My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 61

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EP14.5 – Main. (6)


Seo Chae-rim sings on stage.

On the same stage as Jin So-hyang,

A song like Jin Sohyang.

‘No, is it really the same song?’

Seonghun Kang was confused. Obviously, if you think about the melody, it is the same song. That’s true, but… The genre of the song has changed.

So, should I say that it feels like one song was arranged into a different genre? If Jin So-hyang’s part was boom bap hip-hop, now Seo Chae-rim’s part is ballad rock, or is this metal?

-Because you are next to me now!

Meanwhile, the lyrics continue. While Jin So-hyang’s lyrics are about dreaming of a future where we move forward together through love, Seo Chae-rim’s lyrics call for love.

‘So you’re dating after receiving a confession, is that what it’s about?’

Did you change the genre of the song for each part for that purpose? However, I don’t think that’s the case because there is no sense of unity on stage.

We are not simply talking about the genre of the song. The color of the light that illuminated Jin So-hyang was red. However, the light shining on Seo Chae-rim now is blue.

A color of polar opposites.

It’s not just lighting.

Even the costumes are different. In the case of Jin So-hyang, she wore very thin and light white clothes. Pants with a similar feel to a fluttering white top.

However, Seo Chae-rim is now wearing entirely black clothes. A leather jacket, black tight pants, and black calf-length boots.

The costumes, lighting, and even the song have a different feel, so it just feels like a completely different song. Even the walls made of partitions were making it look like a separate space, a small stage within a stage.

-I will hug you for a moment and forget everything.

But that doesn’t mean the song is strange. Meanwhile, the song is good. That’s why I don’t understand it anymore. How can you make that good song feel like a different song with each part?

Why on earth?

For what?

I kept thinking that way. It’s not just Kang Seong-hoon. Everyone in the audience watching Ha-Jun Yoon’s performance is thinking the same thing.

Meanwhile, Seo Chae-rim’s part ended.

The blue light turns off.

Then, a white light turned on in the center, revealing Han Goyo. People hold their breath at that sight. Goyo Han was wearing clothes that were an appropriate combination of white and black.

The melody changes again. The guitar and drum sounds become louder. The bass sound becomes louder. Did I make a mixing mistake? It sounds loud enough to make you think that way.

Additionally, the tempo has become faster. Even the pitch is rising. It feels like a hectic rush overall. Hangoyo sings to the melody.

-I am left alone in this place where everyone has left.

Are you looking for someone?

Very high pitch from the beginning. However, Han Go-yo easily digested it. Han Go-yo’s voice penetrates the large melody and is transmitted to the audience.

At that moment, the audience felt a kind of thrill.

Oh my gosh, I get goosebumps.

Everyone in the audience knows that Hangoyo is amazing. Because he already proved himself on the opening stage on the second day. But now, Han Goyo on that stage felt like something different.

And at that moment, Kang Seong-hoon realized what Yoon Ha-jun was aiming for.

‘The development of the song itself was divided into parts?’

There is also a form in a song. It’s called Song Form, and it’s the basic theory you learn when you start composing. And to summarize the format succinctly, it roughly goes like this: verse -> chorus -> bridge -> chorus.

Verse is the beginning of the song.

In general, the vocal range is low.

Chorus is often said to be the highlight.

So, it is a key part.

Unlike Verse, it has a high vocal range.

Bridge is a part that exists to connect parts.

Now, depending on the composer, the song is created by adding a pre-chorus, adding an interlude, or ending with an outro.

But now Hajun Yoon has twisted the format of the song.

Not verse -> chorus -> bridge

Verse -> bridge -> chorus.

The development itself was different. Additionally, the way the parts are used is special. Instead of dividing the parts into separate parts, Jin So-hyang’s part was used as the intro and verse, and Seo Chae-rim’s part was used as the bridge and interlude. And the entire Hangoyo part was used as a chorus.

