My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 63

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EP15 – mm. (2)


The Winter Festival is over, but that doesn’t mean all first-year classes are over. The most important thing still remains. The second semester final exam and major exam that conclude the first year.


And now I am sitting on the living room sofa and working to prepare for the major exam. I don’t know why, but there is no place where work is done as well as here.

Is it because it’s comfortable?

Or because it’s comfortable?

Well, I don’t know why, but it’s good if the work goes well. As I continue to work with that thought in mind, the door opens and Suyeon comes into the house.

“I’m home.”

“Have you been to the academy?”


When I give a light answer to that voice, Suyeon nods. Su-yeon had just come to take a class from Ji-yoon Lee. Oh, by the way, Jiyoon Lee asked you to come to the academy, right?


When should I go?

After I finish my major exam, I meet the CEO of MM Entertainment, so I have to stop by after that. After setting the schedule, we continue to work.

“What are you working on? “My song?”

Meanwhile, Soo-yeon, who has just finished washing up, sits down on the sofa and asks. He answered after distancing himself from the wetness that felt as if he had not cleaned it properly.

“No, for submitting a major exam.”

“I can’t sing that?”

“That’s not it… “I don’t know.”

He mutters that and frowns.

The way I work is largely divided into two ways.

First, according to the person singing the song.

Literally, from the moment I start working, I decide on a singer and work accordingly. The most representative songs include 『Da Capo』 sung by Taeyoung Kim and songs sung by Suyeon.

Second, I make the song I want to make and match people to it.

Representative songs include 『Address Unknown』, which was the song I submitted for my last major exam and will soon be working with Sooyeon, and 『Main』, which I worked on this time.

Ah, 『Blame』, which I worked with Goyo Han, also has that kind of feeling. However, in the case of 『Blame』, the situation is a bit different because Hangoyo took the song I had written.

And the way I work now is the second way. I don’t know who will sing it, but for now, I’m making the songs I want to make.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Suyeon can’t sing this song. You can call it. There is, but if you say it’s a song that goes well with Soo-yeon, that’s not the case.

“I don’t think it’s my song.”

“how did you know?”

“Oppa, is it all showing on your face? Well, it’s okay. “You’re going to make a lot of my songs during vacation anyway.”


Nod your head.

There is talk of a contract with MM Entertainment, but that doesn’t mean they have given up on growing the cloud. In the first place, I raised Cloud not to promote myself, but to promote Suyeon.

Plus, the cloud might become so big that it might be able to be used for promotion later.

“That’s right, I’m practicing a new song at the academy these days.”

“what song?”

“A song called ‘Comedy’. “Do you know too?”


Although it is a fairly old song, it is still a classic song loved by many people. This is a song I also remade when I was a singer.

Of course, the reaction was outrageous.

After that, I talked to Suyeon about various things.

Trivial stories. However, most of those stories are about wanting to quickly become a singer, sing, or go on stage again.

“Well, if you go to Seolwon Arts High School, your stage will rise to the top.”


“huh. Let’s see, you can stand once at the freshman concert in June, once again at a festival, stand on a school field trip, and once at the Winter Festival in November. “If my grades are good, I will be able to perform at the Silumwa Concert in July.”

“So if I get good grades, I can stand 5 times?”


“good! Then I will definitely receive a scholarship. “I’m confident in my studies, so why not just sing?”

······Well, that’s right.

I think I should study instead of sing.

Suyeon is good at studying, but that doesn’t mean she can receive a scholarship. That’s why the written exam at Seolwon Arts High School is so difficult.

It’s not for nothing that Goyo Han is called a ridiculous genius. He is called that because he has the best singing talent and is always good at studying.

“Well, try hard.”

However, there is no need to hurt Suyeon’s feelings by saying that. Because Su-yeon is conscious of Han Go-yo.

I don’t know why.

“Oh, it’s a cat.”

At that time, Soo-yeon changes the topic. When she hears that voice, she looks at the TV that has been on for some time. On TV, a cat was acting cute.

Suyeon looks at the cat with an expression of love.

“I think the cat is so cute. “If I live alone, I definitely want to raise my child.”


