My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 57

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EP14 – Main. (4)


Once the song started to come together, we started practicing in earnest. So, after class, we practice in the school practice room, and on weekends when school is closed, we rent a nearby practice room.

Everyone must have their own stage, but I can’t believe they were so passionate about helping me with my stage. I really appreciate it. And I also poured everything into preparing for the stage for them.

Prepare to the fullest extent possible for the stage production. I came up with a production that would bring out the charms of those three people as much as possible, while at the same time bringing out the charm of the song.

This song resembles the painting 『Freedom』 from which it was inspired. Like the drawing, which at first glance looks like a graffiti, it feels messy at first glance.

The development of the song was divided into three chapters, and each chapter has a different atmosphere. The first chapter, in charge of Jin So-hyang, has a low-pitched, slow tempo and a very heavy atmosphere.

The instrument that sounds the loudest is drums, and if I had to pick a genre for the first chapter, it would be closer to ‘boom bap hip hop’. And the second part played by Seo Chae-rim has a mid-low voice and the tempo is faster than Jin So-hyang’s.

If I had to pick a genre, I think it would be closer to ballad rock. Seo Chae-rim sings in a scratchy voice with her unique husky voice, but sometimes it sounds like metal, perhaps because of her voice.

And last.

Hangoyo’s part.

Hangoyo’s part is the craziest part in this song. From the beginning, the pitch is very high and the tempo is extremely fast. The song itself runs wild like a rushing hurricane.

Honestly, it’s a part that no one but Han Go-yo can pull off. Who can handle something like this? The pronunciation must be accurate, and the vocal volume must not be defeated by the crazy and loud melody.

In addition, you have to be able to reach high notes with ease, and the only person at Seolwon Arts High School who can do all of this is Han Go-yo.

So, this song starts with hip-hop, continues with ballad rock, and ends with rock. Even the lyrics tell a different story in each chapter.

Jin So-hyang’s lyrics sing of the future against a dark beat, while Seo Chae-rim’s lyrics sing of love. And Hangoyo’s part sings of melancholy.

So, in effect, it’s three songs crammed into one song. Of course, this is a song that is bound to be messy. The reason such a song is not chaotic and sounds like one song is because there is a part that continues at the moment when the chapter is turned.

Would it be easier to describe it as running? Anyway, it’s such an amazing song that I can’t believe I made it.

This is why artists are always inspired. In any case, the mood of the song is different for each person who sings, so the direction must be different for each person.

What I want is a production that makes you feel like you are on one stage but on a different stage. At the same time, I hope there is a sense of unity, like singing one song.

I draw the stage I envision in the notebook I carry with me. This is a bit difficult because the props that can be used are limited.

First, after everyone wore different costumes and used different lighting…


As I was drawing the stage in my notebook, Jin So-hyang spoke in a loud voice. Hearing that somewhat unexpected voice, I raise my head and look at Jin So-hyang.

Jin So-hyang’s face was covered in sweat. She feels a little sorry for that sight. When it comes to the difficulty of singing, of course, Hango yoga is the most difficult for her, but when it comes to the difficulty of the ‘stage’, Jin Sohyang is no easy feat.

Despite this, Jin So-hyang did not say a single word of displeasure. Jin Sohyang continued by saying that she felt grateful again for that fact.

“What is the title of this song?”

“That’s right, I was curious too.”

Seo Chae-rim also nods at Jin So-hyang’s words.

Oh yeah. that.


I was already paying attention.

“I’ve selected a few lists to use as titles. Would you like to take a look?”



Jin So-hyang and Seo Chae-rim answer and Han Go-yo nods. I chuckle at the way his personality can be felt in each answer, open the section where I wrote down the list of titles, and flip through the notes.

“Wow, that sucks.”

The first to react was Seo Chae-rim.

Hearing those words, he chuckled and cleared his throat.

I don’t have any sense of naming.

“Well, there are still a lot of original names!”

“I know.”

do not do that······. Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo’s consideration is so heartbreaking. Huh, I’m drinking snot. Is it all that bad? Still, this is a list that I put together with some care.

As I was thinking about that, Seo Chae-rim noticed something and nodded.

“This is pretty good.”


