My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 62

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EP15 – mm. (One)


“Is there any reason to come to a place like this?”

He says that to Seo Chae-rim and looks around.

A cafe with a very luxurious atmosphere.

It is a place that has nothing to do with me.

“Still, we have to be formal when talking about business.”

Seo Chae-rim answered like that and drank black tea elegantly. As she looks at the figure, she chews the cookie. The rich buttery texture and luxurious sweetness make you feel good, albeit slightly.

“If it’s a business, it’s related to this business card, right?”

“That’s right.”

I look at the business card I received from Seo Chae-rim.

Seo Chae-rim gave me a total of two business cards. One is a business card for a company called , which provides a music streaming service, and the other is a business card for an entertainment agency.

“Do you know about komm?”

“I know. “It’s a music streaming service.”

“Oh, I know.”

Seo Chae-rim makes her eyes half-moon as if she is in a good mood.

Komm and mm.

These are places we both know.

Komm is one of the top three music streaming sites in Korea, and MM is a well-known and solid entertainment agency.

However, only in the future.

As of now, komm’s awareness is quite low. No, more people know komm as a record label, not a music streaming company, that is, a place that sells CDs and cassette tapes.

In fact, komm operated the largest record label in Korea before starting the music streaming business. It was three years later that komm became one of the top three music streaming sites in Korea when it entered into a strategic partnership with one of the three major telecommunications companies in Korea.

And in the case of mm…

It’s not even widely known, and it hasn’t even been established yet?

If I remember correctly, mm Entertainment was founded about two years later. Although it is a small company compared to the top three entertainment agencies in Korea, its internal stability is solid compared to its size.

Simply, they are famous for signing contracts with artists who have a stronger personality than commercial singers, and for giving better contracts to singers than to companies.

It’s also one of the entertainment agencies I’ve been thinking about for Sooyeon.

“But this mm is an entertainment agency?”

Unable to contain his curiosity, he asks Seo Chae-rim.

I brought a business card, so you know.

Seo Chae-rim nods her head at my words.

“that’s right. “This is a newly established management company.”

“But why do you have this business card?”

“Because it’s my father’s company.”

“······Didn’t you say it was a human resources office last time?”

“Management is also a kind of human resources office, right?”

No, it’s not wrong.

Something feels different.

“So what is komm’s business card?”

“Oh, to prove that it wasn’t a scam?”


“MM Entertainment is a subsidiary of komm.”

I didn’t know that.

MM Entertainment said that its internal stability was strong, but that was the reason.

No, so Seo Chae-rim is the daughter of komm and mm entertainment?

It turned out to be a bigger deal than I thought.

“Well, even though it’s a new management company, there isn’t a single artist under the label yet.”

“Is that true that it was founded?”

“There is a corporation and a building, so it can be said to have been established. However, because MM Entertainment’s goals were somewhat clear, it was difficult to find suitable singers.”

“What is mm Entertainment pursuing?”

“Artists who are certain about their ‘color.’ “We’re not just looking for people who sing well, we’re looking for people who have their own charm even if their singing skills are poor.”

Seo Chae-rim, who spoke so far, takes a sip of black tea.

Somehow, I feel a sense of elegance in that appearance.

“Then you felt that color for me?”


It was a question asked playfully, but Seo Chae-rim nods her head firmly. I am momentarily speechless at that sight. Hmm, I’m touched that you think of me so favorably.

“You are not only good at composing, but your producing skills are also outstanding. Plus, he’s good at directing the stage. It shows the temperament of a great producer. No, it’s not his temperament, he’s a pretty good producer right now. Besides, I’m still 17 years old. “Of course you wouldn’t be greedy, right?”

“······Thank you for your positive evaluation.”

“It’s not a good evaluation, but it’s a fair evaluation.”

I don’t know what to say because it stands out so much. Should I say that I am somehow embarrassed. I feel like my face is turning red for no reason, so I drink iced Americano to calm down the heat.

“So you want to make a contract with me?”

“Well, that’s true. From my perspective, would it be closer to a ‘recommendation’?”


“Because I’m still a student. I cannot be directly involved in the company. So, it’s a recommendation.”

I furrow my brows slightly at those words.

It’s a recommendation.

The words are very strange.

“If it’s a recommendation, does that mean I can’t sign a contract with MM Entertainment even if I like it?”


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“I think the possibility of that is extremely low. “It’s not just because it’s my recommendation, but because our CEO also has eyes for you, he won’t miss you.”

“Then shouldn’t you just recommend me to the CEO right away, without you having to tell me?”

