My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 49

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EP12 – Festival (5)


On stage, Hangoyo sings.

I stare at that figure blankly.

People are overwhelmed by the sight of Han Goyo singing. Suyeon is also looking at Han Goyo’s stage with her mouth open. Everyone is crushed by Han Goyo’s stage.

Only, except me. The biggest advantage of Hangoyo’s songs is their appeal that shakes one’s emotions no matter what anyone says. An emotional line that seems to squeeze out your emotions just by listening to it.

But what about Hangoyo’s song now?

It’s different from Hangoyo’s usual songs.

I don’t feel anything in the song.

They are just trying to capture and press something with the overwhelming talent they have. I frown at that sight.

Han Go-yo is anxious.


I don’t understand.

With so much talent, what’s so uptight about it?

-Because there is no song for me.

Hangoyo is singing on stage.

Utilizing that outstanding talent, he shows off his brilliant technique.

“I don’t want to hear it.”

I mutter quietly while listening to it. It’s my first time. I don’t want to hear Han Goyo’s song. This is not the Han Goyo song I know.

I’m not saying this in a good way.

I’m talking about it in a bad way.

Overwhelming talent, solid fundamentals, and great vocalization.

The song sung with it leaves the stage and fills the stadium.

But to me it somehow felt like it was screaming rather than singing. My ears are tired. In the meantime, Han Go-yo’s emotions run wild.

The expression becomes distorted, and the hand holding the microphone becomes tense. However, those emotions are not contained in the song at all. I can’t concentrate on the song.

Rather than conveying something through song, Goyo Han is now saying something with her singing skills. What is Hangoyo trying to talk about now?

‘It’s shameful that they try to take away what I have.’

Han Go-yo said that about Su-yeon.

I look at Suyeon sitting next to me.

What did Goyo Han see on Suyeon’s stage?

What did he see that made him say that?

Soon after, Hangoyo’s stage ended. People begin to applaud Han Goyo on stage. However, I couldn’t possibly applaud.

As the composer of 『Bad』, I cannot accept Hangoyo’s performance right now. That is not ‘fault’. That was not the stage I wanted for Han Goyo.

Han Go-yo’s song at the rehearsal was much better than the performance now. On stage, Han Go-yo’s eyes meet. Goyo Han was crying.

I bite my lip and clench my fists tightly. It is disintegrating. Probably, you felt it yourself. That the stage you just played was the worst stage ever.

“I would know.”

Goyo Han said so. However, I don’t know. Have you ever said that there are things you can know without saying anything? However, there are some things that can only be known by talking about them.

On stage, Han Goyo goes down.

I looked at that figure blankly.

Meanwhile, the second stage started. A performance by first-year Korean traditional music department representatives. I feel very sorry for the person who performed on stage, but it left nothing in my memory.

I can’t concentrate on the stage right now due to the shocking silence. And third, the stage. Kang Seong-hoon’s stage began.

Heavy groovy hip hop beat. And the ensuing tropical house melody steals people’s attention. On stage, four female students dance and sing a song to the beat.

Kang Sung-hoon’s greatest hit song. 『Flowing』, which was originally supposed to be released 6 years later, has now been revealed on stage.

“This song is so good!”

Suyeon nods her head excitedly and says.

I honestly nod my head at those words.

Seonghun Kang told me. Look forward to it. And Taeyoung told me. Kang Seong-hoon said he was greatly stimulated and shocked by me. So, the reason why that song, which should have been released 6 years later, was born now is because of me.

Kang Seong-hoon, who was stimulated by me, sharpened his teeth and created that song. I laughed out loud. Unlike me, Seong-Hoon Kang has no knowledge of the future.

That guy created that song with just one effort.

I knew it, but Kang Seong-hoon is really a great guy.

I turn my head and look at Kang Seong-hoon, who is watching the stage. Instead of his usual confident expression, Kang Seong-Hoon had a very serious expression.

Really, there are so many geniuses in our school.

If this continues, the scholarship could be in jeopardy. That cannot be compromised. Clench your fist. I don’t know why Kang Seong-hoon is conscious of me and considers me his rival, but I have no intention of losing.

Kang Seong-hoon’s stage has ended. Kang Seong-hoon clenches his fist. I know better than anyone else how Kang Seong-Hoon is feeling right now. The stage he envisioned in his head becomes reality.

