My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 58

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EP14.5 – Da Capo(5)


The ‘Winter Festival’, an event for the second semester, has begun.

First- and second-year students who had to participate in the Winter Festival, and a very small number of third-year students, sat in the audience. Unlike the Freshman Concert, which is an event in the first semester, the Winter Festival is open to all students in the Department of Silenced Music.

So, this means that even third-year students who have just finished taking the college entrance exam can attend the Winter Festival if they wish. Of course, there are very few third graders who bother to come see the Winter Festival.

Even though the CSAT is over, they still have the entrance exam left.

After checking the student list, students who will perform on stage 1 move to the waiting room. And preparations for the first stage began.

The schedule for the Winter Festival, which lasts for a total of three days, is simple. On the first and second days, 50 people each stand on stage. And on the third day, 60 people will go on stage.

The time a person can stand on stage is 3 minutes. It was 2 minutes during the freshman concert, so it has increased by 1 minute. Instead, the performance was divided into Part 1 and Part 2.

There are 25 people in the first division, and there is a lunch break.

And the remaining 25 people will advance to Part 2.

As a result, the overall progress is more leisurely than the freshman concert. Hajun Yoon, who was on stage for the third day, looked at the stage while sitting in the audience.

How long has it been since you could leisurely enjoy someone else’s performance like this? Of course, since there is a scholarship on the line, I can’t just watch it comfortably, but still, where is this?

While Hajun Yoon was thinking about this, the opening stage to announce the start of the Winter Festival finally began.

Standing on the opening stage was Kim Na-hyeon, a second-year scholarship student and vocal major. The stage prepared by Kim Na-hyun, who has excellent singing skills as a scholarship student, was none other than a children’s song.

An arranged version of ‘Island Baby’, one of the most famous children’s songs in Korea. It wasn’t such an overwhelming stage, but it was still unique in its own way.

It was a good enough stage for an opening.

Starting from that stage, the stage continues.

The second stage is the third stage… And the 7th stage. Jin So-hyang’s stage has begun. As Jin So-hyang’s stage began, Yoon Ha-jun watched the stage with concentration.

The stage prepared by Jin So-hyang was none other than the song 『From the Other Side』, a song by the group she belongs to, Hwayangyeonhwa. She feels like it’s foul, but that doesn’t mean she broke the rules.

Since this is a song that has already been performed dozens of times on stage, Jin So-hyang performed it with great familiarity. Although her singing skills are still lacking, she more than makes up for it and she delivers an overwhelming performance.

Hajun Yoon nodded while looking at the stage.

That’s enough to get good grades.

Soon after, Jin So-hyang’s stage came to an end.

Along with that, Hajun Yoon gave a small round of applause.

Jin So-hyang must have heard that sound and smiled at Yoon Ha-jun. After that, the stage continued. The stage for the first and second graders follows.

Hajun Yoon saw it all without leaving anything out. In particular, students majoring in composition show maximum concentration on stage. Then, before I knew it, the first part of the performance was over.

Ha-jun Yoon stood up with Tae-young Kim sitting next to him. Well, it’s to eat and come back here again. He went to the cafeteria to eat, then returned to his seat to watch the second part of the performance.

After resting for an hour, the second part of the performance began.

It was Lim Min-ji, a first-year student, who announced the start of the second part of the performance.

But I can’t concentrate on the stage at all. Hajun Yoon yawned softly, covering his mouth so as not to be seen by others.

Is it because I ate rice?

I feel sleepy for some reason.

Also, I feel sorry for the students who perform on stage, but since the stage has no special features, I feel even more sleepy. It’s not just Hajun Yoon.

Looking around, I saw that most of them were desperately trying to suppress drowsiness or chatting among themselves. Among them, there was a student who openly drank coffee.

‘I don’t like it.’

That sight feels somewhat uncomfortable. That’s why Hajun Yoon desperately concentrated his mind and watched the stage. I can’t believe I perform so hard on stage but get ignored by others.

‘cheer up.’

Hajun Yoon cheers with a small sound. Because he has experienced something like that, he knows very well how miserable it can be.

At that time, Seo Chae-rim came up on stage. Students are still unable to concentrate on the stage. Anyway, after Seo Chae-rim finished preparing on stage, she started singing.

-cheer up.

And the moment Seo Chae-rim opened her mouth, the students’ attention focused on Seo Chae-rim. The song she prepared for Seo Chae-rim was none other than 『Lonely』.

It is a song of the heavy metal genre that goes very well with Seo Chae-rim’s unique husky mid-low voice. However, since the song itself has a very high pitch range, the pitch of that part was lowered through arrangement.

