My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 40

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EP10 – 『Rough』(5)


The full-fledged recording process for 『Rough』 has begun. The recording of 『Rough』 was conducted in the recording studio at ROC Entertainment, and despite the shabby exterior of the building, the recording equipment was very good.

“You do the producing and engineering yourself, right?”

“It’s always been like that until now.”

“Then you will do the work yourself as contracted, and now I will help you when you need it.”

Ha-jun Yoon nodded to Kwon Soo-young’s story that he would join in if the situation arises. It might have been an unpleasant story for other composers, but Ha-Jun Yoon didn’t mind.

In Kwon Soo-young’s opinion, he is just a freshman in high school. Just entrusting a song from the album to a student like that is something I am very thankful for.

And more than anything, Ha-jun Yoon himself was hoping that Soo-young Kwon would join in. Would you mind joining in and telling me something? Whatever you do, you have to get everything you can.

“Are you ready?”

Next to him, Jin So-hyang, who had to record today, asked with a very nervous expression. Jin So-hyang is now in a state of extreme tension. But it’s not as good as on stage.

Jin So-hyang has already worked on a recording with Yoon Ha-jun. Work for AR to be used on stage. That’s why I know. What a strict perfectionist he is.

‘······It’ll be over in a week, right?’

That’s why I didn’t even think about finishing it in one day. In the case of the AR used on stage, it took two days to complete the recording.

Also, because we had been recording all day and there was not enough time, Ha-jun Yoon had to compromise to some extent. However, what we are recording this time is not a one-time recording for the stage, but an official sound source that will be included in the album.

Considering his personality, he wouldn’t compromise. So he’s scared of that. Really, how far will he push himself? Still, since it’s in front of the agency’s boss, wouldn’t it be a little more gentle?


Hajun Yoon is not that kind of person. Knowing that, Jin So-hyang sighed. Ha-jun Yoon, whether he knew how Jin So-hyang felt or not, was busy preparing for her recording.

Turn on frequently used programs and touch equipment. And adjust it so that it is convenient for you to use. After that, I placed a bunch of energy drinks next to me. I also pile up a lot of candy that I don’t really like but have to eat.

Hajun Yoon said after completing all preparations.

“Then let me begin.”


Jin So-hyang nods, stands up and enters the recording booth. And Kwon Soo-young was watching without saying a word.

Indeed, how does he work?

Sohyang said she was very picky.

“Are you ready?”



Hajun Yoon, who contacted me through the microphone, hangs up. And the melody of 『Rough』 is played. Jin So-hyang closed her eyes while listening to the melody through the headphones she was wearing.

This is a song I sang hundreds or thousands of times while preparing for the stage.

I know exactly where and when to enter.

-I don’t know.


This feeling…

“wait for a sec.”

The song cuts out. And then I heard Hajun Yoon’s voice. Jin So-hyang opened her eyes at the sound of that voice and saw Ha-jun Yoon beyond the glass wall.

Ha-Jun Yoon was looking at So-Hyang Jin with sharp eyes, not languid ones. Seeing that, Jin So-hyang hiccuped without realizing it.

This is because every time he made a mistake in practice, he remembered Ha-Jun Yoon looking at him. Is this the PTSD? However, this does not mean that Ha-jun Yoon just puts pressure on people.

“When I first started, I was confused, not obsessed. know?”

[yes yes.]

“Where does obsession begin?”

[Starting from the part where the piano note jumps out.]

“That’s right, you know very well. “Then I’ll go again.”

After saying that, Hajun Yoon laughed.

It was a polite, boyish smile.


Kwon Soo-young, who was looking at that scene, briefly expressed admiration. It’s not something you just rush into. He knows how to appropriately lighten the mood and comfort people.

-I’m not a child.

I’m weird.

“I’ll go again. I’m not a child, so I liked this part, but the part about me being weird is a bit disappointing. With that feeling between confusion and obsession. know?”


-I love you, but it’s hard to express it.

“Wait, again. There is no need for that part to change so naturally. Anyway, the mood of the song changes when the piano plays, right? In addition, I plan to add other things during the mixing process. So, you can just rush ahead.”


Moreover, he is very strict. If there is anything even slightly odd, we mercilessly request re-recording. However, this does not mean unnecessary re-recording.

“Um, can you do that part again? Like yelling a little more. evil! And shout it out. Okay. like that. “Please record two versions, just in case.”

Additionally, explain in detail what you want.

‘There’s no need for me to do this?’

