My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 37

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EP10 – 『Rough』(2)


“Vocal training academy?”


He looks embarrassed at Su-yeon’s sudden story. No, why are you suddenly taking a vocal training academy? I’m not saying the academy is bad, but I’m a little embarrassed.

“Why all of a sudden?”

“There’s that person named Han Go-yo.”


“Because I want to stand on that stage.”


It makes sense at once. It seems that Suyeon was stimulated by watching Hangoyo’s performance yesterday. Well, it was a stage where you couldn’t help but be stimulated.

“Where are you going to go to school?”

“Well, I don’t know about that.”

“Would you like to recommend it?”

“The academy you used to go to?”


I shake my head. It’s not that the academy is bad, but it’s not enough to teach Suyeon. Suyeon has never received professional vocal training yet.

I’ll tell you a little bit, but it’s just a theory. In other words, Sooyeon is currently in a state of pure white drawing paper. That is why the first teacher is very important.

In particular, you must be careful not to develop strange habits. Once a strange habit develops, it is very difficult to change it. I need to think about those things and find a teacher…

“My brother will take care of it.”



Su-yeon’s future is at stake, and we can’t leave it to just any teacher. I plan to send all my connections to the best teacher in Dongwon.

My network of contacts is not that wide, but they are all very influential people. As for money, I received it from Jin So-hyang, and I have work to do this time, so it will be okay.


Suyeon is calling me.

I look at Suyeon at the sound of that voice.

Suyeon had a rare serious expression on her face.

“I will work hard.”


The younger brother realizes his own shortcomings and tries to do something. So, as an older brother, shouldn’t you trust and support your younger sibling?

§ § §

“It’s smaller than I thought…?”

This was my first impression of ROC Entertainment’s building. ROC Entertainment’s building was a very shabby three-story building.

When you look at it, you think this place is really an entertainment building? It’s so shabby that it makes you think. After contemplating for a moment whether I should go in, I send a call to Jin So-hyang.

As soon as I send a short message saying, “I’ve arrived,”

[I’m going down!]

A reply has arrived.

No, he’s an idol, so why does he answer like this? Among the people I contact, Jin Sohyang is the one who responds the fastest.

Suyeon is like me and doesn’t look at her phone often, and Goyo tends to read a lot. And Taeyoung, um. Are you just in contact with each other when you need each other?

As I put my phone away and waited for a while, I heard a loud noise coming from the building. Soon, Jin So-hyang, wearing comfortable clothes, came out of the building and approached me.

“Did you wait long?”

“No, I just arrived.”

Really just arrived.

“Then go up right away.”


After nodding, I enter the building with Jin So-hyang. Unlike the shabby exterior, the inside of the building was very clean. I said hello to the security guard and got on the elevator.

Go straight up to the 3rd floor.

“The basement is the practice room, and the first floor is the desk? And on the second floor, there is a recording studio, workroom, and other things.”


“The boss is on the third floor.”

“Why are those people on the highest floors?”

“Uh, um. well? “Is it because the air on the higher floors is better?”

Jin So-hyang desperately thinks and answers my words, which I said without thinking. That look was kind of cute, so I laughed lightly. Meanwhile, the elevator arrived at the 3rd floor.

Since I arrived earlier than my appointment time, I decided to wait for a while. Go into what appears to be a conference room and take a seat. Afterwards, she spoke while drinking the coffee that Sohyang Jin had brought her.

“The response on iTube was really good.”

“Oh, did you see it? he. “It’s all thanks to Ha-jun.”

“What are my virtues?”

“Oh, really. If I were alone, I wouldn’t have been able to perform like that. Thanks to Hajun, I was able to perform on stage like that and sing solo songs.”

“Solo song?”

“It’s not a new song. This is the new version of 『Rough』 recorded this time. “I decided to release that as my solo song.”


“Really. It’s all thanks to Hajun. Thank you very much.”

Jin So-hyang said that and laughed like a binggu. It really seems pretty good. In her previous life, Jin Sohyang was a top tier idol, but as a solo singer she was not treated very well.

In the first place, I debuted as a solo singer when Hwayangyeonhwa was not active at all. But this time, it seems like the debut may come a little earlier.

“To work hard.”

“I guess so. “I realized how fun the stage is.”

“The stage is fun.”


