My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 6

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EP2 – Snowfield High School (2)


Suyeon was a student who was said to have a passion for teaching. First of all, I participate very enthusiastically in class. If you don’t know something, ask a question right away.

That’s not all. If you tell me one thing, I know five. As a result, the person teaching me is also very excited. Is this the mind of teachers who teach geniuses?

And while taking classes, Suyeon began to become interested in singers, albeit little by little. Before she was just a simple dream, but now she is starting to become interested in whether she has to make that dream come true.



“What do I have to do to get into Seolwon Arts High School?”

He looks surprised at Sooyeon’s words. I never would have thought that a story about Seolwon Arts High School would come out of Suyeon’s mouth.

“Why? Do you want to go to Seolwon Arts High School?”

“No, I’m just curious.”

Soo-yeon hesitates. When she sees that, she feels sad. It would be okay for her to be a little more greedy. She smiles as if she’s okay, she says.

“It’s okay. If you’re Suyeon, you’ll probably be able to pass. And you’ll get a scholarship, right?”



Suyeon smiles softly at my words. She bobs her head because she finds it cute. Then she waves her hand as if to tell Suyeon not to do it.

I can’t believe Su-yeon spoke about Seolwon Arts High School first. He was wondering how to bring Soo-yeon to Seolwon High School, but it worked out.

From then on, one more thing was added to Suyeon’s class. This is a class for the practical exam at Seolwon Arts High School. To be honest, I think I’ll pass right away, but Suyeon is anxious, so there’s nothing I can do.

However, this does not mean that Suyeon’s classes are the only ones that are taught all the time. First of all, I compose music every day. I have already finished composing most of the songs I made in my past life.

Now I am working on arranging those songs. And once a week, he goes to the studio and takes guitar lessons from Won Seong-min. On the weekends, I give Suyeon music lessons. 2 hours a day.

Lastly, we record in the studio once every two weeks. At this time, we receive feedback about the music from Won Seong-min. As I led a fairly regular life, the graduation ceremony arrived.


The school uniform I wore for the first time in a long time was very uncomfortable.

I can’t believe I have to wear something like this for another three years.

A sigh comes out of my mouth.

But there was a reality that made me sigh even more than that: the entrance ceremony for Seolwon Arts High School was just around the corner. No, time flies so fast.

“My son will already be in high school next month. Time flies, doesn’t it?”

“Iknow, right.”

I nod my head at the words of my mother who came to the graduation ceremony. The graduation ceremony was very boring. After listening to the principal’s boring speech and her juniors singing a song, we exchange greetings with the teachers.

Lastly, take pictures with your friends and teachers. I feel like I want to go home quickly, but my mom doesn’t seem like that.

Anyway, none of the friends I made during this time stayed with me until the end, so why do I keep taking pictures of them? I’m too old to enjoy the emotions of middle schoolers.

“My brother has already graduated.”

Meanwhile, Su-yeon was complaining as if she was disappointed. Suyeon and I went to the same elementary and middle school. But her high school was different. I went to Seolwon Arts High School, and Suyeon just went to a regular high school.

“Are you sad?”


“It’s okay. I’m going to go to the same school again starting next year anyway.”

But this life is different. Suyeon will go to Seolwon Arts High School in this life. Suyeon smiled at my words and nodded her head. My mother said with a slightly surprised expression upon seeing me and Suyeon like that.

“Suyeon, are you planning to go to Seolwon Arts School too?”

“·····No, it’s not decided yet. I’m just thinking about it.”

Suyeon speaks in a slightly quiet voice. Its appearance is reminiscent of a small animal. Seeing Suyeon like that, her mother smiled and said.

“It’s okay, my daughter. If you want to do it, you should do it. Then there will be two singers in our house!”

Mom speaks brightly. Suyeon smiled at those words. She watches it. Even with what she said, Mom must be in a lot of trouble right now. As she said last time, the tuition at Seolwon Arts High School is very expensive. Starting with tuition, there is a lot of money that goes into various things.

This is very difficult in our situation as a single-parent family. That’s why I should get a scholarship.

And although it is not confirmed, there is a very high probability that Sooyeon will also receive a scholarship. Seolwon Arts High School is famous for generously providing scholarships to students with outstanding talent.

I made my mom suffer as much as my younger brother, or perhaps even more than my younger brother. In the end, it was my fault that her mother died. So, in this life, I wanted to return the favor.

“Don’t worry. I won’t burden Mom.”

