My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 41

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EP11 – turning point (1)


The work on 『Rough』 has finally been completed. I feel rewarded for being stuck in ROC Entertainment’s practice room all weekend while saving up on sleep.

Still, it ended sooner than expected. No, considering that this song has already been completed once, does it feel a bit late? Still, it came out with satisfactory quality.

“how is it?”

“·····If you make a song and don’t have anyone to give it to, you definitely come to me. “Okay?”

“This is my song, right?”

What is the reaction like this?

Although the work has been completed, there is still a long time left until the digital release of 『Rough』. This is because it will not be released as a digital single, but will be included in Hwayangyeonhwa’s next album.

“I’m going to get busy from now on.”

“Yes. “I probably won’t be able to go to school either.”

“What about festivals and events?”

“There is a high possibility that I will not be able to attend the festival, and I will have to go to the event. “If you don’t do that, you’ll be in big trouble.”

That’s right. The two things that must never be missed at Seolwon Arts High School are events and major exams. If you fail to do that, you are a celebrity, an idol, and a brat, and you are immediately out.

However, in other words, if you only participate in that part, you can skip everything else. I look at Jin So-hyang. It will be very difficult to meet Jin So-hyang when the next album is released.

In fact, in her previous life, Jin So-hyang only went to school 3 or 4 times after she started working on that album. She’s that big of a hit, so she can’t help it.

“Do you regret it?”

At that time, Jin So-hyang asked me. A face full of fun. I thought about that face for a moment and then honestly nodded.


“Still, I’m glad it’s a little disappointing. Don’t worry. “I’ll go when I have time.”

“okay. “Work hard.”


With that greeting, I leave ROC Entertainment. Even though I’ve been home in between, it feels like it’s been a very long time since I’ve been outside.

“I’m home.”

When I returned home, there was no one home. Her mother went to work, and Suyeon must have gone to vocal academy. Everyone is doing their job.

As I lay in bed, I think about what CEO Sooyoung Kwon said. What I’m saying is, don’t be impatient and pick up another hobby. Resting is also part of a professional’s role.

“It’s a hobby.”

I should seriously look into it. As CEO Kwon Soo-young said, is there some inspiration? Because you can feel something like that.

Of course, I have never received proper inspiration in my life.

§ § §

“Did you do a good job?”

Monday after the weekend. After finishing all the work on 『Rough』, I went to school for the first time in a long time. Although it’s been a long time, it’s only been 4 days.

“Yes, quite a bit.”

“I guess you were very satisfied with that?”


“It’s really rude of you to praise yourself.”

“is it?”

I don’t really know.

Aren’t I just average?

You’re usually more strict with yourself.

“More than that, what are you going to do with your club?”


“Oh, you don’t know because you didn’t go to school. “You have until next week to apply for the club.”


Seolwon Arts High School’s club activities are available starting from the second semester of the first year. It’s a club. Seolwon Arts High School’s clubs are divided into two groups.

A very tight club that meets 3-4 times a week to practice in order to participate in the festival. And it’s a strictly hobby-type club where people gather to do whatever they want, whether it’s a festival or something.

“First, let’s look for it.”

If I were to join a club, I think it would be the latter. There is already a ticket to participate in the festival, so there is no need to participate in club activities.

Above all, I don’t have the confidence to work hard in club activities. How busy are you right now that you even have to do club activities here? Better kill me.

“Then, do you want to go see the club after today?”

“You don’t even need to look at it. “There is also a booklet.”


A booklet for clubs to promote themselves. Where was it? Was it in front of the teacher’s office? I hurriedly head to the teacher’s office. And then I returned to the classroom with a promotional booklet for the club there.

“If you are going to participate in a club activity, what do you want to do?”

“First of all, is there anything else I can do as a hobby other than singing?”

Taeyoung responds to my words. What else is there if not related to singing? The first thing that comes to mind is [Photography Department] or [Film Department]. A photo or a movie. It’s not bad.

“Oh, there’s also an art department.”

“Pass that.”


“I don’t think the art department kids there would have taken over.”