It must be incredibly thrilling. If singers get a thrill from being on stage, songwriters get a thrill from a singer performing their song perfectly.

While I was thinking that, Kang Seong-Hoon suddenly approached me.

And he spoke to me in a very excited tone.

“Did you see the stage I prepared?”

“Yes, I saw it. “That’s amazing.”

Answer honestly by nodding your head. Then Kang Seong-hoon showed an embarrassed expression. I think he was embarrassed by the compliment I gave him.

“Of course! Looking forward to the future! “I plan to make a lot of good songs that won’t lose to you!”

Kang Seong-hoon, who said that while pointing a point at me, ran onto the stage. I laugh out loud at that sight. What is it, him? At best, did you come here to say something like that?

“He’s a strange person.”

“I know.”

I nodded my head as Suyeon muttered next to me. No matter how much I think about it, there are a lot of strange guys at our school. There are too many.

Is this strange because it’s genius, or is it genius because it’s strange? After that, the stage continues. I feel sorry for those who work hard on stage, but I didn’t really feel a big impact.

As expected, the biggest threats were Kim Tae-young, Jin So-hyang, and Kang Seong-hoon? Han Go-yo, who was thought to be the biggest threat, collapsed on his own, I don’t know what happened.

I feel relieved, but also worried at the same time. I think we need to have a quiet, serious conversation.


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I take my cell phone out of my pocket and send a text to Han Go-yo, but Su-yeon pulls my clothes.

“Brother, we need to get ready.”

“Has it already been so long?”


I stood up, putting my phone in my pocket. Goyo Han, Seonghun Kang, Sohyang Jin, Taeyoung Kim. Besides that, I erase all the performances I just saw from my mind.

There is only one thing to focus on now.

It’s just Suyeon’s stage.

§ § §

“it’s a shame.”


“I wanted to see the stage prepared by Ha Jun.”

Jin So-hyang grumbled and put her head against the glass window. The place where Jin So-hyang is now is in Hwayangyeonhwa’s private van. What is this? If I had planned to watch the festival after the performance, I was scheduled to film for iTube, so I was pulled out as soon as the performance was over.

“Is he that good at singing?”

Harin, the leader of Hwayangyeonhwa, asks Jin Sohyang.

Jin So-hyang nodded to that question.

“Because 『Rough』, which I sang, is also his work. And I heard that his younger brother sings well, so I had high expectations.”

“I can’t help it. “Look at the footage later.”

“That’s right.”

All of Seolwon Arts High School’s festival stages are filmed and preserved with cameras. And it is well edited and presented. I can’t help it. I have no choice but to wait for that time.

Jin So-hyang looked at her cell phone. The place was full of messages sent to Ha-jun Yoon. No, isn’t this really too much?

How can you send just one reply for two whole days? Jin So-hyang let out a small sigh.

Is that person performing on stage right now?

“Yes, go there.”

While Jin So-hyang was thinking that, Ha-jun Yoon was on stage setting up the props he had brought with the staff. He sets up a cot and sets a blanket on it.

Then, he decorated the dolls he brought with him to look nice and even placed them on a small table. Then just post a family photo on top and that’s it!

“We’re ready!”

“Then let’s get started right away!”


Hajun Yoon nodded at the staff member’s words.

Now I have to get off the stage.

Before going off the stage, Ha-jun Yoon approached Soo-yeon Yoon. Sooyeon Yoon was sitting on the cot holding a pink microphone that Hajun Yoon had specially ordered.

“Then I’ll go down.”


“Don’t be too nervous, you can do it well.”


Suyeon Yoon smiled brightly and nodded.

That sight felt somehow reassuring.

“cheer up!”

After Ha-jun Yoon said that to Su-yeon, he got off the stage. And on stage, Yoon Soo-yeon, who was alone, took a deep breath.

As soon as the performance started, I started to get nervous. However, I am not nervous. Rather, I just feel like I want to sing a song right away.

‘you can do it.’

Is it because of Hajun Yoon’s words? I am full of confidence. No, maybe it’s because the person I was most afraid of turned out to be more disappointing than expected?

‘Am I really a bad person?’

I can’t believe I like seeing other people’s bad side.

