My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 46

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EP12 – Festival (2)


-A boring and lazy afternoon.

Come to my house.

Sooyeon Yoon sings comfortably. Lee Ji-yoon nodded her head to Yun Soo-yeon’s song. After Ha-jun Yoon completed 『Come Home』, Su-yeon Yoon stopped singing other songs for a while.

Instead, I am just practicing “Come Home” all the time. Saturday Sunday. After honing the basics and learning the theory, we sing 『Come Home』.

As a result, Soo-yeon Yoon was already performing 『Come Home』 perfectly. No, isn’t it because she simply tried?

Jiyoon Lee drank coffee and concentrated on singing. The more I listen to it, the more I think she is a very good singer. First of all, it’s incredibly addictive.

The song itself has a very comfortable atmosphere. There is no dramatic development, and there are no huge highlights.

A song that is so comfortable that your ears will never get tired no matter how many times you listen to it from beginning to end. Meanwhile, there is definitely variation in the melody.

Especially the highlight part. The highlight, which appears three times, has a magical charm that makes you hum without even realizing it.

The more I listen to the song, the more impressed I am. Hajun Yoon. Now a senior in high school. 17 years old. But you have such skill. The scary thing is that that expertise is not the greatest advantage.

Hajun Yoon’s greatest strength is that he knows how to adapt a song to suit the person singing it. Now this song, 『Come Home』. This song can be sung this much because it is Suyeon, and at the same time, because it is 『Come Home』, Suyeon can sing it that much.

If it weren’t for Sooyeon Yoon, 『Come Home』 wouldn’t have been a song with such charm. A song optimized for Sooyeon Yoon’s voice.

‘Shall I ask for a song too?’

This is Lee Ji-yoon, who is already preparing for a comeback. But now that I have a composer with such talent in front of me, I feel greedy.

Sure, just write down the contract?

“how was it?”

While I was thinking about that, Suyeon Yoon’s song ended. After she finished singing, Sooyeon Yoon went to ask Hajun Yoon, not Jiyoon Lee.

It’s a bit disappointing, but it doesn’t mean I don’t understand it. Yoon Soo-yeon and Yoon Ha-jun, the siblings have a very good relationship. To the point where I thought it was possible for a brother and sister like that to exist.

‘Well, Sooyeon and Hajun are both nice.’

I can feel the support each other gives in every word they say. Ha-Jun Yoon makes a song for Soo-Yeon Yoon, and Soo-Yeon Yoon sings a song for Ha-Jun Yoon.

Each person is utilizing each other’s talents. My older brother composed music, my younger brother singer. Both of them are talented and have good visuals, so there will be more than one entertainment agency drooling over them.

Right now, even Lee Ji-yoon is holding back from wanting to say that he should bring the two to his agency. I wonder how we can bring Soo-yeon, but it is not easy to persuade Ha-jun Yoon.

“It was okay. However, it’s okay to call it a little more comfortably.”

“Well, it’s still a festival. Something like this! “Isn’t this how it should be called?”

Suyeon Yoon raises both hands and speaks as if in surprise. Hajun Yoon laughed at that and shook his head.

“Because it’s not that kind of song. You can just call me comfortably like you would call a friend. And we plan to decorate the stage like that.”


“Yes, because I can’t really direct anything great. Instead, we plan to decorate the stage with various cute props.”

“Like my room?”

“Yeah, like your room.”

Suyeon nods as if she likes it. Seeing that, Lee Ji-yoon started to look forward to her. Indeed, what kind of performance will those two perform at the festival?



“Is it okay if I participate in that festival too? “Because he’s the teacher.”


Ha-jun Yoon readily nodded at Ji-yoon Lee’s request. You may feel like it’s a deliberate policy, but it doesn’t matter. The first stage of Suyeon, who could possibly become his favorite student.

I really wanted to see it with my own eyes.

§ § §

[Are the festival stage preparations going well?]

-so so.

[Is your younger brother going on stage?]


[I’m looking forward to it.]

After pondering for a moment over the ensuing barrage of emoticons, I send a decent emoticon. The person I am currently in contact with is none other than Jin So-hyang.

Jin So-hyang is unable to go to school because she is busy preparing for a new album and festival. And as if that’s disappointing, she keeps contacting me every chance she gets.

Although it is sometimes annoying, contact with Jin So-hyang is still quite enjoyable. Should I say she doesn’t look like an idol in some way? We have similar concerns and tastes, so we communicate well.

