My Younger Sister Is a Genius Chapter 35

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EP9 – Giant Killing (6)


The performance that Ha-Jun Yoon remembers at the Silumwa Concert was rather ordinary. So, it was an ordinary stage of silence. It doesn’t mean anything negative. In the first place, Hangoyo’s stages are always like that.

Should other people’s highs be considered average for Han Go-yo? They always put on a great performance in a stable manner. So much so that it is taken for granted.

So what is the stage like now?

It is different from the usual Hangoyo stage.

It’s on a different level, to the point where you can see that Han Goyo gritted his teeth and prepared. Even though I’m watching the performance on TV, I get goosebumps and goosebumps on my arms.

Hajun Yoon clenched his fist. Han Goyo, who is currently singing, is an unknown being. Unidentified. A sigh naturally came out of Hajun Yoon’s mouth.

Overwhelming talent is sometimes violent.

However, that is not at the level of violence.

That’s just a natural disaster.

-Because there is no such thing as eternity.

A voice rings out. The voice emanating from that small body fills up the entire large hall. A talent that feels absurd.

Everyone who watches Hangoyo’s performance feels that. Soo-yeon Yoon pursed her lips, and Tae-young Kim shook her head with an expression of astonishment.

Entertainment agency officials who had been invited to Seolwon Arts High School were excited. Even the third graders who had to prepare for the main stage were watching TV as if they were fascinated.

Whether he knew it or not, Goyo Han was singing on stage while looking at the ceiling.

-I don’t know what fate is.

meeting you

Goyo Han has no desire for the stage. No, it’s not just the stage. Goyo Han lacks many things. He had to live like that.

I had to have nothing. You should not be greedy for anything. So decided. He must himself be empty. He had to do that to protect himself.

-I miss you every day.

In the meantime, I met someone. As she met that person, she began to change herself. I started looking forward to the unexpected tomorrow that was the same every day.

Although we don’t talk that much, I feel comfortable spending time with him. Whenever I send a message, I get nervous for some reason. I thought about whether I could send it like this and then sent the answer. Because of that, there have been times when I haven’t been able to send a reply.

His side was as warm as a sunny spot. It was all thanks to him that the school trip, a trip that was just an excuse to not have to stay at home, was enjoyable.

The sea seen like that was beautiful.

So much so that my heart swells.

The chocolate milk he gave me was delicious.

For some reason, it brings tears to my eyes.

I enjoyed performing on stage with him.

As if my heart would explode.

-You who came to me.

A child named Jin So-hyang. I looked it up. she is a cute person She is an idol loved by countless people. She says she is also well-liked by her members.

A person like that would even try to take that person away.

behave shamefully.

I have nothing on my own.

-Once again, greetings to you.

A stage with him cannot be taken away. Because that was the only moment in her life where she felt fulfilled. I never want to lose that space.

-I want to meet you and tell you this.

Han Go-yo is singing now. But this song is not for the audience. This is not a declaration of war on a child named Jin So-hyang.

This song is for just one person, the person who fulfilled him. I can sing like this. I want to sing your song.

Now Han Goyo was speaking in song.


The high pitch goes up. An ad-lib that Hangoyo wouldn’t normally do. I was expressing through sound my heart that felt like it was going to burst when I thought of him.

People are mesmerized, astonished, saddened, and yearn for that sight. Hajun Yoon is no exception. Hajun Yoon was looking at Han Goyo’s stage as if he was fascinated.

Hangoyo’s songs touch people’s emotions. I knew that fact well. But now it’s not just a matter of touching it. It feels like I’m holding on to my emotions and forcing them to shake.

My emotions fluctuate like crazy. Ha-Jun Yoon tried hard to capture those emotions and swept his face with his hands. His lips are dry. I know that Hangoyo is amazing, but I never thought it would be at that level.

thank god.

For a moment, that thought occurred to me.

