My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 53

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EP13 – Da Capo(4)


The person named Kim Tae-young that I remember was someone for whom the modifier ‘gorgeous’ fits very well. I’m not just talking about stage manners.

The clothes he usually wore, his words and actions during interviews, were all very flashy. However, that does not mean that he has celebrity disease.

He was always cheerful, and he never once said anything unpleasant to his fans or showed them a difficult side. Rather, he tried his best to listen to fans’ requests.

However, there was one request that Kim Tae-young did not grant, and that was to play the piano. A piano genius who swept the competition. In a way, it was natural that her fans would want to hear Kim Tae-young’s performance.

However, Taeyoung Kim did not grant that request.

Even if it was just a joke, I didn’t sit in front of the piano.

I didn’t know at the time.

Why did he avoid the piano so much?

But now I know why.

I thought a lot about it before asking him to play the piano. Am I causing trouble to Taeyoung for no reason? Am I making things difficult for Taeyoung because of my greed?

But this song is Kim Tae-young’s song. It’s also a song where Kim Tae-young bids farewell to her past. That’s why Taeyoung Kim’s piano sound is essential.

After school, I take the bus with Taeyoung Kim and head to the recording studio. Taeyoung Kim, who would normally be loud, was very quiet today.

He was concentrating on something with his mouth closed. His fingers on his knees move with a tap. Just like playing the piano.

I watched it and when I arrived at my destination, I called Taeyoung.


“Oh, already?”

After saying that, Taeyoung Kim got up from the chair. Then, after getting off the bus, he started walking towards the recording studio.

It is said that the recording studio that Taeyoung has reserved is run by the teacher who taught Taeyoung how to play the piano. How long did it take to walk like that?

Taeyoung and I arrived in front of a large studio building. Wow, this building is crazy? Just by looking at the exterior, it feels like luxurious luggage is flowing out.

What kind of studio is this fancy?

Isn’t this an entertainment agency, not a studio?

ROC Entertainment is becoming shabby.

“What are you doing? Let’s go in.”

As I hesitated for a moment at that overwhelming appearance, Taeyoung Kim spoke. I nod my head at those words and carefully follow Taeyoung Kim into the studio.

The studio I entered looked more like an academy than a studio. There are many that look like classrooms, and students talk in places that look like waiting rooms.

But the students’ gazes are strange.

Everyone is looking at Kim Tae-young.

Actually, that’s a natural thing to say.

In the piano industry, Taeyoung Kim is so incredibly famous. What’s strange is their gaze. The gazes on Kim Tae-young were not kind.

He was whispering while looking at Kim Taeyoung, as if he was very displeased. I was about to feel bad when I saw that, but Kim Tae-young actually looked calm as if nothing had happened.

But the sight felt very foreign. It’s Kim Tae-young, but I have to say she doesn’t look like Kim Tae-young. She reminds me of Hangoyo in some way.

Taeyoung Kim headed to the basement in that state. He went down the stairs, which felt quite long, and then opened the tightly closed door. At the same time, a fairly large recording studio was revealed.


For some reason, Taeyoung Kim’s voice felt very unfamiliar. She nods her head instead of answering. Then she looked into the recording studio.

There was a large grand piano in the center of the recording studio, and several microphones were installed near it.

Have you prepared everything in advance?

So can I record now?

While I was thinking that, the door to the recording studio opened. Then a man came inside. The man, who appeared to be in his 40s, looked at Taeyoung Kim and made a sad expression for a moment.

But that expression didn’t last long.

He instantly smiled and spoke to Taeyoung.

“Are you here?”

“Ah, teacher.”

I think that person is the man who taught Taeyoung Kim how to play the piano. Did he say his name was Kim Jun-ho? Taeyoung said he was a very famous person.

He was a famous pianist and a tuner at the same time.

“I’m sorry for asking you for an unreasonable request.”

“What an unreasonable request! “I told you not to feel pressured.”


Taeyoung Kim smiles shyly.

As if it was very uncomfortable.

Seeing that, Kim Jun-ho let out a small sigh and said.

“The tuning was done perfectly, just like you usually do.”

“thank you.”

“Are you going to start recording right away?”