At that time, a new message arrived from Jin So-hyang.

[We are also working hard to prepare for the festival!]

-No, no, you don’t have to work too hard.

[No, haha, but it’s a festival that only happens three times! I’m going to work hard!]

-Take it easy.

[Thank you for your concern! Haha, but my sisters are more excited about practicing than me. In particular, Harin is very excited because she is going to school for the first time in a long timeㅠㅠㅠ]

-Tell us to take it slow.

[It’s okay if you don’t worry so much! Even though it looks like this, I take thorough care of my body! Dieting is hard thoughㅠ]

Emoticons continue again. I feel frustrated by the cute sniffling cat emoji. No, I mean, please slow down!!

If you guys do this too, it will be even harder for me! I can’t help but sigh. Even Han Go-yo and Kang Seong-hoon are preparing a stage that will be too much for them to handle.

But you are preparing so hard for Hwayangyeonhwa?

why not!! At best, it’s a school festival!

Why do you idols work so hard to prepare for that!

Don’t show any unnecessary professionalism!

Hwayangyeonhwa is not the only one sharpening its knives and preparing for the stage. Blue Aka and Taeyoung Kim are also doing the same. After seeing Han Go-yo and Kang Seong-hoon’s performance, I thought it couldn’t go on like this, so I went to Howl Studio to make various recordings.

And at that time, the person who greeted me was Won Seong-min, who looked very strict unlike usual. He speaks harshly to the members of Blue AKA and scolds Taeyoung.

A musician working like you would see in a movie. So, when I asked why they were working so hard, the answer I got was that since this was the first start of the project, I had to put on a perfect performance.

no! That! why! Doing it on stage at a high school festival!!!!


I heard everyone works too hard.


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It would be nice if it was a little more shaky.

Isn’t working hard something that only people like me who lack talent should do? In novels and comics, they say it’s a devil’s talent, a lazy genius, etc., but it’s all lies.

There is no such thing as a genius who doesn’t try hard. I stand up and look at my laptop. Even geniuses work hard, but I can’t just sit around and play.

Now that the song is complete, I start thinking about how to stage it. A stage that can bring out the charm of the song to the fullest while making Suyeon feel comfortable.

“Prepare these props…”

So I prepared the props needed for the stage all night long.

§ § §

As the festival approaches, the stage set begins to be built in earnest. I bite my lip as I look at the large stage being built in the playground.

Rehearsals for the festival stage will be held a total of three times. Rehearsal immediately after the stage is completed. And the day before the festival begins, and finally, on the day of the festival. Very early morning.

However, Suyeon can only rehearse once. Rehearsal on the day of the festival. The other two times are impossible because Suyeon is at school.

“Will it be okay?”

The more I think about it, the more anxious I feel. Do you have a stage rehearsal or not? This difference is bigger than you think. Especially if it is your first time performing on stage.

Standing on stage is a lot more nervous than I thought. Stage anxiety, gaze phobia. This doesn’t exist for nothing. In fact, do singers who debuted more than 20 years ago eat Cheongsimhwan every time they go on stage?

Indeed, can Suyeon do it? Sooyeon is basically a very timid child. These days, he jokes around a lot and becomes more lively, but he’s basically an introvert.

And at the same time, he is a very good kid. She hates causing trouble to others and cannot refuse requests from others.

And I took advantage of Suyeon’s personality. Phew, I sigh and look at the stage being built. Will Sooyeon be able to sing her song successfully on that stage?

“What are you looking at like that?”

“You wouldn’t know it if you saw it? “Look at the stage.”

“Aren’t you really cold to me?”

“Unfortunately, I saw it correctly.”

“Fuck you.”

Taeyoung Kim swears and throws something at me. I pick up the heavy thing that fell on my school uniform. The object Taeyoung Kim threw was none other than an ionic drink.

“The real festival is just around the corner.”

“Does he look happy?”

“of course. “I hope the festival ends quickly.”

“······It looked difficult.”

I also didn’t know that senior Won Seong-min was such a scary person. After talking with Taeyoung Kim, I enter the school building.

“Oh, just a moment.”


“Let’s go take a look at that.”

“Are you looking at that picture again?”

Nod your head. When I have anxious thoughts, wondering if I’m doing something right, I come to look at the paintings that inspired me.

I took pictures and kept them, but seeing them in pictures and seeing them in person are two different levels. Should I say that I have to see it in person to feel something invisible that makes my heart feel majestic?

“What on earth is so good about this picture?”

“I don’t know either.”


