My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 50

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EP13 – Da Capo(1)


Sooyeon Yoon sings.

On stage.

Hajun Yoon looked at the scene while sitting in a chair. He is the younger brother who gave up so much for his sake. And in the end, he left himself saying that he too had a dream.

I felt sorry for everything. I wanted to give back what I had received in my previous life. That’s why she gave up her dream of becoming a singer and chose her major.

To repay my younger brother even a little.

And now part of it has been repaid.

This was the first time that he, who had always received things, did something for his younger brother. There was something satisfying about that. But it’s just the beginning. She still has a long way to pay back to her mother and her younger brother.

-Let’s play at my house.

Turn off your cell phone for a moment.

At that time, people sitting in the audience started singing along. Hajun Yoon looked surprised at the sound of the song.

It is true that the highlight part that Sooyeon sings is the part that I paid the most attention to. So that people can easily sing along, and at the same time, feel strongly addicted.

Immediately after, the note was dropped an octave to emphasize the melody, and a simple melody that can be easily hummed was used.

But I didn’t know that he would actually sing along. Hajun Yoon bit his lip. People are singing along to our songs. I am having fun singing along to the song I made.

When I was working as a singer, it was something I had never even thought about.


Something similar to a moan came out of Hajun Yoon’s mouth.

What should I say about this feeling?

I finally did something for my younger brother who always received it.

People sing along to the songs I made.


My heart is pounding. I don’t know how to express this feeling right now, but it feels different from the stages I’ve prepared so far.

Hajun Yoon slowly looked around. People sitting in the audience are enjoying Yoon Soo-yeon’s performance with a relaxed expression.

If we look at it objectively, Sooyeon Yoon’s stage is not that overwhelming. There is no shocking development of the song like 『Blame』, and there is no overwhelming production like 『Rough』.

It’s not as exciting as Kim Tae-young’s stage or Kang Seong-hoon’s 『Flowing』. However, the stage that will survive the longest in the audience’s mind will be 『Come Home』.

The song is ending. Hajun Yoon turned his head and looked at the stage again. A cutely decorated stage, the center of the stage. Sooyeon Yoon sits on the bed, smiles and sings lovingly.

The image is softly illuminated by warm orange lighting. People will remember that image for a very long time. And you wonder.

Who is he?

Who was the kid who sang that song then?

The entertainment agency will be looking for Suyeon.

Because, unlike me, they are not blind. But not yet. Now is not the time to sign a contract with an entertainment agency or reveal Sooyeon’s talent to the public.

Of course, 『Come Home』 that Sooyeon is singing now is also a good song. However, that song cannot show Suyeon’s true talent.


This is my fifth project with Suyeon.

“Address Unknown.”

Created for the first major exam,

A song not for anyone,

Ha-Jun Yoon’s song containing his own story.

Release of music in collaboration with Seolwon Arts High School.

The main character of that voice will be Sooyeon Yoon.

And in that song, Sooyeon Yoon will show all the talent she has. I, not anyone else, will make that happen.

Thinking of that time, Hajun Yoon clenched his fists.

§ § §

The two-day festival has ended. As the festival ended, Sileumgwa began to become noisy in many ways.

First of all, it is a story about the festival. Of course, the things students talked about the most were the performances of Taeyoung Kim, Seonghun Kang, Goyo Han, and Hajun Yoon.

Those four people are now famous people at Seolwon Arts High School beyond the practical music department. In the case of Kang Seong-hoon, he received a call from an entertainment agency asking for the song, and Han Goyo receives love calls from numerous entertainment agencies every day.

And Kim Tae-young also received love calls from quite a few entertainment agencies. However, he didn’t seem very interested. Are you planning to join an entertainment agency after enjoying your school years?

Lastly, Hajun Yoon. The stage of Ha-jun Yoon, who showed overwhelming stage direction through Han Go-yo and Jin So-hyang, was the center of attention even before the festival.

Indeed, what kind of stage will Hajun Yoon prepare for this time, with what song and with whom? The song created by Hajun Yoon inspired the students of the Silum Department, and the stage direction he showed drew admiration from people.

