My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 42

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EP11 – turning point (2)


“No, this.”

Taeyoung Kim, who had said that far, suddenly closed her mouth.

I actually opened my mouth, but how should I express this?

After thinking about it, I opened my mouth again.

“So this is it.”

But again, I was speechless. After that, Taeyoung Kim uttered words like, no, that, 2 or 3 more times.

I feel like this is stuck in my head. I have a feeling, but I don’t know how to express it. Ha-Jun Yoon frowns at the sight of Tae-Young Kim like that.

“No, I mean, whatever.”

“No, fuck!”

In the end, Taeyoung Kim finally let out the swear word she had been holding back. Then she looked at Hajun Yoon with annoyed eyes. Hajun Yoon blinks his eyes at that sight.

“Why are you swearing, you crazy person?”

“Do you think I won’t swear now? “Why do you only make songs like this!”

“why? Sucks?”

Taeyoung Kim was dumbfounded by those words. Sucks? Is it copper? Is that what you want to say now? Doesn’t this guy have ears? Or is it a curse that prevents me from accurately judging the songs Ji has written?

“If it was worse, I wouldn’t have sworn at you.”


“Why is it a song for women again?”

Kim Tae-young, who had said that much, lay down. The song that Ha-Jun Youn has made now is a song for women. You can feel it in the way it progresses and the subtle handling of pitches. That’s annoying.

If you’re going to make a song for women, you can’t make it!

Or make another song for men!

If the song was a mess, I wouldn’t even be greedy. It’s even more annoying because he pulled it off so well. So much so that I just want to request a male version of the arrangement.

The problem is that then the feeling of the song dies. Changing a women’s song to a men’s song is not a problem that can be solved simply by changing the pitch.

I have to think about the tone of voice, vocalization, pitch, everything, and change it all, but then the charm of this song will die. The voice that suits this song is definitely a voice so clear that it is transparent.

Even if you sing it yourself, it will just be a dissonant sound that doesn’t suit you. Taeyoung Kim didn’t like that. I want this song to be perfect. And she wants to hear it.

I don’t want this song to be ruined because I know how great it is. Yes, Taeyoung Kim became a fan of this song after only hearing it once.

That makes me even more upset.

“Oh, really, I want to sing too! me too! I told you I would give it to you! “Why is it for women again?”

Taeyoung Kim lay down and started struggling with her arms and legs. He was so ugly that just looking at him made his eyes turn sour.

That bastard, what is he doing at that age? When Han Go-yo or Jin So-hyang do it, it’s cute. Why are you leaving out Suyeon? Su-yeon doesn’t do things like that!

“sing! “Sing me a song!”

Taeyoung Kim dug around on the practice room floor, not even caring about getting her school uniform dirty. Hajun Yoon sighed at that sight. Then he spoke to Taeyoung Kim.

“Okay, let’s work.”


Taeyoung Kim stopped struggling at Hajun Yoon’s words.

Then he stood up quickly and asked.


“huh. “Let’s do what we decided to do now.”

It just worked out well.

I already wanted to work on it.

“Something feels good right now.”

After feeling inspired, I feel like my mind has become clearer. Now, I feel like I can have fun no matter what I do. Of course, it will be painful once you start working in earnest.

“Shouldn’t you be working on this? And what are you going to do during the festival?”

“I don’t think there’s any need to do anything to this song.”

Should I really touch this song? It would be enough to follow this progression as is and enrich the melody with other instruments. That was Hajun Yoon’s idea.

Kim Tae-young also agreed with Yoon Ha-jun’s words.

“That’s right.”

Now this song is perfect.

It’s hard to believe that it’s at a sketch level.

That’s why I’m more greedy and curious.

This is the level of the sketch. How good will the finished version be? Above all, this song feels completely different from the songs Ha-Jun Yoon has made so far.

Indeed, how will Hajun Yoon complete this song?

Just thinking about that makes my heart flutter.

“Anyway, so I have time to work on one song.”

“If that’s the case.”

Taeyoung Kim nodded. Ha-Jun Yoon’s song that you’ve been looking forward to. You can receive it. But somehow, it’s not that exciting. And Taeyoung Kim knew very well the reason.