“Title ‘Main’. Honestly, each part of this song has a very strong personality. “Like each person singing their own song, one by one.”


“So, the main character of this song is me, or something like that?”

“Wow, that’s cool!”

Oh, how can a title like that be interpreted like that? I am the main character, so I will do whatever I want, which is the title I created with that meaning in mind.

Does this mean that this dream is more interpreted than that dream?

“Do you have any other opinions?”

“I think this looks good too.”

In response to Seo Chae-rim’s words, Han Go-yo carefully points to the notebook and speaks. What is Seo Chae-rim in that appearance? She did and she muttered, looked at the note and said with a distorted expression.

“Well, it’s quiet. Anyway, isn’t our story a bit like that?”

“is it so? “I think it’s original and good.”

“······Original? Where are you going?”

Jin So-hyang made an expression that she couldn’t understand,

“······I’m really fine.”

Goyo Han muttered.

I suddenly felt like crying.

§ § §

When I felt that the song had come together to some extent, I started recording. I expected the recording to take a very long time, but somehow it ended faster than expected.

Of course, it still took three days to finish recording. Mixing and mastering work were added to the recorded sound source, and the result was quite good.

No, really.

Of course, there are some shortcomings in the mixing and mastering work, but even taking that into account, it is the best sound source I have worked on so far.

I am not alone in this thought.


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The other three people also looked surprised when they heard the finished sound.

“Do you think it would be okay to release it as a music source right now at this level?”


“Yes, at least I think so.”

“so do i.”

As Jin So-hyang nods, Seo Chae-rim joins in.

Seo Chae-rim looked at me intently and continued speaking.

“I thought it would be difficult to bring out the charm of each choir part, but it came out better than expected. “You’re really good at producing.”

“Oh, thank you.”

I nod, a little taken aback by the sudden compliment. I’ve heard quite a few reviews saying that she’s good at making songs and directing, but it’s been a long time since I’ve heard praise for being good at producing.

At most, I received praise for my producing from Ha Hyo-joo. Rather than praise from CEO Sooyoung Kwon, I only received criticism about my shortcomings.

“Do you want to be a producer rather than a composer?”

“First of all, my goal is to become a producer.”

Usually, people think that a composer writes songs, arranges them, and even creates the overall concept, but that is not the case at all.

There aren’t many cases where I create a song alone. There are separate people who compose, write lyrics, and arrange music, and mixing and mastering are handled separately by engineers.

And the person who oversees it all is the producer. In fact, in overseas cases, more emphasis is placed on who produced the music rather than who composed it.

That’s how important production is. To put it simply, production is a general position. It’s not just about writing songs, but also styling, directing if you’re on stage, and even participating in photo shoot meetings.

Now I am in charge of all production, composition, lyrics, and engineering, but it is impossible to continue working this way in the future.

Especially if you’re going to turn pro. There is a big difference in quality between doing everything yourself and collaborating with experts.

It’s not for nothing that popular composers work in teams or have separate partners to work with. And, if possible, I would like to leave the writing, mixing, and mastering to lyricists and engineers.

“Hmm, that’s right.”

Seo Chae-rim mutters.

Still looking at me.

That gaze is very burdensome.

“Well, is there something you want to say?”

“Yeah, no. for now. hmm.”

I blink at Seo Chae-rim’s completely incomprehensible mutterings.

§ § §

The recording of the song has been completed, and the stage production has been somewhat prepared. Now all that’s left is to practice and practice until we get to the main stage.

There are only two performance practices left until the Winter Festival. There are only two performance practices left, which are essentially rehearsals where you can practice in front of students.

That’s why I practice number 2 more thoroughly than ever. Decide the order in which you will stand on stage and where you will stand on stage, and select and write down lighting that matches the location and time.

The lighting directors and sound directors who help with the Winter Festival look at this and make adjustments, so there can never be any mistakes.

“No, not there. “A little further to the right.”

“Senior, please move naturally to the left from the center.”

“No, it’s quiet. You are just like that. huh.”

As expected, the biggest problem is silence. The stiff stillness makes the movement itself somehow unnatural. So, rather than asking Goyo for something, I have to ask Sohyang and Seo Chae-rim for something.

