My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 60

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EP14.5 – Main. (5)


The third and final day of the Winter Festival.

Early in the morning, Hajun Yoon is looking at the stage in a small performance hall for rehearsal. This is the only rehearsal before going on stage.

Hajun Yoon approaches rehearsal with a serious expression. He once again checked the stage movement he had been practicing and conveyed exactly what he wanted to the staff.

Such great directing cannot be used on the stage of 『MAIN』. I had a strong desire to direct, but due to practical constraints, such as limited props, insufficient time, and many other things, I ended up preparing to direct with only one prop, lighting, and costume.

Therefore, mistakes cannot be made. The timing of lights turning off and on, the timing of color changes, everything must be perfect.

Hajun Yoon, who soon finished rehearsal, muttered.

“It’s a shame.”


Seo Chae-rim asked in response to the muttering. Seo Chae-rim was watching Yoon Ha-jun throughout the rehearsal. With eyes full of interest. Hajun Yoon answers that question.

“There are time and other restrictions. There are many things I want to do, but it’s impossible.”

“What, in terms of directing?”


“Hmm, do you want to direct the stage too?”

Usually, producers are not involved in stage production. Directing is either done by production experts, or the singer himself thinks about it.

“I don’t just want to direct. Just, I direct the songs I make? “I have some thoughts on that.”

“You also directed 『Blame』 and 『Come Home』, right?”


“『Rough』 too?” “To be honest, I didn’t do much about it. Although the song was arranged to fit the stage, the performance was all prepared by Jin So-hyang and the company’s choreographer.”

“But didn’t you prepare the lighting and props?”

“Yes, of course.”

In response, Seo Chae-rim snorted, “Hmm.” Although she heard that there are producers who even decide on album jackets and image concepts…

‘You definitely have good sense.’

The stage costumes for this 『MAIN』 were also chosen by Ha-jun Yoon. To be precise, we talked with Jin So-hyang, who has extensive stage experience, and chose it together.

Anyway, for a 17 year old, I have pretty good sense. Seo Chae-rim looked at Chan Chan and Yoon Ha-jun. he is tall Even for an adult, he is quite tall.

Although his hair is messy and frustrating to look at, his face itself is pretty good. Plus, I have a skinny body, so it fits well.

“Are you very interested in clothes?”


“No, I just saw you talking to Sohyang the other day and it seemed like you know a lot about clothes. “The same goes for accessories.”

“That’s not it. “I just studied it because I thought I would need it on stage.”

“So, it wasn’t something you were always interested in, but you studied it because you felt it was necessary?”


Hajun Yoon answers.

Seeing that, Seo Chae-rim nodded.

Then he asks Ha-jun Yoon in a serious voice.

“If you were to debut as a composer, how would you work?”

“How about ramen?”

“There are different types of composers. “The type that makes songs according to the person, the type that makes the song and matches the people to it, the type that works on a request, or the type that selects a person and continues to work with them.”

“······I think I’ll probably be the last. Well, I don’t think I will continue to work with just one person, but I think the person I work with the most will be determined.”

And that person, of course, is Suyeon Yoon. After that, Seo Chae-rim asked Ha-jun Yoon many questions. Ha-Jun Yoon answered the question sincerely, even though he was wondering why Seo Chae-Rim was asking this.

“Okay, okay.”

And after hearing the answer to the last question, Seo Chae-rim muttered and nodded. Hajun Yoon frowned slightly at that sight.

This person is really strange too.

§ § §

The third day of the Winter Festival has begun.

The opening stage to announce the beginning was ‘Jung Eun-hye’, a sophomore composition major and scholarship recipient. Eunhye Jeong, who uses her acoustic guitar as her mainstay to create emotional songs, has sharpened her sword and prepared for today.

It’s not just about grades. If I had to be specific, it was for the status of a second year student. Currently, it is no exaggeration to say that the status of a second year student at Seolwon Arts High School does not exist.

There are six currently active idols in the third year. However, there is no active person in the second year.

There are many trainees, but they are all trainees. So the second graders were compared to the third graders, knowingly or unknowingly. Meanwhile, the new first year students are being treated as ‘golden riders’.

This isn’t something that comes from among students. This is what teachers and entertainment companies said. There is only one idol currently active, Jin So-hyang, but that is not important.

Starting with Han Go-yo, Kang Seong-hoon, Kim Tae-young, and even Yoon Ha-jun. There are a lot of people with outstanding talent. It was those first-year students who received the spotlight at Silumgwa concerts and festivals.

And so is this Winter Festival. The previous 1st and 2nd days. What became a hot topic was the performance of the first graders. There, the second graders were in for a huge shock.

I don’t really have any intention of having a sense of belonging to the grade or anything like that, or acting like an old fashioned kid just because we’re only one year older, but it still doesn’t feel good to be pushed around by first-year students.

As students at Seolwon Arts High School, they have lived their lives believing that they have talent. Of course, I have very strong pride. We can’t just keep losing.


Ha-jun Yoon, who was watching the stage prepared by Eun-hye Jeong, exhaled admiration. The song that Eunhye Jeong prepared was an emotional song, which is her specialty.