“So, let’s listen to your story.”

It’s because of that. Your own story. To receive a song, you have to say it. A story that I have never told anyone.

Of course, I thought I would tell Hajun Yoon someday, but I didn’t know if it would be today. Taeyoung Kim let out a short sigh and looked at his left wrist.

Even though it was summer, the season to wear summer clothes, Kim Tae-young was wearing a long winter dress shirt. These are clothes worn separately with permission from the school.

Taeyoung Kim, who was looking at it, started talking.

“How much do you know about me?”


“So, about pianist Taeyoung Kim.”

“······Well, gifted or something. A genius or something. “I heard that story.”

Taeyoung Kim laughed at Hajun Yoon’s words.

And then he nodded as if it was no big deal.


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“Please be different. He wasn’t just a gifted child or a genius, he was the ultimate king at my age. “It was to the point where kids would start writing when they participated in competitions with me.”

Taeyoung Kim said lightly. That doesn’t mean I’m bluffing. In fact, Taeyoung Kim was a very big guy in the piano industry.

Many people had expectations of him, and Kim Tae-young always lived up to those expectations. It’s not just domestic competitions. He also showed off his status by participating in world competitions.

At a young age, in the second year of middle school, he was recognized by the world’s leading pianists and was evaluated as playing the piano that heals people’s hearts.

Yes, it definitely would have been like that if I had just kept going.

“It was last spring. There was a very important competition. But my dad said he would take me to the airport. He is busy with his work. I was happy. It was the first time my dad took me there personally. But that’s when the accident happened.”

Taeyoung Kim rolled up her left sleeve. And at the same time, her large scar was revealed. A scar that makes you feel pain just by looking at it.

A scar that I have never shown to others until now. Kim Taeyoung, who was looking at the scar, carefully lowered his sleeve. Then he looked at Hajun Yoon.

Indeed, how will he react? Will he pity himself? Or is he worried? Or would he just tell himself to cheer up?


Hajun Yoon asked back. Hajun Yoon did not show any reaction. He just looked at Taeyoung Kim with his usual drowsy eyes.

Taeyoung Kim smiled at that sight. I feel grateful for that consideration. It would have been more difficult if she had expressed sympathy or concern.

“My left wrist and fingers were sore. However, I am still able to live a normal life thanks to the surgery.”

“So you can’t play the piano anymore?”

“Well, it is possible to use a light electronic keyboard, but it is difficult to use an upright piano. “A grand piano is definitely impossible.”

Pretend nothing is wrong, talk lightly. However, his expression was not like that. As he spoke, his expression gradually became distorted.

As if recalling a faint first love.

I was suffering.

“So I had to quit playing the piano. But this was okay when I first thought about quitting, right? To be honest, I was tired and it was hard. Let’s get some rest. Let’s take a break and think. That’s what I thought. But when I tried to quit, something got really scary.”

scary. Hajun Yoon seemed to know what that felt like. At the time, Kim Tae-young was in the third year of middle school. At most, she was only 16 years old, but during that time, Taeyoung Kim continued to play the piano.

The piano is like his life. But you have to stop doing that. Then what will be left for you must be scary.

In fact, that was one of the reasons why Ha-Jun Yoon could not quit music in his previous life. From his childhood, he gave up studying and only played music. But what will he have left if he quits music?

Also, what would you say to your mother and Suyeon who believed in you and supported you? That fear ultimately prevented her from quitting her music.

Hajun Yoon did not have the courage to give up.

And because of that, I faced the worst outcome.

However, Taeyoung Kim is different.

“What should I do? While I was wandering around, the teacher who taught me how to play the piano told me to try singing. I always liked singing, and my hobby was going to karaoke, so I thought I’d give it a try. “That’s why I came to Seolwon Arts High School.”

Hearing Taeyoung Kim’s words, Hajun Yoon let out a deep sigh. He is truly a great guy. Although he had no talent, he was unable to quit music due to his stubbornness and stubbornness, but Kim Tae-young quickly found another path even though his brilliant talent was diminished.

“Well, this is roughly my story.”

Taeyoung Kim said that and smiled awkwardly. As I said this, I felt a little relieved. However, she did not tell everything.