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It seems that Jin So-hyang was captivated by the magic of the stage. Once you get caught up in it, it will be difficult to escape. No, if it were Jin So-hyang, there would be no need to escape.

“And I want to work with Ha-jun again.”

“I would like that too, but festivals and events…”

I was about to express my refusal, but Jin So-hyang shook her head. Then she said, tapping her coffee can with her long, pretty fingers.

“Not like school festivals or anything like that.”

“With idol activities?”

“If possible, a solo career?”

Jin So-hyang, who said that, laughs like a bingu again. Then it’s good for me too. Currently, I am only preparing for the school stage as a student, but I always have the desire to enter the professional world as a composer.

“It might be possible someday.”

“Yes, someday.”

Jin So-hyang nodded. While he was talking like that, the door to the conference room opened and a man with a sturdy appearance came into the room.

“Oh, sorry I’m late.”

“Oh, it’s okay.”

I stand up and bow my head slightly. Sooyoung Kwon. President and composer of ROC Entertainment. Kwon Soo-young spoke to me with a kind smile.

“nice to meet you. You’re a student, Hajun Yoon, right? “My name is Sooyoung Kwon.”

“yes. “It’s okay to say that comfortably.”

“Hehe, it’s okay. “I’m comfortable with this.”

I think Kwon Soo-young is cautious because I am a student. Well, it is understandable to be cautious as it is difficult to restore one’s image in this industry once bad news comes out.

There are more than one or two people who have been hooked because of something in the past.

“Is it okay if I call you composer?”

“Oh, you know I’m a songwriter.”

“of course. Personally, I like 『This lov』.”

『This lov』. This song is included in the album whose title is 『Rough』, and is my personal favorite song. Would you say this is the song where Kwon Soo-young’s strengths stand out the most?

The advantage of the songs composed by Kwon Soo-young is that they are not that flashy, but are enjoyable to listen to. At the same time, there is a strange addictiveness. The next album is where that advantage is maximized.

“I also really enjoyed listening to 『Rough』 arranged by student Ha Jun. I never thought they would arrange 『Rough』 like that. “Even the author of the original story didn’t expect it.”

“Thank you for listening well.”

“No, no. Of course, I can’t help but listen positively. In particular, the part in the middle where the piano sound jumps out. It was very good. It seemed like a warning that the song would proceed in this way from now on. “It was an excellent method.”

After that, Sooyoung Kwon continued to praise my arrangement of 『Rough』. It’s all so embarrassing to hear. Still, it feels good to hear praise from a current composer.

“And I had no idea that Sohyang could handle that concept. When I saw that stage, I thought, Oh, I don’t know the kids very well yet. That’s what I thought too. “I was surprised by Ha Jun’s observation skills.”

“ah. hmm.”

That was just something I got caught trying to do on a different stage. Well, a good thing is a good thing, so let’s just stay still.

“So I thought it would be a shame to just consume this as a one-time performance. “I was able to show a different side of Sohyang, and the song was really good.”

“Ah yes.”

“Did you hear the story from Sohyang?”


“What do you think?”

“I would like to ask you one thing.”

“You can ask me anything.”

“If you do record it, where will it be recorded? Or release it as a digital single?”

“We plan to include it in Hwayangyeonhwa’s next album.”

I nod my head and suppress my laughter. Hwayangyeonhwa’s next album was such a huge success that it was called the masterpiece of a girl group.

I can participate in that album.


Even if I can’t eat this, I’ll admit it. Additionally, it is an opportunity to debut as a composer. I am not stupid enough to miss this opportunity.

Suyoung Kwon smiled brightly at my words.

“Do you know anything about industry contracts?”


“thank god. “These are the conditions I have prepared for.”

Sooyoung Kwon presented a contract prepared in advance.

Receive it and examine it carefully.

The copyright fees that composers can receive are not very high.

They say they receive hundreds of millions of won in copyright fees on broadcasts, but that’s really all earned by the top 3%. Other than that, 97% are not like that.

In order to receive a lot of copyright fees, you need to be frequently exposed on broadcast. In particular, terrestrial broadcasting. But if not, you will receive a smaller amount than you can imagine.

The company that signed the contract is not being slapped. Of course, it cannot be said that such cases do not exist at all, but the structural problems of streaming sites are bigger than that.

Besides, I didn’t compose the song. The work I did was arrangement and lyrics. As a result, the amount of copyright fees that can be received naturally becomes smaller.

