My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 43

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EP11 – turning point (3)


These days, Sooyeon Yoon is living the busiest and most fulfilling life of her life. She sings and studies, and when she gets home from school, she does her homework given by Lee Ji-yoon.

With that alone, five days have passed by in a flash.

And the weekend, the day that Sooyeon Yoon looks forward to the most.

Soo-yeon Yoon goes to the academy in the morning and receives lessons from Ji-yoon Lee. Originally, the class, which she was only supposed to take for 4 hours, continues to be 6 or 7 hours. It is because of Lee Ji-yoon’s passionate special lecture that she likes Yun Soo-yeon.

And after class with Lee Ji-yoon, she returns home and talks about singing with her brother. The story is full of anticipation for her future.

Yes, Sooyeon Yoon is currently preparing for the future. In the short term, for the festival in October, in the long term, for the life of a singer that I will achieve one day.

The problem is that preparing for the future is not easy. My school work is pretty good. Suyeon Yoon was originally good at studying.

The problem is Jiyoon Lee’s homework. Jiyoon Lee’s homework is simple. Practice his songs and sing them in your own style. When I first heard it, I thought it was a very easy homework.

Because singing is always fun. In fact, I didn’t even think of it as homework. But when I actually tried it, it was very difficult. The song doesn’t sing the way you thought it would.

Obviously, I have an image in my head, but when I actually sing it, I don’t like it. In fact, Soo-yeon Yoon looked disappointed in her last homework.

I don’t like that. What should I do? Suyeon Yoon thought about it for a long time. And in the end, she ended up asking her brother for help.

‘I didn’t want to do this.’

I wanted to grow up without any help from my brother. So I wanted to tell my brother that now I am the one who can sing his song best.

However, there is too little time for that. Suyeon Yoon looked at her cell phone. Soon the answer arrived from her brother. In response to the short question, [What?], Suyeon Yoon honestly explained her situation.

And about a minute after sending the reply,

[What song are you practicing?]

The answer has arrived.

-At the end.

Suyeon Yoon quickly sends a reply.

And the answer came back quickly.


That was the end. There was no further explanation. What did you know and what would you do? However, Suyeon Yoon felt an unknown sense of reassurance from that answer.

My brother would do whatever it takes.

Suyeon Yoon truly believed that.




Taeyoung Kim asks as she sees me moaning while looking at my phone. I answered that question with a light shrug.

“My little brother is having a hard time doing his homework.”

“homework? “Do you want to teach me about studying?”

At your level? It seemed like Kim Taeyoung was asking that.

Ah, this is true, but it’s somehow unpleasant.

“No, not that kind of thing, just singing.”

“Ahh, didn’t your younger brother say he’s planning to major in vocals?”

Nod your head. 『At the end』. Although I only heard the title, I could understand why Suyeon was worried. 『At the End』 is a song sung by a male vocalist.

It’s also a song sung in a very low voice.

It doesn’t match Suyeon’s voice.

Obviously, Lee Ji-yoon knew that and gave it away.

However, I don’t think that Ji-yoon Lee’s homework was given to harass Su-yeon. This may be homework given to understand Sooyeon’s current level.

Even if you can’t sing properly, they won’t say anything. However, there is something I don’t like. I have to say that it’s a bit annoying to judge that Suyeon’s level is this high based on just that.

“It just worked out.”


“No, today is my major class.”


I end the story there. I plan to arrange 『At the End』 during my major class. However, I don’t plan on arranging it extremely hard, just to the level that Suyeon can sing it.

“No, keep talking to the end.”

“Okay, what do you know?”

“You have to tell me, you crazy person!”

Taeyoung Kim cried.

It was very noisy.

§ § §

Ha-jun Yoon felt inspired, and in return for skipping classes at school, he had to clean the classroom by himself for a week, with his homeroom teacher nagging him.

It is a very weak punishment to think that class is just punishment. It’s not surprising if you get penalty points for skipping class without permission. And there was a very big reason why Hajun Yoon’s punishment was limited to cleaning the house.

‘No way, I didn’t know that Department Head Lee Sang-gyu would come and do that.’

Park Jong-seo, the homeroom teacher of class 8, first grade, let out a deep sigh. Originally, Park Jong-seo was going to give Ha-jun Yoon a penalty point. Hajun Yoon is already famous for his bad attitude in class.

There are a lot of teachers who criticize Hajun Yoon for sleeping during class. If you think about that, you should get a penalty point. However, it was Department Dean Lee Sang-gyu who opposed it.

However, it did not mean that Department Head Lee Sang-gyu was supporting Ha-jun Yoon with nonsense. Department Head Lee Sang-gyu had a valid reason for supporting Ha-jun Yoon.

Outstanding student scholarship recipient. A student who received a scholarship given to the student who received the highest score on a major exam. No matter how important Seolwon Arts High School considers writing to be, it is ultimately about previews.