“I don’t know what’s good either.”

Answer honestly. I am illiterate in painting. Even when I see articles saying that they are worth over 100 billion won, I am a person who does not understand why they are worth that much.

Deconstructionism and all, I know the theory, but I don’t quite understand it. And the same goes for the painting I am looking at right now, “Freedom.”

Honestly, when you look at the picture, it looks like nothing more than a crude coloring game. Is it a sign that children have had an accident by spraying paint roughly and making marks with their hands or feet?

But when you see the real thing, there is something overwhelming.

I don’t even know how to express this.

“Like I said last time, you just want to meet someone who drew?”


“He’s from our school. That’s 2nd year too. “There are only 40 people in the art department anyway, so shouldn’t we just go and find them?”

I didn’t have to say that at the time, but honestly, I want to meet him. What kind of person is the person who drew this picture? There is such curiosity.

But what if the emotion I felt after seeing this picture is broken because the person is completely different from the person I thought of? I don’t like that either. Well, complex and nuanced emotions.

Kim Tae-young, who heard my explanation, said with a puzzled expression.

“Anyway, you are also a different species. really.”

I ignore Taeyoung Kim’s words and look at the picture. The more I look at it, the more confident I feel. good. After nodding her head, I enter the class.

The festival approaches quickly. Whenever something like this happens, time passes too quickly. During that time, Sooyeon, I, and Jiyoon Lee talked about the stage and prepared for the festival.

And Jiyoon Lee really helped me a lot. Well, when it comes to stage experience, I am on a different level from myself, a third-rate singer, or even worse.

She is from a popular girl group, has achieved great success as a solo singer, and is also active as a musical actor. She knows much more about her stage than I do.

“Does this really mean that simply changing the color of the microphone will make the stage memorable?”

“is it so?”

“There are times when a small impact has more power than an incredibly flashy impact. Especially if it’s a song with a comfortable atmosphere like ‘Come Home’.”


Nod your head. Microphone with a special color. I could use this. While wondering what color to order, I looked for a pink microphone that matched the props I had prepared.

Indeed, it was immediately revealed that there was a place that handled microphones like this. So I rented a microphone and set up the dolls I purchased in the practice room.

“how is it?”

“I feel a little bored, though.”

“We are planning to put a small table and even a bed on the main stage…”

“To the bed?”


Nod your head. It was difficult to find a place that would rent a bed for one day, so I bought it myself. However, it is not an expensive bed, but rather an extra bed.

In addition, I bought blankets, pillows, and dolls to cover the bed. This alone was an amount that could not be ignored.

“Is it okay if I buy it like that?”

“are you okay. “I can take it after the performance is over.”

If you have a cot, you might need to use it someday. And other than that, you can give blankets, pillows, dolls, and cushions to Suyeon as gifts.

“And what about the costume?”

“I’m thinking about the costume. “Should I rent it, or should I wear the clothes Suyeon has.”

“With the concept of coming home, wouldn’t it be better to just wear comfortable clothes?”

“So I’m planning on wearing a hoodie and comfortable shorts.”

There is no need for grandiose costumes for Suyeon’s stage. Rather, a very simple outfit suits you. Wearing grandiose costumes will only kill the charm as they do not match the atmosphere of the stage.

“Then you will wear minimal makeup?”

“yes. Well, Sooyeon is cute even without makeup.”

“That’s not true.”

“And he’s still young. “I’m trying to show off that freshness like this.”

Rather than applying any makeup, I plan to simply tie my hair back. So the goal is a comfortable concept of lying on a bed in a real room.

I finish preparing for the stage by talking with Jiyoon Lee. There were only two days left until the festival. Meanwhile, the large stage where the festival will take place has been completed.

“Am I standing here?”

Suyeon, who came to Seolwon Arts High School after finishing school, asks quietly. I nod my head to that question. Before standing on the actual stage, I wanted to show this stage.

On that stage, the 2nd graders were rehearsing for a long time. Su-yeon stares at him. And I looked at Suyeon like that.

Suyeon’s lips move little by little. She was singing while watching Soo-yeon rehearsing on stage. A song I made.

Sooyeon watched the people rehearsing on stage for about 20 minutes and then turned her head to me.

“I hope the festival starts soon.”

“Are you excited?”

“huh! I’m looking forward to it. and.”

Suyeon is silent for a moment.

Then he continued speaking with a smile on his face.

“I feel somewhat confident.”

I guess Suyeon is stronger than I thought.

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