My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 39

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EP10 – 『Rough』(4)


Suyeon’s academy registration is completed. Her mom gave her the card, but I did her billing. Money should be spent in times like this. When will I use it? The money I received from Jin So-hyang still remains.

“When is the best time for Sooyeon’s class?”

“I think the weekend would be good.”

“okay. “Then is it okay to do it on Saturday and Sunday?”

Su-yeon looks at me after hearing Ji-yoon Lee’s words. If you start taking classes like that, you might be worried because you won’t be able to work at Howl Studio like you do every weekend.

Nod your head as if it’s okay. Anyway, it is much better to learn from Lee Ji-yoon than to meet every day at home and learn from me.

And the song I’m currently working on is now on track to the point where I can work on my own.

“So Sooyeon, do you want to become a singer?”


“Your immediate goal is to become a trainee?”

“no. First of all, my immediate goal is to enter Seolwon Arts High School.”

Jiyoon Lee nods her head as if she can do that when she hears that it is Seolwon Arts High School. I’m more concerned about Jiyoon Lee’s words than that. Because I’m a trainee. Well, Suyeon also has to live as a trainee to make her debut.

However, it would be a bit difficult to send it to a company now. If Suyeon starts training now, there is a strong possibility that she will eventually become an idol, but Suyeon doesn’t want that.

It would be much better to take the song to the company and have them debut as a singer right away without having to spend time as a trainee. Well, now that I think about it, she was so busy thinking about the snowy weather forecast that she didn’t think about the company.

Which company would suit Sooyeon? The first thing that comes to mind are Korea’s leading large entertainment companies. However, just because a large agency is not necessarily good.

The larger the agency, the more intense the push. However, this does not mean that we are pushing all of our singers. It’s about pushing the idol group that’s preparing as the main force.

Other than that, our singers tend to pay relatively less attention. If that happens, their debut may be delayed significantly. Above all, you may have to sing a different song than the one you want.

So, I need to go to a company that respects singers as much as possible. A few good companies come to mind in that regard. And among them, there was a company that I was indebted to.

“It’s snowy weather. Come to think of it, your brother is a student at Seolwon Arts High School, right?”

While I was thinking about the company, Jiyoon Lee spoke to me. I nod my head at those words. Then Jiyoon Lee looked worried for a moment and then asked.

“Is it the same as Sohyang’s friend?”


“Then, do you know a kid named Han Go-yo?”

I blink at the name that appears somewhat unexpectedly. Why does Hangoyo appear here? Does Lee Ji-yoon know Han Go-yo? Su-yeon flinches as she thinks about that.

It seems that they reacted to the name Hangoyo.

I guess that stage was shocking.

I can sense that Su-yeon is openly conscious of Han Go-yo. It’s not a bad reaction. Just being conscious is bad, but being conscious and making efforts based on that awareness is a very desirable phenomenon.

“Do you know Han Goyo?”

“Once upon a time, I taught silence.”

“That person is here too…”

Suyeon is muttering next to me. Hmm, Han Go-yo learned singing from Ji-yoon Lee. This is my first time hearing this news. Well, no matter how monstrous a talent you have, if you don’t build up the basics, that talent is useless.

And the basics of Hangoyo are very solid. It doesn’t make sense to teach yourself such basic skills, so it makes sense to have a teacher as well.

But who would have thought that teacher was Lee Ji-yoon?

“I was wondering if you knew since we are at the same school.”

“Yes, I know.”

“······How are you doing?”


If that’s the case, you’re probably doing well, right? First of all, I’m doing well in school and we’re in touch now and then. Of course, Hangoyo is so grave that it is difficult to understand.

“thank god. “I see you’re doing well.”

Jiyoon Lee breathes a sigh of relief.

Then he took out some candy, ate it, and continued.

“I heard that you entered Seolwon Arts High School, but I lost contact with you there. “Because Goyo is the type of person who doesn’t communicate well.”

Well, not really.

If you contact me 3-4 times a week, that’s a lot.

“If you ever meet Goyo, can you tell me my story?”

“Yes, that’s about it. “What can I say?”

“I just want to see you.”


I nodded.

§ § §

Before we knew it, vacation was over. Su-yeon completed her registration at Ji-yoon Lee’s academy and decided to attend the academy every weekend. And me? Same as usual, well.