I seriously thought that way. I tried to go out if I had to, but I couldn’t find a place to go. No, if you step out for no reason, it can only ruin your style.

Realizing this, Kwon Soo-young continued to watch Yoon Ha-jun work. And the more time I watched, the more I began to desire him.

‘That’s scary enough.’

Now a freshman in high school. However, the way he shows it is so skilled that you can’t believe he is a first year high school student. What I like most of all is that the design of the song is very thorough.

At that age, most people believe in their own talent and plan songs roughly. I have to say that the plot is very sloppy because the song was written with an emphasis on the shining parts.

However, you don’t see anything like that in Ha-Jun Yoon’s songs. I don’t know where he got the design from, but it’s very solid from start to finish.

Plus, I like to record several versions just in case. If there is a better solution, they show a willingness to modify their design even if it means giving up on it.

‘This is so. ‘I’m so greedy.’

This is the first time I’ve ever felt so sad that my company had no money. If I had real money, I would have offered an exclusive contract right away.

“Let’s take a little rest.”


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Before I knew it, four hours had passed since I started recording. Still, it is very early days. Jin So-hyang came out of the recording booth exhausted and threw herself on the sofa.

“it’s hard.”

“You expected it.”

Hajun Yoon asks while drinking an energy drink. At that question, Jin So-hyang felt something moved. No, I had roughly expected it! It’s harder than expected!

Well, if you think about it, he’s always like that. When he first asked him to perform on stage, when he heard the arrangement of the song, and when he comforted him.

He always did more than expected.

“Can we keep working like this and finish it by tomorrow?”

“It’s impossible. “Wouldn’t it take about four days?”

Jin So-hyang was overcome with the urge to punch the man who spoke leisurely. Ah, really those lips. I think if I just hit it once, my insides will feel refreshed.

“There’s no need to rush. “Take your time.”

“What about school?”

“It’s okay because they decided to handle it through field training. And I’m not going to class anyway.”

“You’re proud of yourself.”

“It’s about selection and concentration.”

After saying that, Hajun Yoon drank all the remaining energy drink. Afterwards, he crumpled it up and threw it in the trash can and looked at Jin Sohyang.

“Let’s take a 10-minute break and start again right away.”


Jin So-hyang wanted to cry.

§ § §

Although he said he expected 4 days, Hajun Yoon really had no intention of recording for that entire time. The only part where Ha-Jun Yoon harshly demanded a retake from So-Hyang Jin was in the beginning.

As the obsession began in earnest, the number of retakes requested from Jin So-hyang decreased noticeably. After all, the time spent practicing doesn’t go anywhere.

“This is the end, right?”


So the second day, evening. Jin So-hyang was able to finish the recording. It was just as Hajun Yoon expected. The recording is over, but the work is not over. No, maybe this is the beginning.

Mixing and mastering must be done. This is a very important task for the song. No matter how good you are at recording, if the mixing and mastering are a mess, the entire song will be ruined.

“In this part, raise the piano melody a little more…”

Ha-jun Yoon, who remained in the studio with Soo-young Kwon, began to touch the song with a serious expression. Kwon Soo-young, looking at that scene, once again expresses admiration.

I felt it even when recording, but Hajun Yoon is very detailed. He tunes every single melody of the music. He shows no compromise with himself.

The more I look at it, the more greedy I become. Even if an exclusive contract is too much, wouldn’t it be possible to work on other songs? Well, I want to put some saliva on it, but how can I not do that?


Hajun Yoon, who was working on a song, sighs. Then he reached for the candy next to him and popped three or four into his mouth. At the same time, Hajun Yoon’s expression becomes distorted.

‘It’s dirty.’

Hajun Yoon hates sweets. However, there are times when he needs something sweet while working. So he prepares candy made from glucose and consumes it whenever he needs it.

Just when Ha-Jun Yoon, who had finished the glucose candy in an instant, was about to go back to work, Soo-Young Kwon spoke to Ha-Jun Yoon.

“Mr. Hajun.”


“Let’s take a break for a while. Then I collapse.”


“I’m also cutting back on energy drinks.”

Hearing Kwon Soo-young’s words, Yoon Ha-jun looked around. Energy drinks that I drank while working for two days are lying around. Did I drink this much of this?

“I guess so.”

“There is no need to be too hasty.”

Kwon Soo-young accurately understood Yoon Ha-jun’s condition. Ha-Jun Yoon was working as if he was being chased, wondering why he was so impatient. During these two days, Hajun Yoon continued to be in the studio.