Still, Kwon Soo-young was a very conscientious person. He also recognizes the copyright and the copyright fee is clearly stated.

You may think it’s natural, but in this industry, even this is a very conscientious thing to do. That means there are a lot of people who are like bullies.

In addition, Sooyoung Kwon suggested a very large amount of work fee to me, a novice composer. I heard that Kwon Soo-young treats his juniors better than average, and that was true.

“Are you okay?”


I’m satisfied with this, I’m very satisfied.

“What about recording work? When I listened to the recording, the mixing and mastering were all excellent. Would you like to do it yourself?”

“Yes, I would like to. “There may be something missing, so could you help me?”

“of course.”

good. With this, you can legally watch and learn from Sooyoung Kwon’s work. After that, we coordinated our schedule. Perhaps because I am a student, it is not easy to coordinate my schedule.

“How long is vacation left?”

“About a week.”

“Well, it might be a bit difficult to complete it in the meantime. Because Sohyang has a schedule. “Then it will be a bit difficult during the school start period, so I think I should do it on the weekend.”

“It’s okay to skip school. “As long as you submit your work details, the school will recognize it.”

The Seolwon Arts High School I attend is lenient in this respect. And this is why idols, current singers, and actors visit our school the most.

Our school recognizes students even if they miss school if they work at their current job. The time spent on field trips or other such things is recognized as class time.

After finishing coordinating the schedule, I take the contract and get up. Should I buy this meal? How many benefits did you gain from performing once with Jin So-hyang?

Now he was about to go home, but he said as if he remembered Kwon Soo-young.

“Oh, and if you have any songs you’ve worked on, please let me know at any time. “It’s not just Sohyang, there are other kids too.”

So, does that mean there may be an opportunity to work with other members of Hwayangyeonhwa? It’s a good suggestion, but it’s disappointing.

I’m too busy for that right now.

“yes. All right.”

That doesn’t mean I refuse.

Now, after finishing the real story, I left the ROC Entertainment building.


“Are all kids these days that mature?”

The conference room where Hajun Yoon appeared. Kwon Soo-young asked Jin So-hyang. To Kwon Soo-young’s words, Jin So-hyang shook her head and responded comfortably.

“Mr. Hajun is unique.”

“When it comes to unique things, you are no mean feat.”


“It’s like saying something to a classmate.”

“Then what do you call it? “It was my boss who told me to use polite language with my classmates in the first place.”

“Well, there’s no harm in being careful. “But if we’ve worked together that much, isn’t it time to talk about it?”

“I guess I should say that once I start using formal language, it feels more awkward to stop talking…”

Jin So-hyang laughs awkwardly. At those words, Sooyoung Kwon smiled, sat down on a chair, and looked at the contract.

1st year of high school,

Same age as Jin So-hyang.

I thought he was a bright child, but when we talked to him, he turned out to be different. He knows how to say clearly what he wants, and he speaks very carefully with every word he says.

And above all, don’t be arrogant. If he had that kind of talent at that age, he would have been very arrogant, but he didn’t show any signs of it. And kids like that are bound to survive for a long time.

“I guess you liked it?”

“To the point where I feel greedy.”

Kwon Soo-young said that and laughed.

It’s not a joke, I’m really greedy.

If the company had some spare time, they would have immediately offered him a contract as an exclusive composer.

“And it’s not just me.”


“I have a lot of friends who ask me who arranged 『Rough』.”

In response to that question, Sooyoung Kwon said that she was a student in the same class as Sohyang Jin. And it wouldn’t be that difficult to find out that it was Hajun Yoon.

“I guess I’ll see you soon.”

I am looking forward to it, not as the president of ROC Entertainment, but as a person who loves music. Indeed, what kind of songs will he make in the future?

“I have to do some of the remaining work first.”

After saying that, Sooyoung Kwon went up to the studio.

Soon, Jin So-hyang was left alone in the conference room.

Just as Jin So-hyang was about to return to the practice room, her cell phone rang. The person who sent her the message was Ha-jun Yoon, with whom she had been talking just now.

[Do you know anyone who is a good vocal training teacher?]


Vocal training?

Jin So-hyang was momentarily taken aback by Yoon Ha-jun’s sudden words, but then

[I’ll find out.]

A reply was sent quickly.

Then, after turning on the contact information, I searched for people who seemed to know this area well and sent them messages.

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