“Then is it okay if I listen to it for a moment?”

Kim Jun-ho asked cautiously. Kim Tae-young thought about the question for a moment and then nodded his head. Kim Jun-ho smiled at the answer.

Then Taeyoung looked at me next to me and said.

“You were that Hajun, right? “Did you make a song for Taeyoung?”

“Ah yes. hello.”

I was about to nod, but suddenly a hand came up to me. After being taken aback by the sight for a moment, he quickly stretched out his hand and grabbed Kim Jun-ho’s hand.

“Thank you.”

In that situation, Kim Jun-ho spoke to me.

Thank you.

What on earth?

§ § §

In front of the grand piano.


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Taeyoung Kim sat there carefully.

It’s in front of the piano where I haven’t sat down in a very long time. Taeyoung Kim slowly lowered her head and looked at the keyboard. White and black keys. The colors that were once her everything.


When I looked at it, a deep sigh came out. I never thought I would sit here again. Taeyoung Kim straightens her back.

Obviously, even though it had been a long time since I sat on the chair, it somehow felt very familiar. Obviously, Kim Jun-ho, who knows everything about himself, set it up.

In that state, Kim Tae-young looked towards where Yoon Ha-jun and Kim Jun-ho were. To be more precise, I saw Hajun Yoon. Hajun Yoon had the same languid expression as usual.

For some reason, that sight felt very obnoxious. The reason she is here now is because of that bastard. When Ha-jun Yoon first asked her to play the piano, Tae-young Kim tried to refuse.

Kim Tae-young usually acts as if he had no thoughts, but that doesn’t mean he really had no thoughts. Rather, she spent her time thinking a lot.

And the thing that took up most of those thoughts was the piano. This piano was once everything to me. Perhaps, miraculously, my arm will be healed and I will be able to play the piano again?

Or, wouldn’t it be possible to play the piano in my current condition? Those thoughts kept coming into my head.

Kim Tae-young himself knows very well that this is nonsense. He knew very well that the thoughts he was having now were just lingering thoughts.

Therefore, Taeyoung Kim tried hard to suppress those thoughts and lived as if she had no thoughts. Otherwise, he would be in too much pain.

So I tried to refuse.

But I couldn’t refuse.

There were several reasons.

First of all, the song Hajun Yoon requested was his own song and not anyone else’s. And the fact that Ha-jun Yoon asked for it even though he knew about his situation. Lastly, he couldn’t even say a final goodbye to the piano.

Taeyoung Kim suddenly had to quit playing the piano due to an accident. That’s why he had to leave the piano without even playing the final piece.

That remained a regret.

So Kim Tae-young accepted Yoon Ha-jun’s request.

Not because of someone else’s will, not because of an accident.

To let go of the piano of one’s own will.

‘So this is my last piano performance.’

Taeyoung Kim carefully placed her right hand on the keyboard. I really liked the song Hajun Youn sent me. I’m not saying this because we are friends, but the song he made was truly beautiful.

To the point where I wondered if this was my song, if I could sing something like this. But the more I listened to the song, the more it absorbed me.

The doubt that this was my song turned into certainty. This is my song. This is a song created just for me. The title of the song written by Hajun Yoon.

Da Capo.

Go back to the beginning and play again.

The song was created with that meaning.

Go back to the beginning.

Back to when I first played the piano.

Think about the past that can never be returned, and say goodbye to it. Don’t have any more regrets and stop letting me go.

‘Cruel bastard.’

Do you think it’s easier said than done? Do you know who hasn’t thought of that? This is a thought I think thousands and tens of thousands of times a day. But what should I do if that doesn’t happen!

Taeyoung Kim’s right hand is on the keyboard, and the fingers are moving. Hajun Yoon took a deep breath as he looked at the fingers moving quickly.

Taeyoung Kim’s performance is said to heal people’s hearts. When Hajun Yoon first heard that story, he didn’t understand what it meant.

We all know that even if it is the same piano, it produces different sounds depending on the pianist. We also know that even if it is the same song, the way it is played changes depending on how the song is interpreted.

Still, a piano that heals. It was an emotional realm that I couldn’t understand. But when I actually listened to Taeyoung Kim play the piano, I realized what that meant.