Therefore, the students of the Department of Silum looked forward to Ha-Jun Yoon’s performance. However, the song prepared by Hajun Yoon for this festival was much more boring than expected.

Is it because my expectations were too high? The song was just average and the stage direction was nothing special. Yes, I thought that way until I saw the stage.

However, what remained in my memory until the next day after the festival was over was Yoon Ha-jun’s performance. The song written by Hajun Yoon, and the transparent voice that sings the song.

That keeps lingering in my head. As a result, I saw quite a few students singing along. Hajun Yoon chuckled when he heard a classmate humming “Come Home.”

The festival went as expected. Suyeon was overjoyed after seeing her successful performance, and Jiyoon Lee, Suyeon’s vocal trainer, also looked very satisfied.

Of course, Hajun Yoon himself was very satisfied. Now all that’s left is to showcase Sooyeon’s talent to the world through 『Address Unknown』.

And the second reason why Sileum students are making a fuss.

This is because of the ‘Winter Festival’, an event held in the second semester.

There is only one month left until November, when the Winter Festival takes place. And once the Winter Festival is over, final exams and major exams come right away.

Of course, it is bound to be noisy for students. In the performance practice that begins again, students talk about what song they will sing and who they will sing with if they are majoring in composition.

Of course, the students who received attention here are also limited. Goyo Han, Seonghun Kang, Taeyoung Kim, Sohyang Jin, and Hajun Yoon. What kind of stage will they prepare, who will they perform with, and what song will they sing?

Thinking about these things, the students naturally kept the five people in check. It’s a natural thing. In the case of events, all students are rivals because they are evaluated relatively rather than absolutely.

“Are you going to fuck me?”

Kim Tae-young approached the dazed Yoon Ha-jun and asked as if it were obvious. Now that the festival is over, I plan to focus on that song.

Taeyoung Kim was full of confidence. I lost to this guy at the last event, but I am confident that I will perform on the best stage with this guy this time!

When Kim Tae-young tried not to be the subject with overflowing confidence, Yoon Ha-jun shook his head.


“What, dude?”


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Kim Tae-young responded to Yoon Ha-jun’s answer without realizing it. what? No? No, they said they were giving away my song at the Winter Festival! How much I prepared for that!

Just when Kim Tae-young was excited and about to say something, Yoon Ha-jun opened his mouth.

“That’s your stage.”


“That song is your performance. “My songs are separate.”

So, Hajun Yoon is saying that he has prepared two songs. Taeyoung Kim blinks at Hajun Yoon’s words.

That’s a song for my performance?

Then what about Hajun Yoon’s song?

Wait, really?

“Are you really planning on writing the song you made after seeing that picture the other day at the event?”

Hajun Yoon nodded at Taeyoung Kim’s words. At that sight, Kim Tae-young screamed and grabbed his head. This time I wanted to be the main character!

No, no. There is no law that says I have to lose. The song I sing is also a song written by Hajun Yoon. However, that doesn’t mean the quality of the song decreases.

“good. “It’s a win!”

“······What are you saying, you crazy person?”

Ha-jun Yoon mutters when he sees Kim Tae-young suddenly standing up and screaming while he was racking his brains alone. Anyone who sees Taeyoung Kim right now looks like a crazy person.

“So who do you plan on giving that song to? Did you do it? Or Jin So-hyang this time too?”

In response to Taeyoung Kim’s question, Hajun Yoon remained silent for a moment.

Then, after thinking about something for a moment, he said:

“Well, maybe both?”

“What, dude?”

That’s against the rules.

Taeyoung Kim looked with a straight face.

§ § §


Before opening the door to the practice room, I let out a deep sigh. After that festival performance, she never had a proper conversation with Hango Yo. He sent a KakaoTalk message, but there was no reply.

Carefully hold the doorknob of the practice room and turn it. Then we go into the practice room. There was silence there.

As always, naturally.

As if it were part of the practice room.


I carefully approach Han Goyo and say hello. Wow, didn’t something just feel really awkward for me? I’ve never had anything like this before.

But I can’t help it. Thinking about what Goyo said to Suyeon and his very messy performance, I can’t feel comfortable with him.