“Yep. It’s so lovely. “Do you hate cats?”

“It’s not that I don’t like it…”

I blurt out the ending of my words. It’s not that I hate cats. However, they just don’t like small animals. What should I say? Should I say it’s a little scary?

I’m scared that people could easily get hurt because of me. That’s why I like creatures in the deep sea. Things like fish, whales, or sharks.

At least they won’t be hurt by me.

“My brother makes an unknown expression sometimes.”


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Suyeon mutters.

I smiled bitterly at those words.

§ § §

“Hmm, it smells good.”

Lee Sang-gyu, head of the Department of Practical Arts at Seolwon Arts High School, who was about to take the major exam, smiled while muttering that. These days, Lee Sang-gyu’s mood is at its highest.

The reason is that the major exam is just around the corner. Originally, major exams were not very pleasant events for department heads.

You have to listen to the singing of about 100 students. This is only because I majored in composition. If you are majoring in vocals, you will have to listen to a lot more students singing.

At that point, I was complaining of ear fatigue to the extent that I wondered if my ears might be bleeding.

The reason Lee Sang-gyu is looking forward to such major exams is because of several students. To be more precise, several first-year students.

This year’s first year students are already being called golden riders and all. But that nickname is definitely not an exaggeration. In fact, considering what the first-year students have shown so far, it would be reasonable to call them golden riders.

The talent of the first year students is so overwhelming. And among the talented first-year students, there is one student that Lee Sang-gyu especially cares about: Ha-jun Yoon, a composition major.

“The 『Address unknown』 I made last time was also very good.”

How long has it been since you suggested a music source as soon as you heard a song? That’s how much 『Address Unknown』 written by Ha-jun Yoon was a good song.

No, it’s not just ‘addressee unknown’. Including that one, all of the songs that Ha-Jun Youn has released so far have been excellent. In his heart, he wants to collect all of those songs and release them all.

Indeed, what song will Hajun Yoon release this time?

Lee Sang-gyu spent every day with such expectations.

It’s not just Lee Sang-gyu. Like Lee Sang-gyu, other teachers also have expectations for Yoon Ha-jun. And among them, there were teachers who complained of regret.

It’s a pity that I should have taught Hajun’s class. Hajun Yoon, whether aware of the teachers’ feelings or not, was immersed in his work.

And finally the final exams began.

Of course, Hajun Yoon skimmed through the exam and spent the rest of the time sleeping. Teachers have given up saying anything since they have become so used to it now.

Even if I tell them, they won’t listen, so what can I do?

However, Ha-Jun Yoon does not cause accidents, and he always gets good grades in major exams and related exams. As a result, the teachers also made some compromises.

Of course, we always have to hear that story from teachers, but Park Jong-seo’s thoughts are different. Anyway, Ha-jun Yoon saved up his stamina for the major exam that took place on the last day.

And I used that stored up stamina during practice. He continues to play guitar and piano and sings his own songs perfectly.

“Is that the song for this major exam?”

Kim Tae-young, who was watching Ha-jun Yoon practice, asks.

Hajun Yoon nodded to that question.

“huh. how is it?”

“It’s okay, but it’s very calm, isn’t it? “Isn’t it calmer than 『Come Home』 released at the festival?”

“That’s not true.”

The song Hajun Yoon prepared for this major exam is a very calm song. A song created using only the melody of the piano without using any other instruments.

“What is the song concept?”

“A letter to my future self.”

Should I say that it is a follow-on song to 『Addresser Unknown』? 『Address unknown』 announced in the last major exam was a letter sent by Ha-jun Yoon to his family.

A letter of regret to the family members who have already left them. However, this letter is not addressed to the family, but to oneself.

A letter to my past life.

In his previous life, Ha-jun Yoon spent every day blaming himself for failing and drinking and smoking. He sent his beloved guitar away like a pain, without even touching it.

And when I opened my eyes, it was now. She experienced a regression all of a sudden without any warning. And Hajun Yoon tried to ignore that fact.

Because I was scared every time I became conscious of it.

What if this return was actually a dream?

What if you woke up again and it wasn’t your current life, but your past life? That feeling of anxiety and fear comes back sometimes. And every time that comes with that fear, a question comes to mind.