I’m glad I stopped doing vocals. If I, who insisted on being a vocalist, had seen that stage, I would have broken down. I can’t see any way to follow.

No matter how much I practice or how hard I try, I don’t have the confidence to put on a performance like Hangoyo. Yoon Ha-jun, who was thinking about such things, suddenly turned his head and looked at Jin So-hyang.


Jin So-hyang’s face was completely white. Her hands grasping her skirt are shaking slightly. Hajun Yoon felt sad when he saw that.

It was not difficult to understand what Jin So-hyang was feeling right now. People will compare you. Perfect stage, overwhelming talent. People who see it will laugh at their performance. You must be thinking those things.

Even if it were you, you would probably be thinking that way.

Hajun Yoon bit his lip.

You shouldn’t put it on stage in that state. There is a lot of pressure on stage. Even singers who have been active for decades get nervous and take Cheongsimhwan before going on stage.

There is no way Jin So-hyang, who has only been active for two years at most, is free from such pressure. You even have to go on stage after seeing a performance like that.

It’s not surprising if you experience stage restlessness. No, I’m glad it ended at the level of stage anxiety. It may collapse due to pressure.

“Jin Sohyang.”

Hajun Yoon sings Jin Sohyang. However, Jin So-hyang still lowered her head as if she did not hear. She gripped her skirt so strongly that her hands turned white as she held it.

Ha-Jun Yoon, who was worse off, got up from his seat.

Then, after approaching Jin So-hyang,

“Jin Sohyang!”

Once again, Jin So-hyang was called. Jin So-hyang’s body twitches. Slowly Jin Sohyang raised her head. She then looked at Hajun Yoon.

“are you okay.”

Hajun Yoon said that to Jin Sohyang. At those words, Sohyang Jin bit her lower lip. Are you okay? what? Are you going backstage like that?

People will laugh at you. It’s definitely true. Your sisters will pity you. After the performance is over, he will tell you that it’s okay and give you a hug. As I thought about it, I started to feel out of breath.

no. I don’t want to be pitied. This is not a stage prepared for something like that. This is a stage I prepared because I didn’t want to leave any regrets and wanted to show my own stage. This is not a stage prepared to be compared to someone.


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My breathing becomes difficult. I felt foolish and regretted that I had agreed to stand on that stage. I feel like crying. I want to give up everything and run away like this.

The moment Jin So-hyang thought that,

Something warm was placed on my hand.


Jin So-hyang lowered her head at the warm touch. A hand larger than her own was wrapping around her own. Softly and affectionately. She was covering me like it was okay.

“are you okay.”

A sweet but powerful voice is heard. Once again, Jin Sohyang raised her head and looked at Yoon Hajun. Those unique languid eyes were looking at him.

Jin So-hyang asked in a trembling voice as the eyes looked at her from a very close distance.

“······Is it really okay?”

“of course.”

Hajun Yoon nods.

“You practiced hard. “You saved your sleeping time and kept practicing.”

“Still, it’s like that behind the scenes…”

“What’s important is not Hangoyo’s stage, but your stage.”

What’s important is not Hangoyo’s stage, but my stage.

“I kept watching. So I know better than anyone else. You worked hard. You just have to perform as you practiced. Then people will remember your performance.”

“Is that really true?”

“of course.”

Hajun Yoon nods with a confident expression. In the meantime, those languid eyes were still making eye contact with his own.

It was truly amazing. Why are his words so trustworthy? The hands holding each other are warm. The gaze we were meeting was soft and powerful at the same time.

Looking at those eyes,

Somehow I feel reassured.

“I saw everything you practiced.”

I desperately grit my teeth and force my shaking knees to move. I don’t want to be compared, I don’t want to have any regrets, so I hold back from wanting to run away.

“You worked hard. You worked harder than anyone else. You can be confident. “That time is not a wasted effort.”

I prepared the stage harder than anyone else.

“show me. To people. “A stage for Jin So-hyang, not the youngest member of Hwayangyeonhwa.”