But Han Goyo was the same as usual. She is still looking at me with indifferent eyes and nodding her head. She felt somehow reassured by that sight.

“What are you doing?”


“You’re breathing.”

Once again, Han Goyo nods.

As expected, this is a guy whose jokes don’t get through.

“Anyway, what I want to say is because of the Winter Festival…”


“······I’m not finished with my story yet?”

“Aren’t you saying you want to work with me?”

I nod my head at Han Goyo’s words.

“good. “If you are.”

“Oh, yes. okay.”

I answered, but it felt extremely awkward.



It shouldn’t be like this. We need to prepare for future events, but it shouldn’t continue to be awkward. We need to get back to normal quickly. What should we do for that?

After thinking for a moment, he sighed and said.

“It’s quiet.”

Hangoyo looks at me at my call.

For some reason, his eyes looked a little surprised.

“Let’s talk with me.”

I think we need to talk seriously. Even so, I was still worried about the things Han Goyo said to me.

I am saying that I would know. However, I am not the kind of psychic who can know people’s inner thoughts without saying anything. However, I am not a person who accurately understands people’s psychology.

Rather, I am a person who believes that we need to talk a lot in order to understand each other. And if he thought about it, he had never even had a serious conversation with Han Goyo.

Because Hangoyo doesn’t say anything, and I’m not the type to ask too many questions. But it shouldn’t be like this. I would like to continue working with Hangoyo on many things.

Of course, the center of the work will be Sooyeon, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to work with other friends. So, I am trying to take a step towards clarifying my relationship with silence.

Han Go-yo fell silent for a moment at my suggestion. The awkward silence continues again. This awkward silence feels very unpleasant.

Soon after, Goyo Han nodded.

“Are you okay today?”


“Then, after class, let’s go to the cafe.”


“See you later.”

After saying that, Han Goyo left the practice room. A practice room left alone. After looking at the practice room, which somehow felt larger than usual, I also left the practice room.


[Event stage?]


[I like it! I still wanted to stand on stage again, Hajun! I am welcome!]

-ㅇㅋㅇㅋ Thank you.

[Then I’ll see you later in the practice room! Oh, and our album is scheduled to be released in January next year!]

-Oh, shit. So you won’t be able to go to school after the Winter Festival?

[Oh, that’s not true~ There is a major exam in December! Just look at that haha]

-I see. OK got it. Let’s talk later.

[yes! Please contact us again! please! please!]

I look at Jin So-hyang’s KakaoTalk message, which emphasizes the word “necessary” several times, and put my cell phone away. Okay, with this, how did Jin So-hyang’s casting come to an end?

Now all that’s left is to recruit Han Go-yo.

Phew, I sigh and drink my coffee.

Now, I am waiting for Han Go-yo at the cafe where I met her. Originally, I was going to talk quietly in the practice room, but when I thought of Taeyoung Kim, I came to the conclusion that that was impossible.

So, we decided to meet at a cafe near the school. How long did we wait like that? The cafe’s door opened and Han Goyo was seen entering the cafe.

I raise my hand at that sight. Then Hangoyo found me and approached me.

“Did you wait long?”

“I came quickly too.”

It’s not a lie. Goyo Han nods her head as if she is happy to hear what I say. I offer the iced Americano that I ordered in advance to Han Go-yo.

After receiving it, Goyo Han thinks for a moment and then takes a sip of iced Americano. Then he frowned mercilessly and spoke grumblingly.


“······Drink something else.”

It seems that Han Go-yo hates bitter things. Well, if I think about it, I was often seen drinking chocolate milk. I was about to take the iced Americano back, but Goyo Han grabbed the glass.

“no, that’s fine.”

After saying that, Han Goyo drinks coffee. Then he said with a confused expression, as if he didn’t understand why he was drinking something like this.

“What do you want to talk about?”


I drink coffee while listening to Han Go-yo’s words.

And after taking a moment, he opened his mouth.

“About Suyeon.”

Han Goyo pauses for a moment at my words.

I continue speaking while looking at that figure.

“And about you.”

A story about a human being I don’t know about.

I wanted to hear that.

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