But I don’t like it.

Suyeon Yoon grumbles softly. When she thinks about that person, she wonders if she was such a bad person, and she ends up hating herself.

‘No, no. Let’s focus on the stage.’

Yun Soo-yeon, who was thinking that, shook her head. He has no time for useless thoughts. Now we have to start the stage.

Your first stage.

Her older brother and her teacher are watching. When he thought of that, his body naturally gained strength. Lights slowly come on on the dark stage.

Not an overly bright light, but a softly glowing orange light. The lighting reminds me of my own room at home.

Sooyeon Yoon turned her head and looked at the audience.

Countless people are watching themselves. When I realized that, something excited me. A lot of people want to listen to their songs.

No, no.

It’s not my song.

It’s a song between me and my brother.

The melody flows out slowly. Sweet and gentle piano melody. Su-yeon Yoon hums along to the melody that she has become familiar with after hearing it hundreds or thousands of times.

Just listening to the song Ha-Jun Yoon made just for you makes you feel at ease. Really, it’s a song I really like.

Now we have to sing.

Suyeon Yoon closes her eyes.

As usual.

And I think of that person in my head. How does that person sing this song? Yoon Soo-yeon, remembering her poor voice and the shocking performance she saw at the concert, opens her eyes.

If it were him, wouldn’t he probably sing this song like this?

-A boring and lazy afternoon.

A voice with a mysterious atmosphere flows from Sooyeon Yoon’s mouth. At that sight, Ha-jun Yoon, who was looking at Soo-yeon Yoon’s stage from underneath the stage, clenched his fist.

The first start is perfect.

Then there is nothing to worry about anymore.

-What are you doing to day?

There’s nothing special to do.

Sooyeon Yoon, sitting on the bed, naturally shakes her head and makes a sullen expression. People looked at the stage with loving expressions.

The song 『Come Home』 prepared by Ha-jun Yoon has an overall comfortable atmosphere. However, this is not to say that the development of the song is monotonous.

The part that Ha-Jun Youn considered most important was the development of the song. A song with a comfortable atmosphere. It’s good to hear for the first time. But you get tired of it quickly.

You won’t get tired of it after hearing it once. You get sick of the song before you even listen to it all. In order to avoid something like that, there must be variation in the development.

-Let’s play at my house.

Turn off your cell phone for a moment.

That’s why Hajun Yoon put a lot of effort into the highlights. Unlike the comfortable atmosphere of 『Come Home』, the pitch is quite high.

And that high note is in the highlight part,

-Let’s chat and play.

You can say whatever you want to say.

falls suddenly. The languid groovy melody suddenly dropped by more than an octave. At the same time, the song had the effect of sounding like rap.

As a result, the melody at the front is emphasized, and at the same time, it becomes addictive. People fall in love with Yoon Su-yeon’s songs. I am fascinated by the lovely and comfortable song played by Sooyeon Yoon.

Just one person.

Except Han Goyo.

‘As expected, I don’t like it.’

Goyo Han, who was looking at the stage from the audience, quietly lowered his eyes. I don’t like the atmosphere of that song.

For Goyo Han, home is not a comfortable place, but a suffocating and stuffy place. That’s why Han Go-yo couldn’t like that song.

But what I hate more than the song is Yoon Soo-yeon, who sings that song. Sooyeon Yoon is smiling lovely on stage as if she is the happiest in the world.

I didn’t like her. To be more precise, I didn’t like her singing. This is because she is reminded of her own song by Yun Soo-yeon’s song.

In Han Go-yo’s opinion, Yoon Soo-yeon had everything. She is loved by everyone, be it her brother who loves her, her talent for singing, or the way she is always smiling.

However, Han Goyo is not like that. People who love themselves no longer exist.

There is only one thing left for Han Goyo.

It’s just a song.

The emotions Hangoyo has about the song are complex. Han Goyo lost a lot because of the song. But at the same time, the reason I can remain here is all thanks to the song.

That is why Hangoyo sings.

To maintain this status quo.

But Sooyeon Yoon is taking it away. Starting from the singing method to the way the song is performed. Suyeon Yoon is imitating Goyo Han’s song.

No, I’m not copying it, I’m stealing it.

Goyo Han didn’t like that.

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