The melody of the acoustic guitar made me feel comfortable, but the voice that accompanied it was very unique. Should I say that I feel like something is making me cringe?

That doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear it, but it’s a very cute voice. The voice sings in a low whisper, bringing joy to people’s lips.

“The song is good.”

I can’t believe you can sing that unique vocal like that. Hajun Yoon nods, thinking it’s amazing. Seeing this, Seo Chae-rim asks from the side.

“Can you do something like that too?”

“It’s impossible. “I can’t create styles like that.”

“why? “You’ve tried so many different genres so far.”

“Yes, but. “I don’t think I could make a song with that kind of droning emotion.”

And more than anything, when I think of the hardships I went through while making 『Come Home』, I don’t want to do it. After saying those words, Hajun Yoon focuses on the stage again.

Hajun Yoon’s stage is the ending stage of Part 2. It is the very last stage. As a result, I can watch the first part with peace of mind. That’s how Hajun Yoon looks at his first stage.

At the same time, he praises people from time to time. When she first heard it, Seo Chae-rim thought Ha-jun Yoon was being sarcastic. No matter how much I listen to it, the quality is much lower than what Ha-jun Yoon made.


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But when I saw Hajun Yoon complimenting me and looking at the stage with sharp eyes, I realized that wasn’t the case. Hajun Yoon is really praising that stage.

Then, he is thinking about whether there is something he can learn and how he would have made that thing. Seo Chae-rim is honestly amazed by that appearance.

He’s a great guy. If I had that kind of talent at that age, I would have been arrogant, but let alone arrogant. Thinking that you are lacking, you study to see if there is anything you can learn from others.

‘So you can make songs like that at that age?’

Secretly, Seo Chae-rim reflects on herself. Then, Seo Chae-rim, like Yoon Ha-jun, looked at her stage with sharp eyes.

That’s the end of part 1. And lunch time. Jin So-hyang, Han Go-yo, and Seo Chae-rim ate together, and Yoon Ha-jun ate with Kim Tae-young.

At first, Ha-jun Yoon wanted to eat with the three of them, but Tae-young Kim said he had something to say because of yesterday’s performance, so we ended up leaving separately.


Hajun Yoon asks while eating lunch.

After hearing those words, Taeyoung Kim took a deep breath and said,

“Did I suck yesterday?”

That’s what I said. Hajun Yoon made an absurd expression at those words. So, this bastard, did you ask us to eat together just to say that?

“Surely, that’s what you want to say?”

“of course.”

In response to that answer, Hajun Yoon begins to worry about whether it would be okay to throw the spoon he is currently holding. Taeyoung Kim said with a bright smile, as if she didn’t know what Hajun Yoon was thinking.

“So my performance yesterday was shit, right? You admit it too, right? huh?”

“What, you bastard?”

“I mean, I did a good job with the song you gave me.”

“······That’s right.”

Honestly, Hajun Yoon nods his head. I have no choice but to acknowledge Kim Tae-young’s performance yesterday. Because it was so good that even composer Ha-Jun Yoon was impressed.

At that time, Taeyoung Kim speaks in a stern voice.

“That song is my song.”


“That song is my song. Just because you debut as a composer, you shouldn’t give it to someone else. I will definitely call you. “When I debut, I will put it as the title song of my debut album.”

“Is that the main point?”

Taeyoung Kim nods.

“I have performed on numerous stages so far, but there has never been a stage that satisfied me as much as yesterday. So, when I debut, I will sing that song to my heart’s content.”

“I see.”

Ha-Jun Yoon answers indifferently. Then, after taking a sip of the beverage provided for lunch, he smiled softly.

“You know you have to give me money then, right?”


“You said you were going to write my song. Of course, I have to pay composing fees, producing fees, things like that.”


“No way, just eating the songs without conscience or leaving the producing to someone else. “It’s not like that, is it?”

“Oh, no. of course. Of course, if the song is officially released, I have to pay for it. huh. “Do I look like I have no conscience?”

It doesn’t seem like you have a conscience, but I know you didn’t think it through. Thinking about that, Hajun Yoon chuckles. Taeyoung Kim, who is becoming a world star, chose her song as her debut song.

Not bad. That’s what I thought. After finishing the story, Hajun Yoon headed to the waiting room. I really wanted to see the second part of the performance, but there was too much to prepare for.

“Then let’s get started right away.”

Hajun Yoon said that to the three people gathered in the waiting room. Jin So-hyang, Han Go-yo, and Seo Chae-rim nod their heads at those words. There is a lot to prepare to go on stage.

Makeup, hair, and even clothes. It takes over an hour to prepare it. Fortunately, this is also concise and can be completed in one hour.

Jin So-hyang said it usually takes about two hours to prepare for a concert. Anyway, Jin So-hyang, Han Go-yo, and Seo Chae-rim start preparing for the stage.

And Hajun Yoon helps with that. They help you wear the necessary accessories, do your makeup, look at the colors and change them to different colors, and finally, the clothes…

“Please wear everything and call me.”