As a result, it became a song that felt very free-spirited, like each part was a different song. When Kang Seong-hoon realized that fact, he took a deep breath. He twists the form of the song and develops it using various genres.

This is not the first attempt at all. Twisting the format of a song has been used by bands and composers who like to try different things, and there are already songs that incorporate songs from different genres into one song.

The problem is that Hajun Yoon is only 17 years old. He was only 17 years old when he tried something like that. Even the results are quite amazing.

Of course, it is not a great song that will go down in history. Still, there are definitely some shortcomings. However, considering Ha-jun Yoon’s age, the quality is ridiculous.

On stage, Hangoyo continues to sing. She sings a melancholy that doesn’t fit the crazy fast and loud melody.

-I’m stuck in muddy water and desperately swimming.

Am I looking for someone when I don’t need anyone?

A crying voice.

Singing about the past with that voice.

The part of Jin So-hyang, who received love and dreamed of the future. Seo Chae-rim’s part, who wants to remain in the present with the person she loves. And the part about Goyo Han, who remains alone and dreams only of the past.

A story is told in a song. The audience was already immersed in the story. I focus on the song, feel sad, and hope for a different ending.

-Forever here.

At that time, Hangoyo’s part ended.



The two lights that had been turned off came back on. Jin So-hyang and Seo Chae-rim appear. Then, Jin So-hyung, Seo Chae-rim, and finally Han Go-yo crossed the ‘wall’ that had been erected as a partition and headed to the front of the stage.

-I was just waiting for someone.

The melody of the piano, which had diminished, increases. The melody that was driving me crazy calms down. The pitch returns to its proper place.

-I’m trying to quit now.

Not a life worthy of anyone,


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Trying to live my life.

Hangoyo sings a song. Jin So-hyang sings. Seo Chae-rim sings. The three sing one song on one stage.


Kang Seong-hoon opened his mouth blankly at that song.

And then I laughed.

When Hangoyo’s part, which was thought to be a chorus, ends, the chorus begins once again. So, Hajun Yoon did not simply use Hangoyo’s part as a chorus, but used it as a chorus and a bridge.

-I’ll say.

Not someone’s something.

-I’ll say.

Not someone’s story.

-I’ll say.

My own story─

Hangoyo lets out a high note. Jin So-hyang sings as if in a whisper. Seo Chae-rim adds the chords. They come together and make the song rich.


And once again, the high notes of the silence that follow. Jin So-hyang’s scat and Seo Chae-rim’s harmony help create such a calm. The audience is thrilled.

On stage, those who thought they were performers broke through the wall that had been erected as a partition and came out into reality. You’re not singing someone else’s story, you’re singing your own story.

-In the end, just be me.

Not someone’s life.

For a life like mine.

『Main』 is a free-spirited song.

This does not simply mean that the song’s development or lyrics are free-spirited. 『Main』 breaks the fourth wall at will. Singers who were singing someone else’s story jump out and deny it and sing their own song.

To express that, Hajun Yoon erected a partition on the stage. In the sense that they are breaking down the small stage made up of walls and telling their stories on a bigger stage.

-You can decide your own life,

Because in the end, it’s just you.

The stage ends with Hangoyo’s song. The lights go out. At the same time, the audience started applauding. There were also people who cheered with loud voices.

Now the audience was being moved as if they had seen a musical. I don’t know why, but I am overwhelmed with emotion.

Hajun Yoon smiled at that sight. It’s unlikely that they completely understood this song. Some people may not understand why each part has a different genre.

No, I think there are more people like that. Basically, it is difficult to understand the original author’s intention 100%. But they are moved and are cheering and applauding.

So wouldn’t that be enough?

While Ha-Jun Yoon was smiling, Seong-Hoon Kang was making a dumbfounded expression. How can I express this, this song right now?

It’s a mess. It’s a mess. Twist the format of the song, give each part a new genre, and then deny those parts at the end?

But that messy song was bothering Kang Seong-hoon. His hands are shaking. My eyes feel sore. An inexplicable emotion fills my heart.