What was my past life doing now?

Did I die in my past life or disappear?

Or is it still living in that closet, giving up everything? This song started from there. What are you doing to me in my past life? This is how I am spending my time right now.

He committed an irreparable mistake. But he has now been given a chance to turn it around. He went through something called regression.

However, if I were to live as I was in my past life without experiencing regression.

I want to tell you something. I want to say something, whether it’s support or resentment. Don’t stay like that, tell me to get up and move on again.

Hajun Yoon knows better than anyone else how cruel it is to say such things to someone who has once been broken. But that’s why he wants to tell it himself.

‘Well, in the end, it’s just self-consolation.’

Still, it’s a song, so wouldn’t it be okay? With that thought in mind, Hajun Yoon continued to move his fingers. And finally, the major exam began.

While waiting for his turn, Hajun Yoon played his guitar. It’s not just because I’m nervous about major exams. It’s because I’m worried about the winter vacation that starts after my major exams are over.

Life for the past year went as I thought. Although unexpected things happened, he still got everything he wanted.

So what about the next year?

Next year, Hajun Yoon will have to be busier than last year. He plans to make his debut as a professional composer, and needs Suyeon to support him.

And if possible, I would like to have Suyeon debut as quickly as possible. And what if you debut? What should I aim for?

Best composer?

Of course, it’s fine if you do it.

It’s fun to make a lot of money and support your mother, and it’s fun to have people listen to your songs. But that is not Hajun Yoon’s first goal.

The reason why Yoon Ha-jun changed his major to composition was because of Su-yeon. Hajun Yoon’s head spins quickly. He signed a contract with MM Entertainment, grew Cloud with Suyeon, and after that…


While Hajun Yoon was thinking about this and that, he heard Teacher Ha Hyoju’s voice. Hearing that voice, Hajun Yoon stopped his thoughts and stood up.

Before you knew it, it was your turn. Hajun Yoon stands up and enters the exam room. There, the teachers he had seen during the first semester major exam were waiting for Ha-jun Yoon.

“Hehe, are you here?”

First, department head Lee Sang-gyu welcomes Yoon Ha-jun. In response to that greeting, Hajun Yoon also nodded and said hello lightly. But something is strange about their gaze.

Should I say it’s a kind of sweet gaze?

“Then, shall we start with the work summary?”

“Ah yes. “Here it is.”

Hajun Yoon stood up and handed out the work summary he had brought with him in advance. Teachers read it with pleasure.

“Isn’t the content a bit brighter this time?”

The teachers laugh lightly at Lee Sang-gyu’s words. They remember the work summary submitted by Hajun Yoon in the last major exam.

The content was overly honest and at the same time overflowing with emotion to the point of being embarrassing. And even a song that matches the content.

However, this work summary was somewhat bright.

What will I be doing in the future? What was my past self doing? Letters to myself from those various timelines. And now, am I doing well? Questions I ask out of anxiety.

I just thought it was a problem that students of this age would have to worry about.

‘It’s truly colorful.’

Hajun Yoon shows a variety of appearances. It’s not just the song. He is different from other children his age in both his thinking and his speech. Many artists are inherently eccentric, but Ha-jun Yoon is the most unique among them.

Of course, if Hajun Yoon knew what they were thinking, he would say it was nonsense. Anyway, Lee Sang-gyu read the work summary in an instant and spoke with excitement.

“Then let’s listen to the song right away.”


“Your major instrument is the guitar this time too, right?”


“I’m looking forward to it.”

Sang-gyu Lee muttered like that and rested his chin. He took a comfortable position to enjoy the music in earnest. Lee Sang-gyu is not the only one. The teachers next to each other also took positions that allowed them to concentrate and listen to the music.

After seeing the teachers in such poses, Ha-Jun Yoon slowly begins to play the guitar. Fingers moving lightly. The gentle melody of the acoustic guitar begins to fill the exam room.

Still, Hajun Yoon’s performance was simple. A simple performance with no fancy techniques or techniques, but sticks to the basics. So it’s a comfortable performance.

The teachers looked at Hajun Yoon playing with shining eyes.

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