My mother smiled brightly at my somewhat unexpected words. Then he stroked my head and said it was amazing.

“A mother doesn’t think it’s a burden if it’s for her son and daughter.”

I shut my mouth in response to that one word from my mother. Her chest feels tight. Even in her previous life, she always gave me trouble, and even now, I only get help from my mom.

Tuition at Seolwon Arts High School and even my pocket money are all thanks to my mom. She clenches her fists as she looks at her mother’s hands, rough from her work.

Everything my mom gave up for me.

I will pay them all back with my own hands.

§ § §

There are two main ways to receive a scholarship at Seolwon Arts High School. First of all, first test scores. However, it is not enough to just practice well. Both the written and practical skills must be examined well.

The problem is the writing. Seolwon Arts High School’s written exam is famous for being difficult. To exaggerate a little, it is at the level of a foreign language high school. No matter how much time I put in, it’s difficult to get good grades through handwriting.

So I abandoned that method a long time ago. So what is the second method? You get an overwhelming score on the practical exam and get a recommendation from your teacher.

And that’s exactly the method I’m aiming for.

To do that, you need to start preparing now.

Of course, it is very difficult to receive a scholarship through recommendation. To get recommended, you have to make a huge impact. Is that easy to do with composing music?

It’s about standing out even among geniuses gathered from all over the country. That’s why I focus on composing and arranging all day.

Still, the possibility is not low.

Because I have a weapon that only I have.

Knowledge of the future. But that doesn’t mean I’m stealing other people’s songs. What I want to say is that I know all about ‘trends’.

Trends are very important in music. If you know what styles will be popular in the future, you can take advantage of them in advance.

That’s the best weapon I have. The most important crossroads is the first major exam. At this time, if you receive a scholarship, your chances of continuing to receive scholarships are extremely high.

Therefore, you need to create an overwhelming song for your first major exam. Listen to the songs I have made so far. It’s not all bad. In fact, aside from my singing ability, the song itself received good reviews.

But is this enough?

Those thoughts keep lingering in my head.


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Will these be able to show an overwhelming performance among geniuses from all over the country? To be honest, I don’t think this alone will be enough.

There are many reasons, but the biggest reason is the owner of the song. This song was created just for me. A song I made to sing.

So there were a lot of things I gave up. Because in the end, I have to call it. Is it possible to show an overwhelming performance with such a vaguely compromised song?


The answer came quickly. That alone is not enough. It is true that these are good songs, but they are not overwhelming. No matter how much you arrange it, it is impossible unless you completely change the basic outline.

Close your eyes. Now I have given up my dream of becoming a singer. It is not a song to be sung, but a song to be created assuming that others will sing it.

Open your eyes.

And mutter quietly.

“Let’s do it.”

It is not a half-compromised song, but a song filled with my desires. Imagine someone singing this song in your head. Several singers came to mind, but in the end, the last person left was Suyeon.

Okay, the owner of the song has been decided. Now that you have chosen the owner, you need to decide on the theme of the song. And it wasn’t difficult to decide on the theme of the song.


What I want to say to my mom and Suyeon who suffered because of me. Let’s express that regret and gratitude. After playing the composition program, start composing.

My fingers are busy moving. I don’t give up on things I would have given up on before. I become greedy that I wasn’t greedy for.

Express it through a composition program. But I’m not satisfied. Won Seong-min is right. There is a big difference between making something simply with a composition program and making it with a musical instrument.

It’s not for nothing that they ask us to demonstrate the song as a test in the preview. I look at my cell phone. 9 p.m. It’s a little late, but Won Seong-min is probably still at Howl Studio.

Put your laptop in your bag and pack your bags.

And then I leave the house.

“Son, where are you going?”

“I’ll practice for a while and then come back.”

“Don’t push yourself too hard.”

I nod my head to my mother’s words coming from behind me and head to Howl Studio. While replaying the melody in her head over and over again.

Then, before I knew it, I arrived at Howl Studio. When I opened the door, Won Seong-min looked at me with a surprised expression.

“Hajun, what’s going on at this hour?”

“Sir, can I use your guitar?”

Won Seong-min was a little embarrassed and then nodded.

“Of course, it’s okay.”

“thank you!”

The moment I hear the answer, I say thank you and go into the studio where the instruments are. Then, after activating the recorder I brought with me, I pick up my guitar.

After that, I play the melodies that come to mind.

The melody I was playing began to fill the studio.

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