Still, that’s unreasonable. When the three people finished preparing, the 27th performance was taking place on stage. There are only three people left until Yoon Ha-jun’s stage.


Before going on stage, Seo Chae-rim sighs. Han Go-yo sits blankly on a chair with her eyes closed, and Jin So-hyang lightly relaxes her body.

“Is there anything you want to say before you go on stage?”

At that time, Seo Chae-rim spoke to Yoon Ha-jun.

Hajun Yoon thought about those words for a moment and then said.

“I’m not used to saying things like this. Well, I’ve watched you practice and I know how great you are. So, please show it all on stage.”

“It’s corny.”

“I told you there was no need to talk.”

Seo Chae-rim chuckles at Yoon Ha-jun’s words.

At that time, Han Goyo stands up.

He then said as he left the waiting room.

“That’s enough.”

“that’s right. “It was powerful enough!”

Jin So-hyang holds both hands and takes a light fighting stance. Then, he followed Han Goyo and left the waiting room. Seeing the two like that, Seo Chae-rim wonders for a moment.

If this happens, it seems like I’m the only bad kid.

“Well, it wasn’t bad.”

Then Seo Chae-rim also left the waiting room. Now it is their turn. After the three people left, Yoon Ha-jun, who was left alone in the waiting room, sighed lightly and left the waiting room himself.

“What, why are you following me?”

“I have to install the stage props, right?”

And after saying that, I went ahead of the three people and headed to the stage. Soon after, the 29th stage ended. Now all that remains is the ending stage that marks the end of the Winter Festival.

After confirming that the stage was empty, Hajun Yoon headed to the stage with the only prop he had brought with him in advance. And he installed the prop in a location he had planned with the staff in advance.

After that, I came off the stage. Lastly, I would like to say something to the members, but I don’t have time. And I’ve already said everything I need to say.

Now all that’s left is to watch from the audience.

After leaving the waiting room, Ha-jun Yoon went to the audience and sat down.

§ § §

People sitting in the audience look at the stage with expressions of anticipation. It’s tiring and boring to watch the performance of 59 people, but you have to concentrate and watch this performance.

This stage is the ending stage of the Winter Festival and also Ha-jun Yoon’s stage. Hajun Yoon. He suddenly became a celebrity at Seolwon Arts High School.

Jeong Eun-hye, who prepared for the opening stage on the third day, and Kang Seong-hoon, who decorated the ending stage on the first day, pulled their bodies forward as much as possible.

To the point where I was worried that I might fall.

A dark stage with no lights on. You can catch a glimpse of the shapes of people on the stage.

Wait, the shapes of people?

‘Isn’t it just one person?’

I thought you were doing it with Hangoyo this time too, but are other people doing it too?

At that time, the lights turn on on the stage.

However, only on the ‘left’ side.

Red lighting illuminates the person standing on the left side of the stage. And Kang Seong-hoon frowns at that sight. Jin Sohyang? The one on stage was Jin So-hyang.


I don’t understand.

In Kang Seong-hoon’s opinion, the only merit that Jin So-hyang has is the title of ‘current idol’. Her singing ability is not even average.

But why did Ha-Jun Yoon put Jin So-Hyang on stage? Then, a melody flows out. Heavy and melancholy melody. The melodies of piano and violin fill the stage.

Jin So-hyang starts singing according to the melody.

-I never thought about it.

Jin So-hyang’s singing was different from usual. To her heavy and gloomy melody, she sings very slowly in a low-pitched voice. As a result, Jin So-hyang’s voice felt different.

-Because the love I receive from someone hurts.

And slowly, Jin So-hyang began to move. Slow movements that fit the melody. At the same time, very delicate movements. At the same time, invisible props were revealed by lighting.


The prop erected on the stage was a huge partition. A partition that looks like a wall. Kang Seong-hoon showed an expression that was completely incomprehensible to that presence.

What kind of stage have you prepared, Hajun Yoon?

A small space created by a partition. Jin So-hyang dances in it. It’s not a powerful dance. A dance that emphasizes a very delicate but at the same time beautiful dance line.

-I feel like I’m the main character in a drama.

I never thought about it.

Unlike the gloomy melody, the lyrics of Jin So-hyang’s part are infinitely bright. These are lyrics that make a person who did not receive love receive love and feel like they have become the main character.

When Jin So-hyang’s dance was added, a fairly decent stage was completed. At that time, Jin Sohyang lightly turned her body and she lightly leaned her body against the partition.

-Let’s move forward together.

Jin So-hyang’s song ends.

And the red light turns off.

Instead, a blue light came on on the right.

At the same time, Seo Chae-rim appears.

It’s not just the lighting that has changed.

Even the melody of the music changed.

The melody, which was infinitely depressing and heavy, becomes slightly lighter. The melody of the violin died, and the melody of the guitar and drums were added.

And Seo Chae-rim opened her mouth to the melody.

-The future we wanted to move towards!

A low-pitched, husky voice that is difficult to tell if it is male or female. That charming voice makes his presence known on stage.

‘What is this?’

Seeing this, Kang Seong-hoon looked confused.

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