Of course, I think practical skills are more important than written skills. And Hajun Yoon received the best grade in the practical test. It was said that such a student did not just skip class, but was inspired to do so, so giving him a penalty point would be harsh.

So let’s just give a warning the first time, and then give a penalty point if something like this happens again. The funny thing is that the teachers teaching the major classes also agreed with Department Head Lee Sang-gyu’s words. No, of course it is true that Hajun Yoon is an excellent student in his major classes…!

‘I can’t help it.’

Park Jong-seo, thinking that, sighed. I feel like it’s discrimination, but I can’t help it. To begin with, Seolwon Ye High School does not treat her students fairly.

Classes are divided based on grades, and students who receive scholarships are given various privileges. Even when you debut at your current job, they give you a reason to make time for your activities, whether it’s a field trip or something else.

In addition, Hajun Yoon is currently the most notable student majoring in composition. It is even said that if there is Han Go-yo in vocal majors, there is Ha-jun Yoon in composition majors.

In other words, Ha-Jun Yoon was punished at the weakest level because he was a promising player in Silumgwa.

“Hey, teacher. “I finished cleaning.”


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At that time, the door to the teacher’s room opened and Ha-jun Yoon came in.

Park Jong-seo nodded at the sight of Ha-jun Yoon.

“Did you clean well?”

“Yeah, whatever.”

Hajun Yoon said that and smiled shyly. It’s a smile appropriate for someone of that age. Okay, let’s think positively. He didn’t have an accident or smoke. But he didn’t escape from school, at most he was in the practice room.

“Next time, you must never skip class.”

“Swing. All right.”

Hajun Yoon answers vaguely.

Park Jong-seo was convinced by that appearance.

He’ll do it again someday.


Park Jong-seo sighed deeply.

§ § §

“Did you clean well?”

After finishing all the cleaning, I headed to the classroom to take my major class, and teacher Ha Hyo-ju asked mischievously. She nods her head at the question.

There isn’t a teacher in my major who doesn’t know that I skipped class because I was inspired. Ah, I didn’t know this at first, but it’s a little embarrassing.

They treat me like a great artist and say they have high expectations for me. Should I say I’m embarrassed?

“So what are you going to do today?”

“I’m going to try arranging it.”

“Arrangement? Oh, which one?”

“It’s a song called ‘At the End’.”

“Hmm, I’ll look forward to it. “You can listen to it right away, right?”


Listening means that I will let you know if there is anything strange. The more I take Professor Ha Hyo-joo’s class, the more I feel that this person is truly amazing.

Simply looking at his composition skills, he has better sense than Won Seong-min. There’s no way a person with that kind of skill isn’t a celebrity, so what on earth does he do?

I asked before because I was curious, but they didn’t tell me. Is it true that people with secrets are cooler? This is someone I can’t understand at all.

First, listen to the sound source of 『At the End』 on a music streaming site. After that, I load up the composition program and start working on the song.

Since the person singing is Suyeon, first of all, raise the pitch… I edit out all the parts that I feel are excessive emotions. Instead, a piano melody is added to match Suyeon’s emotional voice.

After working up to that point, listen to the song. But there’s something I don’t like. Ah, this is somewhat awkward. What’s awkward?

“Well, if you’re going to arrange it like this, why don’t you just kill the guitar melody? And make the piano melody louder…”

Before I knew it, Teacher Ha Hyo-joo came next to me, took the keyboard and mouse from me, and quickly touched the composition program. And just because of that, the parts that felt awkward disappear.

“When arranging something like this, you shouldn’t use instruments clumsily. “It is much better to boldly give up one instrument and save the other.”


“I see you have a tendency to use too many instruments. Of course, the harmony created by the synergy of the instruments enriches the sound and is good to hear in highlights, but depending on the song, there are times when you have to kill that. Why, like you added that everyday noise.”


I think I know what you mean. So is this a bad habit of mine? Well, when I think about it, I always tried to use a variety of instruments in the highlight parts. This is to make the sound as rich as possible.

“Try practicing this way too. “There’s nothing bad, right?”

“yes. “I’ll try.”

This was a really good point. This means that instead of trying to use different instruments for no reason, try to focus on one instrument. Hmm, should we try making Kim Tae-young’s song like that?

After that, Teacher Ha Hyo-ju taught us many things. Well, really. It was a good thing she had Ha Hyo-joo as her major teacher.

“So when are you going to play the song that inspired you?”

“Once I finish it.”

“I’ll be looking forward to it.”

Saying that, Teacher Ha Hyo-ju smiled mischievously. She nods her head with that smile. I don’t know if it’s a different song, but she’s confident that the song was inspired by it.

I am confident that if I add instruments like I thought, it will be a truly amazing song. As I worked like that, my major classes were already over.

Well, I guess I’ll have to finish this in the practice room. After saying hello to teacher Ha Hyo-joo, she comes out of the class room. Then she went up to the practice room.

“Are you here?”


