My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 38

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EP10 – 『Rough』(3)


When I came to my senses, there was only one week left until school started. No, isn’t this vacation too short? At least give it 2 months like university!

Still, I feel proud of what I accomplished during the vacation. I performed on stage with Jin So-hyang, and work on the song I will sing with Soo-yeon is progressing slowly but surely.

And the scholarship details arrived along with the tuition bill. Her mom was delighted with her big smile that she had received a scholarship, even though it was half-pay.

But that wasn’t the end of the gift for mom. I gave her mother her contract with ROC Entertainment. The mother who received it asked me with a puzzled expression.

“What is this?”

“A contract.”

“No, I know that… “What company do you work for?”

“That’s not it.”

Briefly explain the contract. After hearing my explanation, my mother was surprised but also happy. Something about her made her heart swell at the sight.

“My son is Janghan, really.”

In my past life, I always disappointed my mother. Despite this, her mother lived only for me. It is only now that I have to repay that.

“I will work hard.”

But there is still a long way to go. There are still many things left to return to her mother. She said with a smile, as if her mother was proud of her.

“My son is doing well.”

My mom believes in me.

I make a fist at that belief.

My mom always gave me faith.


Yes, I am doing well.

You just have to keep doing it like this.

That’s what I said to myself.


Since Ha-Jun Yoon was still a minor, the contract was decided to be handled by Ha-Jun Yoon’s guardian, that is, Ha-Jun Yoon’s mother. For that, Ha-jun Yoon had to explain to his mother several times that this was a very good condition.

However, it was decided to receive the money into Yoon Ha-jun’s bank account. Ha-Jun Yoon told her mother to take it from her, but she insisted on taking Ha-Jun Yoon’s bank account, saying that a mother should manage the money she earned on her own.

Well, I don’t really have any use for the money, so it’s probably okay.

Let’s just save it and use it when needed.

After making that decision, Ha-jun Yoon spent the remaining vacation period composing Su-yeon’s work. And when there were three days left before vacation, Ha-Jun Yoon went out to meet So-Hyang Jin.

It was to get the promised meal.

“What about your younger brother?”

“I heard school starts soon and I have to do my homework.”

Saying that, Hajun Yoon drank water. I never would have thought that Soo-yeon would refuse to have a meal with Jin So-hyang. Well, I can’t help it because it’s homework.

“But is this place okay?”

“Sure! I can pay this much. And this place was recommended by my sisters, and they say it’s really delicious.”

The place Jin So-hyang brought Yoon Ha-jun was a luxurious Japanese restaurant with rooms. Probably because it was a room, it was very quiet.

Jin So-hyang orders food and drinks water. For some reason, I keep getting nervous. Am I not feeling strange today? I lower my head and look at the clothes.

The luxurious clothes you are wearing right now are not your clothes. These are clothes that members who heard that they were going to eat with Ha-jun Yoon voluntarily lent them without even asking for them.

Is that it? The sisters did everything from makeup to coordination. And he even cheered me on with a happy smile.

‘It’s not like that.’

No, I really just came here to eat. Really. I didn’t think anything of it, but I was worried because my sisters said that.

Now that I think about it, this is my first time meeting you dressed up like this. Except for Silum and concert stages, I always wear comfortable training clothes.

“When can I start working on 『Rough』?”

“yes? Oh, I guess we can probably start next week.”

Jin So-hyang hurriedly responded to Yoon Ha-jun’s sudden words. Afterwards, Jin So-hyang and Yoon Ha-jun talked about 『Rough』. Hmm, it’s fun, but it’s a bit different than I thought. Well, as long as it’s fun, that’s fine.

Soon the food started coming out. I’m sure it’s because it was a restaurant recommended by the members. The food was very delicious. In particular, the raw fish that was well aged and overflowing with flavor was very memorable.

While I was eating my food with satisfaction, I looked at Hajun Yoon. Every time Hajun Yoon ate food, he exclaimed in admiration. The drowsy eyes turn big and let out an exclamation.

“Mmm! “This is really delicious.”

That person looks like that too.

I always thought you were mature.

Now that I think about it, the smile she showed in the waiting room was very pretty. Thinking of that time, her face suddenly became hot. Thinking about it now, she feels very embarrassed.

It was my first time looking at a man from such a close distance. Long eyelashes, dimples when smiling, and a friendly voice. Once I think about that moment, the memories of that time keep coming back to me.