In the case of Sohyang, she is a current idol and has a lot of stage experience, so her movements are natural, but Seo Chae-rim is lacking in that aspect, so she received the most criticism from me.

“Sir, not there. “Yes, that way.”

“No, a little further to the left.” “Naturally. It’s okay if you don’t need to add waves. “Just flow like water!”

I feel sorry for the way Seo Chae-rim’s eyes light up every time I ask for details, but I can’t just give it a rough answer.

There is not much time to practice in performance practice. Therefore, you need to do as much work as possible and as quickly as possible.


Soon after, the practice practice for the performance ended and Seo Chae-rim sighed with a tired expression. At that sight, she clears her throat and offers him her water.

“sorry. “I asked too much, didn’t I?”

“huh? No, no. That much is natural. huh. “Maybe it would be better?”


Once again, Seo Chae-rim muttered something difficult to understand. Rather good? What, do you like being treated roughly? Or is she just comfortable with it?

“Anyway, this stage is important to you, right?”


Nod your head. Winter Festival Impacts Scholarships This is a very important stage for me as I aim for a full scholarship.

“And I also have something to check. Anyway, let’s keep going like this.”


So we practiced again and again. Jin So-hyang and Seo Chae-rim participated in my stage from time to time while preparing for their own stage, and in the case of Han Go-yo, she is not preparing her own stage, but only preparing for her stage.

“Is it still okay?”


“Is it okay for you not to practice on your own stage?”

“are you okay. Because I plan to sing 『Margin』 on this stage. And I also practice whenever I have time.”

If it is 『Margin』, it is a song that Han Goyo sang at Sileumgwa concert. Well, that song might be okay. I still remember Han Go-yo’s overwhelming performance at Sileumgwa’s concert.

It was really amazing.

“thank you.”

“It’s no big deal.”

Hangoyo mumbled at my words.

§ § §

“It’s the third day.”

The order of the Winter Festival has been decided. The order of my stage is the 3rd day. Unlike the freshman concert, the Winter Festival is held as a joint class for first and second years.

As many as 160 people have to stand on stage, so of course it is impossible to do it in one day. So, we divided the number of people appropriately and divided it into three days.

And the order of my performance is on the third day, and it is also the last.

So, in effect, it is like an ending stage.

The opening and ending stages are very important stages. So this stage is not random, but is decided in order of performance.

In fact, on the first day, the opening stage will be performed by a second-year scholarship student, and the ending stage will be performed by Kang Seong-hoon. And on the second day, the opening stage will be performed by Goyo Han, and the ending will be performed by a second-year scholarship student.

And I got to take over the ending stage of the third day. I grin and smile at that fact. As expected, I did well to receive the scholarship.

Being in charge of the opening and ending stages means that you are a student with excellent grades, and at the same time, it means that you are expected to perform.

“Other people’s orders are also good.”

I mutter this while checking the messages I received from my teammates. The order of Jin So-hyang and Seo Chae-rim is on the first day, and Han Go-yo is on the second day.

I felt really fortunate that my schedule wasn’t messed up because of the stage order. Of course, people who go on more than one stage are assigned to the front stage if possible to avoid confusing the order, but you never know.

“It’s Taeyoung’s second day too.”

The people I’m most concerned about at this Winter Festival are, of course, Kang Seong-hoon and Kim Tae-young. In the case of Kang Sung-hoon, I used to think of him as someone who would become a great pop song composer in the future, but my thoughts changed after the festival.

According to the original, he is the one who created 『Flowing』 that will be made in the future. I don’t know why, but I think he was stimulated by me, but since he’s that kind of guy, I naturally keep in check what kind of songs he makes.

In addition, Kang Seong-hoon was planning to go on stage with Seo Chae-rim this time. I wonder what kind of song he made.

And Taeyoung Kim. Although I wrote this song, Taeyoung Kim’s song is really great. In particular, the piano melody played by Kim Tae-young himself is actually a cheat key.

Well, Taeyoung is majoring in vocals.

Plus, it’s a song I made.

I hope we can show a good performance.

“Please, let me get a scholarship this time too.”

I muttered like that.

And the Winter Festival has finally begun.

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