My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 54

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EP14 – Main. (One)


Lunch hour. Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo head to the practice room to meet the student they said they had been seeing. Han Go-yo recognizes him and Kang Seong-hoon is the person he is working on.

Is there anyone worth it? I searched through my memories, but no one in particular came to mind. There is no way a person of that caliber would not remain in my memory.

Soon we arrived at the practice room.

Open the practice room door and go inside.

Perhaps no student has arrived yet, so the practice room that was the meeting place is empty. Hmm, should I do some work while waiting? After sitting down, I turn on my laptop.

Normally, three students would have to watch it together. However, Han Go-yo is suddenly called by her teacher, and Jin So-hyang says that due to her schedule, she can only go to school in the afternoon.

Because of that, I ended up seeing the student 1:1.

Well, it doesn’t really matter much.

With that in mind, I continue to work. How much work did you do like that? As I was working so hard, it wasn’t long before lunch time was left.

Are you there yet? With that thought in mind, I raised my head and saw a person sitting in the corner of the practice room. I get up from my seat, embarrassed by that sight.

“Is the work finished?”

The woman asked when she saw me like that. She frowned at the voice and nodded her head. Oh my, I didn’t even know she was coming because she was working.

“That beauty… “No, I’m sorry.”

I was trying to speak casually, but when I saw the color of the name tag, I switched to speaking politely. A green name tag that is different from the blue name tag on my school uniform.

The person who Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo discovered was none other than a second grader. No, whatever. Winter Festival is a joint class for first and second year students, so we can work together, but I didn’t expect it to be second year students.

“You are Hajun Yoon, right?”

“Yes, that senior’s name is…”

I stare intently at the name tag.

Seo Chae-rim.

That’s what it said on the name tag.

It’s a name I’ve never heard of.

“You are senior Seo Chae-rim, right?”


Seo Chae-rim senior nodded with a refreshing smile. I thought about her earlier, but her voice is extremely husky.

It’s not the huskyness you typically think of as a woman. But it’s not masculine either. If you really want to ask, is it neutral? It has a slightly higher tone than a typical male voice, but is lower and huskier than a female voice.

Just hearing the voice makes you wonder if it’s a man or a woman.

“I heard from Sohyang that she wants to work with me?”

I nod my head as the words get straight to the point. I like your personality because it’s refreshing. In response to my answer, Seo Chae-rim crossed her arms and tapped her forearm.

Then he looked like he was thinking about something and said to me.

“Is that the song you were working on just now?”

“no. “That’s a song I’m working on separately.”

“Oh, I see. I’m glad. If it were that song, I would have rejected it. That doesn’t mean the song isn’t good. “It just doesn’t suit me.”

“I think so.”

The song I am currently working on is a song I am making to submit for a major exam. It’s not about making songs with anyone in mind in mind, but just making songs that you want to make.

“Then, the song you want to work with me on. “Can I hear it?”


Play the song using your laptop. Seo Chae-rim listens to the song playing on her laptop with a very serious expression. 3 minutes 51 seconds. After a longer play time than expected, Seo Chae-rim opened her mouth.

“From what I heard, there will be three people working together.”

“Ah yes. “I think that’s probably true.”

“Sohyang, a girl named Goyo, and me. “With three people like this?”


“Can you just listen to the part I have to sing?”

Nod, and play the second part. Seo Chae-rim listened to the song this time with a very serious expression. Soon after the song ended, Seo Chae-rim raised her hand and spoke.

“one more time.”


“Once again.”

After that, Seo Chae-rim requested a replay several times. Following that request, the song continues to be played. Seo Chae-rim, who had listened to it about 6 or 7 times, nodded and said.

“Are we going to sing one by one to each of the three parts?”

“yes. “I think the first one will be Sohyang, and the third one will be Goyo.”

“The pitch gradually increases for each part, and the tempo also becomes faster. Well, in this case, the second is probably more important. “Because it has to act as a bridge connecting the first and third.”


“Okay, I like it.”

I’ve heard this before, but he has a really refreshing personality. Plus, my pace is strong. I still don’t know exactly if it’s my own pace or if I’m being selfish.

“Can I listen to your song too?”

“of course.”

Seo Chae-rim nodded at my request. And then she started singing right away. No, without MR? Right away? Even though I feel that way, I concentrate and listen to Seo Chae-rim’s song.