The stage of Jin So-hyang, not the youngest member of Hwayangyeonhwa. Jin So-hyang’s trembling stopped. Hajun Yoon’s eyes curved like a crescent moon when he saw that.

“You can do it, right?”

“······yes. “I think I can do it.”

“I think there is, no.”

“I could.”

In response to Jin So-hyang’s answer, Ha-jun Yoon nodded as if he was pleased. And smiled brightly. A smile so pure that it makes you look like a child.


Hajun Yoon nodded. And then he raises his body. In response, Jin So-hyang also got up from the chair she was sitting on. He straightens his wrinkled skirt and takes a deep breath.

After that, he spoke to Hajun Yoon.


Jin So-hyang and Yoon Ha-jun came out of the waiting room and headed to the stage. The stage was still in full swing. Fortunately, it’s not too late.

After cleaning up, Ha-Jun Yoon and So-Hyang Jin headed up to the stage, dragging the chair they had prepared. Because the lights are off, the stage is hard to see.

The only people in the audience were talking about Han Goyo. No one is watching them. Jin Sohyang’s hands trembled for a moment at that fact.

Eventually, as if everything was okay, they started preparing for the stage. Center of stage. Hajun Yoon sits on a chair. Then Jin So-hyang tied Yoon Ha-jun with a red string, a prop prepared by her.

And finally, before putting on the blindfold,

Jin So-hyang said while making eye contact with Ha-jun Yoon.

“I will do well.”

“I believe it.”

Instead of answering, Jin So-hyang nodded. She and she put an eyepatch on Hajun Yoon. She then turned to the staff and informed them that she was ready.

There is no turning back now.

You can’t run away.

I don’t even have any intention of running away.

dark stage. In the middle of it all, Jin So-hyang hugged a chair. The warmth of Yoon Ha-jun sitting in that chair puts Jin So-hyang at ease.


The red light turns on and illuminates Jinsohyang. Seeing that, people stopped chatting and looked at the stage. And he made a puzzled expression.

On stage, Jin So-hyang looked completely different from usual. Jin So-hyang always portrayed loveliness. She has a flowy dress, clothes that emphasize her cuteness, and props that only stand out for their cuteness.

However, Jin So-hyang’s current appearance was far from cute and lovely. A pure white shirt, a red skirt, decorated with red string.

Large earrings and a handcuff-shaped bracelet.

Lastly, the smudged red lipstick.

Sexy? no. That’s not sexy, it’s something more than decadence. Meanwhile, Jin So-hyang was stroking the man sitting on the chair with her finger.

A man tied to a rope and wearing an eyepatch twitches slightly. Every time that happened, Jin So-hyang smiled as if she was happy.

“Sohyang, is that?”

Harin, the leader of Hwayangyeonhwa, let out an embarrassed mutter. The unusual appearance of her once adorable youngest child somehow feels unfamiliar.

Soon, a melody began to flow.

-I don’t know.


What is this feeling?

The lovely lyrics about worrying about not knowing what your feelings are feel completely different. Jin So-hyang did not stop stroking Yoon Ha-jun, who was sitting on her chair, even while she was singing.

I pet him as if I don’t know what to do with him because he’s so adorable. But little by little, the petting becomes more intense. Her fingernails pressed hard against his skin, and then her grip tightened on his clothes.

-I’m not a child.

I’m weird.

bang! And the sound of the piano bounces. As if the note was intentionally ruined. While that note was repeated several times, Jin So-hyang roughly pushed the chair where Yoon Ha-jun was sitting.

A chair with wheels slides off stage. The staff accepts Hajun Yoon like that. After confirming this, Jin So-hyang staggered and walked to the front of the stage.

Tangled hair obscures my vision.

-I love you, but it’s hard to express it.

Jin So-hyang ran her hands through her hair and began dancing in earnest. Under the red lights, Jin So-hyang sits on her knees, holding the strap with one hand.