Suyeon creates a song to sing at the festival and works on 『Address unknown』. And she prepares to record 『Rough』. It’s definitely busy, but it was so busy before that that it feels somewhat leisurely.

Thanks to that, I was able to sleep for 5 hours unlike usual.

“Are you not sleeping today?”

The first day of school after the second semester begins.

Kim Tae-young, whom I met after a long time, asks that question.

“I’m sleeping pretty well these days.”

“That’s a good thing.”

Taeyoung Kim said that and yawned loudly. After looking at it, I ask Taeyoung Kim.

“Do you look sleepy?”

“It’s been so hard these days that I can’t sleep. “I’m really going crazy.”


“Why, why? It’s because of the Blue Aka work. My senior is gnashing his teeth and pushing me to tell me that I will complete the song I am currently working on and upload it by the festival, but I am so scared that I will die. Uh, with that big guy and that scary face putting pressure on me, it’s hard to breathe?”

Kim Tae-young complained, as if it had been quite difficult. Last time I met Sileum at a concert, he was like that and it looks like he’s being really tough.

“Ah, this wasn’t the school life I was after.”

“What kind of school life were you pursuing?”


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“Would you like to make a girlfriend, sing sweet love songs to her, and eat delicious food?”

“······Cheer up.”

First of all, I have to start by creating that girlfriend.

“So it’s my turn now, right?”


“I mean the song. Oh, are you really like that? I gave you my ticket to participate in the festival, but every time I contact you to ask for a song, you send me a lie? A human shouldn’t do that, you bastard!”

“That’s because I was busy too. And if I make a song for you now, can you sing it? At the festival, I was told that I would be chosen as Blue Aka’s vocalist. “That’s an invitation stage, right?”


Invitation stage. It refers to the festival stage on which graduates of Seolwon Arts High School perform. Perhaps Won Seong-min was invited to the stage. And I plan to have Taeyoung Kim as a vocalist on that stage.

“It’s hard right now. However, it is possible during the Winter Festival.”


Winter Festival. This is an event held during the second semester. Unlike the event held in the first semester, the second semester event is jointly hosted by first and second year students.

Of course, the schedule also increases.

A whopping 3 days and 2 nights.

“Can I receive the song then?”

“It has to exist.”

“My time has finally come!”

I cluck my tongue at Taeyoung Kim’s fuss.

“It’s not for sure, so don’t make such a fuss.”

“What, dude?”

“Is the song coming out that quickly? “If it’s a song for you, I have to make it from scratch, but I really don’t know how long it will take.”


At my words, Taeyoung Kim nodded as if he also agreed.

“That can’t be helped. But if it’s a song for me, what kind of song will you make?”

“I need to hear your story about that.”


“Because the song you can sing best is your story.”

Taeyoung looked somewhat embarrassed at my words. An expression on her face that said she wasn’t expecting it. I laugh at that expression.

“If you don’t want to do it, don’t do it.”

“······no. huh. “I thought it was something I had to tell you someday.”

I think I know what you’re talking about. It’s probably about Taeyoung Kim’s story of quitting playing the piano. I spoke leisurely without urging.

“Speak when you want to speak.”

“huh. okay.”

The conversation is over. Taeyoung Kim was thinking about something with a very serious expression. Ah, it’s nice to be a little quieter. After that, classes were the same as usual.

I still plan to take major classes from teacher Ha Hyo-ju. I can change if I want to, but the person who suits me best is Teacher Ha Hyo-joo.

He is good at giving information and has a lot of knowledge. If you think about it, it’s strange. I’ve never heard of a composer named Ha Hyo-joo. Could such an unknown composer be a teacher at Seolwon Arts High School?

Well, my skills are certain.

Unlike the first semester, the second semester has major classes twice a week. There are also festivals, events, and even major exams. As a result, it is quite difficult to rent a practice room.

Of course, only others. I received a scholarship for an excellent student. Renting a practice room is a free pass. Oh, if you ask me, you can get a scholarship for an excellent student.

“It’s still a flashy name.”

After class, lunch time. Taeyoung Kim mutters in the cafeteria after a long time. Today’s lunch is jealousy toward the sky and the warmth of the earth.

