My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 47

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EP12 – Festival (3)


The long-awaited festival has finally begun. Seolwon Arts High School, which is said to be prestigious and genius, is not much different from other schools when it comes to festivals.

There are miscellaneous vendors in front of the school, and students take pictures while buying snacks and things they won’t use.

[I also wanted to participate in the sports competition.]

While looking at Jin So-hyang’s KakaoTalk, I put my cell phone away. The main event of the first day of the festival is, of course, the sports competition. But that doesn’t mean I participated in the sports competition.

To begin with, I’m not good at exercising. My body is not flexible, and I am not able to run fast. Soccer or basketball? I like watching it, but I hate doing it myself.

It’s so strange. I like watching cartoons about athletes running, but I don’t want to do it myself. With that in mind, I look at the kids on the playground, shedding their sweat and youth.

What is so funny is that everyone is smiling. And Taeyoung Kim was there too. Taeyoung Kim runs around her playground with a lively face, chasing her ball.

That doesn’t mean I’m good at soccer.

I’m just running hard.

“I also have good physical strength.”

I am amazed when I look at Kim Taeyoung like that. Hmm, exercise. I also need to do some exercise. I feel like my stamina is rotting away because I’m always stuck in a corner and just making songs.

Thinking about the future, I really need to do some exercise. With that thought in mind, I stand up. On the first day, there were no major events or anything to see, so I went to an empty class and slept.

I’m sure if the teacher catches me, I’ll get scolded, but what can I do if I’m not interested? Still, I left class when the sports competition ended.

It is said that the entertainment department won the sports competition. Once the athletic competition was over, the stage prepared by the Department of Practical Dance and the Department of Classics began.

Still, I enjoyed those stages quite a bit. In particular, the performance of the Classics Department was very good. I must say that I have become very aware of how different the same instrument feels depending on the player.

As I was watching with deep emotion, Taeyoung Kim, who was smelling of sweat, licked her lips and spoke.

“Tsk. “That’s not how you play the piano.”

“Oh, you shouldn’t do it like that.”

“Ugh, I can’t show you.”

In my opinion, Kim Tae-young, a former competition winner, seems to be lacking a lot. She feels unlucky when she sees Kim Tae-young talking smugly.

I can’t say anything though. Because Kim Tae-young is actually good. Still, Taeyoung Kim did not ignore everyone. He even applauded the violinist who performed last on the stage.

“He’s pretty good.”

He is truly an honest guy. Anyway, that’s how the first day ended. And now all that remains is the second day. So, it’s just the day of the decisive battle.

§ § §


The second day of the festival. Early moning. Taeyoung Kim, who was heading to school with the members of Blue AKA, rubbed her hands and exhaled. Pure white breath is visible. Now the early morning air is starting to get colder.

I’m worried that I might catch a cold if this continues. This is why I asked you to come by car! Parking is difficult, and the school is nearby, so you can just walk.

Taeyoung Kim curled up as much as she could. The wind carrying cold air hurts. Seeing Kim Tae-young like that, Won Seong-min, who was next to her, held out a hot pack.

“Then, if I catch a cold, it will interfere with my performance on stage.”

“Oh, thank you. Seniors.”

Taeyoung Kim received the hot pack given by Seongmin Won and held it in her hand. As my hands get warmer, I feel like my whole body gets warmer.

“Our rehearsal order is later, right?”

“Wait. Ah, right after the first graders’ rehearsal.”

Taeyoung Kim said that after checking the rehearsal ticket and looked at the stage. The order of rehearsal is 1st grade -> guest singers -> 2nd graders -> 3rd graders.

“Then we can watch Ha-jun’s stage rehearsal.”

“Maybe so?”

With that answer, I diligently walk back to school. Now, if you endure just two performances, you can be free from that tedious practice.