Although it was a little disappointing, I thought it was an excellent choice. Rather than singing in a high register that you cannot digest, it is much better to lower your pitch to a range you can digest.

And Seo Chae-rim’s voice was so unique that it was enough to attract people’s attention. Looking at that scene, Hajun Yoon felt sad.

Talent is truly cruel. You gave up such an amazing voice, but you gave up on your dream of becoming a singer because you lacked something else. That felt so sad.

However, there is no sympathy.

Because that sympathy can give others unpleasant feelings.

Besides, wasn’t he the one who insisted on being a singer, lost everything, and ended up running away? I don’t even have the right to sympathize with other people.

With that in mind, Ha-jun Yoon watched Seo Chae-rim’s performance. Although some shortcomings were revealed as the song progressed, Seo Chae-rim nevertheless received a fairly good response.

Soon after, Seo Chae-rim’s stage ended. The stages continued after that, and before we knew it, it was the final stage. It was the turn for the ending stage of the first day.

The star of the stage that ended the first day was none other than Kang Seong-hoon. Hajun Yoon adjusted his posture and looked at the stage.

The biggest obstacle to receiving a scholarship is definitely Kang Seong-hoon. Indeed, what kind of song did he prepare? In the past, he would have expected it to be a typical idol song, but hearing that he tried to work with Seo Chae-rim made me not expect it at all.

I watch the stage with half anticipation and half anxiety. It was a male student who went on stage. Hajun Yoon frowns slightly at that sight.

Eh? man?

I definitely thought it was a woman.

Did Kang Sung-hoon also work on male idol songs? Oh, I guess I did. It’s because everything is ruined. He was Kang Seong-hoon, who always hit average or better when working with female idols, but for some reason, he didn’t have good chemistry with male idols.

All of the male idol songs that Kang Sung-hoon worked on failed to be box office hits. But here they raise a man.

Soon after, Kang Seong-hoon’s stage began. Gorgeous drumming announces the beginning of the song. The song prepared by Kang Seong-hoon was a hip-hop/dance song with a cheerful EDM trap beat.

Hearing that, Ha-Jun Yoon burst out laughing, “Heh heh.”

Hajun Yoon has never heard that song. This was the first time I realized that Kang Sung-hoon was capable of making songs like that.

A male student standing on stage raps to the melody. And when the hook starts, another male student appears from behind the stage and sings in a rock style.

Students who looked bored on the stage waved their hands excitedly. In terms of stage, it’s better suited to the opening stage than the ending stage, but what does that matter?

It’s exciting!

Kang Seong-hoon smiled in remorse at the students’ reaction. Even from Kang Seong-hoon’s perspective, that stage was a very experimental stage.

Of course, it’s not that I haven’t used trap beats or EDM while making songs, but this is the first time I’ve made a song using only those.

What if Yoon Ha-jun wasn’t there?

If only because of that he didn’t realize his shortcomings.


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I wouldn’t have even tried. Kang Seong-hoon looks at Yoon Ha-jun. Hajun Yoon was also enjoying the song, nodding his head lightly.

Seeing that somehow made me laugh.

‘I told you to expect it, right?’

There are two years left until Seolwon High School. During that time, Kang Seong-hoon will continue to create songs of various genres. And someday, he will surpass Ha-jun Yoon and be recognized by him.

Thinking like that, Kang Seong-Hoon clenched his fist.

Soon after, Kang Seong-hoon’s stage ended.

That means the first day of the Winter Festival has ended. After all the performances were over, the students stood up after receiving a brief bow from the teachers.

The Winter Festival is not over yet.

§ § §

The second day of the Winter Festival has begun. Just like yesterday, after briefly checking on the students, the performance began immediately.

The opening stage of the second day was Hangoyo. When Han Goyo went on stage, all the students sitting in the audience looked at Han Goyo.

It was understandable that so many gazes were burdensome, but there was no change in Han Go-yo’s expression. He starts singing while maintaining his usual facial expression.

The song prepared by Han Goyo was called 『Yeobaek』. A song that has already been performed once at a Sileumwa concert. Despite this, exclamations of exclamation continued to come out of the students’ mouths.

And among them was Hajun Yoon.

At the festival, Hangoyo showed her worst side.

So I was worried without knowing it. What if I show a performance like that again this time? That kind of worry. However, Goyo Han was showing an overwhelming performance as if to say that those worries were unnecessary.

‘No, this. Maybe more than last time?’

Not sure. However, in Ha-jun Yoon’s opinion, the 『Yeobaek』 currently sung by Hangoyo felt better than the 『Yeobaek』 sung at the festival.