“······That’s true, but. “I also have to prepare for my future.”

Another incomprehensible story.

“Why is recommending me preparation for the future?”

“Well, didn’t I tell you that last time? “As soon as I graduate from high school, I will help my father with his business.”

“yes. “It was like that.”

“I will go to college after graduating from Seolwon Arts High School. And I plan to work at MM Entertainment while attending college.”

“Is that possible?”

“It’s a parachute. How can it be impossible?”

Seo Chae-rim laughs, a little self-deprecatingly.

“It’s a bit like a part-time job, so you get to know the company while working there. And as soon as I graduate from school, I will get a job at a company and start working in earnest.”


“The problem is people’s gaze. Are you saying people are going to treat me like a parachute? Of course, it’s true that it’s a parachute, but I don’t want to be evaluated as an incompetent person. So, I need people to prepare me for the future and prove my pioneering plan.”

“Oh, so it’s a recommendation?”

I think I know what Seo Chae-rim is talking about. Seo Chae-rim recommends people to MM Entertainment. And if the people I recommend do well, they will become Seo Chae-rim’s resume.

“It’s good that you understand things quickly. that’s right. So it’s recommended. Actually, I’m working on this and that for that. Well, for now, it’s just something I keep an eye on.”

“Can I find out who those people who are paying attention are?”

“The people around you are Goyo Han and Taeyoung Kim. And maybe Kang Seong-hoon? And I don’t know about you, but I’m also keeping an eye on third-year students like Ji Ju-hak and Kim Yu-yeon.”

Han Go-yo, Kim Tae-young, Kang Seong-hun, Ji Ju-hak, and Kim Yu-yeon. Seo Chae-rim looks slightly surprised at the names that come out of her mouth. This guy’s vision is better than he looks.

Goyo Han has overwhelming talent, but other people are not as good as him. In particular, third-year students Ji Ju-hak and Kim Yu-yeon.

These are people who weren’t that famous when they were students, but will become pretty good singers in the future. How did you pick only the good ones?

“Have you finished talking?”

“No, not yet. Goyo doesn’t seem to have any thoughts, so I think I’ll wait a bit. Seonghoon, can we just talk lightly? And we plan to make offers to third-year seniors as soon as they graduate.”

“······Then am I the first?”

“That’s right, you are the first.”


I don’t understand so I ask.

Why am I the first?

Seo Chae-rim chuckled at my words and said.

“Because I am the most greedy. An excellent producer is also a very rare commodity. And I plan to recruit other people through you as well.”

“What about other people?”

“The people who sang with you.”


“huh. And your brother too.”

I take a breath at those words. Soo-yeon is also being considered for recommendation. The pioneering plan is actually better than I thought.

Seo Chae-rim’s proposal begins to spark interest. I know that MM Entertainment itself is a solid company, but more than that, I am more interested in the person named Seo Chae-rim.

They have a clear vision and clear ambition. In addition, he even has a vision plan that matches his ambition. And above all, the people themselves are refreshing.

“Well, you don’t necessarily have to sign a contract just because you were recommended, so don’t feel too pressured. “It’s just a matter of meeting the CEO of the company based on my recommendation.”

“Hmm, I see.”

Nod your head. There is less pressure because giving a clear answer does not necessarily mean signing a contract. There are a lot of things to think about in order to sign a contract with management.

“So this is my story. how is it? “It’s not a story you’ll regret hearing, right?”

“Yes, it’s definitely not a story you’ll regret hearing.”

“I knew it.”

Seo Chae-rim laughs.

I pat my chin and say, “Hmm,” when I see that.

“If I were to meet the CEO, when would I be able to meet him?”

“whenever. However, since you have to prepare for the major exam, wouldn’t it be better after that? And the CEO should also listen to the song you will make.”

“Oh, in the case of songs, can I send you something I made?”

“No, tell me about that later when you meet in person. “Before that, I plan on playing the songs you uploaded to the cloud.”


“The song I posted as ‘drop pop’.”

Seo Chae-rim looks embarrassed at the words 『drop pop』 coming out of her mouth. Then Seo Chae-rim burst out laughing.

“Why are you so embarrassed? “I also uploaded ‘Come Home’.”

“That’s right, but I didn’t know that there would be someone nearby who had listened to the song uploaded to that account.”

“I happened to get a recommendation so I listened to it.”

I would have guessed that Seo Chae-rim was among those few views.

I’m a little embarrassed.

“Then let’s set the meeting date after the major exam.”

“all right.”

“Now that we’re done talking, is it okay if I wake up first? “Now I have to recommend your account to the CEO.”