Taeyoung Kim’s playing is very smooth. The method of pressing the pedal lightly. From her fingers touching the keys to her face as she plays the piano.

Everything about it is soft and sweet.

Ah, this is why it is a piano that heals people’s hearts.

I feel admiration and at the same time feel sad. Now Taeyoung Kim is playing with only her right hand. So the sound was lacking. That was so sad.

Playing with only one hand is like this, so how good would a perfect performance be? Hajun Yoon, who was thinking about that, closed his eyes. Then he began to enjoy Taeyoung Kim’s piano playing.

The song Taeyoung Kim is playing right now is a song she wrote. Da Capo. A song I completed based on fragments of inspiration I felt in my past life.

Of course, I listened to it until I got sick of it as I was making the song. However, Da Capo, which Taeyoung Kim is currently playing, somehow felt very unfamiliar.

Is this the Da Capo I made?

So much so that I think so.

Quiet recording studio. Taeyoung Kim’s performance fills the room.

Hajun Yoon enjoyed it with his eyes closed.

§ § §

“I don’t like it.”

On the first day of recording, Taeyoung Kim grumbled after finishing recording. In response to those complaints, Hajun Yoon said while handing me a cold sports drink at a convenience store.


“piano. Even though I rested, I guess I rested too much. “It doesn’t sound like what I want.”

Saying that, Kim Tae-young looked at his right hand while drinking the drink given to him by Yoon Ha-jun. He stopped playing the piano, has it been about a year?

My hands can’t move as I want. I practiced alone at home on an upright piano, but there is a difference between an upright piano and a grand piano.

“So you deleted the version you recorded today?”

“huh. “It’s my song, but I can’t play it in such a sloppy manner.”


What happened to me who was moved by that poor performance? Hajun Yoon had a hard time holding back what he wanted to say. If Kim Tae-young, who plays the music, says it’s sloppy, that’s sloppy.

“So can you finish it in the remaining two days?”

“of course. “But I still got a rough idea.”

“Okay, whatever. “If that’s you, then that’s probably it.”

Hajun Yoon looked up at the sky. It’s already November. The bitterly cold winter is coming again. Ha, when he exhaled, white breath came out.

“It’s winter soon.”

“I know.”

The first regression occurred in February, so it will soon be one year since the regression. Hajun Yoon lowered his head. It’s already been a year. Time truly passes quickly.

Did you work hard during that time?

Did I get everything I wanted?

While thinking about that, Hajun Yoon stood up.

You can’t do this. There is no time to be upset like this. Hajun Yoon said while kicking Taeyoung Kim’s calf next to him for no reason.

“It’s because of you.”

“Why are you fighting all of a sudden, you crazy person?”

“There is such a thing.”

When I heard Taeyoung Kim play, I became emotional. I don’t have time to do this. Hajun Yoon has a lot of work to do in the future.

First of all, once Kim Tae-young’s recording is finished, Da Capo’s recording must be completed immediately. After that, you have to record your song for the Winter Festival and prepare for the stage production.

Of course, before that, we have to find the third member needed for the Winter Festival. While I was thinking that, the cell phone I had in my pocket started ringing.


I mumble and take out my cell phone.

The person who contacted me was none other than Jin So-hyang.

No, why is he suddenly calling me?


-Why don’t you look at KakaoTalk like this?

“huh? Oh, it was a recording studio for a while.”

-Recording studio? Were you recording a song? Oh, sorry to disturb you.

The voice was sharp at first, but quickly changed into a voice that sounded like I was dying of apology. I respond to that voice as if it was nothing.

“No, it’s okay because it’s over. So what did you call about?”

-It’s no different because I think Ha-jun has found the person he wants.

“That second part?”

-yes yes. First of all, I spoke to Goyo, but since the owner of the song is Hajun, I thought Hajun should see it in person, so I called him.

“Isn’t it okay to see it at the next performance practice anyway?”

-Well, Seong-Hoon is currently working on this person. So I think he’s going to have to make a decision quickly.


Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo recognize him, and Kang Seong-hoon covets him.

“Ask to meet right away tomorrow.”

I’m interested.

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