Hajun Yoon also knew that fact well. The guilt his father would have for having taken away his child’s future by causing his accident. The despair you feel at having that brilliant talent taken away.

Taeyoung Kim didn’t say those things. However, I could tell without having to say it. The subtle tremor felt on Kim Tae-young’s face, always smiling brightly, gives us an idea of ​​how hard it was for him.

“So, how did you become inspired?”

However, Kim Tae-young did not show that side in the end. She just acts like she always does, smiling brightly and speaking playfully. Hajun Yoon responded to that.

“I’m not particularly inspired, but I think of a song that suits you.”

“Oh, can I look forward to it?”

“Honestly, I can’t guarantee.”

“Eh? why not! “I even told you my story!”

“This is a song I made a while ago but gave up.”

Taeyoung Kim blinks at Hajun Yoon’s words. Hajun Yoon once felt something similar to inspiration. Like now, it’s not a complete inspiration that produces a song from beginning to end, but a fragment of inspiration that comes up with a line or two of melody.

And at that time, Hajun Yoon struggled to complete it. But he never finished it. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t create a song that could be performed with his vocal skills.

At that time, Ha-Jun Yoon created songs for himself to sing, not songs for others.

But what about Taeyoung Kim?

Wouldn’t it be possible to save that fragmentary melody?

And for some reason, I feel like I can make the song I couldn’t make back then. I feel that way.

“I’ll give it a try first.”

“Yes, I believe it.”


Hajun Yoon nodded at those trivial words.

§ § §

From that day on, my schedule was set. I create a song for Suyeon and think about instruments that will enrich the melody of the song that inspired me. And I make a song for Kim Taeyoung.

As if it was a lie that I was free until recently, I have become very busy again. But it’s not bad. After receiving inspiration, the work becomes very sophisticated.

In the past, you would prepare from 1 to 100 and carve it out, but now you can see the angle by just making it from 1 to 50. In fact, the amount of work has been reduced by half.

And while I was working, I headed to the central building to look at the paintings whenever I had time. The picture that inspired me. This is a painting called [Freedom] drawn by a person named [Seo-ah], a second-year art major.

“Is this picture that good?”

Today, as I headed to the central building to look at the paintings, Taeyoung Kim, who followed me, asked next to me. He nods honestly at the question.

“Something feels so intense.”

“Specifically? “I’m not sure.”

“okay? “I felt amazing.”

“He’s a strange guy.”

I don’t know what to say about this, but every time I see it, my head feels clearer. When I was very sleepy, I should say it felt like I was washing my face with very cold water.

“Then would you rather go see him in person?”

“I don’t think that’s necessary.”

I’m a fan of this picture. I’m not a fan of the person who drew this picture. No, to be honest, I don’t want to see any other paintings by this person.

What if I just watch it and am disappointed?

“So is the work going well?”

“so so.”

Nod your head. First of all, the most important work, Suyeon’s song work, is almost finished. The work referred to here does not mean sketch work, but arrangement work.

And the more I make that song, the more confident I become. Sooyeon can make this song perfect. And I am confident that I will reign as the main character of the festival.

“I’m sorry.”


That’s what I tell Taeyoung. What am I sorry about? I’m sorry for burying you while you were working with Blue Aka. Well, there’s nothing you can do about it. I understand? you also?

“Surely, you ruined my song?”

“That’s not it.”

Taeyoung Kim’s song has only just begun work. The core melody can be reworked quickly, but there is a lot of thought involved in preserving it.

“So what is the genre of my song?”

“Rock ballad.”


“Why don’t you like it?”

“It’s not like that, so why is it a rock ballad?”

“Because that’s what allows you to make the most of your singing style.”

Taeyoung Kim’s greatest strength is her refreshing voice. And rock ballad is a genre that can maximize Kim Tae-young’s strengths.

“Oh, wait a minute.”

At that time, the cell phone rang.

Who is it at this hour?

It’s probably not Han Go-yo, but is it Jin So-hyang?

“······It’s Suyeon.”

The person who contacted me was someone unexpected: Sooyeon. Why is Sooyeon at this time? I quickly touch the screen to check the message from Suyeon.

[Help me, brother!]


I blink at the very unexpected contact from Suyeon.

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