My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 52

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EP13 – Da Capo(3)


‘The reason your name is Goyo is because I want you to be quiet. ‘It’s annoying if you make noise or cry.’

Even though I couldn’t even remember their faces, I somehow still remembered those words. I wonder if this is something a parent would say to a child, but Han Go-yo’s parents were those kind of people.

Not interested in children.

To the point where I wonder why I ever had a child.

The child, who was now going to kindergarten, was not even fed properly, but was only given pocket money and told to live on his own. Han Go-yo’s mother’s younger brother could not bear to see her like that and took her in, saying that he would raise her.

My aunt, who is currently my guardian, is objectively a good person. She cares for herself as if she were her own child, even though she is not her biological child, and she does not abandon herself even if her biological child goes astray because of her.

But that consideration bothered Han Go-yo. It would have been more comfortable if he had resented him, if he had been reluctant to do so, if he had shown signs of discomfort.

But my aunt didn’t do that. She just welcomes herself with a somewhat distorted, forced smile.

That took my breath away.

It is better to have an uncle who ignores you than an aunt who is considerate of you. That was Han Go-yo’s honest feelings.

From then on, my aunt’s house, which I felt was my only sanctuary, began to feel as uncomfortable as a prison. Every time she saw her cousin who had gone astray because of her, or every time she saw her aunt smiling at herself, it felt like someone was strangling her.

But I can’t express it. That’s why Han Go-yo started killing her emotions. I don’t want anything. She doesn’t want anything.


Just breathing.

Before we knew it, Goyo Han was living up to her name, just like her parents wanted.

It was then that I heard that song.


The song, which seemed to say that it was his fault that his world was distorted, stole Han Goyo’s heart as soon as he heard it.

That’s my song.

My song, not anyone else’s.

Goyo Han, who had never been greedy for anything, became greedy for the first time. That’s why he mustered up the courage to talk to the person who wrote the song.

Hajun Yoon.

Yeah, that guy.

The first impression is not very good. He is as tall as a pole, but very thin. Those eyes that looked languidly at the whole world were not very nice.

So I never expected that person would change himself like this.


Goyo Han sighed. Then he looked around. Seolwon Arts High School’s practice room. The practice room, where the only people there were myself, was very quiet.

I really liked the silence at first, but now I don’t like it. I hope that person comes quickly.

And, although it’s noisy, the guy following him isn’t that bad either. If only I could break this unpleasant silence.

Goyo Han checked the time on his cell phone. It’s almost time for him to come. At that thought, Hangoyo put down the book he was reading and smiled slightly.

I am ashamed of the story I told yesterday. But his response to that story was very, very lovely. Let’s work together, and my voice will continue to be needed in the future.

He needs himself when no one else needs him. Just remembering that fact made Han Goyo’s heart beat faster.

At that time, the door was carefully opened. Hearing that sound, Goyo Han looked at the door. Now open the door and see him with his characteristic languid expression…

“hello! Sorry for being late!”


§ § §


When I arrived at the practice room, a suffocating atmosphere greeted me. Jin So-hyang was looking at her cell phone with earphones in her ears, and Han Go-yo was just quietly reading a book as usual.

Just by looking at their appearance, they are the Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo that I know. But why am I so out of breath? I’m really out of breath, as if I’ve entered a sauna.

“I’m here?”

At that time, Goyo Han put down the book he was reading and asked me. He nods his head at that question. Then Han Goyo secretly looked at Jin Sohyang.

As if to say what is he? Jin So-hyang, who must have noticed his gaze, took out the earphones from her ears and lightly lowered her head and spoke.


“Oh, yes.”

“By the way… “Why are you here, Mr. Koyo?”

When I see that, I say “Ah”. Now that I think about it, you didn’t tell me that the song I’m preparing right now isn’t a solo song.

“Well, we know each other, right? “You and Sileum stood on stage together at the concert.”

“Yes, I know.”


“We will work together this time.”

Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo blinked at the same time at my words. And then they look at each other and then back at me. Like working with him? I nod my head at the figure that seems to be saying.

“To be more precise, there are three people, including one more person.”

Han Go-yo and Jin So-hyang silently closed their mouths. Hmm, it’s still awkward as expected. Well, since we’ve never really talked to each other, it’s probably awkward.

“First, would you like to listen to the song?”

Music is the best way to break this awkwardness. They are both singers, so if they listen to songs that they have a common interest in, they will become closer to each other.

That’s what I said with that in mind. They both nodded at what I said. In response, I take out my laptop from my bag.

Afterwards, I played the song I had finished working on.

A song created from the inspiration I felt after seeing the painting 『Freedom』. The song name has not yet been decided. This is because I couldn’t think of a suitable title for this song.

Anyway, this song has a total of 3 changes. The first part is the very low part, the second part acts as the middle bridge, and finally the third part is the very high part.

Of course, that is a big division, and if you listen to the song, there are very frequent variations even between the divided parts. Is it because the paintings you were inspired by are very free-spirited?

Of all the songs I’ve made so far, the variations are the most diverse. It made me think that I could make this style of song.

Goyo Han and Sohyang Jin. Both are listening to the song with serious expressions. And as the song progresses, their expressions change. As the song changes in a variety of ways, we enjoy watching the two’s changing expressions.

If I had to choose the most enjoyable moment while composing music, it would be this moment. The moment I release a song I made for the first time.