What is this? Buffalo wings and vegetable salad. It’s really amazing to think of a name like this. How can a food be named after middle ear disease?

Still, the food is delicious.

“Oh, right. Did you hear about Kang Seong-hoon?”

“What story?”

“He missed all classes this week.”


“Uh, I heard you’re going on a field trip or something like that. What was it? “I said I would be training in earnest.”

“How do you know all that?”

“I’m in contact with Kang Seong-hoon.”

Oh, by the way, did you say that you will meet Kang Sung-hoon’s younger brother at the Sileumgwa concert? A combination of Kang Seong-hoon and Kim Tae-young. Something is interesting.

“I didn’t know you were close with Kang Seong-hoon.”

“You have skills. “If that’s the case, it will do well when it debuts, so there’s no harm in knowing in advance.”

I’m a snob too, but this kid is no less a snob.

“Oh, right. “I will also miss class tomorrow and the day after.”

“huh? why? Are you going to get sick?”

“What bullshit. “I decided to work on it.”

“If you miss school, you won’t get much penalty points, right?”

“are you okay. “I’m also on a field trip.”

Kim Taeyoung wrinkled her face as she understood what I meant.

“Are you debuting?”

“Well, what can a composer call his debut? “We just work together.”

“Who are you working with?”

“Jin Sohyang. 『Rough』 performed at that performance and concert. He said he liked it and asked us to work together. Oh, don’t tell anyone about this.”

“I have no one to talk to. Umm, it’s Jin So-hyang. Well, if it’s 『Rough』, it’s worth it. I was really surprised when I saw that performance. “I never thought Jin So-hyang would perform on a stage like that.”

“Because I practiced hard.”

“I could see roughly how much I had practiced. Well, the most surprising thing was Hango.”

Taeyoung Kim sighed as she said that. Taeyoung Kim is also majoring in vocals. Plus, we’re all in the same first year. When she sees a stage like that, she can’t help but be conscious of it, even if she doesn’t like it.

No, it’s not just Kim Tae-young. All Sileum and students who saw that performance must have been conscious of Han Goyo. In fact, I felt a strange sense of tension on the faces of the kids majoring in vocals.

“Oh, I really should ask her later.”


“How do you sing so well?”


“I’m just calling you.”

Goyo Han answered Taeyoung Kim’s question. At those words, Taeyoung Kim made a shocked expression. Well, even if you were me, you would be shocked. When I asked her what she was thinking when she sang, she replied that she just sang.

“The world is unfair.”

“It’s always like that.”

To make Kim Tae-young, a future world star, resent his own talent. Awesome, Hangoyo! Despite putting on such a great performance, Han Goyo was no different from usual.

He still had an indifferent expression and said nothing. However, somehow the distance between me and myself narrowed. No, not psychological distance, but physical distance.

So Han Goyo is next to me now.

Normally, it would be somewhere a little further away.

“Why are you here?”


“That’s not true.”

“Then that’s enough.”

No, it worked.

Hey, that’s it.

How can I understand this alien species? I’m more curious than that at this point. Why does Hangoyo disappear in the future? Is there really any story?

If you want to debut, you should be able to do it right away. Now, several management companies are targeting Han Goyo. I can’t count on both hands just the number of love calls Hangoyo received on her way to school today.

Oh, come to think of it, Lee Ji-yoon asked Han Go-yo to talk to her.

“Oh, right. Do you know someone named Lee Ji-yoon?”


“I want that person to tell me a story.”


“I just want to see you.”

There is no answer from Han Go-yo. I just nod my head. Other than that, I didn’t ask anything. How did I know Lee Ji-yoon? He seemed not interested in such things.

This guy is truly unknown.

Other than that, it’s the same as usual. Goyo Han was just quietly reading a book next to me, and Taeyoung Kim was practicing singing, saying she couldn’t lose to Goyo Han.

And I played it on the guitar, thinking about the song I had written with Suyeon. Every time that happens, Han Go-yo and Kim Tae-young’s eyes light up, and it’s very burdensome.

Should I say that it looks like a cat aiming for Churu?

Hwii, hwii.

It’s not yours.

That’s how the day ends.

And the next day.

I headed to ROC Entertainment to work on 『Rough』.

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