Even if we, who are not familiar with art, tried to participate, we would only be laughed at. I keep looking for clubs, but I can’t find one I like. It’s like everything is there.

“Oh, I don’t know. “Let’s take our time thinking about the club and go get something to eat.”


After nodding, I stood up. Lunch is important. What will be for lunch today? As I headed to the cafeteria with a heart filled with anticipation, I saw paintings I had never seen before along the way.

“What is that?”

“Oh, that one. “It is an exhibition of paintings that received excellent grades in the art major exam.”

“You know that very well.”


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“The teacher told me something while you were away. And unlike you, I don’t sleep.”

So, those are all paintings from the art department. Hmm, art department. The art department at our school also knows quite a bit. Slow down a little and look at the pictures slowly.

Even to me, who knows nothing about paintings, the quality of the paintings on display was excellent. And the central exit of the school. There was a very large picture hanging there.

Unlike other paintings on display, this painting even had a luxurious frame. I stop walking after seeing it. After that, I looked at the picture blankly.

The picture drawn there is not something specific. A collection of colors whose form is unknown. Should I say it feels like that? Various colors are freely painted on a large canvas.

At first glance, the picture is really nothing. It may be too much of an analogy, but it almost feels like a child’s scribbles. However, I feel something in this picture.

Should I say that it gives me shivers? The more I look at the picture, the more goosebumps I feel. Should I say that something is stirring deep in my heart?

A thrill, or something else. I don’t know what to say about this because it’s my first time feeling it. I forgot to eat and kept looking at the picture.

I feel like the surroundings have become quiet. It’s quiet everywhere, as if only I and the picture exist in this hallway. And at the same time, something started to appear in my head.

A shiver runs down my spine. I once asked a friend what it feels like to be inspired. The friend said it varies from person to person, but usually a melody pops into her head.

It’s not a forced melody, but a melody that comes to mind as if it was original. When I first heard that story, I didn’t believe it.

Because I have never been inspired while making music. No, now that I think about it, it does exist.

Not a complete inspiration, but just fragments?

I’ve felt that twice.

However, the fragments remained fragments until the end.

I tried my best to complete the fragment, but it was too much for my skills. Therefore, I did not believe in inspiration and thought it was just the talent of geniuses.

But after seeing that picture, melodies kept coming to mind.

It’s not a melody I made.

It’s not a melody I’ve heard anywhere else.

Melodies I’ve never heard before. However, the melodies continue naturally like the original melodies.

It is different from the case of 『Recipient unknown』.

At that time, only fragments of melodies came to mind. Additionally, the melodies in 『Address Unknown』 were ones that I had previously thought about making but had given up on.

Cover your mouth with your hand. The melody that pops into my head gives me goosebumps. This is my first time doing something like this. It’s my first time so I don’t know what to do.

“Hey, hey. Hajun Yoon.”

Taeyoung Kim calls me from next to me. However, I don’t have time to answer. I don’t know what to do, but I know what to do.

I need to record the melodies I have in my head right now before they get erased.

“Sorry, you have to eat alone.”

After saying that to Taeyoung, I run to the practice room.


“What is it, him?”

Kim Tae-young, who was left alone, blinked and looked at the picture that Ha-jun Yoon had just seen. Hmm, to Taeyoung Kim, it was a picture that seemed incomprehensible.

A large canvas painted with various colors. Among them were palms, and there were marks that looked like they had been cut with a knife. No, is that the sole of your foot?

“The title is Freewheeling?”

I thought it was a title that suited the picture. Well, Taeyoung Kim, who was looking at the painting for a moment, shook her head. She has a feeling, but it’s not Kim Taeyoung’s taste.

However, Hajun Yoon seems to feel something. Among people who make music, there are quite a lot of people who are inspired by paintings. And in Taeyoung Kim’s opinion, Hajun Yoon seemed to have just been inspired by this painting.

Taeyoung Kim also has that experience, so it’s understandable.


“What’s so scary?”

When I was inspired, Hajun Yoon’s appearance was so eerie. He didn’t even seem to be conscious of it, but he was smiling something very twisted.