Taeyoung Kim and Goyo Han were waiting for me in the practice room. Taeyoung Kim was looking at her cell phone with a serious expression on her face, and Goyo Han was just blankly doing nothing.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m playing a game and I don’t get what I want.”


Each answer comes back. They are really strange guys. With that thought in mind, I roughly sit down. After taking out the laptop, I put the final touches on the arrangement.

“Oh, is this ‘at the end’?”

While I was working on the arrangement, Taeyoung Kim came up to me and asked. When she nodded to that question, Taeyoung Kim hummed her nose and said.

“The arrangement is okay. “Because of your brother’s song?”

Once again, he nods his head and waves his hand as if telling them not to disturb him. Seeing me like that, Taeyoung Kim grumbled, “Am I a fly?” and returned to her original seat.

And as I was about to start working again, someone tapped my shoulder. Tap with your finger. Taeyoung Kim, you bastard. Are you kidding me when I tell you not to disturb me?

“Ah, Taeyoung Kim. “Don’t play around.”

Move your shoulders and turn your head.


There was Han Go-yo, not Kim Tae-young. I stop breathing when I see Han Go-yo’s face so close that if I move a little more, our faces will touch.

Long eyelashes, pure white skin, indifferent eyes.

And somehow it smells good.

“it’s not me. “You bastard!”

Ignoring Taeyoung Kim’s words of resentment, I take a step back. And I look at Han Goyo. Goyo Han said nothing. He’s just pointing his finger at his own face.


“I am?”


“My song?”


“He said he wanted to work with me.”

I feel some strange pressure. No, why should I feel this way? As I was thinking that, Taeyoung Kim shouted again.

“Hey, Hangoyo! Don’t cut in line! “Is the next task mine?”

“Then am I next?”


“I’ll believe you?”

After ending the conversation one-sidedly, Han Go-yo returns to her seat and sits down as if nothing happened. Right next to where my laptop is. I sigh at that sight.

Doesn’t he know how to communicate? Of course, Kim Tae-young’s next work is scheduled to be Hangoyo… However, Hangoyo will not be doing this work alone.

If it goes as I think, we will be working with at least two or at most three people.

§ § §

“Are you here?”

Saturday, 1 p.m. Ji-yoon Lee welcomed Soo-yeon Yoon with a big smile on her face. These days, Ji-yoon Lee is having fun waiting for the weekend when she can meet Soo-yeon Yoon.

Jiyoon Lee likes talented kids. And Soo-yeon Yoon is one of the most talented people Ji-yoon Lee has ever met. She also works very hard herself.

A cute and pretty child with outstanding talent and hard work! How can you not like a kid like this!


Su-yeon Yoon answers with a bright smile.

It’s so cute that I want to hug it.

Lee Ji-yoon, who desperately endured it, spoke to Yoon Soo-yeon.

“Have you prepared the homework assigned? Shall we listen to it right away?”


Suyeon Yoon nods. She then took out her USB from her pocket and carefully held it out towards Jiyoon Lee.

“Well, the original song of ‘At the End’ didn’t really suit me, so my brother arranged it for me. Is it okay if I call you this?”

“Hmm, arrangement?”

Come to think of it, did you say that the older brother who came with Suyeon Yoon majored in composition? Wow, this is difficult. Lee Ji-yoon also knows that Yoon Soo-yeon and 『At the End』 do not fit together.

However, because I wanted to know Yoon Soo-yeon’s style, I gave her homework to sing as many songs as possible. To find out the genres that suit Soo-yeon Yoon and the genres that are still lacking but have potential for growth.

“Why not?”

Soo-yeon Yoon looks up at Ji-yoon Lee, curling her little fingers.

Lee Ji-yoon smiled at that sight.

“How can it not be possible?”

This isn’t right… but I asked my brother to arrange it for me, so it’s a bit much to refuse it, isn’t it? Yes, you can just give the homework one more time with a different song.

With that in mind, Lee Ji-yoon sits down. And she reminded me of Yoon Soo-yeon’s older brother, who arranged this song for her.

The song that Suyeon Yoon sang the day she first came. She said that song was made by her brother, right? Jiyoon Lee moves her fingers lightly.

That song was a pretty good song. It’s not to the point where I’m coveting it, but it’s enough that I think it’s okay to release it right away. And at the same time, it was the song that Sooyeon Yoon sang best.

Of course, Yoon Soo-yeon’s talent still shines, but she is not able to show it at a level that exceeds that of then.

Does that genre fit well with Yoon Soo-yeon? I don’t think I can sing other songs of a similar genre to that level.

So what’s special about that song? Or is it your brother who wrote that song? While Jiyoon Lee was thinking this, a melody slowly began to flow from the speaker. Sooyeon Yoon sings to the melody.

More fun than usual. Her face has a sad expression, but you can feel it in the song. And while listening to that, Jiyoon Lee blinked her eyes.

Oh, this?

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