Singing is free.

This is something I’ve heard countless times from parents.

However, Kang Seong-hoon did not agree with that opinion. There is a formula to successful songs. For Kang Seong-hoon, who had a form and only composed songs according to that form, singing was not free.

But the song Ha-Jun Youn made now was so free. He makes what he wants to make, and he does what he wants to do.


Seonghun Kang now knew.

My parents were right.

Singing was something free.

§ § §

The long winter festival came to an end with the ending stage. And Hajun Yoon was looking at the empty stage below the stage of the small performance hall.

“It was pretty good, right?”

At that time, someone spoke to Hajun Yoon. Hearing that voice, Hajun Yoon turned his back and looked at the owner of the voice. Seo Chae-rim was there.

Yoon Ha-jun smiled and nodded at the sight of Seo Chae-rim wearing a school uniform, as if she had already changed her stage costume.

“It was a good stage.”

“I guess it was okay if our producer said that.”

Yoon Ha-jun laughed bitterly at Seo Chae-rim’s mischievous words. This stage was a very satisfying one from Yoon Ha-jun’s perspective.

A unique type of song that has never been made before, limited production, and not enough time. Although there were many restrictions, a good performance was still produced.

“what are you going to do now?”

“well. I feel like I want to rest a bit now that the Winter Festival is over… “I can’t do that because of the composition major exam.”

“Are you going to write a song other than this one for the composition major test?”

“Yes, I think so.”

It doesn’t matter much if you submit 『Main』 to the composition major exam. No, on the contrary, you will get very good grades. In fact, when the stage was over, teacher Ha Hyo-joo came and praised Ha-jun Yoon.

However, there is a big problem with submitting 『Main』.

“I don’t have the confidence to play all of that on guitar.”

『Main』 is largely divided into four genres. And Hajun Yoon wasn’t confident that he could play it all on guitar.

Seo Chae-rim laughed at that story.

“It’s a practical reason.”

“I’m a realistic person.”

“okay? “I thought he was an infinitely romantic person.”


“It’s the same for choosing a difficult path, and it’s also the same for making this song. “Isn’t that what you do to find romance?”

What is romance?

Hajun Yoon shakes his head.

『Main』 was not a song that Ha-Jun Yoon created deliberately. I wrote this song after feeling inspired while looking at the painting hanging in the central hallway.

“I am a person for whom reality is more important than romance.”

“There is no romance.”

“I’m a little tired of looking for romance. “But isn’t your senior going back?”

“huh? Ah, I have to go. “Before that, I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?”

Seo Chae-rim exhaled for a moment at Ha-jun Yoon’s words. And how should she start talking? She thought for a moment and then slowly opened her mouth.

“Do you have a contract with an agency or something?”

“no. “Not really.”

“Where did you get the offer?”

“I’ve been offered a song, but I haven’t received an offer to join yet.”

“Hmm, I see.”

I felt fortunate to get that answer. Well, unlike vocal majors, it is difficult for composition majors to receive exclusive love calls.

“Then, do you intend to sign a contract with the agency?”

“I do not know. It’s not like it doesn’t exist… As much as possible, I only want to work with people I want to work with. But it’s difficult to do that if you sign a contract with an agency.”

But why are you asking this? Hajun Yoon blinks. Seeing that, Seo Chae-rim stroked his chin. A naive appearance that does not make you think of him as the director who planned such a great stage.

The more I look at it, the more I like it.

I feel greedy.

“Then, if you had an agency where you could freely work with the people you wanted, would you consider signing a contract?”

“If there is such a place.”


Seo Chae-rim claps her hands. Then, she took out the business card she had previously put in her pocket and held it out to Ha-jun Yoon.

“Then would you like to talk to me?”

Hajun Yoon, who received the business card, opened his eyes wide in surprise.


『mm Entertainment』.

That’s what it said on the business card Seo Chae-rim gave me.

“I don’t think it’s a story you’ll regret hearing.”

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