The song Seo Chae-rim sang was a very famous pop song called ‘LOCK’. I look at Seo Chae-rim, who fluently spits out English lyrics in her husky voice.

Well, I think I understand why Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo approved it. Even when just talking normally, the voice that was thought to be unique changes into its own timbre, showing off its charm.

However, the voice is very unique and the tone itself is tiring to the ears, so it has the disadvantage of becoming boring very quickly.

To put it in a good way, it means using your unique voice well, but in a bad way, it means that your voice is one tool. Aside from the tone, it is a colorless and odorless song that is surprisingly unappealing.

Should I say that he is the type of person who shows off his strengths more in featuring than in his own songs? That’s why it suits my song very well.

Seo Chae-rim’s length in my song is about 1 minute. In that amount of time, the story will be over before your ears start to complain of fatigue.

“how is it?”

“It’s good.”

“Everyone said that at first.”

It seems that Seo Chae-rim is very aware of her own shortcomings. However, it doesn’t seem like he’s self-harming. I just say it as if I were stating an obvious fact.


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“So are you going to work together?”

“yes. “I want to do that.”

Seo Chae-rim nodded coolly.

“Are you going to practice after class today?”


“Then I’ll see you after class today.”

After saying that, Seo Chae-rim left the practice room. The interview ended so quickly that she felt somewhat dazed. Can the interview end this easily?

I think for a moment and then scratch my head. Well, it must have been a good thing since we decided to work together. While thinking about that, a question suddenly occurred to me.

Kang Seong-hoon, what kind of song did that bastard prepare? What kind of song is this that you want to collaborate with that person? Considering that person’s tone, I think it would be completely opposite to Kang Seong-hoon’s singing.

“Well, we’ll find out at the Winter Festival.”

I mumbled and put my laptop in my bag.

Before we knew it, lunch time was over.

§ § §

After class, the first practice began. Normally, Ha-jun Yoon would have gone to listen to Tae-young Kim’s recording, but since it was Seo Chae-rim’s first day joining, he decided to focus on practice today.

Instead, I decided to join the recording tomorrow. Ha-jun Yoon, who came to the practice room for the first practice, looked at Jin So-hyang, Go-yo Han, and Chae-rim Seo in the practice room with an expectant expression.

Although it is Seo Chae-rim’s first day joining, Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo have already faithfully completed the homework given by Ha-jun Yoon for two days.

Indeed, how much did the two of them add up? Ha-Jun Yoon looked at Jin So-Hyang and Go-Yo Han, looking forward to the chemistry they would show.

But for some reason, Jin So-hyang’s expression was dark. In addition, Han Go-yo was also paying attention to Yoon Ha-jun, unlike usual. Hajun Yoon blinks at that sight.

Why are those two like this?

Surely you didn’t practice?

No, that wouldn’t be it.

The photo that Jin So-hyang sent through KakaoTalk showed Han Go-yo. That means the two practiced in the same practice room.

“First of all, since it’s your first day, I decided to watch. “I’ll start by watching the stage you two practiced on.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Seo Chae-rim muttered at Yoon Ha-jun’s words. Her second year student, Seo Chae-rim, also knows the names of Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo very well. She is Jin So-hyang, a current idol, so she is naturally famous, and Han Go-yo is a case where she has made a name for herself with her skills.

It’s a song by those two.

Of course, Seo Chae-rim also looked hopeful.

Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo nodded, and Yoon Ha-jun played the MR. And he started singing along to it.

The song started with Jin So-hyang. Ha-jun Yoon nods his head as he sees Jin So-hyang singing in a whisper, in a lower voice than usual.

The fact that Jin So-hyang lacks singing skills is only true when the subjects of comparison were students at Seolwon Arts High School.

Her skills are average among idols.

Additionally, the first part of the song prepared by Hajun Yoon does not require much technique. Rather, it is a part that reveals its charm when sung plainly.

It’s not for nothing that Yoon Ha-jun chose Jin So-hyang as the first part. When Jin So-hyang’s part was over, Yoon Ha-jun quickly moved on to Han Go-yo’s part.

And then the song of Han Goyo follows. Han Goyo was truly like Han Goyo. They are playing with the song as if asking when they showed their disappointing side.

Jin So-hyang and Seo Chae-rim looked surprised at that sight. After all, Han Goyo means Han Goyo. And then the chorus part follows.

Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo start singing at the same time. I frown when I hear that. Although this part is a choir part, the main role of the part is Han Goyo.

Jin So-hyang plays the role of supporting, or commonly known as chorus, or doubling, to the song’s main character, Han Go-yo. Supporting may seem easy, but it is definitely not easy.

It has to go into the same part exactly, and you have to identify the missing parts in advance and add them. Of course, the chemistry between the two is very important.

Therefore, Ha-jun Yoon asked the two to focus on practicing this part. But what Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo are showing now.

Uh, um. therefore.

“Everyone is playing separately.”

It’s just as Seo Chae-rim muttered next to him. They are playing completely separately. It’s not bad to listen to, but that’s only because Han Goyo’s skills are outstanding.

I don’t feel any chemistry between the two.

Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo are just singing together.


Hajun Yoon let out a deep sigh. At Ha-jun Yoon’s sigh, Jin So-hyang stopped singing and looked at Ha-jun Yoon.

To be honest, Jin So-hyang felt very unfair.

Despite my busy schedule, I practiced in the practice room. In particular, the homework given by Hajun Yoon. In order to fulfill the assignment of collaborating with Han Go-yo, I continued to talk to Han Go-yo.

The problem was Han Goyo. Hangoyo does not communicate. Instead of the two having a conversation, Jin So-hyang just speaks one-sidedly.

‘I knew that Goyo lacked social skills.’

I talked to Hajun Yoon often, so I thought things were getting better to some extent. But it wasn’t like that at all. If the opponent was not Hajun Yoon, Goyo Han was still Goyo Han.

He is still indifferent to people and has no interest whatsoever.

Even if the opponent is Jin So-hyang, a current idol, it doesn’t change.

Should I say that we do not discriminate against people?

Unless you are Hajun Yoon, you treat everyone equally.

“There are a lot of problems.”

Seo Chae-rim, who saw the two on stage, muttered quietly. Seo Chae-rim knows her level very well. She has a unique tone of voice, but other than that she is nothing short of ordinary.

Of course, he sings very well compared to ordinary people. In the first place, Seolwon Arts High School is not an easy place to enter with just a unique tone of voice.

However, if you ask me if I can become a singer, I don’t think it would be to that level. No, whatever. I could become a singer. Releasing music and registering as a singer is not that difficult in itself.

Especially if it’s Seo Chae-rim.

However, becoming a singer and making a living out of it are completely different issues. And Seo Chae-rim does not think that she is good enough to make a living as a singer.

Because I’m not as talented as Jin So-hyang, and I’m not as good at singing as Han Go-yo. So Chae-rim Seo clearly defined her role.

Music only lasted until high school.

I plan to help my parents when I graduate.

And that attitude continued into Seo Chae-rim’s usual school life. At events, festivals, or exams, Seo Chae-rim was the person who appeared on stage the most.

Because her unique voice is great for featuring. And Seo Chae-rim complied with all such requests.

Singing is fun, and I wanted to perform on as many stages as possible before graduating.

And also for the work I will do when I graduate.

Through so many experiences, Seo Chae-rim clearly realized her position. He said that he was only a supporting actor on stage, not a feature. He has a separate leading role on stage. He makes sure of that and does his best to assist the lead actor on stage.

Thanks to those many experiences, Seo Chae-rim was able to know what she should do. At first glance, this song seems like a very fair song.

Because we divided the parts into three people, one minute each.

However, if you think about the development of the song and the chorus part, you can figure out who the owner of the song is. The owner of this song is Han Goyo. Jin So-hyang and Seo Chae-rim themselves go on stage to support Han Go-yo, who is the owner of the song.

However, I don’t think it’s wrong or cruel. Because featuring is a very important task in its own way.

“Okay, okay. “Leave it to me.”

Seo Chae-rim, who said that to Yoon Ha-jun, stood up. He has to work together to get on stage.

And for that, you have to lighten the mood.

Ha-jun Yoon, who created this song and planned the stage, doesn’t seem to notice, but Seo Chae-rim, who is good at understanding the surrounding situation, sees a subtle tug-of-war between Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo.

Therefore, Seo Chae-rim plans to resolve that delicate tug-of-war first.

“Juniors. “Would you like to talk to your senior?”

Oh, and.

“Hajun, you are missing.”

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