When I thought about that, my steps became lighter. Soon after arriving at school, Taeyoung Kim headed straight to the stage in the playground. Rehearsals were already in full swing on stage.

see. It looks like Han Goyo’s rehearsals are already over, and is Ha Jun still far away? If Kim Tae-young had to choose the stage she was most looking forward to at this festival, it would definitely be Yoon Ha-jun’s stage.

What kind of stage is Hajun Yoon’s stage like? He said he was performing on stage with his younger brother, but because of his younger brother, he could not participate in the rehearsal even once.

That’s Hajun Yoon. He couldn’t have prepared for an ordinary stage. And in Kim Tae-young’s opinion, Yoon Ha-jun cares for his younger brother very much.

Of course, they would have prepared the best song. My heart races when I think of it. Indeed, how good of a song did they prepare? Isn’t it better than the song you sent me?

While thinking about that, I shake my head. The song Hajun Yoon sent me is the best. No, even saying it is the best is not enough. When he first heard it, he liked it so much that he unconsciously tapped his fingers as if he were fascinated.

“Hajun, when is the rehearsal?”

Seongmin Won asks from behind. In response to that question, Taeyoung Kim once again took out the rehearsal ticket. Uh, so the kid on stage right now…

What was your name? It’s a big deal. I remember seeing them rehearse a few times, but I don’t know their names. No, how do I memorize all 80 people’s names?

How can I not find out the name of the student on stage at that rehearsal? As Kim Tae-young was thinking, the image of Han Go-yo appeared in his eyes.

thank god! If you are Hangoyo, you understand, right? Of course, there is no way Han Go-yo knows the name of the kid on stage, but she definitely knows when Ha-jun Yoon’s turn is.

Because that’s it.



Goyo Han saw Kim Taeyoung suddenly appear and call out to her. Taeyoung Kim blinked at the sight of such silence.

Somehow, Han Goyo’s appearance felt different from usual. Should I say something is different from usual? I don’t know what’s different, but anyway, something is different.

“When is Hajun’s rehearsal?”

Well, that’s it. I guess I’m still sleepy because it’s morning. Kim Tae-young thought about this and asked Han Go-yo. In response to Taeyoung Kim’s question, Goyo Han blinked once and said.

“It’s already over.”

“huh? what?”

“It’s already over.”

“when? No, when?”

“Before the third.”

Taeyoung Kim sighed at Han Goyo’s words. I thought that Yoon Ha-jun would finally hear the song of his beloved younger brother, but he ended up having to wait until the actual performance.

Taeyoung Kim ate his food with regret. Ah, I’m really curious. In the end, Kim Tae-young, unable to contain his curiosity, cautiously asks Han Go-yo.

“How is Hajun’s performance? “Does your younger brother sing well?”

Goyo Han frowned at Kim Taeyoung’s words. Taeyoung Kim looked surprised at that sight. Who would have thought that Han Go-yo would change her expression like that!

Goyo Han frowns and twitches his lips as if he is thinking about what to say. After repeating it several times, he let out a short sigh and said:

“I don’t like it.”


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“I don’t like that stage.”

After saying that, Han Go-yo left the stage and headed towards his class, as if he didn’t want to talk anymore. Taeyoung Kim blinked at that sight.

You don’t like it? You don’t like Ha-jun Yoon’s performance, not anyone else’s?

“What the hell is going on?”

Kim Tae-young suddenly stopped and looked at the stage at Han Go-yo’s words, which he could not understand. Before we knew it, rehearsals were over, and the stage was empty for rehearsals for the next stage.


The second day of the festival. So, the day of decisive battle has begun. Ah, somehow I feel more nervous than usual. The first and last rehearsal with Suyeon went fairly well.

However, I feel uncomfortable because I feel like I’ve been bothering the staff more than usual. Still, there is nothing we can do to achieve the best performance.

“Hmm, what should I do?”

The stage starts at 5pm. There is still a lot of time left before the stage starts. What should I do in the meantime? Should I just go around the school?

As soon as Suyeon finished rehearsal, she returned to her school. And he decided to come back around 4 o’clock. If it were me, she would have skipped school, but she is really diligent.