Jin So-hyang shook her head, making an odd noise as the memories of that day disturbed her head. At that sight, Hajun Yoon blinked while holding chopsticks in his mouth.

‘Did you eat a lot of wasabi?’

Then you can do that. Thinking like that, Hajun Yoon concentrated on eating again. Hajun Yoon was quite sincere about delicious food.


After a satisfying meal, the two even ate the ice cream for dessert. I ate so much that it was difficult to even move.

“This is the vocal trainer you asked for.”

“Oh, did you look for it?”


After saying that, Jin So-hyang took out her cell phone and showed a photo of the teacher she recognized in advance. The photo of her that Jin So-hyang showed her was someone who Ha-jun Yoon was also very familiar with.

“Oh, you’re Lee Ji-yoon?”

“Do you know?”

“He’s a famous person.”

Jiyoon Lee. A singer from a girl group who made her debut more than 16 years ago. She is the main vocalist of the hugely popular group Lulla Bye, and since their disbandment, she has been pursuing solo activities and musicals.

“He’s my teacher and he’s a really good person.”



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This is Lee Ji-yoon. Jiyoon Lee. I’m sure you can trust Lee Ji-yoon. It’s not just because of her name value. In the future, Lee Ji-yoon will completely retire from her entertainment industry and she will work as a very famous vocal trainer.

“Shall I introduce you?”


“Then I will contact you and send you the address.”

“thank you.”

“Thank you. “I am more grateful.”

I meant it. Thanks to Ha-jun Yoon, So-hyang Jin learned the charm of the stage. If it weren’t for him, he wouldn’t have known that charm for the rest of his life.

“Please take good care of me while recording 『Rough』.”

“Well, it won’t be easy.”

“I am prepared.”

Jin So-hyang clenched her fists tightly.

§ § §

“Are you here?”


The day after I was introduced to Jin So-hyang. Soo-yeon and I headed to the academy run by Lee Ji-yoon. The academy run by Lee Ji-yoon was not that big.

Jin So-hyang said that she does not accept anyone, but only accepts and runs people she likes. However, this does not mean that the studio is shabby or lacks facilities.

No, rather, the facilities themselves were the best of any academy I’ve ever seen. After entering the academy and waiting for a while, Lee Ji-yoon came out of the room.

“hi. “You’re Ha-jun Yoon and Soo-yeon Yoon, right?”

“Ah yes. hello.”


Lee Ji-yoon nodded roughly and looked at Soo-yeon. Su-yeon gets very nervous at that gaze. Lee Ji-yoon, who had been looking at Sooyeon and me for a while, then smiled and said.

“are you okay. Take it easy. So who wants to go to the academy? “My brother’s side?”


Suyeon nodded. Still, it looks like he’s calmed down, seeing as his voice isn’t trembling. Jiyoon Lee thought for a moment and then pointed to a room that appeared to be her practice room.

“Then would you like to sing a song?”

“In that room?”

“Yeah, why do you hate it?”

“No, it’s okay.”

“Oh, and what about your brother? Do you want to stay together? Or do you want to wait outside?”

What should I do? While I was thinking about it, Suyeon cracked her hand as if asking me to come with her. It seems like a burden to sing alone in front of strangers.

“I’ll stay with you.”

“Yes, it’s rare for siblings to get along so well.”

“Because my younger brother is good.”

After answering that, I go into the room with Suyeon. The practice room wasn’t that big, but it was clean and had everything you needed.

“Can I just sing right away?”

“huh. MR, if you need it, let me know.”

“Is it okay to sing any song?”

“are you okay.”

Su-yeon thinks for a moment about Ji-yoon Lee’s words.

Then he came to me and asked me a favor.

“Oppa, do you have any ‘Actually’ music?”

“Yes. Are you going to sing that?”

Suyeon nods her head. “in fact”. This is the second song that Sooyeon and I made. I asked Jiyoon Lee to connect the USB stick I always carry with me to my computer.

Of course, you can use a cloud site, but I feel reluctant to log in from a place like this. After finding the MR of 『Actually』 in the USB, I play it right away.

When the sound source for 『Actually』 came out, Suyeon let out a loud breath. At the same time, straighten your back. Suyeon’s mood changed.


After the day I saw Han Go-yo in action at the Sileumgwa concert. Suyeon Yoon couldn’t sleep properly. This is because she keeps seeing Goyo Han singing on stage.

An uninvited guest entered his precious clothing store. However, what the uninvited guest showed was more than what Sooyeon Yoon had dreamed of.