-I only love you.

I only want you

I’m saying this.

While kneeling, dance the wave. But if it feels sexy, it’s not. Rather, it only feels like a desperate struggle.

The audience looked surprised at that sight. Is that Jin Sohyang? No, before that, is this really 『Rough』? The once lovely 『Rough』 is filled with madness and obsession.


Kang Seong-hoon, who was looking at the stage, uttered a rare curse. I heard from Taeyoung Kim that the person who arranged this song was Hajun Yoon.

When he first said he would arrange 『Rough』, he was somewhat confident. No matter how good Ha-Jun Yoon is, he will be worse than himself when it comes to arranging 『Rough』. He thought so.

『Rough』 is a very popular idol song. The highlight of the song is its repetitive refrain and cute dance moves. Seonghun Kang: The genre he is most confident in.

But what is 『Rough』 arranged by Hajun Yoon now? It’s far from popular. If there is a word that can express something more than extraordinary, I would like to say it.

The entire song was rewritten. In the meantime, the core melody line is maintained. Therefore, this is 『Rough』.

It’s just 『Rough』 that went through a ridiculous arrangement. Kang Seong-hoon bit his lip. He thought that Ha-Jun Yoon and himself were composers of different styles.

Just as he couldn’t do what Ha-jun Yoon could do, he thought that Ha-jun Yoon couldn’t do what he could do.

I believed so. But it wasn’t that he couldn’t do it. He just hadn’t shown it yet. And the performance he is currently showing was truly overwhelming.

The stage of Han Goyo that was shown before was excellent. So much so that I can’t even speak. He thought that no matter what stage he brought, he would inevitably be buried behind Han Go Yo.

But now, Jin So-hyang was showing her own stage in a completely different style. He was expressing his presence to people in a different color from Hangoyo’s stage.

And the reason it is possible is all because of 『Rough』.

Same 『Rough』

Arrangements in different styles.

But the difference in skill is clear.

An overwhelming sense of defeat weighed on Seong-Hoon Kang. This is my first time feeling this kind of defeat. I can’t think of anything I can do to surpass him.

Even with Han Go-yo, he could only show a similar performance, but Ha-Jun Yoon is showing a performance of that level with Jin So-Hyang.

I felt miserable. Even while Kang Seong-hoon was feeling such emotions, Jin So-hyang’s performance continued. The highlight section that Ha-Jun Yoon prepared just for Jin So-Hyang.

Jin So-hyang lies down on the stage. In that state, I lifted my waist and moved my body from head to toe. As if struggling as if in pain.

-I’m not a child.

I’m weird.


The repeated refrain that is the highlight of 『Rough』. Jin Sohyang, who was moving her body to the refrain, slowly raised her hands and wrapped them around her neck.

-When I think of you, I feel like I can stop breathing.

And then he grabbed his neck strongly. You are strangling yourself. A camera captures it and displays it on the screen. The strong wind that started blowing at that moment caused a red string to flutter.

-My heart feels tight.

Jin So-hyang sings with a suffocating and painful expression. The sight gave people goosebumps in a different way than the Hangoyo stage.

Jin So-hyang removed her hand from her neck. She then stumbles to her feet and walks towards an empty chair that the staff has prepared for her. After that, she hugged the chair.

-I want to hold your hand just for me.

I grabbed the armrest where Hajun Yoon’s hand was earlier. Hajun Yoon’s hand is not there. There is just a hard base. Nevertheless, Jin Sohyang held the pedestal with her hand as if holding the hand of her lover.

-I want to hold your hand just for me.

Empty chair. Jin So-hyang acted as if there was a lovely person there. naturally. Holding her hand where it was, she strokes the empty air.

People are overwhelmed by that sight. An obsession overflowing with madness. That’s what I felt. The song ends. In response, Jin So-hyang fell down and hugged the empty chair.

The red light turns off,

The stage is over.

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