After thinking about what to do for a while, I decided to just wander around. Anyway, there is no one to go around with and nothing to do.

Taeyoung Kim is currently being held captive by Blue Aka. He said that he made some mistakes in rehearsals and had to practice hard until the main stage.

They say it’s my fault, but why is it my fault?

He makes a mistake and passes the blame on to someone else, it’s damned.

I grumble and look around. Unlike usual, the school was decorated with events prepared by departments and clubs.

While I was watching various events, someone tapped my shoulder. I turn my head to that feeling. And as expected, there was silence there.

Han Goyo was no different from usual. Even today, when civilian clothes were allowed, I was wearing my school uniform as usual. As a result, it stands out very much.


“Can we walk around together?”

I nod my head at Goyo Han’s suggestion. I didn’t have anything to do anyway, but it worked out well. So, I walk around the school with Hangoyo. But that doesn’t mean we really enjoyed anything.

To begin with, Han Goyo is not the type to react greatly to something. Even if he eats something delicious or sees something strange, his expression barely changes.

And that goes for me too. If I were a high school student, I would have enjoyed this, but since I’m older, it’s a little harder for me to enjoy it.

What can I say, it has to be a bit childish?

Hehe, where has all my childhood gone?

“What do you want to do now?”

After walking around the school, I go into a classroom that has been converted into a cafe and drink coffee. It’s an event prepared by a coffee club, and the coffee tastes pretty good.

Goyo Han ponders my question for a moment and then speaks to me.

“I don’t know. you?”

“I don’t know either.”

I take out my phone and check the time. Before I knew it, it was 2:40. There’s about 1 hour and 20 minutes left until Suyeon comes.

“My brother is coming later, so won’t I just wander around until then?”

Or maybe you were hanging out in this cafe. The desk and chair are the same, so it’s a bit uncomfortable, but I like it because it’s quiet. Hango Yoga nods her head at my words.

“Then I will do the same.”

“Like that.”

The conversation ends. However, it is not awkward. I don’t feel uncomfortable because I know that Han Go-yo is like this. I drink coffee and look at my phone.

The cell phone was full of KakaoTalk messages from Jin So-hyang.

[I wanted to see the rehearsal too!!!]

[How is your younger brother??]

[Did you do well in rehearsal?]


[Our rehearsal is over…]

After that, I feel sorry when I see KakaoTalk messages coming in one after another. After thinking about it for a while, I send an answer.

-It’s spring now.

And as I was putting down my phone, I made eye contact with Goyo Han. Goyo Han, who was drinking cocoa, was staring at me.

However, I felt that Han Go-yo’s eyes were different from usual as she looked at me. If you usually just have dull eyes, is there something you don’t like about it now? Dissatisfied? Should I call it that kind of look?


Did I make some mistake?

As I was thinking about that, Hangoyo spoke to me.

“The song we sang in rehearsal.”


“Did you make this?”


I nod and sip my coffee again. Han Go-yo gave me a complex and nuanced look at my answer. I look at it and admire it.

I never would have thought that Han Go-yo would make such colorful expressions.

“why? “Don’t you like it?”

I’m asking this question because I wonder if it’s Han Go-yo’s taste. Then Goyo Han nods his head cautiously. Hmm, I see. I don’t like it.

“Well, you might not like the song.”

Songs are a matter of taste. Therefore, there is no such thing as a song that will satisfy everyone. Moreover, Hangoyo’s taste is songs like ‘Blame’.

You may not like 『Come Home』, which has the opposite feeling. Han Go-yo shook her head at my words.

“It’s not that I don’t like the song.”


Han Goyo looks at me.

Big, pretty eyes are looking at me.

“I don’t like the atmosphere.”


I frown because I don’t understand.

Goyo Han nods his head.

Still looking at me.

“And someone who sings.”

“You don’t like the atmosphere with your younger brother?”


I answered like that.

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