I was upset about that. I don’t like it, but I admire it. She wants to sing like him. How can I sing like that?

From that day on, Suyeon Yoon only thought about that. But even though she thought about it on her own, she couldn’t come up with an answer. That’s why she decided to attend a vocal training academy.

I want to sing like that person. I want to sing the song my brother wrote better than him. That’s why Sooyeon Yoon decided to go to the academy.

A melody flows out. “in fact”. The second song her brother made for her. And it is the first song she wrote lyrics for, and at the same time, it is Suyeon Yoon’s favorite song.

Suyeon Yoon matched the beat by tapping her thighs with her fingers. Then she carefully closed her eyes. How would that person sing this song?

Yun Su-yeon, who was thinking about that, slowly opens her mouth.

-in fact.

The moment Yoon Soo-yeon started singing, Yoon Ha-jun, who was crossing his arms, looked surprised. Hajun Yoon is not the only one. Lee Ji-yoon also looked at Yoon Soo-yeon with a very surprised expression.

-I have something I want to say.

in fact.

‘What is it, boy?’

I got goosebumps. Just 16 years old. Ji-yoon Lee looks fascinated by the song sung by a child who has never learned how to sing properly.

Sooyeon Yoon’s unique voice like dawn.

That voice stimulates emotions.

Lee Ji-yoon was not the only one who was surprised. Hajun Yoon also looked surprised. Not long ago, when she was working on 『The Reason I Left You』, Suyeon’s skills were not at that level.

Is it possible for a person to grow this much in just one month? What happened? Whether or not she knows the feelings of Ha-jun Yoon and Ji-yoon Lee, Soo-yeon Yoon focuses on singing her song.

-I am there.

in fact.

There is only one person on Yoon Su-yeon’s head right now. There is only silence. How would that person sing this song? All she could think about was singing.

-It’s a nice day today.

Just casually.

Maybe it’s him.

Shouldn’t this song be sung like this?

Su-yeon Yoon reminds me of Han Go-yo’s performance at the Sileumgwa concert. She sang that person’s song that shook a person’s entire emotions.

And follow it. Of course, compared to Hangoyo, it is still at a clumsy level. His voice is very lacking, and his technique is still clumsy. Needless to say, the basics are great.

However, the two things ‘tone’ and ‘appeal’ are not inferior to those of Hangoyo. And right now, Soo-yeon Yoon was impressing Ji-yoon Lee and Ha-jun Yoon with just those two things.

‘It’s a real monster.’

I knew that Suyeon was talented. He chose the path of a composer because he knew its excellence. Still, I didn’t know it was that bad.

Suyeon has never learned singing in earnest. It has only been a few months since she started singing properly. However, it is already at that level.

What if Sooyeon learns to sing in earnest?

‘I think I might be able to surpass Han Go-yo.’

It’s not a joke, it’s serious. Suyeon had enough potential to overcome that silence. Hajun Yoon, who was thinking about that, let out a deep sigh.

I was jealous of Suyeon. Obviously, they are siblings, but how could they be so different? Somehow, I felt sad. However, Hajun Yoon did not express it.

Being jealous of Soo-yeon here and now is truly unconscionable. Because he was the one who cruelly trampled on that brilliant talent.

Soon, Suyeon Yoon’s song ended. Su-yeon Yoon looks around her with a nervous expression. Ha-jun Yoon had a serious expression, and Ji-yoon Lee had an unknown expression.

‘What did I do wrong?’

Yoon Soo-yeon was shocked and scared by the two’s reactions. Yun Soo-yeon’s expression changes to her crying expression. At that time, Lee Ji-yoon approached Yoon Soo-yeon with long strides. And then he grabbed Yoon Soo-yeon’s shoulder tightly.

“Sooyeon, you said you’ve never properly learned to sing before, right?”

“Ah yes.”

“Okay. “That’s right.”

Ji-yoon Lee asked Ha-jun Yoon with his hand on Su-yeon Yoon’s shoulder.

“When can Suyeon start taking classes?”

When did you become our Suyeon just because you saw each other? Hearing Ji-yoon Lee’s words, Ha-jun Yoon chuckled and stood up. Then he looked at Suyeon and said.

“Ask Suyeon, not me.”

“Yes, Suyeon. When can this be done?”

“Well, you can start tomorrow! And since school starts soon, weekdays are difficult. “I think it will be possible on the weekend.”

“Oh, yes. That’s right. “Then shall I register right away?”

It seemed that Lee Ji-yoon liked Yoon Soo-yeon.

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