Surely, that wasn’t the finished version?

Still growing?

How far are you going to grow?

While Hajun Yoon was thinking like that, Goyo Han, who was singing on stage, was keeping as calm as possible. I know very well that the songs sung at festivals are the worst.

At that time, my emotions were stronger than usual and I made a mistake. But making that mistake once is enough. I won’t do it again.

And above all…

Goyo Han looked at Hajun Yoon, who was sitting in the audience while singing. I remember the story he told me at the cafe.

Yes, because he promised.

The rich and explosive volume of Korean silence fills the small performance hall. Her unique appeal touches people’s emotions.

People look at Han Goyo as if he is fascinated.

Only one person.

Except for Taeyoung Kim.

“It should be like that.”

Taeyoung Kim, who had to stand on stage today, mumbled and nodded as if satisfied. Yes, having a rival like that makes it worthwhile to stand on stage today.

Otherwise, the song would be such a waste. Taeyoung Kim smiles while thinking about that. Kim Taeyoung is usually very confident, but today, for some reason, her confidence is particularly strong.

Now, I am confident that I will never lose no matter who I perform on stage with. And the source of that confidence was the song written by Ha-jun Yoon.

Taeyoung Kim trembles. quickly. I want to stand on stage. She wants to stand on stage and sing that song. And I want to let everyone hear that song.

Soon after, Hangoyo’s stage ended. Han Go-yo, who was coming down from the stage, ran into Kim Tae-young. Hangoyo sees Taeyoung Kim.

Taeyoung Kim laughed once again at that sight.

Well, let’s see if you can keep that expression even after listening to my song. I will show you a stage so great that you will be amazed and amazed.

It was a smile full of meaning. Han Go-yo passes by Kim Tae-young without notice. Still, Taeyoung Kim didn’t mind.

Kim Tae-young’s turn is fourth on stage in the second part, after lunchtime. To be honest, it’s not a very good order. It’s time for students to lose concentration and everyone is dozing off.

But Taeyoung Kim didn’t care.

The important thing is not the order.

The first part of the performance ended in an instant. And lunch time. Taeyoung Kim had lunch with Hajun Yoon. At that time, Kim Tae-young continued to talk to Yoon Ha-jun.

Ha-Jun Yoon felt a little puzzled when he saw that. Of course, Taeyoung Kim usually talked loudly by herself. But today it is particularly noisy.

“Are you nervous?”

Hajun Yoon asks Taeyoung Kim’s question.

Taeyoung Kim answered that question with a sigh and a smile.

“nervous? That’s not it. I’m shaking right now. “I’m looking forward to seeing the crazy side I’ll show on stage.”

“This is crazy.”

Ha-jun Yoon defined Kim Tae-young’s condition exactly. No, he’s doing that kind of performance and he’s thinking that way?

Da Capo, written by Ha-jun Yoon and sung by Tae-young Kim, is a quiet song, unlike the songs Tae-young Kim usually sings. The genre itself is rock ballad, but should I say that it is more focused on ballad than rock?

But you’re trying to sing on a stage like that in that condition.

“Don’t get excited and make mistakes.”

“of course.”

Taeyoung Kim spoke clearly. Soon after, lunch time ended and the second stage began. Taeyoung Kim, who had to prepare for the stage at the same time, headed to his waiting room.


Taeyoung Kim let out a short sigh.

Don’t get excited and make mistakes.

It’s a useless worry.

Taeyoung Kim took out the costume she brought from home. Taeyoung Kim looked at it with a somewhat sad expression. That excited feeling lasts only until I wear these clothes.

The moment you wear these clothes, your feelings will change in an instant.

“Look forward to it.”

Before putting on the costume, Taeyoung Kim muttered. I heard outside the waiting room that the second stage of part 2 had ended. At that sound, Taeyoung Kim quickly changed her clothes.

Clothes that are very familiar, but feel very unfamiliar at the same time.

Kim Tae-young, wearing those clothes, moved to the bottom of the stage to perform.

The third student sings on stage. However, there are not many audiences who pay attention to the stage. Everyone is desperately trying to hold back from drowsiness, sleeping quietly, or just chatting.

While I was watching, the third stage ended. Now it’s Kim Tae-young’s turn. Taeyoung Kim goes up on stage.

And with the help of the staff, a piano was dragged to the center of the stage. It is not the grand piano used in competitions, but it is a piano brought from home especially for this stage.

The upright piano that Taeyoung Kim has been playing and practicing since she was very young.

However, Taeyoung Kim sat in front of the piano, which she had never played since the accident.

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