I nodded.

§ § §


After finishing talking with Ha-jun Yoon, Seo Chae-rim took a taxi and headed straight to the MM Entertainment headquarters. As she entered the neat new building that had just been built, Seo Chae-rim was greeted by the unique smell of the new building.

“Hello, Chaerim~.”


The smell wasn’t the only thing that welcomed Seo Chae-rim. MM Entertainment employees also smile brightly and welcome Seo Chae-rim. Seeing that, Seo Chae-rim also smiled.

“Are you in the representative office?”

“Yes, you are there.”


After saying that, Seo Chae-rim headed straight to the representative’s office. The employees look at Seo Chae-rim as if she is cute. That gaze makes Seo Chae-rim feel uncomfortable.

The reason they think Seo Chae-rim is cute now is because Seo Chae-rim is not an employee. Because I’m a high school student wearing a school uniform.

But what if I take off this school uniform?

And what if you start working at a company?

Do they really look at themselves with the same eyes?

No, it won’t.

Seo Chae-rim can be sure.

For that time, Seo Chae-rim must build up her track record. Of course, it’s impossible for her to do the scouting herself, but her track record of discovering and making recommendations will likely soften her gaze, if only a little.

Soon after, Seo Chae-rim arrived at the representative office, knocked lightly on the door, and then went inside.

“Hello, CEO.”

“I told you to call me uncle, not CEO. “I don’t want to be called CEO, even by you.”

As soon as the greetings are over, a familiar line returns. Seo Chae-rim laughed lightly at that line and closed the door to the representative office. After that, she sat down on the sofa and said.

“This is a company and the CEO is the CEO.”

“Yeah, but you’re not an employee yet. “He’s just my nephew after all.”

“You’ll only be an employee after two years anyway, right?”

“That’s why I want to be called uncle, even just for those two years. “Do you know how much it bothers me to be called CEO, CEO, even by your father?”

While complaining, Seo Hoon, CEO of MM Entertainment, sat across from Seo Chae-rim. Then she handed me the drink she had already taken out and said.

“So what’s going on today? “Would you like to visit the company again?”

“That’s not it. “I have someone I can recommend to the CEO.”

“Who would you recommend?”


“What, are you friends from school?”

“That’s right.”

Seo Chae-rim nods. Seeing that, Seohoon clicked his tongue. Seo Chae-rim, her own niece and her brother’s daughter, is a niece that Seo Hoon feels sorry for.

He went to Seolwon Arts High School because he wanted to pursue music, but as soon as he graduated from high school, he had to help out at the company. My lovely nephew can’t do what he wants to do and has to work instead.

I can’t help but feel sorry for Seo Hoon.

“There is no need to worry about the company that much. “The artist contract is currently in progress.”

“It’s not just for the company, it’s for me.”


“Well, anyway. Would you like to take a listen? “You won’t regret it.”

After saying that, Seo Chae-rim manipulated her laptop and played a song. Seohoon stops talking and listens intently to the song.

A mysterious voice reminiscent of dawn. A sad melody sung by that voice. “Oh,” Seohoon lets out a short exclamation.

“It’s okay.”

“Isn’t this all?”

Seo Chae-rim, who said that, played the songs in succession. After she played all four songs, Seo Chae-rim asked Seo Hoon.

“How are you?”

“Hmm, you have a nice tone. Especially the song played at the end.”

“『Come home.’’

“Yeah, that song. “I like it very much.”

“Yes? “I thought so too.”

“So the person you want to recommend is the person who sang that song?”

“No, not that.”

Seo Chae-rim shook her head. Seohoon frowned at that sight. She kept saying that she recommended a singer because she sounded the same, but she said no?

“The person I want to recommend is not the person who sang the song, but the person who wrote the song.”


“Gyeom, producer.”

Hmm, Seohoon lets out a low moan.

It’s not the one who sang the song, but the one who created the song.

Wait, who made it?

“······The songs I’ve heard so far. Was it all made by one person?”

“yes that’s right.”

“Can you tell it to me again?”


Seo Chae-rim laughed at Seo Hoon’s interested reaction and played the song again. Music played from the beginning. Seohoon closes his eyes and focuses on the music.

Not in the voice, but in the melody.

After listening to four songs, Seohoon opened his eyes again.

“Are the composers and producers all done by one person?”

“yes. Plus mixing and mastering.”

“······What is that student’s name?”

Seo Hoon asks Seo Chae-rim in a voice full of interest.

Seo Chae-rim smiled at that voice.

“Hajun Yoon. How about, would you like to meet him sometime?”

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