when you saw the painting the other day.

In fact, there are quite a few people who have created songs based on paintings or other famous paintings. But this time, I feel something in each word of teacher Ha Hyo-joo, which is really nothing special.

Love your song.

What kind of inspiration is this? It’s so funny that I laugh out loud even when I think about it. Play the piano slowly.

The inspiration I feel now is different from the inspiration I felt last time. The inspiration I felt the other day was a melody that had already been completed.

I couldn’t think of anything else, only that melody kept coming to mind. But now it is different. Right now, the songs I’ve made so far are flashing through my head.

How were the songs I made?

What were the kids who sang that song thinking?

And how did the audience react?

Those thoughts turn into melodies. It’s an amazing feeling. It makes me laugh. Fingers keep moving. Fingers dance on the piano.

Without a single pause.


Soon after I finished playing, I let out a breath.

Loudly, as if letting out the breath you had been holding all at once.

“Did you get inspiration again?”

When he finished playing, Taeyoung Kim, who was watching, asked. He nods his head at that question. Goyo Han looks at me blankly.

I ask while looking at the two.

“So how was it?”

“When can I start recording? Should we do it right now?”

“······I am ready to call at any time.”

They smile with satisfaction when they answer that they want it so much that they want to record it right now. The anxiety that had been bothering me for the past few days has disappeared like a lie.

Instead, anticipation fills its place.

I hope next year, which I used to dread, comes quickly. I feel confident. I want to debut as a composer quickly and officially release music.

I want to release an album with Sooyeon and continue to work with other people. My body shakes my legs as if I am anxious.

When was the mm entertainment meeting?

Was it the day after tomorrow?

“So who are you going to give it to?”

I answered Taeyoung Kim’s question with a sigh and a smile.

“this? “You’re not going to give it to me?”

“huh? “What are you trying to call me?”

“No, not that.”


“I need to find someone to sing my song.”

This song was not made to give to someone. It’s my song. So, it’s not about giving this song, it’s about finding someone to sing this song.

“What, aren’t you going to present that song at a school festival or something?”

“Yeah, no.”


I clear my throat for a moment in response to Taeyoung Kim’s question.

And he smiled and said,

“I will sign a contract with the company and officially release the music.”

Taeyoung Kim and Goyo Han looked surprised at my words.

§ § §

“I’m a student Hajun Yoon.”

MM Entertainment CEO Seo Hoon sat in the meeting room of MM Entertainment, the meeting place, and cleared his throat. He originally planned to go to Seolwon Arts High School, which student Ha-Jun Yoon attends, but he said he would come to the company himself.

That’s why I’m waiting for Yoon Ha-jun now. According to what her niece Seo Chae-rim said, the songs uploaded to the cloud are like new blood.

Indeed, what about the songs he made? Seohoon took a sip of coffee with an expectant expression. Seo-hoon plans to sign a contract with Ha-jun Yoon.

It’s okay if it’s not an exclusive composer contract.

I would like to sign a contract with at least one of his songs.

Especially, 『Come home』.

I want to sign a contract for that song no matter what.

– Representative, a guest has arrived.

At that time, a call was received from the employee.

The only guest coming today is Hajun Yoon.

Seo Hoon got up, left the conference room, and headed toward the entrance. At the entrance, there was a male student wearing a school uniform. He’s tall, has messy hair, and you can’t see his eyes or nose because they’re covered by his messy hair, but just looking at his lower body, he’s quite handsome.

“Youn Ha-jun is a student, right?”

Seo-hoon approaches the male student and asks.

Hajun Yoon nodded lightly to that question.

“Ah yes.”

“Welcome to the right place. “My name is Seo Hoon, CEO of MM Entertainment.”

Seohoon said that with a smile on his face.

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