Half excited, half nervous. There is also anticipation on the side. Watching the singer’s expression while embracing it is more fun than you might think.

Of course, it is very painful to see a disappointed expression. Soon the song ended playing, and Jin So-hyang raised her hand as if she had a question.



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“The first part is mine, right?”


“I like it.”

As soon as Jin So-hyang finished speaking, Han Go-yo also raised her hand. Unlike Jin Sohyang, she is timid. She looks at me in that state.

“Why you?”

“Is the third part mine?”

“that’s right.”

“I like it too.”

Saying that, Goyo Han nods his head.

Seeing that, I both nodded.

First of all, it seems like both of them liked their parts once the casting was completed. This is a very satisfactory result. The problem is now the second part. This is the person who will sing the bridge part that will naturally connect Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo’s parts.

“Has anyone thought about a second part?”

“There are a few, but I’m still thinking about them.”

Considering the date of the Winter Festival, there is still about a week left. In the meantime, I’m planning to select someone suitable for the second part.

If things don’t work out, you can split the second part in half and sing it, but I don’t want to use that method.

It’s a cruel thing to say, but the difference between Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo is too extreme for that to be true. However, I don’t want to replace Jin So-hyang with someone else just to match Han Go-yo’s skills.

The extremely low-pitched part that starts at the beginning is perfect for Jin So-hyang. And above all, the overwhelming performance that only Jin So-hyang can show is a huge plus factor as a stage director.

Therefore, the existence of a bridge that can properly adjust the gap is essential and very important.

“First of all, let’s try to find someone who matches up as much as possible during the performance practice session.”

Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo nodded at the same time at my words.

§ § §

There is no particular reason to only focus on women in the bridge part. The song’s development and vocal range are all close to those for women, but that can be adjusted in some way.

No, the first and third vocals may be better with male vocals than with female vocals. However, in that case, it should be a very distinctive voice, for example, a very husky voice, rather than a clean vocal.

That’s why I didn’t ask Taeyoung Kim to do vocals. In addition, Taeyoung Kim has to prepare her own song.

Performance practice time has now increased to twice a week. I have to find the vocalist I want in those two classes.

First of all, in the first class, we plan to listen to as many students’ songs as possible and select the ones we like. I sit down and look at the stage.

And sitting next to me are Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo. Jin So-hyang and Han Go-yo, who were sitting to my right and left respectively, were looking at the stage with serious expressions following me.

“······What are you guys doing?”


At that time, Taeyoung Kim came towards us and muttered with a puzzled expression. She blinks at that sight and looks at Kim Taeyoung.


“No, the way you guys look at the stage with serious expressions makes you look like the CEOs of some entertainment company. Well, are you going to audition?”

“It’s similar.”

Since we are selecting a second vocalist, it would not be strange to say that it is similar to an audition. Although it was a very one-sided audition.

“So are you very busy?”

“Uhm, why? “Do you have anything to say?”


Taeyoung Kim nods with a rare serious expression. I think I have something really serious to say. After asking Han Go-yo and Jin So-hyang to do the remaining evaluation, I got up.

There’s still the second class left.

You can check by referring to the evaluations of Han Go-yo and Jin So-hyang.

“Wait a minute, I’ll be back.”



After hearing Han Go-yo and Jin So-hyang’s answers, he and Kim Tae-young head to the corner of the small performance hall. Taeyoung Kim moved to a quiet corner where no one was around and spoke to me.

“I’m ready.”

“Ready for what?”

“Ready to record, I mean.”


I thought it would take a while to mentally prepare, so I didn’t urge, but I never would have guessed that the preparations were already finished. Seeing my somewhat surprised expression, Taeyoung Kim sighed and said.

“However, due to the circumstances of the recording studio, it has to be done the day after tomorrow. What should I do? Should I record it myself? But it doesn’t matter.”

What I need is the sound of the grand piano played by Taeyoung Kim. Considering that, there is no need for me to follow along.

I don’t know anything about how to record a grand piano. All I know is that recording a grand piano is very different from recording a piano keyboard in many ways, starting with the settings.

After thinking for a moment, I shake my head.

“No, I want to go too.”

There will come a time when I too will need the sound of a grand piano. For that purpose, it’s not a bad idea to learn how to record in advance.

And more than anything, I want to hear the sound of Taeyoung Kim playing the piano herself. Taeyoung Kim gave a unique performance using only a piano keyboard rather than an upright piano.

How amazing is the grand piano he plays?

“Okay, then come the day after class the day after tomorrow.”

“Do we have to finish the practice room recording in one day?”

Isn’t time too tight for that?

Taeyoung Kim shook her head at such thoughts.

“I have to play a perfect song with one hand, but is that possible? Of course I rented it for three days.”

“Then, after all three days of class, I will go to the piano recording studio.”


Taeyoung Kim nodded. Hmm, this is difficult. It is difficult to spend all that time just in the piano recording studio.

I thought for a moment about what to do, and then a very good way came to mind. A way to improve the relationship between Goyo Han and Sohyang Jin, who are still awkward, and practice the song at the same time.

I’m giving homework to both of them. The homework was to practice the last part that all three of us would sing together. This is a necessary task when working on a song anyway.

Since both of us are very conscientious, we won’t give up and keep practicing. Then their relationship will get better, right?

Well, my brain is quite useful too.

With that in mind, I tell Taeyoung Kim.

“Then let’s go the day after tomorrow.”


Taeyoung Kim nodded.

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