Instead of going home, I used the company restroom to wash up, and even took a nap sitting in a chair. When he returned to work, he was surprised to see himself in his studio.

“How much did you sleep last night?”

“Well, about three hours.”

“And then I collapse.”

“are you okay. I usually sleep like this. But these days, I sleep at least 5 hours.”

“What on earth are you doing when you’re not sleeping?”

“Working on a song.”

“oh my god.”

Kwon Soo-young looked shocked. That’s a schedule that only a popular celebrity could do. No, he still sleeps at motels whenever he travels or takes a break.

Hajun Yoon doesn’t even see that side of him.

“Why are you so impatient?”

I don’t understand at all. I developed such skills at that age. If he were Hajun Yoon, he would have been overconfident and played around.

However, it was difficult to find that kind of appearance in Hajun Yoon. No, I felt it while watching him work, and instead of being conceited, he was constantly deprecating himself.

While I was working on a song, I looked at myself and asked this question more than once. At first, I thought I was anxious because it was my first time working on a full-fledged music album, but I wasn’t.

He doesn’t believe in his own abilities. The reason he listens to the completed part dozens or hundreds of times is not because he is a perfectionist, but because he does not believe in himself.

“It was the only way to catch up with those around us.”

There are only geniuses around Hajun Yoon. Han Go-yo is said to have the greatest talent among all Seolwon Arts High School students, and Kim Tae-young will later become a world star.

And Jin So-hyang eventually becomes a top idol. Moreover, for some reason, Kang Seong-hoon, who will become a hugely popular composer in the future, is self-conscious.

Above all, his younger sister, Yoon Soo-yeon. This time, I was confident when I registered for Lee Ji-yoon’s academy. Suyeon Yoon has a talent that surpasses Goyo Han. In order to support her younger brother like that, she has to work harder.

Of course, you’re ahead of yourself right now. And that too for a while. But that was only because he had regressed. Thanks to the 12 years that others do not have, he is able to be a genius among geniuses.

However, this genius cosplay does not last long. They will move forward quickly, exploding their talents. And one day, things will turn around.

That is a set procedure. Because the difference in talent cannot be bridged. Then, if possible, I would like to extend that time. I want to work with them a little more. I want to remain the person they need for as long as possible.

This was Yoon Ha-jun’s honest feelings.

A story I couldn’t tell anyone.

Constantly tell yourself it’s okay, you’re doing great. The reason why I say that. The reason why I work without sleeping. It’s all because of them.

“If you push yourself like that, you’ll only break. “It may be okay for now, but it won’t last long.”

Kwon Soo-young was worried about Yoon Ha-jun with a pitiful expression. I’m not just saying this to impress him. Kwon Soo-young was truly worried about Yoon Ha-jun.

I don’t want that brilliant talent to be crushed by itself and disappear. This was Kwon Soo-young’s honest feelings. Hajun Yoon thought about those words for a moment and then sighed.

“That’s not working.”

“Is there anything I can do after this job is over?”

“There is nothing in particular.”

All that’s left is to work on Suyeon’s song and Kim Taeyoung’s song to be used at the Winter Festival, but there’s still room for that. In particular, for the song Sooyeon will sing, more than half of the work has already been completed.

“Then how about taking a short break? Of course, I have to go to school, so I can’t go anywhere, but I can still hang out with my friends.”

“······I’ll try my best.”

Hajun Yoon answered.

But, he knew.

He answered like this, but realized that he would never be able to do that.

And Kwon Soo-young also realized that. Hajun Yoon is not the type of person to be heard saying things like that. Kwon Soo-young, who thought for a moment about what to say, realized something and spoke to Yoon Ha-jun.

“If that’s hard, why not pick up another hobby? Watching a movie or going to an exhibition. Something like that. If you do that, you can get new inspiration and refresh the mood.”

All you have to do is use work as an excuse to pursue another hobby or something like that. As expected, Yoon Ha-jun had a serious expression on his face when he heard Kwon Soo-young’s words, unlike before.

An exhibition or a movie. Well, there were some composers who worked while looking at that kind of thing. I don’t have time to pick up a new hobby, but wouldn’t it be okay to go see exhibitions alone on the weekend?

“I’ll give it a try.”

The answer came back much more positive than before.

In response, Kwon Soo-young let out a sigh of relief.

“Thank you for your concern.”

“I want to listen to the songs Ha Jun made for a long time.”

“I want to do that too.”

Hajun Yoon answered sincerely.

That was something Hajun Yoon himself wanted more earnestly than anyone else.

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