“Hey, let’s eat something.”

Taeyoung Kim scratched her head and headed to the cafeteria. Meanwhile, Ha-jun Yoon comes to mind. The more you look at Hajun Yoon, the more interesting he becomes.

Although he has great talent, he also has indescribably deep and dark emotions. What on earth happened to make me feel like that?

I feel a sense of kinship in those deep, dark emotions.

That’s why I like the songs he made.

Indeed, what kind of song will Hajun Youn make?

Expecting that, Taeyoung Kim headed to the cafeteria.

§ § §

The fingers move. Over and over again as if it wasn’t my finger. A melody comes to mind. It’s as if it’s not a song I made, but an existing song.


driving me crazy. I shouldn’t be like this, but I can’t stop moving my fingers. It’s different from the way I usually work. The way I usually work feels like sculpting a collection of melodies.

A method of creating too many things and then cutting them all out, leaving only the important ones.

However, now the method is to fill the content seamlessly from beginning to end.

So the way I work now is closer to coloring. This is the kind of work where the big picture is already drawn and all you have to do is fill in the necessary colors.

Is it okay to work like this? The song keeps coming out so much that I think, Lunch time is already over.

It’s time to go to class. I know that, but I just can’t stop her fingers. It’s because I’m afraid that if I stop now, I’ll lose all the melodies in my head.

By the time I pulled out all the melodies in my head and modified them as they came to mind, the class was over.

“I’m bored.”

How can you excuse this? Thinking about that, I sigh. Yet her face is smiling. I’m not smiling consciously.

A smile naturally appears on your face.

I use my hand to touch the corner of my mouth. Despite this, the smile did not disappear. Is it because of work? Working normally was very painful, but working now is very enjoyable.

So much so that I just want to keep doing this kind of work. I think I understand why geniuses struggle so hard to be inspired. Once you experience something like this, you can’t escape it.

“Is the work finished?”

While I was soaking in the lingering effects of the work I had just done, I heard Taeyoung Kim’s voice. When she arrived, Taeyoung Kim was sitting cross-legged on the floor of her practice room.

“When did you come?”

“just now.”

“What about class?”

“Jongrye, even the cleaning is finished.”

“······Didn’t the teachers say something?”

“I heard that he suddenly received a loan and went to make a song, but he understood. “Of course, once you’re done with that, come back to the teacher’s office right away.”


Isn’t this being recorded by my homeroom teacher too? Up until now, I’ve slept as much as I could. I’ve never missed class before, but I never thought I’d miss class like this.

“So are you satisfied with the work?”

“······Well, I guess so.”

Honestly, I’m still in a daze. I made it, but is this really the song I made? That’s all I can think of. Should I say that it doesn’t feel realistic?

“It’s like that when you get paid to work, right?”


“This isn’t the first time I’ve worked in exchange for money.”

“It’s my first time.”


I’ve felt strange things about inspiration twice, but this is the first time I’ve felt such perfect inspiration.


“Why am I yelling at you?”

In response to my answer, Taeyoung Kim looked at me as if she were looking at something strange. What, why, what. Is it so strange that you felt inspiration for the first time? He thinks about it and then sighs.

Well, it might seem strange to Taeyoung Kim.

Basically, in a one-eyed world, two-eyed people are monsters.

“·········Can I hear what you’ve been working on?”

“okay. “Because I want to listen to it properly.”

After nodding, play the recording device. Indeed, how did the work go so well? Was the feeling floating around in your head well expressed?

With a trembling heart, I carefully listen to the song coming from the recording device. Sweet piano melody. It’s definitely lacking compared to the melody I was playing in my head.

Now, we need to enrich the melody using virtual instruments. And I also added some sound effects. What else can you do?

I listen to music thinking about how I can make this melody line richer. Soon the melody ended. Although it is lacking compared to the melody I had in my head, it still expresses all the important things.

I asked Taeyoung Kim with a trembling voice.

“how is it?”

Taeyoung Kim slowly opens her mouth to my question.

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